How do I submit my project to you?  Easy! Just send me an email: betterafter(at)live.com. Include a few pics and a lil’ description, and that’s it!

Do I have to have a blog to get featured?  Nope!  If you have a blog, then a link to your post is the easiest for me. If you don’t have a blog, no biggie!

I submitted my project and it was really great, and I never got featured!  What gives?  Thank you!  It WAS great! I really do appreciate all the submissions I receive.  More than likely, your project was very similar to something I have already posted. In a few cases, the pictures I receive are either too small, or low resolution, and can’t be used.  (see below)

** Some tips to help you get featured: **

– Big pretty pictures! Your new dresser might look great, but I can’t tell with a blurry picture taken from 25 feet away in the dark with your cell phone. Out of focus pictures, even if it’s a really super cool project, usually don’t make the cut.  You don’t have to have a fancy camera, just try to make it well lit and in focus.

– Stage your photo! A little thought put into your picture goes a long way. I’ve received many fantastic makeover pics that were unusable because, say, that beautiful reupholstered chair is still sitting next to a pile of dirty diapers in the garage, or your husband’s crack is showing as he squats in the background.  (It happens).  Or the top half of the picture is cut off. I also don’t feel comfortable putting up pictures of other people’s kids, so try to scoot Junior off your fabulous reupholstered couch before you take a picture of it.

– Consider angles!  I don’t think I’m the only one who really likes to see a before and after picture, especially of rooms, taken from the same angle, to see exactly what was done. Nothing like a before shot of the near left side of a kitchen compared with an after shot of the far right side. I once received a submission where the before picture was taken from the outside of the house, and the after picture taken from inside! Whuh?

– Go easy on me! I do like having a choice of a few different pictures to choose from, but I don’t need 25 high resolution pictures off every nook, cranny, bolt and screw of the project. Those emails take so long to download that I usually wander away and have a bowl of cereal and forget what I was doing to begin with.

Also, if you are sending me over to your blog, please include the link of the post, not just the blog itself. Sometimes it takes me a while to wade through my inbox,(but I’m trying to get better!) and by the time I click on your link, the post is nowhere to be found.

– Get personal!  Everyone likes to hear the fun stories behind the makeovers themselves, or how the item came to be in your possession. Did you and your sister drag that headboard in from the curb at midnight in your bare feet and jammies? The world needs to know.

Can you tell me more about advertising options?  Yup, right HERE.

Anything else I haven’t covered?  Feel free to drop me a line!  betterafter@live.com

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