About Me

Who are you? I am Lindsey and this is my blog!  I was born and raised in Eagar, Arizona, graduated from Southern Utah University in Cedar City, Utah, and currently live in west Phoenix with my husband Matt and our three crazy kids.

What is this blog all about?  Better After is a great big compilation of the very best before and after projects out there in the webosphere.  It’s very simple.  Before and After.  No fifteen-paragraph tutorials to wade through, no endless scrolling through every nut, bolt and angle of the project, just a before and an after, and a link to find out more.  Ok, and a little bit of me adding my two cents. Can’t help myself.

How did you get the idea for your blog? I’ve always loved before and afters, (who doesn’t?!) and my mom was probably getting sick of me calling up and being like “Mom, I just found the coolest project online. OK, you have to go to this website, click on this tab, scroll down until you find this one post, nope, check the archives… there! Do you see it? Isn’t that the best thing ever?!” So in August of 2009, I started sticking them on a blog, and it’s been growing ever since!

I want to submit my project!  What do I do? Just email me! Better After(at)live.com  And check out my FAQ page for some helpful tips.


Here is my family.  I think they are pretty cute stuff, even though my daughter was NOT HAVING IT that day.

Here are some unimportant facts that you don’t need to know about me:  

1. I am having an affair with my iPod.  We are inseparable. 
2. My husband is the principal of a high school in Phoenix.
3. I am a writer on CakeWrecks.com, which is pretty much the biggest honor of my life.
4. I’ve won a haiku contest.
5. I am on a competitive dance team with a bunch of other moms like me who love and miss dance.
6. I could eat cold cereal for every meal.
7. I’m eating some right now.
8. Word nerd alert: I love crossword puzzles.
9. Old lady alert: I taught myself to crochet.
10. I can’t count past 79. No, I’m serious. I always skip the 80’s, I don’t know why. 78, 79, 90. It makes sense to my brain and it’s been like this for years. It’s really annoying.
11. I have imaginary fights with imaginary mean people in case I ever meet them in the future.
12. I’m a night owl.  Hoooooot.
13. I don’t drink soda, hate it.
14. I wish I was a helicopter pilot
15. I’m turned on by the proper use of a semicolon. 😉
16. I will not watch scary movies
17. Probably because I have nightmares almost every night.

18. I had a very vivid nightmare about a white owl once when I was about 10.
19. I am afraid of white owls.
20. I am also afraid of wood, like log cabins and knotty pine.
21. I feel like wood has eyes and it is watching me.
22. I’m not a dog person, but I have a dog.  He’s an Italian Greyhound named Paulo and he’s actually pretty cool.
23. I once had a pet rabbit and I named it Thumper.
24. I was not the most creative child.
25. I once had a pet lamb.
26. I named it Lamby.
27. I close my eyes and stand on one foot when I brush my teeth, it’s odd, I don’t know why I do that.
28. I try not to brag, but I can do voices pretty well.
29. Do you watch Care Bears? I can do an awesome Beastly voice.
30. Still not trying to brag, but I can read really fast.
31. But I won’t finish a good book because I don’t want it to end. 
32. I love thrifting, but I never buy things because I have an inability to make decisions, like, ever. I’m the person who takes 35 minutes to order at Wendy’s. I am good at carrying things around the store before putting them back though.
I love to hear from you; please don’t hesitate to send any of your questions or comments my way!
Thank you so very much for reading!