Love Triangles

If you stay abreast of the trends, you know that triangles are currently pretty hot stuff. Hexagons are having a moment as well.

Scroll through Pinterest for half a minute and you’ll see for yourself.

Hexagons, BAM.hexagon decor on pinterest


Triangles, BOOM.triangle decor on pinterest

They’re like the Beyonce and Jay Z of Geometry right now.  What’s the next big ‘it-shape?’ I don’t know for certain, but I’m predicting big things for the Trapezium.

But let’s talk about triangles for a minute. This dresser wasn’t sporting a single one, and therefore, tragically uncool.  It’s not hip to be square, my friend, Right angles are wrong. All wrong. But there’s still hope yet …

Mod Triangle Dresser Before


Mod Triangle Dresser

… from none other than Reeves at The Weathered Door who never met a triangle she didn’t like or a dresser she couldn’t revive. Or a roll of painter’s tape that she couldn’t put to good use.

So cool, right? I love how she removed the bulky handles and added simple round knobs instead too. Get this thing on Pinterest ASAP!

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A Date for an Ottoman Update

Hey everyone! Did you know that today is National Update an Ottoman Day? What better way to celebrate than with this pair of floral ottomans that desperately needed updating?

Green Upholstered Ottomans Before


Green Upholstered Ottomans

And that’s exactly what they got, thanks to Jennifer at Dimples and Tangles, who recovered them in this sassy malachite-inspired fabric. She also fluffed them up with a few layers of extra batting and shared the whole run-down on her blog. Plus Jennifer added hidden casters underneath to help move them from room to room.

Those casters came in handy when she decided to roll the ottomans into her master bedroom, which was suffering from dangerously low levels of sass. It needed a sass-fusion, and fast!

Green Bedroom Before


Green Bedroom

The ottomans did the trick, especially when trimmed in hot pink ribbon, and especially against the new bedding, rug, curtains, pillows, lamps, dressers, headboard, accessories and artwork. Whew! You know what they say though, sometimes you need to spend some cash to get some sass. Read all about this makeover right here on Dimples and Tangles.


PS: I should probably tell you that today is not really National Update an Ottoman Day. I just made that up. But really, are there even rules to these things? What if I just stood outside on my driveway and declared it National Update an Ottoman day? I bet that’s all it takes.

PPS: It IS National Prime Rib day though, so please … celebrate responsibly.

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Encores for old doors and drawers!

I’m sitting here at my desk and it looks like a crime scene. The perpetrator? My terrorist toddler, of course.

He has emptied the drawers out, colored all over my chair with highlighters, taken six bites out of two pears and left them oozing on top of a pile of printer paper, and figured out how to pop all the keys off my keyboard. He has strewn the contents of the drawers throughout the house, including some CDs that contained family pictures, which I found inside the rice cooker. This all happened in the span of maybe four minutes while I was making lunch.

Do you think maybe, if he had a desk of his own he would leave mine alone? A mom can dream.

If I ever finish putting these keys back on my keyboard in order, perhaps I’ll make him one of these:

Bright Art Desk Before


Bright Art Desk

A cute DIY desk made specifically for little ones using repurposed cabinet doors!

This is the brainchild of Autie at iCandy handmade. She reports that her kids ADORE their mini desks and haven’t tried to melt family pictures in the rice cooker even once since she made them.

Bright Art Desk 1


And just like those leftover cabinet doors getting a colorful and fun new purpose in life, so did this old IKEA drawer insert that Medina had lying around. If you don’t have an IKEA drawer insert lying around, you can always check the IKEA ‘as-is’ section. I’ve found many a good deal there.  If you don’t have an IKEA nearby, I am sad for you. But any old drawer should work, as long as it’s sturdy.

Oh, you probably want to know what she did with it, huh? Let’s take a look…


Under Bed Toy Storage 1


Under Bed Toy Storage Before

Sweet underbed storage! So cute and functional! She added casters to the bottom so her 3-year-old son could roll the drawer in and out easily, and added dividers because duh.

See the whole tutorial on her blog Grillo Designs.

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Quick Bathroom Refresh

People often think because I am a DIY/home blogger, my house must be the epitome of style and hipness, fully-decorated with each corner designed to perfection. HAAAAAA! This is very much NOT the case.

In real life, I suffer somewhat from decoration paralysis. I often fail to decorate anything at all, not for fear of getting it wrong, but because I love so many things. And so many of those things are big, grandiose ideas (thanks Pinterest!) that are neither practical or affordable or going to happen in this lifetime. So instead I do nothing and slowly become blind to the beige-i-ness that surrounds me.

Do you ever feel that way? That it’s all or nothing? Pinterest perfection vs. why bother? Here’s some advice I try to remember to give myself: do SOMETHING! A little something goes a long way. Maybe it’s not ‘all,’ but it sure the heck beats nothing.

So with that in mind, I decided it was time to pay some attention to the upstairs bathroom, shared by my three boys. I have put zero effort into this room since we moved in nearly two years ago. It had only the very basics: a shower curtain and a mismatched rug. Occasionally a bottle of hand-soap to really add some pizazz.

Maybe I’m not about to rip out a perfectly functional vanity just to buy a more expensive or stylish version, maybe I’m not planning to tear out the shower insert and retile it with custom concrete tiles imported from Italy anytime soon.

But darnit, I CAN put up a new shower curtain and a decent looking rug!

boys bathroom before pic


boys bathroom makeover 2

So that’s what I did.

It really is amazing what a tiny bit of effort can do.

before boys bathroom


boys bathroom makeover


I hung a shelf, I added some simple decor, I replaced the gnarly old towels with fluffy new ones.


boys bathroom before 2


bathroom makeover


succulent planter from target


cactus shelf and succulent


bathroom rules


rhino sculpture

So easy. And SO much better! I spent less than $100 and probably two or three hours of time, and now the room is so much nicer to be in. The kids even keep it cleaner too, which is amazing while it lasts.

I found most of the accessories at Ross and Target, and I made this yarn art myself.  I know what you’re thinking … “Yarn art? Above the toilet? Won’t that get kind of … gross?” Yeah, probably yes. I plan to give it a good dose of Lysol every now and then, and if it gets too funky, it’s just yarn. It won’t be all that heartbreaking to see it go.


yarn art

But it was fun to make! I think I’ll try another one again for sure. You should do it too! All you need is a dowel and several colors of yarn. I cut my yarn in six foot long pieces, then folded them in half so they hung three feet long. I attached them to the dowel two at a time using a cow hitch knot. Then you can just trim the bottom to any shape you want. I did something random and piecey here.

I also wanted to add something to the window, which is the tiniest window in the house and looked so bare. I found this gold and white fabric that I loved from Wal-mart believe it or not, and whipped up a faux roman shade.

faux roman shade

The shade doesn’t function (hence the faux) but it does a nice job of looking nice.  I just measured the fabric to fit the width of the window, and long enough to allow me to fold it several times. I held the folds in place with hot glue, then trimmed it with navy grosgrain ribbon. (Not true. I trimmed it with ribbon first, THEN folded it. Doing it the other way around would have been impossible).  Then I wrapped a 2×4 in the same fabric and stapled the shade on the back, screwed it into the wall, and flipped the fabric back over the top.

There’s a little shimmer to this fabric, which matches the shower curtain ever so nicely.

faux roman shade detailNice job Wal-Mart fabric department, I tip my metaphorical hat to you!

boys bathroom makeover 2

So that’s the story of my JUST DO SOMETHING boy’s bathroom. Making these few little tweaks really has made such a big difference. I hope it’s inspired you to ‘just do something’ in a space that lacks attention in your home. Don’t put it off any longer! Enjoy your home today!



Rug, hamper, shelf, bag, brass rhino, ‘Bathroom Rules’ art: Ross

Shower curtain, gray basket, succulents: Target

Towels: Macy’s Hotel Collection ultimate micro cotton

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