Enjoy this Better After Flashback!
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again … (and probably again, and again. I tend to repeat myself). But like I’ve said many times in the past, I LOVE home exterior makeovers. I don’t care how great a home looks on the inside, if it’s lacking curb appeal, it’s lacking too much for me.
Jennifer’s little home was nothing you’d take a second look at. But it had so much character under all that blah, it didn’t take much to make it shine. Now it’s so adorable, I bet she has to shoo people off of her lawn all day. They probably just congregate around it trying to take wedding portraits and senior pictures and shoot dog food commercials and stuff. I wouldn’t be surprised.
Check out more on her blog Migra[tion].
green cottage exterior makeover before
 .green cottage exterior after
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Happy Room, Happy People

If you’ve been looking for a meeting place for your Super Sad People Who Are Sad Club, I’ve got the spot for you. This before dining room.  I don’t think happiness could exist in such an overwhelming realm of burgundy and brown.

But all that changed once Emily got on the scene.  Now it’s electric, bright, and happpppyyyyy! So tell your club to keep looking.  You’ve joined a new one.  Meetings start at eight in Emily’s dining room; I hear there’s pie.

See all the details at I Dream of Style.


dark, burgundy dining room before

bright aqua - dining room - makeover | betterafter.netPS: Who can tell me the name of that plant?  I think I need one.

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An Ode

Gray, white, and gold.

Will this trend ever get old?

And lose its hold?

Will it flame out, leaving us in the cold?

As unwanted as a sandwich full of mold?

Or a crook recently paroled?

Or a sneeze uncontrolled?

I say NO, if I could be so bold.

From Krista at Goodwill Glam.



brown long dresser before

gray, white, two-toned, dresser, makeover |

Hey! you say,

What about gold, white, and gray?

Of course that’s ok.


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Best Case Scenario

Do you have a Halloween costume yet?  It’s not too late. I saw a cute idea the other day that would be super easy to pull together with a few thrift-store items: flight attendant! All you need is a dark blazer, a scarf, and why not accessorize with a rolling suitcase, or even better, a vintage travel case!

These are always plentiful at the thrift-stores around here, and give me good feels because they remind me of my grandma who never left home without one.

Rebecca at Ivy & Co.  recently made over a few, and they turned out adorable. Stock yours with mini pretzels and tiny sodas, and you’ll be the hit of the Halloween party!


vintage train case before



Vintage - Train Case- Makeovers |

So cute.  She did a fabulous job of choosing fabrics that complemented each case.

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