Green Tween

When it comes to closet doors, less is more.  Just kidding. Who made up that math? More is more!  Just take a look at these before doors and try not to fall asleep. Not very exciting, right?

Would Gwen Stefani allow these closet doors into her life?  (I ask, because Gwen Stefani is my spiritual style guide.  Whenever I shop for my home, I pretend she is shopping with me. Whenever I get dressed in the morning, I look in my closet and ask myself “What would Gwen Stefani wear?” The answer is usually “None of this crap!” but I try all the same).

moulding makeover on plain closet doors

moulding closet door makeover

But look now! So stylish! So chic! I bet Gwen would adore them. I’ll ask her what she thinks next time I see her.  (Ok, I’ve never actually SEEN her, but the universe will realize that we are supposed to be best friends and bring us together eventually, I’m sure of it.

Do you have a spiritual style guide? If so, tell me who!

But back to the makeover.  Obviously these fabulous closet doors do not exist in a vaccum, they are connected to a tween bedroom that got a couple of updates and a killer wall color as well.

green - pink - tween - bedroom - before


Green - Tween - Bedroom - Makeover |

Ooh! With a color that bold, you don’t need much else. Gorgeous.

See more on this bedroom from Kris at Driven by Decor, and get more details about the closet door makeover here.

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Something seems a little fishy.

Perhaps you have strolled through the thrift store, or scrolled through Craigslist, wanting deep in your heart to find an item of furniture to makeover, but not knowing where to start. Unsure if you have the vision. Doubting you could pull it off.

“This dresser looks cool,” you say to yourself.  “Maybe some new handles, definitely a pretty paint job. But I don’t like the feet, and what about that weird scrolly piece at the bottom? I don’t even know. I give up.”

Oak - Dresser- Before

White - Dresser - New Feet - Makeover |

*SLAP* (That is me slapping some sense into you. Kindly, of course). Don’t give up girlfriend! Look what it can be with new handles and a pretty paint job! And guess what? Turns out the skirt was easily removable. No problem at all. Susan pried it off and added an updated set of feet, and so can you, and it looks amazing, and so can yours!

See it at Saw Nail and Paint.

“Ok,” you are thinking “I can do this! Yeah! Look, here’s another dresser now!  Oh, but it has a funky rattan paneling thing happening on the drawers. Hmmm, I don’t know how I’d fix that. I give up.”

Wood - Dresser - Before

White - Dresser - Makeover |

Honey, please. Haven’t I taught you anything? That’s not even real rattan. That’s a piece of plastic molded to look like rattan. Pop that sucker out and replace it with some v-board, like Jann at Newton Custom Interiors did here! Boom. Instant classic.


Now it’s your turn. You tell me. What would you do with this mega-bland particle board console? New handles and trim? A brightly colored paint job?



Trick question. The answer I was looking for is “cover it with fish.” I just like to keep you on your toes.

From Paula at Sweet Pea.

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On a Roll

Some updates were long overdue in this bathroom. These included: everything. When a fresh roll of toilet paper is the best thing a bathroom has going for it … well, it’s time for a change.

So au revoir vintage toilet! Adios outdated wallpaper! Sayonara shrimpy shower, bye-bye broke down vanity!

And helloooo miles of tile, gorgeous new cabinets and counters, and a spacious new shower.  I love the herringbone wood-look tile on the floor, but my favorite part is how much bigger the whole room looks with the clear shower doors and knocking that right wall open. It’s only about a foot wider now, but it makes such a big impact!


Tan - bathroom - before


Tiled - Bathroom - Makeover

Fabulous job from Better After reader Missy, you may also remember her cat-infested kitchen makeover!

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Loft, but not forgotten.

This loft was having an identity crisis. Let’s listen in:

“Hey there funky loft!”

“I’m not a funky loft.  I’m a very traditional living room.”

“Um, you’ve got exposed brick walls, a cement ceiling, and a giant air duct pipe hanging from your ceiling.  Pretty sure you’re a hip and funky loft.”

“Nope. Look at my perfectly matching furniture. Look at my tasteful shades of beige and maroon. You sir, are wrong.”

“Funky Loft, don’t be this way! You have so much more to give! Open yourself up to possibility! Be freee! Let yourself live!”

And with the help of Lizzie at Living Pretty, that’s what our awesome friend Funky Loft did.


Red - living room - before


Loft - Living Room - Light - Makeover | better


PS: Don’t miss out, this amazing deal ends TODAY!!

More info right here.

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