Merry Makeovers! Three ways to give the gift of a better bedroom this year.

Christmastime is almost upon us. WOO! I love it, I really do.  But listen here, sometimes the gift-giving part is hard.  Not the actual giving part, but the deciding what the heck you are going to get so-and-so again this year part. That part is rough.  I always want to be thoughtful and sentimental and creative, but then I usually end up giving something like a gift card to the mall.  Lamezzzz.  (Although I personally love getting a good gift card).

But I think I can help if you are looking for a way to give something a little different this year. Something beyond the typical gift card/lotion set/fuzzy blanket type gifts. Something you can’t buy in a store.  Something that perhaps, means a little bit more. (Ok, disclaimer: you will probably need to buy some of it at a store).  Come a little closer and I’ll tell you.








Have you considered giving someone you love … a MAKEOVER?


Not a personal makeover, but a room makeover! Talk about the gift that keeps on giving.  Transform a dull space into something that sparkles year-round, and your recipient will be thanking you well into next Thanksgiving!

Does dad’s home office need an overhaul? Could grandma’s laundry room use some love? Could your brother’s bedroom benefit from a boost?

Let’s make it happen! Here are a few ideas to get the ball rolling from yours truly.


The Regular Ol’ Makeover

This is what I plan to do with my daughter’s room this year.  She’s already overloaded with toys and clothes and crayons and things. THINGS. EVERY. WHERE.

So I said, “What if we fancied up your bedroom for Christmas?”  And she’s totally excited!  Her room has been a sad, sad state of affairs for too long.  I’ve tried several times in the past to get some kind of makeover off the ground, and it has just never worked.  Part of the problem is my own insistence on what I think it should be. None of my choices ever enthused her all that much. Mint! Light pink! Gray! No, no, and NO.

So this time I started off by letting her pick out some bedding from (all by herself, teeth grit) and luckily I ended up loving it too.  It mirrors her little personality so much – spunky and glamorous.

girl bedroom makeover pillowsFrom the Teen Vogue collection.

Here’s what we are working with.  Yeah, perhaps there is maybe some slight room for improvement here.

girl bedroom makeover before

girl bedroom makeover after teen vogue bedding |

The bedding makes a world of difference, even though we’ve definitely got a ways to go still. I want to recover her chair, and do something fun with the walls, and add a new headboard, although with the windows there I’m not sure. Curtains? With the shutters? Still thinking. But we’re off to a great start! I’ll keep you posted on how it all turns out!

So there’s one idear for you: The Regular Ol’ Makeover. Merry Christmas!

Here are a couple more suggestions.


The Surprise Makeover

This is a fun approach, because they’ll never see it coming.  Just be sure of a few things:

1. Make sure your recipient is currently unhappy with their space.  You don’t want to go repainting someone’s mauve bathroom that they truly love even if it is absolutely abhorrent in your eyes.

2. Have a plan well before you start.  When I did the Better After Gives Back makeover for Jessi a few months ago, I had prepared as much as I could before I ever stepped foot in her house.  I had the artwork, headboard, and furniture ready to go, and it still took almost three days to finish up everything else, from painting the walls to sewing curtains and pillows, and that was with an army of help.

3. Enlist some help! Not only will you need some extra hands to make a makeover happen quick, you will also need someone to make sure that your recipient is kept away too.

4. Be sure that you can sneak in and out without upsetting anyone, triggering an alarm, or worse, meeting up with an unfriendly dog. You’re going to need all your fingers.

5. Remember that your project could snowball into something bigger than you expect. For example, in Jessi’s room, the curtains I had were too short, so we decided to sew an extra panel on the top.

betterafter gives back headboard makeover |

Then the corner looked empty, so we had to run out and hunt down a thriftstore chair to fit the space AND give that a makeover as well.

better after gives back bedroom makeover |

Then her old dresser looked shabby compared to everything else, so THAT got a new coat of paint in the meantime.  None of these things were planned on initially!


Oh, but the feelz are WORTH IT!


jessi surpriseSurprise! You get a makeover! Merry Christmas!


The ‘Trading Spaces’ Makeover

This is a super fun idea, especially if you are a bit tired of the typical “draw names” routine that many families do (mine included).  This works best if you are lucky enough to live close to your loved ones, and you trust their taste.  Basically, instead of a regular gift exchange, you swap room makeovers!

I have a friend who did this one year with her four sisters, each redoing another’s bedroom, and it turned out great.  I love that idea. Just having someone come over and paint a room for me would be a gift in itself. Here are some tips:

1. Set a budget. No one wants to go overboard and get under-served. Decide on a max and stick to it.

2. Make sure to go over some do’s and don’ts beforehand.  It’s helpful knowing that your recipient loves purple and hates burlap for example.

3. Feel free to incorporate thrifted and/or handmade items. The fun part is being creative within your budget boundaries!

4. Take the ‘Trading Spaces’ theme all the way! Record the big reveals and have a viewing party later!

girl bedroom gallery wall |


girl bedroom makeover

Special thanks to for partnering with me for this post.  Hope we gave you some fun ideas!

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Knock it out of the park!

Dated design, worn out wood, and numberless knobs. Three strikes and this dresser was out.

But Sarah couldn’t retire it to the dugout just yet.  She had a curve-ball up her sleeve, a change-up that could make this dresser score big.

Would it work?

Here’s the wind-up …

and the pitch …
dresser makeover mcm before|

baseball themed dresser makeover |

Boom! A grand slam home run of rad!

*thunderous applause*

*triumphant marching band music*

*confetti cannons*


Good eye Sarah! See more at FunCycled.

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Farewell, Fruity Kitchen

Hey gang, how was your weekend? I hope it was filled with much funs. Did you catch the story about the coolest thing that ever happened to me? You should probably check it out.

I also have a totally random question maybe you can help with. I have super straight hair that defies any and all of my attempts to curl it.  I have to keep it in my (super hot) curling iron for a good 45 seconds before it will even kind of curl. Looking for some good product that I can goop in there to possibly facilitate the curling process. If you have suggestions, I’m all ears. And bad hair. So, basically I’m very unattractive, please help.

And now, fabulous makeover time! Amber was not going to put up with this fruit-festooned kitchen any longer. She took a baseball bat to it and tore it down to the studs.  I’m not sure if that’s exactly what happened, but I see a baseball bat in the picture, so I’m about 99% sure.

It looks like a million bucks now, but Amber’s no fool.  Believe it or not, she got this look on a budget, with laminate counters, stock cabinetry, and thrifted dishes.  What a fulfilling feeling that must feel like! It’s gorgeous.

Much more to see on her blog Restless Arrow.



white dream kitchen makeover before |

dream kitchen makeover, white with aqua dishes |

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Dream Team

Do you remember last week when I was talking about something crazy cool that was happening that had nothing to do with blogging or DIY or before and afters?

Well, I’m telling you about it today! (You might have seen some sneak peeks if you follow me on Instagram). So sorry if you are came here looking for makeovers, because I don’t have any, but this is a pretty cool story, so I think you will like it even better.

Ok, settle in.  Here goes.

Around this time last year, my BFF Shanell invited me to a 3rd Eye Blind concert in Vegas. I’m always down for a good time, so I said sure, and lugged my eight-months pregnant self to this show.

3rd eye blind concert

The opening band was called Team, and they caught my attention right away.  Normally, you can’t wait for the opening band to wrap it up so you can move on to the main event, but not this time.  I was an instant fan.  I went home and looked them up online, turns out they were a fairly new band and the Vegas show was only their 12th show ever.  I love discovering new music, so I downloaded everything they had released.

And I freaking LOVED it.  I listened to their EP every single day for months.


I actually forced myself to stop listening to it for awhile, because I was afraid I’d get tired of it and I didn’t want that to happen, but then I couldn’t help it and I started listening to it again, and good news, I never got tired of it.

If I had to attempt to describe their music, I’d call it a perfect blend of indie and alternative rock while still managing to avoid all the cliches of each genre.  Indie can often be a little too twee for me, and a lot of alternative music these days just sounds like mopey high schoolers, but Team was none of those things. Catchy without being ‘poppy,’ hard enough but without losing a melody, really interesting arrangements and lyrics, and the lead singer/songwriter Caleb just has such a unique, cool sound. Every song seems to take a little twist at some point and give you something unexpected.  I couldn’t get enough.

They came out with a new album over the summer called Good Morning Bad Day, and I downloaded it right away, but I didn’t even listen to it for a couple of weeks, because what if I didn’t like it as much as the first one?!


team album

Guess what, it was twice as good. I loved every single song again! I kept looking to see if they were ever touring again in this part of the country, but they never did any shows west of Texas for a long time.


Finally they announced some new tour dates a few months ago, and Mesa, Arizona was one of them. Of course I was going to go, and I even planned to get there early to see if I could possibly run into them for a minute and just say hi.

Then one day, I noticed a tiny little link at the bottom of post on their Facebook page.  “Would you like TEAM to come play in your living room? Contact J.R. for house show availability.”

WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT? I could have my favorite band come and play for me at my house? Stop it.

So I emailed their manager J.R., thinking there was probably no chance of this being real. I was in the worst part of my recovery from my eye surgery at this time, and wondered if I hadn’t imagined the whole thing.

Turns out, it was real.

And that’s how my favorite band Team came to play a house show for me in my backyard last week.


teamShanell, Caleb and me


Not only did they come and play … they actually stayed the night.  We have a little guest casita at our house that we rent out on airbnb sometimes, so they crashed there after their concert in Mesa. They woke up the next morning and hung out and ate lunch with us, then played an awesome acoustic set for me and my friends in my backyard.

It was the coolest thing ever ever ever.


They are the nicest guys. SO talented. They even played my very favorite song “Am I Alive,” which apparently they never perform live.  James actually had to go learn it in the casita an hour beforehand.


They all have been in bands before. Jared on the left was recently in a band called Dresses, so he played a couple Dresses songs for us, which I also loved.  He has a beautiful voice and is an amazing songwriter.

James on the right was also in another band called The Background, and Caleb and Rico (left in the below pic) had a lot of success in their previous pop/punk band Forever the Sickest Kids.



Such a tragedy that I didn’t get any pictures of Rico’s magnificent hair.

I had no idea what to expect, I don’t often host rock bands at my house, and they actually had never done a house show before either, so I think we were all collectively happy that it  worked out so awesomely and none of us turned out to be murderers.

I couldn’t let them leave empty-handed, so I had Meredith at Lemon Bliss Bakery whip up some custom cookies for me. She did an awesome job, no surprise there. They turned out so cute.


It is totally non-crazy to give your favorite band cookies with their faces on them, I swear. I think. They really liked them anyway.


So. Now you must download TEAM and tell me if you like them as much as I do.

* You can get their EP right here for THREE MEASLY BUCKS. Deal of a lifetime alert. Do it. Tell them Lindsey sent you.

* You can download Good Morning Bad Day on itunes, worth every penny.

* My favorite Teams songs are: Am I Alive, The Man in a Suit With His Eye to the Sky, Sinking, Come To My House, I’m Just Like You, and I Like It, and I’ll stop now before I list them all.

* Also, check out Jared’s band Dresses, my favorites are Sun Shy and Painting Roses.


team logo

Cool story, huh?


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