Remember on Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, when Willy Wonka sends a giant candy bar through the air like a TV signal, and the people across the room reach inside their TV screen and pull it out? I’m just wondering, is that technology available yet? I’ve been waiting a long time.

Because I’d really love to reach inside my screen and pull out Clarita’s house and keep it for myself. It’s 2015. This should be possible by now.

White Cottage Exterior Before


White Cottage Exterior

I want to take my family photos in the yard, and decorate the front door for Christmas, and hang out with my neighbors on the porch swing, and never move away ever. It’s perfect and I want it to be mine, all mine.

C’mon Wonkavision! Exist already!

Shared by Joanna, from Clarita’s blog Skies of Parchment.

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Coffee Break

I don’t drink coffee, and I’m afraid to ever start because all my friends who DO drink coffee seem to be somewhat (completely) dependent on it. If you have to have coffee before you can muster up enough energy to post a meme on facebook about how much you need coffee, you might be one of them. But I’m not judging.

I’m saying, if you need to worship at the altar of coffee every morning, why not do it right and construct yourself a coffee shrine? Or we could just call it a ‘coffee hutch’ so the neighbors don’t look at you weird.


Aqua Coffee Bar (Hutch) Before


Aqua Coffee Bar (Hutch)

Right? How cute is this? That’s sure to put a little more pep in your step. A little more hop in your habit. A little more momentum in your morning. A little more spirit in your sip. I’ll stop now. A little more verve in your venti. Ok, stopping for real.

From Cindy at DIY Beautify

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Shower Show-off

When we built our house last year we had the option to either put a regular sized shower in the master bathroom or a spacious over-sized one. The lady from the builder’s office talked us out of the larger shower.  She was fired shortly thereafter. Coincidence?  Probably. But she was full of bad advice, and constantly screwed up our paperwork, and I caught her face-down asleep on her desk once and maybe that’s why.

So, I’ve always regretted not choosing a larger shower. (“It’s a SHOWER. Upstairs! WHO is even going to SEE it?” she squawked, forgetting the the fact that showing off your shower is not really the point of having a shower).

But Debbie from Refresh by Debbie gets it. She was unhappy with her tiny shower, and opted to rip out a storage closet to extend it all the way across to the other side. Tons of beautiful tile and shiplap walls made the rest of the room shine too.

Aqua and White Bathroom Before

Aqua and White Bathroom

If I can’t do a cartwheel in the shower, it’s not the shower for me. Just kidding. Please don’t envision me doing a cartwheel in the shower.



I said don’t!

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Now serving smiles.

Hello and how are you? Have you fully recovered from the Ugly Lamp Contest? Have the night terrors subsided? Sure hope so!

Today I’m going to take it easy on you and your tender eyeballs with a lovely kitchen makeover from Kris at Aurora Patina.

Before, it was really very nice. (I’m taking it easy on you, see). It was in great shape and probably cost a pretty penny when it was new. There was nothing really wrong with it other than it was somewhat outdated and totally not her style. It was a bootleg jean kitchen in a skinny jean world. (Why yes, I DID clean out my closet this weekend, how did you know? I got rid of 19 pairs of pants! Pants that I haven’t worn in years! Pants that I’ve moved with at least three times without ever even unfolding them!)

I think the same logic applies in your home. No use in hanging on to something that no longer suits you just because it’s nice, or you paid good money for it at one time. You don’t need that albatross around your neck, girlfriend.

Cream, Blue, and Tiled KitchenBefore

Cream, Blue, and Tiled KitchenSet it free! Let it go! Turn it into something that will make your heart sing!  I bet Kris walks in here with a smile every day, and you can too. (In your own home, I mean. Please don’t walk into Kris’s kitchen all crazy smiles without at least letting her know you’re coming).

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