Powder Wowed

Powder Wowed

Caitlin was not in love with her powder room.  She didn’t really even like her powder room.  In fact, she could barely tolerate her powder room.  Her powder room was like that weird cousin you can’t stand but are forced to spend time with at the family reunion anyway.

But Caitlin didn’t have to fake getting food poisoning from the potato salad in order to escape her situation. (What?! I’ve never done that! Who would do that?? Definitely NOT me).

No, no, she just waited until the timing and the budget were right, and she was able to do this bathroom up exactly the way she wanted.

White and Wood Powder Room Before


White and Wood Powder Room

Planked walls, hexagon tile, a few rustic touches, and it’s a whole new room. The paint color is called Decorator’s White, which looks so fresh and clean.  I’m really contemplating painting my walls white, if it wasn’t for that whole ‘painting my walls’ part that I’d have to do.

But it really made such a difference here.  Should bathroom walls ever be painted this pale, murky yellow?


Also, EW.

planked wall bathroom makeover

planked wall bathroom make copy


Ahh, but it’s a glorious expanse of brightness and light now. Really, really loving that tile.  See all the details at The Picket Fence Projects.


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  1. LeeAnn
    December 9, 2015 / 7:52 PM

    It went from ick to gorgeous! I love absolutely everything she did I the new powder room. I really like the placement of the vanity.

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