Pillow Cover Girl

The problem with flat-screen TVs is nothing.  Flat screen TVs are SOO much better than the TVs of yore.  But they do come with a few challenges.  Like, for one, putting a flat screen inside an entertainment center typically meant for a chubby chunk of a TV looks kind of silly.  But so does sticking a regular dresser in the living room and pretending it’s an ‘entertainment console.’
Better After reader Jenny came up with a solution to de-dresser-ify this Salvation Army find and make it work for her TV.  First she created open shelving for all their gaming systems by removing the top drawers (which were broken anyway), and moved the extra knobs below.  For an extra punch of awesome, she used a living room pillow as inspiration to paint the drawer fronts. I’d say she nailed it! Thanks Jenny!

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  1. Awesome transformation…I like it much better as a tv console…love that the interior is a different color too!

  2. What a talented woman!

  3. What a great before and after!
    Amazing job.

  4. Nice job!

  5. I keep holding onto a dresser for such a purpose. 🙂

  6. Lovely! Lots of talent and creativity. Keep us inspired by posting more stunning blogs like this.

  7. Hubby and I are almost finished with a similar project for our TV! Can’t wait to post about it on my blog 🙂


  8. This is so adorable! Great transformation!

  9. That looks great! I’ve seen this idea on Pinterest a few times and have talked hubby into doing this to an old dresser that we have that has seen better days. All I need to do is decide what color to paint it.

  10. Great job! Love the design too.

  11. Great job Jenny – what an awesome idea!

  12. Great job Jenny – what an awesome idea!

  13. Anonymous says:

    I would have take out the center divider between the two removed drawers.

  14. Jenny 84:3 Designs says:

    Anonymous, I agree. I wanted to take it out but it has a 54″ plasma TV sitting on top of it!! lol. Wasn’t sure I wanted to risk messing up the structural integrity. Aesthetically though, I’m totally with you!

  15. Amazing!

  16. Absolutely fantastic ! Did you use and overhead projector for the images ? I am no artist. Ha

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