Tarred and Bettered

Janet’s son was ready for a bit of an upgrade in the bedroom department, as he was still using the crib rail from his convertible crib as a headboard, and he’s almost nine.  As my ten-year-old son would say, “Mooo-ooooom!  AWK-ward!”  So she found the perfect full-sized bed on kijiji.com and painted it Black Tar by Benjamin Moore.  Then she realized it was actually a queen.  Woopsie.  But it looked so gosh darned great, they decided to go with it anyway.  I know I wouldn’t complain! Getting a bigger mattress is like discovering a magical new world you only wish you had known about sooner.
See more details on her blog House Four, including an mini-photography lesson.  Good stuff.

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  1. Loooves it! Have painted my dining table in a similar colour the other week!
    Great job 😀

  2. Every boy wants to sleep in a bed called black tar

  3. divina !!


  4. Wow I love that!

  5. Wow that looks great! I don’t think I’d ever see a bed that style and think it could look so good!

  6. I see these style beds all time and never have they seems so attractive …Thank you 🙂

  7. Thanks so much for the feature Lindsey! So exciting to see my boy’s bed here today 🙂

  8. Black Tar is a great name for a paint colour!
    That bed looks hard to paint, with all those nooks and crannies; great job!

  9. Great Job, looks fabulous!


  10. Anonymous says:

    Great bed–I might do this to mine. And sorry, but I think you should enter those wall sconces into your ugly lamp contest.

  11. Now this is a great makeover! I love the black!

  12. Now this is a great makeover! I love the black!

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