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I have a little roundup of kid’s toys makeovers to share today!  Perfect if you are trying to save money on Christmas this year (and your kids are small enough to not notice or care that their toys are re-loved.)  Heck I’d buy everything second-hand just to escape the torturous torture of unfastening new toys out of their boxes.  My daughter got a Littlest Pet Shop toy for her birthday last month, and it seriously required pliers, an hour of my time, prayers, and a bandaid afterwards just to pry that thing out.

Here’s an idea manufacturers: just dump the toy in a box and print a picture of it on the outside. Delicate Pringles manage to arrive at the store in such a fashion, surely you can do the same with toys? Problem solved and you’re welcome.

Anyway.  Here we go!  I love this toybox makeover from Micah. How cool is that overlay he made for the top?  See a play-by-blay at Knotty Strings.

Kid's toys makeovers on


Kid's toys makeovers on


I also love to see a good Lil’ Tykes makeover, mostly because what is up with those original colors?  All the colors combos in the world and they went with pink, mint, baby blue and beige?  Which then fade in the sun to an even awful-er pastel version of themselves?  I like Emily’s update much better, it’s like a classy little Victorian cottage.

See more on her blog Emily Ann Interiors.

Kid's toys makeovers on

Kid's toys makeovers on


Need a quick fix for a grubby scooter?  Here’s an idea from Heidi at One Creative Mommy.  Duct tape!  Your kids will have the snazziest scootin’ scooters at school! (Assuming you use the fancy kind, not the plain silver kind.  That would be positively unsnazzy).


Kid's toys makeovers on


Kid's toys makeovers on


And what’s a toy round-up without including a Cozy Coupe?  This is one of the coolest ones I’ve seen, made by Hemi*Housewife  as part of a Halloween costume.  She doesn’t say what the costume was, but I’m picturing Aladdin right after he turns into Prince Ali and is parading up to the palace.  I mean, right?

Kid's toys makeovers on

Kid's toys makeovers on

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  1. Pimpin’ the Cozy Coupe, oh yeah! That was fabulous. I wish I had seen this kind of thing when my kids were little. Hopefully, grandkids are in my future and I’ll definitely jazz up the toys for them.

  2. The playhouse Rocks! And if that little car isn’t diva-licious, I don’t know what is. So cute! And darn good money savers, too.


  3. Divalicous! Yes!

  4. Just be careful to hide your work from your kids. My dad used to tell the story of how he learned the truth about Santa when he saw his dad painting their old red wagon, and then Santa left that same wagon for Christmas. :-/

  5. The Cozy Coupe is either for Aladdin or a pimp. Love that toy box.

  6. Heather K Miller says:

    Delicate pringles?!? Hahahahaha! I laughed out loud at that one! I agree though! Piper got some Barbies for her birthday and I was wondering why they were so worried about their hair moving out of place! Good grief!

  7. What fantastic ideas! Now I need to go in search of some old plastic toys to make over for my granddaughter. Love the playhouse!!

  8. Thanks for these makeovers, they are awesome! I love the playhouse makeover the most! I abhor what colors childrens toys come in, what drug are the creators on! I sure know that LSD would not even make that pastel nightmare look good.

  9. Pimp My Ride (TV Show) has nothing on the Flintstone car!

  10. Maria from Oz says:

    I wanna be a kid again!!! I wanna do tricks on my scoot, chuck my toys in the box at the end of my long day checkin’ out the dudes as I coast the curb, then chill in the crib with my Strawberry Quick. Knowing me, I’d probably pee my pants and fall asleep on the box instead. Great do overs!

  11. Thanks so much for the feature! Love all the other makeovers too :)

  12. I SERIOUSLY wish I had hung on to all of that stuff now. Those are GREAT!! I wonder if I can make over our old Pontiac Vibe like that. The boy has graduated from cozy coupe to go-cart to tractor to automobile. When your first car is the same car that still has stains in the backseat from your baby car seat, it’s going to need a make over!

  13. You are SOOOO right about the finger-numbing procedures of un-securing 4 dozen twisted wires from a child’s toy!! What DO they think? That some hard-up mom will stuff a child’s loud, beeping dump truck toy into her purse and steal it?? And they will have lost a whopping $3.87? Loved your descriptions! =)

  14. What a big difference between before and after, amazing.

  15. What great ideas!!! LOVE the cottage and the coupe…and all of them!!!! AWESOME!!!!! Good job!!

  16. I love seeing the revamps of the kids toys and toy box. I think the little house is my favorite! I really wish I would have sprayed my daughters little outdoor house when she was little. She only experienced the Before not the After ;)

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