Pack it up, pack it in, let me begin …

My kids think it’s perfectly acceptable to hurl their backpacks across the house the moment they arrive home, a comet tail of  papers, folders, shoes, socks, and leftover lunch paraphernalia spewing behind them.  I don’t know where they got this idea.  It goes against everything I’ve ever taught them.  I certainly did no such thing as a child.

I recently attempted to conquer the backpack beast with this simple DIY coatrack, which has helped a bit, if only they didn’t need to be reminded to use it EVERY SINGLE DAY, GAH!

But if I had a blank wall or empty corner to spare, I would love to do something like Bethany did here, chalkboard wall/command center/priceless photo of adorableness station.  I bet her kids  pause thoughtfully at their appointed hooks before gently hanging up their backpacks with words of thankfulness falling from their lips everyday.

More to see on her blog Scatter Shot.





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  1. Love that. Need something like that…functional but looks great.

  2. Well I love it all but the best part is that fantastic photo.

  3. Adorable!!

  4. I love everything about this! The trim in beautiful, love the big photo of boy (they are so cute) and the chalkboard wall! The bit about the backpacks being thrown across the floor cracked me up. It looks like a bomb went off every time the kids get home from school…and they have hooks!

  5. That is adorable! I might have to set up something similar for myself and my husband.

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