A vision of living room luv.

Hey gang!

I’m pretty much back to normal, hooray!  About 90% there.  Not seeing perfectly yet, but at least the pain is gone.

HOLY COW, THE PAIN. Thank you so much for all your kind comments and emails checking on me and wishing me a speedy recovery. It really means so much.  Big thanks especially to the commiserators who have gone through PRK too, and reassured me that there is indeed an end to the terrible pain and sensitivity and blurriness and pain.

My doctor really didn’t prepare me for it at all, and I was certain I had destroyed my eyes permanently and my new normal would be stumbling around my darkened house wailing and cursing. There was one instance where my protective contact lens shifted while I was alone, and I couldn’t get it back in place, and it exposed my eye for one horrible horrible hour. I surprised even myself with the guttural howling I was capable of. It was seriously pleading-with-God type pain.

Anyway. Whew.  Glad that’s over.  Can’t wait to join the ranks of everyone else who insists that corrective eye surgery was the best decision of their lives.

And now, let’s get to a makeover why don’t we?

If your home could use an update from that wannabe-yellowish-beige color that was so common a few years ago (ask me how I know, I spent three years with walls the color of urine) (but hey, if you still like it, don’t let me stop you, you go on with your warmy-beige-loving self!)

But if you’re so over it, check out this lightened brightened living room from Alicia at Thrifty and Chic.  Maybe it’s just my tired eyeballs talking, but I find the monochromatic palette so very soothing.


big living room before

White - Bright - Living Room - Makeover |betterafter.net

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Is this where the title goes?

Hi friends. Hope you had a happy weekend. I am discovering that recovery from my eye surgery is taking a lot longer than I planned on. I am actually blogging this by talking into the voice activated feature on my phone from my bed, with my eyes closed tight, in the dark. I hope I am in fact blogging and not saying all this in a text message to my mother-in-law or something like that. Who knows.

I didn’t have the typical LASIK surgery, mine was a little more intense called PRK, which is where they do the laser directly on the surface of the eyeball because the cornea is too thin. I hope you’re not eating breakfast and reading this. Ew. Sorry.

Anyway, I hope will be 100% here soon. And capable of doing things like looking at computer screens, and driving, and not having to remember what my kids look like based on memory alone.

I will be back whenever possible, and I will announce the winner of the giveaway as soon as I can, so I guess that’s just extra time to get those entries in!

See you soon!
I hope!

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In Good Taste

Enjoy this Better After flashback! Happy Saturday!
Jilly had an enormously long living room on her hands. If you’ve ever been to suburban Arizona, you have seen this phenomenon. It seems that local building codes require half a football field’s worth of uninterrupted living space upon entering the front door.
But Jilly had had enough of that nonsense and found the perfect set of giant bookcases to help break up the cavernous room. Perfect in every way except they were kinda woodsy, and not her vibe at all. Not a problem when you’ve got paint, simple wood cutouts and a handy set of friends who will help with the dirty work! Looks absolutely fantastic!
See more on her blog Girls with Good Taste.
jilly bookcase makeover before
jilly bookcase makeover after

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Fashion Friday!

Heyo, how’s your Friday? I am currently recovering from LASIK surgery (I’m writing this in advance, so I hope that’s the case.  I hope they didn’t burn off my eyeballs in some freak LASIK accident or anything, not that I’m nervous, I’m totally nervous).

But it the meantime, it’s been a while, so I thought I’d serve up a Fashion Friday!  Wheee!  These are so fun.  I hope my eyeballs survive to see them again in the future.


Sarah at Life is Beautiful is a total pro at making over thrift store treasures that have seen better days. Long, long ago, were those days.  This one looks like it may have crossed the plains, it’s so amazingly outdated.

green dress before Fashion Friday


green dress makeover Fashion Friday | betterafter.net

Ack! Not anymore!  So cute! I love how she reused the lace detail.


But Sarah doesn’t limit herself to laughably large pioneer-esque dresses, she also updated this striped shirtdress with some feminine flair.


striped shirt before


striped shirt makeover Fashion Friday | betterafter.net


Not only that, but she took the extra inches from the bottom and …


twisted headband makeover Fashion Friday | betterafter.net

Created a twisted headband for her daughter!  I want one! See it at Life is Beautiful.


Jillian calls herself the ReFashionista and she couldn’t be more correct.  Check out what she did with this paisley monstrosity:

paisley dress before


paisley dress makeover Fashion Friday | betterafter.net
What? How did that pattern suddenly become cute? It’s witchcraft I say. Check out her blog to see how she accomplished this makeover in literally less than five minutes.


And she’s at it again, this time with … what I think is an oversized t-shirt?  Hard to say. But a little snip here, and a stitch there, and a hot bath in some raspberry dye, and she’s created  an adorable little day dress. Perfect for walking around and looking adorable in. See it at ReFashionista.

day dress before


purple day dress makeover Fashion Friday | betterafter.net


I love one from Kristi at Alligator Toe for so many reason.  First of all, that pattern is rocking.  If I would have found it first, I might have left it as-is, thrown a vest over the top and dressed up for Halloween as Miss Lippy. But Kristi’s skirt version is super cute, and she even has a simple video tutorial that makes me feel like I could totally make one too!


blue dress before


blue skirt dress makeover Fashion Friday | betterafter.net



And finally one more from Sarah at Life is Beautiful. I think this is my favorite! Talk about shape-shifting! Literally, it went from a shapeless shift to fitted, fun and flirty.  I love that oragami-inspired peplum. Brava!


yellow polka dot dress before

polka dot peplum dress makeover Fashion Friday | betterafter.net

Happy Weekend!! I’m always accepting submissions!  Send your makeover projects to me at betterafter@live.com!

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