Super Cute Food

I’m sorry. I’m not sharing a typical post like you’re used to seeing on Better After today. I’m sharing something else that has absolutely nothing to do with DIY or before and afters. And I have no real reason to share it, but I simply cannot help myself. I just can’t hold it in any longer:


eggs step 18



Whew. I’m glad I got that off my chest.  Yes, those are hard-boiled eggs shaped like a bunny and a teddy bear, and they are so outrageously cute I can hardly stand it.

So here’s the deal. I was minding my own business just browsing around on Amazon one night, and these egg molds popped up under ‘items you may be interested in.’ Amazon apparently knows me so well it knows part of me that I didn’t even know existed: the part that hyperventilates with excitement at the sight of animal-shaped food. I really did have a physical reaction.

They were only $3 for the pair, and I bought them without delay. And now I make adorable eggs all the time, and the kids love them so much, just kidding, the kids have never even seen them because I only make adorable eggs for myself because I CAN’T EVEN STAND IT, just kidding again, I really do make these for my kids, and they love them too, because WHO WOULDN’T???

eggs step 19

The process is super easy. Hard boil your eggs. Remove the shell while the eggs are still hot. (Be careful!)


eggs step 9

Squeeze the egg into the egg mold and snap it shut.


eggs step 13

Submerge in ice water for 10 minutes.



eggs step 16

Remove the egg and pass out from cuteness.

bunny bear egg mold


You can find the bunny and bear pair of egg molds here, and the larger set of six egg molds below. <–affiliate links

egg moldsCute food is nothing new, the Japanese have perfected the art with their creative and colorful bento boxes for years, easily putting a typical American “sandwich in a paper bag” lunch to shame. But now that the tools are so easily accessible, why, there’s no reason we can’t have outrageously cute food too! There is a treasure trove of adorable animal-shaped food possibilities that I have only just begun to mine.


I think this panda sandwich maker is most likely my next purchase.

bear sandwich mold

Or this panda sandwich maker.

panda sandwiches

I can’t decide!!!


Or this panda rice mold:

panda rice mold 2


Or THIS panda rice mold.

panda rice mold

Or THIS PENGUIN rice mold! I’m so slack-jawed from the cuteness here, I’m literally drooling all over my keyboard.  I’m surprised it hasn’t malfunc

penguin rice mold

No but seriously, maybe these things seems a little pointless to some people, but they make me so aggressively happy. Why not spread a little unexpected joy wherever we can, right?

penguin rice molds



Thanks for letting me veer off-topic for the day, I hope you thought it was as fun as I did!

Happy Weekend!




*this post contains affiliate links

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Living Room, Laugh, Love

This before living room wasn’t terrible, just empty.  Easy enough fix. But anyone can put furniture in a living room. That’s not the hard part. The hard part is making it both comfortable and chic. Keeping it cozy but not cluttered. Mixing in eclectic elements without looking like you’re having a yard sale. With enough sentiment to make it personal but not to the point that your visitors want to blarf. (If you have wedding pictures hanging in your guest bathroom, I might be talking to you).

I’d say Kaylee nailed it on all accounts!

living room makeover before living room makeover - after

Cozy, chic, colorful, comfortable, and she even incorporated an enormous wedding picture that blends in seamlessly! *Slow clap.* I’m impressed.

Plus, she had to paint all that trim from gray to white, so that counts as a major makeover to me. Currently, my ambitious self is trying to convince my lazy self that we need to paint all the off-white trim in the house white-white, and she’s not having much luck.

See more from Kaylee at Kaylee Coles.

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Light Delights

This lamp had everything. Scary owls. Creepy eyeballs that looked in opposite directions. Vivid poo color. Turtles. Empty hole to remind you about your fruitless hopes and dreams. I mean seriously, how cool can one lamp not get?

But Lesley saw potential.

owl lamp makeover - before

owl lamp makeover - after

How about that? Paint, a nice shade, greenery and it’s a winner! White paint, you’ve done it again. Now the eyeballs are unnoticeable and the turtles are actually a cute detail. Speaking of details, I especially like the little crystal finial up top. Nice job Lesley!

See more at Chaotically Creative.


But what if you want to get in on the lamp-makeover-ing-fun, but you don’t have a crazy old lamp to makeover? Pshh, that’s fine! Just grab whatever is lying around and we’ll make it work.  Small child? Maybe not. Broken thermos? Great.

Thermos Lamp Before


Thermos Lamp

It’s like it wanted to be a lamp all along! Get the how-to from Pam at House of Hawthornes.


Ok, but what if you have a lamp, you just need a shade? A crazy, one-of-a-kind DIY shade?

Relax hunbuns, I’ve got you covered there too.  Courtney disassembled this clearance shade, wrapped the innards in garden mesh wire, then added the magic ingredient:

zip tie lamp before


zip tie lamp after

Can you guess what it is? Look closely.

If you said zip-ties, ding ding ding ding ding, you are correct! Courtney actually created this way back in 2011, but it was new to me, so I thought you would enjoy it too.

Think of all the possibilities! Besides a lampshade, you could just hang up a rectangle of wire on the wall and make some super cool fringy artwork or a room divider or just go ahead and google ‘zip tie artwork’ if you really want to feel inspired/kinda bad about yourself. Fun!

See Courtney’s how-to on her blog A Little Glass Box.

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Making Sparks Fly in the Garage

Have you read the book that’s sparking a ‘tidying’ revolution? Surely you’ve heard of it by now: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, by Marie Kondo. I admit, I totally bought into the hype and read it a few months ago.  Despite feeling a vague sense of worry for the author’s near manic obsession for ‘tidying,’ and the fact that the word ‘tidy’ appears approximately one billion times in the book, I do agree with all those 5-star reviewers: it truly is life changing.

She promises that if you properly simplify and organize your home once, you’ll never have to do it again. Instead of a  “room-by-room or little-by-little approach, which doom you to pick away at your piles of stuff forever,” her method uses a category-by-category system and leads to lasting results. She claims that none of her clients who follow her method have lapsed.

I haven’t finished all the ‘categories’ yet, but I emptied about 10 bags of clothes and clutter from my closet, and my sock drawer has never looked better! And it has really has stayed that way ever since. I’m a believer.

Her biggest tenet is ‘sparking joy.’ Clearing out all the crap that weighs you down will leave room for the things you love to truly shine. And bonus: be much easier to get to!

This garage makeover ‘sparks joy’ to me.

garage makeover - before


garage makeover - after

It’s so clean! Organized! The colors are bright and happy! Everything just looks cheerful. Walking into a garage space like this would make me feel capable and in control. It makes me want to create. The old space is something I would hide from and ignore, with an ever increasing sense of dread lingering over me. Dramatic? Ok, maybe. But you know it’s true!

See the rest of this makeover from Melissa at A Polished Habitat and see if it sparks joy for you too!

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