Just Beachy

I’m dreaming of the beach today because it’s a FREAKING POLAR VORTEX here in Phoenix and I’m freezing to death. Yes, it actually gets cold here. Yes, 60 degrees is cold. Is too. I even got out my coat. The PUFFY ONE. It’s serious.

So maybe some coastal-inspired makeovers will help us endure this frigid season of freezingness, or at least inspire someone to take a second look at that sketchy cloche in the thrift-store:

Coastal Cloche Before

Coastal Cloche

From grandma’s basement to your best friend’s beach-house! You could run in any direction with this idea. Cloche’s are rather easy to find.  Not so easy to say. Closhhh? Claw-shay? Clockguhhuh? <– that’s how I say it and I’m absolutely certain I’m correct.

I have no idea.  But I do know that you can see more from Marianne at Songbird.


How about a countertop cabinet? Could this countrified cutie ever be beachy?

Beach Bathroom Cabinet Before


Beach Bathroom Cabinet

You bet your buns it can. Christy gave it plenty of coastal charm with a transferred ‘beach’ graphic and a fresh set of doors made from pieces of her old fence. Grand total: $8! Wow! See it at Confessions of a Serial DIYer.


And lastly, this boob-light from Heather that definitely did not have a beachy vibe happening at all.  Not the beaches I go to anyway, I don’t know what you’re into.




Chime Light

She dismantled it, de-shined it, and de-boobed it by simply attaching a capiz-shell shade that she already had with zip-ties. Don’t have a capiz-shell shade lying around? Did you know you can actually make a knock-off version with wax paper and an iron?  There are tons of tutorials online, I’d google it for you, but my hands are literally frozen.

Anyway, you have to check out Heather’s post on her blog The Heathered Nest, if not for the litany of boobtacular boob jokes, but also for her ingenious and hilarious suggestions for reusing boob-lights. Oh, the possibilities …

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Thrift-store Whisperer

Some people have a special talent for finding secondhand treasures. These thrift-store whisperers possess an innate knack for sniffing out the best deals or or seeing potential in some dirty, broken piece of furniture where nobody else could. My sister-in-law Kalli is one of those people.

I am not.

What I have is a knack for finding the stupidest stuff at thrift-stores and taking pictures of it to put on instagram.

Like this gem:

video money

HA! This thing is hilarious.  First of all, who saves up to buy videos? I was around when they weren’t totally outdated, but I don’t ever remember desperately scrounging up my change to buy a video. Second of all, it’s such a strange shape. So tall and narrow.  You could cram as much money as possible in there and only be able to afford one video.  Thirdly, somebody made this, with their bare hands, for the sole purpose of hoarding VIDEO MONEY. It could have been a vase. Or just any old bank. But it’s not a vase. It’s not a bank. It’s for VIDEO MONEY, so don’t you forget it.  This thing is amazing.


Know what else is amazing? This bookshelf makeover from Shanna at Restoration Redoux.

Green and Pink Bookshelf Before


Green and Pink Bookshelf

Ka-POW! Isn’t that a beautiful color? And paired with the pink accents? Mmmmm, perfection.

Shanna is clearly one of those thrift-store whisperer people too. Maybe she’ll teach me her secrets someday. Or she could make a video …

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From Stakeout to Standout

I’m just going to assume that the previous owners of Tasha’s home were some kind of elite armed-forces unit secretly stationed in unsuspecting suburbia. Because who else is going to paint a room army green with beige trim? NO ONE ELSE.

But the call of duty obviously called them somewhere else, so they moved on and Tasha moved in.

The wall color was one of the first things to go, along with the beige carpet and the monstrous stone fireplace. But don’t worry!

Blue Contemporary Living Room Before

Blue Contemporary Living Room

She didn’t rip it out, she just gave it a cement makeover for  … you’ll never guess.  Ok, try to guess.

$3000? No, even though that’s what she was quoted by a few companies she researched.

$1000? HA! You are still way off.

$100? Surely that’s not possible. Is it?

YES. It really truly cost her $100 to turn that heavy stone fireplace into the sleek contemporary cement version you see before you.  Read all about it on her blog Designer Trapped in a Lawyer’s Body.

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Hi-Beam Bedroom

Espresso and oatmeal. Perfect for somebody’s breakfast. Rather un-exciting as a color scheme in a bedroom.  I love me some neutrals, but this was neutral overload. The walls, bedspread, carpet, heck even the lampshades were all the same color, contrasted with heavy brown and nothing more.

Anna-Lisa knew it needed a big dose of personality, so she turned to her friend Katie to pump (clap) it up.

Blue and Beams Bedroom Before Blue and Beams Bedroom

When you think of adding ‘personality’ to a room, you might think that means crazy colors and wacky patterns and a chandelier made from a garden hose or something, but that’s just not true. No ma’am.

All you really need is a bit of color, contrast, and texture, like Katie gave the walls here with paint and wainscoting. She also used plaint white bedding, which sounds like the opposite of ‘adding personality’ but actually gives you more room to play with accessories and provides a sharper contrast to help the other objects in the room shine. And how about those faux beams?! I love how they tie in the dark furniture and make the room feel complete.

The result feels pulled-together and serene, which mirrors Anna-Lisa’s personality exactly.

I actually don’t know if that’s true. BUT …


Blue and Beams Bedroom Before 1


Blue and Beams Bedroom 1

… I DO know that both Anna-Lisa and her husband are big readers, which is reflected now in their space thanks to this built-in bookshelf and other pieces of art Katie used around the room.  You can see them all on her blog at Reclaiming Home. (Spoiler alert: one of them is the wreath over the bed made out of book pages!)

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