Vintage and Vibrance

If you have a solid piece of vintage furniture, hang on to it with your grubby little hands for as long as you can. They just don’t build furniture to last like that anymore. Well, they probably do somewhere, but you aren’t going to find it for $100 on Craigslist. Or for free in your Grandma’s basement.

Vintage is where it’s at. But don’t think that just because it’s old it’s too sacred to personalize. Say it with me: It’s just furniture!

Rachel’s dresser has been on a journey, beginning with the virginal vintage finish you see here:

mcm dresser makeover for nursery

Then she had a daughter, and customized it with a pink ombre paint job for her nursery.

Little Boy Blue Nursery Dresser BeforeSo sweet.

Then she had a son, and that old dresser birthed a new look too:

Little Boy Blue Nursery Dresser

She simply sanded down the drawer fronts and stained them and added ring pulls. Such an easy change! It fits perfectly into the rustic nursery she designed for her little guy.

Little Boy Blue Nursery Before

Little Boy Blue Nursery

Out went the heavy brown paint in favor of a rich navy blue, with a few woodsy touches finish the look. Funny how the navy is also a deep, heavy color but manages to bring so much more life into the room than the brown. There’s a lesson here in vibrance, but we’ll talk about that another day.

See more on Rachel’s blog Two Wongs Make a Right.

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Go with the faux.

What is your verdict on faux fireplaces?  Are you like “faux no!” Or are you more like “faux sho!” I have a faux fireplace in my home, and I admit that it gets mixed reviews, and I’ll admit further that those mixed reviews come from myself. Some days I think it’s great. Like around Christmastime when it’s all decorated and cute.  At other points in the year I look at it and feel puzzled and slightly … unnerved. What is this thing and what is it doing here and why?

Here’s the thing. I don’t love LOVE it because it just looks kinda fake. Because it is fake. If you’re unfavorable of faux fixtures for this very reason, let me show you something that might change your mind.

Distressed Charcoal Mirror Placement Before

Distressed Charcoal Mirror Placement

Wait. What were we even talking about? Because whatever it was, I’m not seeing any evidence of it in this photo. All I see is a Really McReal fireplace of Realness with a side of Reality.

The overmantle and the stacked stone surround are really what give it weight and keep it grounded. It’s not just floating in the space; it looks like it’s always been there. Lauren at Bless’er House is the mastermind behind this makeover, but that’s not all.

Once the giant TV was out of the picture, she needed something else to fill the space above the mantle.  This mirror was the perfect size with a pretty shape, but it also came with an aging gold finish that was flaking off and not right for the room anyhow.

Distressed Charcoal Mirror Before


Distressed Charcoal Mirror

She painted it gray first, then black, using Vaseline to age it just so, and now it’s the perfect finishing touch. Gorgeousness all around. Great job Lauren!

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Patriotic Projects

This weekend America celebrates her freedom, including life, liberty, and the pursuit of fabulousness. What better way to mark the occasion than with some patriotic projects? Today we shall set free a few everyday items from a lifetime of mediocrity and send them onward and upward in a blaze of (old) glory.

First,  a box of dirty golf balls. Do you see where this is going?

Painted Flag Golf Balls Before


Painted Flag Golf Balls

Of course you didn’t! Unless you did. Did you take a look at those golf balls and instantly imagine them painted in stars and stripes, layered in a cute wire basket? If so, pat yourself on the back for me. If not, head over to Laurie’s blog My Husband Has Too Many Hobbies to see more.


I hold this truth to be self-evident that this crib spring was headed for the dump. But Julie had a better idea. First she counted the spaces between the rows of wire. Thirteen in all.  Sounds perfect for …

american flag crib spring before


american flag crib spring copy

… the thirteen stripes of the American flag, which she made for next to nothing using ribbon. I guess I need to go find an old crib spring somewhere, somehow, because this looks rad and I want one.

See it on her blog Redhead Can Decorate.


And lastly, we know that all men are created equal, but I’m not sure if all women are, because when I saw this project that my friend Kristen Duke dreamed up, I wanted to punch myself in the face for not thinking of it first. It’s so simple, but SO COOL!

Before, an eight-foot wide melamine board, plus 180 wood screws. It doesn’t look like much yet … but once you add in that secret American ingredient (carbs), you get:

amercian flag donut wall in progress


american flag donut wall

An American flag doughnut wall! Have you ever seen anything better? Seriously, somebody call the president. Tell him to retire. Kristin has GOT THIS.

More to see on her blog Capturing Joy.

Please please have a safe and happy 4th of July!

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Headed for the Hills

Angela’s before bathroom looked like it belonged in a nice hotel. But who wants to live in a hotel? (Other than me; but I’m a weirdo like that. There’s just something appealing about a clutter-free environment with 24-hour maid service. Hmm, maybe it’s not that weird after all).

Her bathroom wasn’t screaming with personality, just sleek and simple. Nice. I’d say it fell somewhere near ‘Marriott.’

But why stop at ‘Marriott’ when ‘Beverly Hills Hotel’ is right around the corner?

Graphic Glam Bathroom Before


Graphic Glam Bathroom makeover

Hit the brakes! Stop right here! Let me out. THIS is where I’d like to stay, thanks.

What a glamorous impact she made with just a few cosmetic changes. I love how she swapped out the wall-length mirror for three smaller mirrors. With a double sink, I don’t know if using three mirrors would have occurred to me. I probably would have stuck with two mirrors, and then agonized over what to put in between them.

But that wall tile is what really makes this entire space special. And I wish I could ask those striped pendants out on a date. (You want to … I don’t know … hang out sometime?)

Graphic Glam Bathroom Before

Graphic Glam Bathroom

I love the height Angela chose to hang them at as well. They might have gotten a little lost against that tile if she had hung them any higher.

There is so much more to see on her blog! Check out how she disguised her closet doorway, that’s my favorite part.  See it on her blog blue i style.

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