Stools that rule, fool!

Happy pre-Thanksgiving weekend weekend! That’s a thing, right? Are you all aflutter preparing for your Thanksgiving feast next week? Or are you going out of town? (I ask because I’m curious, not because I plan on robbing you).

We will be having Thanksgiving with some in-laws, and I’ve been given the task of bring drinks.  Soooo, I basically have to stop at the store for 45 seconds on the way over and my job is done. I feel like maybe they don’t trust my cooking or something. You put broccoli in a cake ONE time and your reputation is forever ruined. Hmmph. I just thought it would be a good way to sneak some veggies in, but apparently it is not.

Anyway. If you don’t mind helpers in the kitchen, here are a few stool makeovers to give them a leg up. Har! Har.

Annisa’s husband made this stool in shop class, circa 1989.  The sturdy little thing has been kicking around ever since, but was clearly starting to show its age. She gave it some attention and a hip dipped paint job, and now its ready for 25 more years of solid servitude. See more at A Pretty Happy Home.


brown foot stool before



Stained Stool - Dipped White Legs - Makeover |


Michal at Caspitweb  needed more cushion for the tush’in so she outfitted this tired old stool with a floofy floral top and a distressed paint job that mirrors the fabric color. It shall be officially known as The Fluffy Tuffet.  Oooh, that’s a great etsty shop name, somebody use it!


brown sad little stool before


Aqua Stool - Floral Fabric -  Makeover |


Heather at Bake. Create. Love. upped the coolness factor of her plain-Jane stools with this trendy gold-dipped look.  Everything should be dipped in gold, I say. I especially love it against that blue wall, shaPOW!


plain oak bar stools before

White - Gold - Dipped Stools -  Makeover |


These stools were abused and neglected and probably up to no good, tagging buildings and smoking behind the gas station dumpsters or something when Jacque got a hold of them.  She took them in and put them on the right track with some tough love, and now they’re respectable members of her furniture family. Yay for happy endings!

See more at The DIY Village.

numbered stool makeover before

stool makeover with numbers after


Last one from Lisa, who rescued this pleather-fied stool from a life of drabness with cheery paint and happy fabric. No really, the whole thing is so happy its practically smiling at me.  So cute.  See more at The Red Thread.

colorful stool makeover before

colorful stool makeover after

Happy weekend friend! Remember, you can always submit your before and after photos to me at betterafter(at), no blog necessary!

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If it’s any consolation …

Now that TVs are all flat and slim and sexy and easily mounted on the wall, you may think there is no need for a traditional entertainment center. You are both right and wrong. True, you may no longer need a hulking armoire to house your 300 lb. TV. But you probably still need a place to stash all your remotes and DVDs and consoles and gaming equipment and whathaveyou.

Or, in my case, you would never in one million years allow your husband to mount a TV to the wall himself, not after the Garage Shelf Tragedy of 2009 wherein half of your Christmas ornaments were destroyed and your car got dented, but that’s a story for another day.

Hush now, let us console ourselves with these consoles. (See what I did there? I’m sure you did).

Heather at Bake Create Love saved this electric orange dresser from itself with a walnut stain and it now serves proudly and beautifully under the TV. (I love that she’s watching Saved By The Bell. PS: Did you watch “The Unauthorized Story of Saved By The Bell” on Lifetime? Should I be ashamed to admit that I did? What did you think? Mostly I just felt sorry for poor little Screech).


mcm dresser makeover into media stand before |


stained mcm dresser makeover into media stand  |


Annnnnnyway, this next console actually began life as a sophisticated stereo system, decades ago.  However, it was most recently suffering in the garage as a workbench with a drillpress screwed to the top! Oh honey no.

Jen rescued it with a lot of love and tenderness and now it’s back inside where it can do the job it was intended to do in the first place. See more at All Things New.

vintage stereo makeover |

vintage stereo makeover into media console |

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Attic-ted to You Baby

This room was perfect for a baby, if your baby happens to be a brooding teenager who sleeps in the attic and writes bad poetry amidst his laundry baskets. Unfortunately, Tricia’s baby was none of those things.  Fortunately, she changed this bleak little space to match his sweet and happy personality instead. Good call Tricia.


baby nursery makeover paneled walls


baby nursery makeover white paneling

Oh man, isn’t that the sweetest thing? So sweet I just lost a tooth.

Let’s check out another angle.  That polka-dot door! I need an excuse to polka-dot a door in my life.  Also, did you know she designed the fabric for the bedding herself? You can too! See that and more on her blog 724 South House.


nursery makeover before

nursery makeover after white aqua gray


Lots more kid-friendly makeovers to see right heah!

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Sharpie Shooter

You probably already knew this, but Sharpies are good for way more than just writing. They are also good for hoarding, which is what I do with mine.  I have a small Sharpie obsession, and I don’t like to share them, and a friend recently came over and was using one of mine on a project, and casually mentioned that she had used it all up LOLZ, and I gritted my teeth and tried really hard not to be irate about it on the inside, but I’m still talking about it a month later, so yeah, I might have a problem. Whooo. Breathe, Lindsey.

Ok. I’m fine. Really. Anyway, there are Sharpie projects aplenty in the interspace right now, and here’s an especially creative one from Katie at Upcycled Treasures.  A rug! She knocked-off a $500 West Elm version for $25! Dare I say, hers looks even better?

I love it! Let’s all make one!

plain white rug sharpie makeover |


sharpie makeover rug | betterafter.netJust bring your own Sharpies.


Come visit me at this week, where you can ask me one-on-one decorating advice and questions and be entered to win $1,000 just for asking!

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