Blue Your Mind

If you’re feeling blue, cheer up. I’ve got some blue makeovers today that will turn that frown upside down. What better way to cure the blues than with MORE blue? It’s like fighting fire with fire.  (Where did that saying come from? Does that ever even work? Seems unlikely).

So here is some blue coming atcha, starting with Shanna’s plaster painted dresser. Formerly an overwrought disaster, it looks gorgeous glammed up in a light blue-green shade called Seaside

Just a little polish on the handles was all they needed to stand out and shine too.

See it at Restoration Redoux.

Blue Plaster Dresser Makeover |

Blue Plaster Dresser Makeover |


Sonni at Sophia Restoration treated her buffet to the classic combo of blue and silver. Blue-tiful! Sorry. Had to.

Blue Dresser Makeover with Silver|

Blue Dresser Makeover with Silver|


This next dresser was a Craigslist score, bought on the cheap from a college kid who was moving and needed to unload it fast. Despite being a solid vintage piece, the veneer was badly damaged, so Erin didn’t feel too guilty about painting it.

I wouldn’t feel bad either. There is burl veneer on there guys. BURL VENEER. It’s the stuff of nightmares. Up close it literally looks like the darkened souls of the deceased, their faces frozen in one last howl before being sucked into the underworld. Here, I googled it for you. Try not to wet your pants.

Blue Dresser Makeover with Gold |

Blue Dresser Makeover with Gold |


Ahhh! Much better! Erin also shined up the handles which are the stand-out stars of this piece, and you can see more on her blog DIY on the Cheap.


And finally, one from Christina who fears no wood, nor painting wood in bright saturated hues. That’s exactly what she did to this dresser.  I know some reader’s insides might seize up a little at the thought of painting over a piece like this, but you know what I always say: your furniture is supposed to make you happy, not the other way around!



And this is certainly happy, despite being so blue! Paint color is called Dignity Blue by Sherwin Williams, and you can read more from Christina at Phoenix Restoration.

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Old and Improved

Much like the Fresh Prince of Bel Aire’s life, my house is flipped turned upside down. Our flooring is getting installed (yay! I can’t wait to show you!) but the process is … rough. We’ve had concrete floors for the past two weeks, which are rubbing the baby’s knees raw and a constant source of dust despite me frenetically sweeping every five minutes. I’m surprised my broom hasn’t caught fire yet.

Yesterday my daughter was home sick from school, so we were trapped at home while the installers were here. Literally trapped. Everything was taped off and covered in plastic, which meant we stayed upstairs in my bedroom for the entire day watching Disney Channel and surviving on a box of wheat thins. I’ve listened the Doc McStuffins theme song so many times I think I might actually BE Doc McStuffins.

But I’m thinking the job should be finished up today! I hope. I just heard the head installer mutter to himself “What’s that burning smell?” So … I’m not sure. Maybe he’s been sweeping.

Anyway, here are some pretty things! Jen at All Things New was challenged by a friend to update a worn-out dresser and armoire set that no longer reflected her style. Her furniture was dark and heavy, she wanted something light and rustic.

Rustic Dresser and Armoire Makeover |

Rustic Dresser and Armoire Makeover |

I’d say Jen delivered! So simple and sweet.   Who says neutrals are boring? Not this girl.

If you liked that, you’re going to LOVE the armoire.
Rustic Dresser and Armoire Makeover |
Rustic Dresser and Armoire Makeover |

LOVE! Head on over to her blog to take a peek at what she did on the inside: All Things New.

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Double or Nothing

Some things are better in pairs. Fuzzy dice. Roller skates. Concert tickets. Chromosomes.

Some things are called “pairs” but really aren’t, like pants. And tweezers. If your tweezers break in half, do you call them a tweeze? It makes no sense.

But here’s something that makes perfect sense: a pair of shower curtains! Why have one when you can have two?

Jamie decided to double the dosage when she gave this bathroom a nautical-themed makeover.

Nautical Bathroom Makeover |


Nautical Bathroom Makeover |


She really went ‘overboard!’ (haha, nautical-themed pun). See more on her blog Southern Revivals.

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A Tale of Two Pretties

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. It was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness. Or something like that.

This is the tale of two thrift store lamps, plain, outdated, and cast aside. But not for long.

Friends Naomi and Sage from Plaster & Disaster bought the lamps and challenged each other to a lamp-off. Each would take one and make it over in her own style.

Two Lamps, Two Designs |
Two Lamps, Two Designs (Naomi) |

For Naomi, this meant high-gloss black contrasted with a glamorous gold-dipped look. I love how she filled the ridges in on the bottom with wood filler before applying the gold. It makes it look authentically ‘dipped’ and not just painted. Fabulous!


Two Lamps, Two Designs (Sage)|

Sage also opted to smooth out the ridges on her lamp by sanding the entire thing. It got a coat of turquoise paint, then she layered on thin coats of gold using a mix of paint and water, which she sprayed on with a squirt bottle. Very cool technique! It gives it a shimmery ceramic look.

What fun! I want to have a lamp-off. Who’s with me? You know what else I’ve always wanted to do? I’ll tell you. Find some completely hopeless items at the thrift-store and have a competition to see who can improve them the most.

I would choose a few participants and send them their ‘mystery’ item in the mail, then they would report back with their efforts and we would all vote and have a good laugh.  Oh man, the more I talk about it, the more I want to do it.  Would anyone be interested in that? Let me know. I think we should make it happen.

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