Some things in life ARE free.

The Gods of Craigslist smiled upon Christina one day, and blessed her with a pedestal table and four chairs for free. FREE!  Hold on a second, I’m going to go see what the Phoenix Craigslist has to offer for free today. Ok, I’m back. Prepare yourself.

This toilet:

free toilet on craigslist

“Could be used as a funky planter!” the description cheerily suggests.


This (obviously dead) Christmas tree:

free dead christmas tree on craigslist

“We have nowhere to plant it,” the giver sadly declares.  Here’s an idea. In a bonfire.


These hoses:

free holey hoses on craigslist

“They are all cut and have holes in them.” Perfect.  I’ve been looking everywhere for useless hoses.


This DVD player remote.  Just the remote.

free remote control on craigslist whyyyyy

Question: who on earth would drive all the way across town just to take a free remote control off your hands? Someone you don’t want to give your address to, that’s who.


This pile of sticks:


free pile of sticks on craigslist

Great for building that bonfire.


And finally … this:

free crime scene on craigslist

I don’t even know what this is, but I can assure you, I do not want it. Not for free, not if you paid me, no.


Ok, sorry for that assault on your eyeballs. But now Christina’s before table is going to look pretty dang nice, never mind the after.


brown kitchen table and chairs before

Right? But the after will really knock your socks off:


White - Kitchen Table - Chairs - Makeover |

Oh yeah. Beautiful! Gorgeous! She stripped and sanded everything down (unnecessary actually, it only needed a good sanding, she later realized) and freshened it up with a few coats of white paint.  But my favorite part is that driftwood finish she created on top.  Head on over to Remodelando la Casa to see it up close!

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Re-doux: A bedroom makeover makeover

Today is my baby boy’s first birthday! Wow! I can’t believe how fast that year went by. As we were talking about what we should do for his birthday today, Mia, my six-year-old gravely announced: “Mom, don’t forget about Martin Luther King Jr. Day, it’s special for him too.” So there you have it. A special day all around.

So before we go have some cupcakes in solemn remembrance, here is a bedroom makeover for you to enjoy, and it’s a two-parter! Alicia started with a super plain beigey-mcbrown bedroom, and eventually mixed things up with a lot of white, plenty of accessories and a DIY headboard.

But that didn’t quite scratch the itch.  She didn’t feel like she had nailed her personal style, but with a few more tweaks and a fabulous board and batten accent wall, she’s finally happy! For now!


brown bedroom before


white bedroom first makeover


White- Board Batten - Bedroom - Makeover | betterafter.netSee more from Alicia at Thrifty and Chic.


PS: I’ve got a $100 gift card giveaway to Micheal’s going on over on my instagram.  Follow along and enter to win!

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A Unicorn Makeover

The other day I was strolling through Goodwill when I spotted a little unicorn sculpture. You can’t walk past a unicorn and not buy it. You just can’t.

I’m not one to disobey rules of the universe, so I paid $2.99 for this unicorn and brought it home even though I had no idea what to do with it.

Then an idea popped into my head: gold polka dots! I love when fully-formed ideas pop into my head. It’s rare, but it makes things so easy.  I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

unicorn statue before |


gold polka dot unicorn statue makeover |

Tada! I started by giving her a few coats of white satin spray paint to cover up the old iridescent paint job, then just used a gold Sharpie paint pen to make the dots, eyeballing a pattern as I went along. I love how it turned out!


gold polka dot unicorn statue makeover after |

If you want to try this at home, remember to use a Sharpie PAINT pen. They go on much, much better than a regular Sharpie. There are also other paint pen brands too, just be sure they are oil-based.You can probably find them anywhere craft projects are sold, I found mine in the craft section at Wal-Mart. And also remember to never not buy a unicorn when you have the chance.

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Getting Spicy

I’ve got a random mix of chair makeovers for your eyeballs this morning. They are all very different, with their own personalities. Like the Spice Girls.

Let’s call this one Retro Spice. Yvette was on the hunt for a first-time project when she discovered this offering from the Salvation Army. A sad little oatmeal-colored thing, reaching it’s little baby chair arms out for a hug.  Well, now she’s a star!  Oooh, and it’s actually a pair. A duet!


tan chair - before


White - Fun Fabric -Chairs- Makeover |

I’d say Yvette nailed it. Look how well she lined up the fabric, this doesn’t look like a first-timer project at all.


This next girl is the backbone of the group. The senior member. We’ll call her Old Spice.  She’s been around the block, but she still knows how to rock.


White - Rocking Chair - Before


Black - Family - Rocking Chair- Makeover | betterafter.netFrom Shelly at 100 Things 2 Do.



If we wanted to include a Posh Spice in the mix, this is our girl.  Eden at DIYHER dismissed that matronly mauve fabric and brought in a cheeky cheetah print instead.

Maroon - Chair- Before

Leopard - Chair- Makeover |

Me-YOW!  She’s going to climb the charts, if she has to claw her way to the top!


And finally we have Sassy Spice. What else can you call a chair that’s been doused in hot pink paint? That’s right, paint! No upholstery skillz needed here. Shanna used several coats of plaster paint to achieve this look.

Peachish - Arm Chair - Before


Bright Pink - Arm Chair- Makeover |

“Isn’t that going to feel all crunchy and weird?” you are probably thinking. Nope! After a light sanding of her final coat, Shanna applied a paste wax and reports that it feels soft and smooth as leather.  Get all the details at Restoration Redoux.

Girl power!

PS: Posh Spice was/is my favorite Spice Girl, in case you were wondering even though you probably weren’t.

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