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Hi friends.  If you’ve noticed me being a bit sporadic in the blogging department, here’s why: I have a newborn and he is kicking my butt.

Also, did I mention we’re building a house?  I don’t think I did.  I’m sorry about that. I didn’t mean to keep you out of the loop. But we’re building a house! It’s not a crazy custom home or anything to wow you with the details of, just a nice house in a nice neighborhood, which I’m very excited about, and it’s way ahead of schedule, which is freaking me out because I just found out that we will be moving in in less than 40 days and I am 0% prepared. Did you know that moving is the worst?  I think I once compared it unfavorably to being in labor while having a root canal.

But I am really looking forward to being back in our own home and get my creative juices flowing again.  I haven’t done any fun projects or makeovers or anything in a long time, mainly thanks to that butt-kicking newborn, but also because our current living situation is temporary, which is a motivation killer for me.

Man, one year ago I had exactly no plans to sell my house, build a house, and have a baby.  It’s crazy what can happen in one short year. Sometimes I feel like I’m trapped on a speeding bus, watching life whiz by faster and faster, and I just want the bus to slow down! Slow down! And there’s a bomb on the bus! And Sandra Bullock is driving the bus! No wait — different bus.

In short: life is great, and kind of kicking my butt at the same time.

So … enough about me.  Tell me something going on in your life.  Because we’re all on this crazy bus together. The bus of life.  That sounds like the name of a song.  The Bus of Life.  It’s probably a really romantic ballad.  I’m going to shut up now.

Believe it or not, I do have a makeover to share! It’s a stunning kitchen with butcher-block counters, vintage light fixtures, and a dreamy aqua backsplash. From Kaylor at Fisherman’s Wife Furniture.

A beautiful kitchen makeover with a pop of aqua at betterafter.net

A beautiful kitchen makeover with a pop of aqua at betterafter.net

Here’s a wide shot:

A beautiful kitchen makeover with a pop of aqua at betterafter.net

A beautiful kitchen makeover with a pop of aqua at betterafter.net


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Tile for smiles.

Here’s a quick little bathroom refresher for your Monday!  I say ‘quick’, because it’s always so easy to scroll through these before and afters for instant gratification, but really, there’s nothing quick about the tile job Mary did in here.  Herringbone and hexagons for the win! Great new lighting and sink too. Me likey.

See more at Lemon Grove Blog.

See this classic white bathroom makeover at betterafter.net


See this classic white bathroom makeover at betterafter.net

 Don’t forget to enter the $200 BeddingStyle giveaway!

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BeddingStyle Giveaway!

Is your bedding in need of a refreshing?  If so, high-five me, because today I get to give away $200 toward BeddingStyle.com to one lucky reader!

Have you ever shopped online for bedding?  There’s definitely no shortage of options out there.  But stylish options?  Yeahnotsomuch.  You could spend half your life scrolling endlessly through page after page of cheesy bedding on some random website, OR you could check out BeddingStyle.com.


They’ve got a great selection from some of the top designers: Vera Wang, Nicole Miller, and Candice Olson to namedrop a few.  I was SO excited to see Candice Olson’s line, (she’s my fave) and they were kind enough to send me her “In The Groove” coverlet to review.


I couldn’t be happier with it.  My old comforter was nice, but it was cream colored, which, paired with the tan walls (we’re renting), was giving my room a serious case of the sadsies.

I’d wish I had a before shot to show you, but this picture was literally the first time I have made my bed since my son was born … in January.  (I’ve changed the sheets since then, for crying out loud, I’m not an animal, but put up the pretty pillows and fluff the comforter?  No. Babies are fun, but they do not leave you much time for fancy bed-making).


Anyway, the bedspread is a bright white, and I love it!  I love the texture too.  It’s a perfect backdrop to play with color, if I could ever manage to force myself to add more color in here. I’ve clearly got a thing for white. It might be a problem. But I just like it!  It’s soothing to my eyeballs I guess.

bedding3 bedding4


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a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good luck friend, I hope you win! Winner announced Thursday, April 17th. Have a great weekend!

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Guns Down

What is this, a gun rack? What am I doing to do … with a gun rack? I don’t even own A gun, let alone many guns that would necessitate an entire rack. <— (favorite movie quote of all time) Ha!  I love that stupid movie.  Anyway, I don’t think this was ever a gun rack or a gun case, but it kind of gave me that vibe at first.  Long, tall, and woodsy.

But once Better After reader July got her hands on it, she turned it into a deep red statement piece that easily holds its own against that stunning wall.  A win all around!

Cute red display cabinet makeover on betterafter.net

Cute red display cabinet makeover on betterafter.net

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