Just Do It

I currently have a bookcase in my garage that is very similar to these before tables.  Jacinda found these tables for a steal online. I paid $2 for my bookshelf at a yardsale.

Her tables needed to be stripped. My bookcase needed to be stripped.  She buckled down and powered through SIX DAYS of stripping and staining.  I spent approximately one horrible hour stripping, then made a sandwich.

She finished her tables and is enjoying their fabulous new look in her living room. My bookshelf has sat in my garage for over three years.  I’ve moved with the dumb half-stripped thing two different times!

But, if Jacinda can do it on three tables with curved legs and carved details in less than a week, by George, I can do it to my little bookcase too.  For reals. I’m going to do it. Seriously. Hold me to it, you guys.

White and Stained Top Coffee Tables Before


White and Stained Top Coffee Tables

See more on her blog Northern Nester.

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Oceans Apart

Did I ever tell you about that one time when I went on vacation and somehow forgot to bring my suitcase along? Yeah, that was last week. I managed to show up for an entire week at the ocean with nothing more than the clothes on my back. I actually flung myself on the bed and cried. I’m not proud to admit that.

Luckily the little condo we had rented was close enough to a few stores that I was able to pick up a swimsuit and some things. And after a while, it didn’t even bother me at all. Turns out that packing light has its benefits.  Getting dressed every day is a breeze when you have exactly two options. I didn’t have to climb Mt. Laundry when we returned.  It actually gave me more time to enjoy my surroundings!

So with all that extra time on my hands, I freely roamed about the condo complex, contemplating life and philosophy and the bad decisions that whoever was in charge renovating the complex had recently made.

All around, in places like the hallways and the elevator foyers, were bathroom lights! Very similar to the ones you see below in Jaclyn’s before bathroom. No! Why?! Unacceptable!

Perhaps they thought they looked ‘fancy?’ That they’d really ‘class up’ the joint? Newsflash condo renovators: they looked like bathroom lights.

Jaclyn wasn’t even satisfied with these bathroom lights in her actual bathroom. They were replaced with a streamlined set of recessed lights, and nearly everything else got an update too.

master bathroom makeover m copy

master bathroom makeover marble countertops

So impressive! Look how much bigger the room seems! She should send her resume to a certain oceanside condo complex that I happen to know of, just sayyyyin’.

See more at Love and Bellinis.

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French Dressing

Melody was using this cute little oak desk as a stand for her miter saw – which was fine and good – but it had potential to be much more.  That’s like buying a cute desk at a thriftstore and using it to hold tools.  (Sorry, I couldn’t think of an analogy. Summer continues to kick my butt and my brain at the same time, which is hardly seems fair). That’s like wearing a new outfit to paint your house? That’s like buying a laptop and using it as a paperweight?  I should just stop.

But Melody didn’t stop, not at simply dragging it inside, not at repainting the perfect shades of gray and cream, not until she had really dressed it up with a french script stencil and distressed it and accessorized it with a touch of french flair did it truly earn its place indoors.  Muy chic!

See it at My Passion for Decor.

White and Gray French Poem Desk Before


White and Gray French Poem Desk

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Pickle Your Fancy?

In case you are tired of seeing white kitchen makeovers, which are always nice, but indeed plentiful to be found, here is something a little different. A Dill Pickle kitchen makeover.

Yessir, that is the name of the paint color that Michelle used to repaint the cabinets in her adobe home in Tucson, and they turned out fantastically!

Bright Green Mexico Inspired Kitchen Before


bright Mexico Inspired Green Kitchen After

She also knocked down a wall, rearranged a few appliances and repainted the adobe range hood, which was “painted a greasy, shiny metallic copper.”  It’s so much better in white! Note to the former owners: you can’t use copper paint on something as textured as adobe and manage to fool anyone.

Michelle also kept the original floors and bumped up color even more with Mexican tile on the counters and backsplash.  So fun! It’s a fiesta for my eyes!

dill pickle makeover kitchen

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