702 problems and avocado paint is one.

Friday Friday! Do you have any big plans for the weekend? Maybe you should hit some yard sales, buy some stuff, make it over, and send pictures to meeee! That’s always a good idea.  Or maybe you are neck deep in makeovers and home improvements already.

Give Sarah a call, she can commiserate. She’s right in the middle of restoring this historic home, originally built in 1902! It survived both world wars, but didn’t manage to escape the shag carpet and avocado paint epidemic of the 70s. Sarah and her husband Charles are slowly bringing it back to its glory days.  A sizable task for this sizable house.

green foyer makeover

white, wood, foyer, makeover | betterafter.net

But the story gets better.  Years and years ago, this home actually belonged to Charles’ grandmother. After she died, the home was sold, and the new owners let it fall into disrepair over the next ten years.  Just as it was going into foreclosure, Sarah and Charles came along, and snapped it up for a steal!

BUT WAIT! There’s another plot twist. Check out the full story at 702 Park Project. It might give you chills!

See more on the foyer makeover here, and the oh-so-charming exterior makeover here.


sad exterior before

white, exterior, pillar, makeover | betterafter.netHappy weekend friend!

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Raising the Bar (carts)

I don’t have a bar cart in my life, because I don’t drink, and that makes me sad.  Not the not drinking part.  That doesn’t make me sad.  I’m sure I would make a terrible drinker. But I am a good snacker! Maybe I could make a snack cart.  Or a hot cocoa cart. A tart cart?  A chore chart cart?  A cart cart? In case you ever needed a cart, I’d have a cart full of carts! Oh geez Lindsey, stop yourself already.  This is what happens when my car is in the shop and I haven’t left the house for like a week. See, good thing I’m not a drinker.

In things that make more sense news, here’s Breanna, who paid a mere $5 for this table and turned it into a bar cart.  She had her father-in-law tile the inside and kept everything else white so her accessories could shine.  Read more, including her terrifying tale of what she found inside (bugs) and how she killed them (Windex!) on her blog Brepurposed.

wood bar cart before


white tiled bar cart makeover | betterafter.net

And Emily gave this utility cart some extra industrial flair with spray paint, and old louvre door and weathered wood.  She stained the wood with a combination vinegar, steel wool and coffee grinds, and various shades of shoe polish! Brilliant.

industrial bar cart makeover

industrial wood bar cart makeover | betterafter.net


Here’s a better look at the wood details. A step or ten above its previous life, which was probably spent carting around a wheezy overhead projector at a middle school, just a guess. See more work from Emily at Fay Grayson Home.


bar cart makeover | betterafter.net

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Don’t be faint, paint!

Do you hate your kitchen cabinets and want to paint them, but you’re too scared that if you did they might turn out terribly, and then you’d hate them?  Do you see the flaw in your thinking there?  You’d be right back where you started, and only out a few gallons of paint! Big whoop!

BUT chances are, you won’t do a terrible job because you’re pretty brilliant, I happen to know, and they will turn out fabulously, and you will LOVE them! And throw a party just to show them off! And make more friends, because of all these parties you keep having! And probably get a new job with more money thanks to these new friends! Wow, your life just made a turn for the better, all thanks to being a little gutsy and painting your cabinets like you’ve always wanted to.

Here’s some happy inspiration from Jesse at NineRed.


oak kitchen before


white and blue kitchen makeover | betterafter.net


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Tik Tok, make it stop.

Observe how Ke$ha dramatically demonstrates the principle of the makeunder:

kesha makeunder


Wowza. She’s a babe, but you’d never know under all that … look. That was a lot of look. I mean, I would never wear my stud eyebrows and hair croquembouche on the same day!

Same thing with this dresser.  It had too much going on and not going on at the same time.  But would you believe there’s a classy stunner underneath all that too? No really.  Scroll down if you don’t believe me.


Before dresser | betterafter.net


two-toned dresser makeover | betterafter.net

So gorgeous and grown up!   From Jen at Owen Family Six.

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