From Butterface to Butterfly

Have I ever told you how glad I am that you come to visit my blog? Because I am. Thank you. I appreciate that you take time out of your day to come here and hang out with me, and I feel a responsibility to make it worth your while. That’s why everyday, with every post, I aim to show you something new or unique, introduce a fresh technique, or share with you a valuable little tidbit of information.

So here comes today’s knowledge-bomb:

Butterflies don’t poop.

Did you know that? Apparently being a butterfly requires so much energy that they never have anything left to waste. Now you are smarter.

And speaking of poop, that’s what this before sewing cabinet looked like.  NO! I’m kidding. It was fine. A little worn out, missing a knob, nothing special.

But, like our butterfly friends, it experienced a metamorphosis as well …

Butterfly Sewing Cabinet Before


Butterfly Sewing Cabinet

Now it’s a colorful showpiece, sure to catch the eye every passerby.  Guess what, you’ll never guess. I’ll just tell you. Shanna created this look with paper napkins! See more on her blog Restoration Redoux.


This bombe dresser also emerged triumphantly from its heavily lacquered cocoon:

Soft Gray Bombe Dresser Before


Soft Gray Bombe Dresser

Super cute right? Those soft colors are doing so much more for its curvy shape.

And if you were worried that it doesn’t fit in with this butterfly-centric post, (I’m sure you were SO worried), check the drawers out:

Soft Gray Bombe Dresser 1

What a beautiful little surprise.  See more details from Kandice at Just The Woods.  


Finally, you’ll never guess what Sharon added to this dresser/nightstand set to give it a whole new life. Unless you guessed butterflies.

butterfly dresser makeover before


buterfly dresser makeover after

How did you know??

But did you guess inverted butterflies? White on teal, teal on white? Who could have seen that twist coming?!

Head on over to Sharon’s blog I Restore Stuff to see more. The finish she achieved on this set deserves a close-up look.

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Neutering the Neutral

Is your bedroom a boring neutral-scape of neutraly neutralness? That’s actually fine. I like a neutral bedroom. Very soothing. Of course, neutral doesn’t have to be boring. But even though I’ve managed to say the word ‘neutral’ six times in five seconds today, that’s not even what we’re talking about.

We’re talking about BLACK and WHITE! And their fun friend FUCHSIA!

That’s was the color scheme Veronica had in mind to de-neutralized her guest bedroom. Did she pull it off?

Black and Fuchsia Guest Bedroom Before


Black and Fuchsia Guest Bedroom 1

She sure did! Hot dang! If I was a guest at Veronica’s house, I would wake up thinking I was in some fabulously hip boutique hotel. Then I’d probably start crying because I wouldn’t remember checking into a fabulously hip boutique hotel, and then I would check to make sure I still had my kidneys, because you know how those stories end.

Black and Fuchsia Guest Bedroom

But then I would remember I was just at my friend Veronica’s house and then I would calm down and contemplate moving in forever. #squattersrights

Get the whole rundown about this guest bedroom makeover (including those painted floors!) on her blog The Naked Decorator.

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Kammy’s Triple Whammy

There comes a point in any home renovation where the tasks ahead of you become so overwhelming, you feel you have only two options: arson or a one-way bus ticket to Canada.

Fortunately, there’s a third option that I didn’t tell you about yet: digging deep and finishing the job. Most people choose this option.

I’m sure Kammy toyed with the idea of ‘accidentally’ leaving ‘a couple’ candles burning at some point during her home’s extensive renovation, but she is not a criminal or crazy, so she did no such thing.

Instead, when faced with this dismal scene masquerading as a dining room, she pushed past the dust and rubble and saw her vision to completion.

window seat wall before

window seat wall after

Are you hearing Joey Lawrence say “Whoa!” in your head right now too? From the windows to the walls, everything in here looks fantastic. And you’ll never believe what that massive window seat used to look like…

Let’s go out back and I’ll show you.

There, in the top of the barn? Do you see it?  Here, let’s pull it down.

White Window Seats Before 1

That’s it! An old wooden walkway taken from the rafters of the barn and repurposed with the help of Kammy’s dad into the extra long one-of-a-kind window seat it is today.

White Window Seats Before


White Window Seats

She only paid $25 for this thing! You could make it too, if you happen to have a barn full of parts worth scavenging on your property.  If not, don’t feel bad. I don’t have a magic barn either.

Last one, this thing is my faaaaaavorite.

Kammy’s house used to have a wall right smack dab in the middle of the sun room and the dining room. Kammy planned to tear it down to a half-wall and build a barble instead.

“Lindsey,” you are thinking, “that was a major typo. What is a ‘barble?’ Surely you didn’t mean to type that. Get it together girlfriend.”

bar table area before

Barn Table: Dining Room 1

Oh but I HAVE it together! I DID meant to type barble, because that is what you get when you combine a bar and a table, and that’s exactly what Kammy created here. The dining room on the left is sunken down a step from the sun room, so it’s bar height on one side and table height on the other and awesomeness all around.

Kammy is Captain Creativity! So much more to see on her blog, head on over there the get the entire view at Kammy’s Korner.

Also check out her DIY window seats here.

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Stool Service

If you’ve ever wanted to make a fairy garden and you have an old rectangular metal stool lying around, then TODAY’S YOUR LUCKY DAY!

If you don’t know what a fairy garden is, here you go. I searched fairy gardens for you. Give that link a click and prepare to be overwhelmed with cuteness.

Jenny thought it would be fun to make one with her sons, only they technically made a gnome garden. A gnome garden is basically the same thing as a fairy garden, but sounds way more manly.

After their dogs destroyed the first attempt, Jenny decided they needed to elevate it, and so that’s where the stool came in. She built a garden box and attached it to the stool, and now it makes for a great showpiece in the yard and the dogs can’t attack it. You have to see all the adorable details on her blog Paint Yourself A Smile. My favorites are the tiny rocks painted like strawberries!

If you’re wondering where to get supplies for your own gnome garden, I recommend Gnome Depot.

(Gnome pun intended).


And here’s another stool makeover, only this one simply became a cuter stool.

Black and White Stool  Before


Black and White Stool

Doesn’t it look so plump and comfy? I love the fabric Alana used here.  If you’ve ever wondered how to reupholster something circular like this, she gives a great play-by-play over on her blog Threadbare Cloak.

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