Bathrooms! They’re just like us!

Whenever I see pictures of celebrities in magazines doing things like buying deodorant at Walgreens or walking out of the grocery store with a big box of Cheerios, I can’t help but think “Wow! They really ARE just like us!”

Of course I don’t think that.  I think “Wow. I wonder how much they got paid to ‘candidly’ carry that product with the label ‘randomly’ showing. Probably a butt-load.”  I’m no fool.

But deep down, celebrities really are just like us.  They need deodorant too. This is why (stay with me here) you should never look at some fabulous designer-decorated space and think, “Gosh dang. I could never do that.” FALSE!

Most of the time, those designers starting from the basics too, just like anybody else.  Take this bathroom.  Vanity. Toilet. Window. Nothing special here.


silver wallpaper powder room before




But look at what’s possible! You can have a celebrity-worthy bathroom too! And why shouldn’t you? You’re pretty hot stuff.

From Jessie at The Design Daredevil.  You may remember her incredible dining room transformation too, probably my favorite of all time.

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It’s coming …

Good news! The wheels are in motion and the Mystery Thrift-Off is happening soon!

mystery thrift-off logo copy

Oh boy. Are you excited? I’m so excited!

I must give a huge shout-out to our official sponsor who agreed to help to make it all happen:

goodwillYay, Goodwill!! Thanks for being awesome.

Here’s how it will all work:

  • I will be selecting and notifying the participants in the next week or so.
  • I will get busy shopping at Goodwill for the Mystery Items. (Can’t wait!)
  • Items will be shipped to the participants, who will have an ample amount of time to complete and photograph their makeovers.
  • Then, the fun part for everyone else: we’ll have a week of project reveals and voting across several categories.

Keep in mind, I have a slightly twisted sense-of-humor.  These aren’t going to be your run-of-the-mill ‘paint a picture frame” type of projects. Someone might open their box and find this:

thrift store scary bearHahahahahahayikes!

Don’t worry, I won’t actually send Scabies Bear to anybody. Maybe I will. Not really. But possibly. No, I wouldn’t do that. Hmmm, yeah, I might.

You’ll just have to wait and see!

mystery thrift-off prizes

Not only will I be offering a prize to the winner (or winners), but I am also looking for a few volunteers who would like to offer a prize as well.

If you are an Etsy seller or small-business owner, etc., and would like to provide a prize/store credit/gift certificate for the contest, then let’s work it out! Great exposure and advertising for you, and an awesome batch of prizes for the participants, and everyone is happy, triple win.   Email me at and let’s chat.

Follow me on instagram for some behind-the-scenes action and keep up with the contest using the hashtag #themysterythriftoff.

Can’t wait!

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Let’s talk about stripes, baby.

If you ever find yourself in decorating paralysis, here’s a tip. Go take a nice long look at your closet.  “Lindsey,” you are thinking, “be serious. I need help decorating my living room. I can’t even pick out a throw pillow to save my life. How is staring at my closet going to help? Am I in time-out?”

No, no, no, of course not.  There’s just no better place to find your own personal style than … hello … the place where you physically keep your personal style. What looks do you gravitate toward? What patterns and colors you are attracted to? Would your favorite sweater serve you better if you chopped it up and turned it into that throw pillow? All good questions to ask yourself.

If you looked into my closet, you would find a lot of black and gray because I’m very boring (but at least I know what I like) and lot’s of stripes! I do love a good stripe.

So, if you are a fellow stripe-lover, you are sure to find inspiration with today’s makeovers, starting with this adorable nightstand.

Gray and White Striped Nightstand Before
Striped Furniture Makeovers |

Gray, white, and red can never be wrong together. So darn cute. I feel like the handles are coming in for a hug. From Danielle at 2 Little Super Heroes.



Shanna’s side table was very similar to Danielle’s, but she sent her stripes in the opposite direction. Oooh, slimming! I love the punch of the red handles here too.

Blue and White Striped Nightstand
Striped Furniture Makeovers |

See more at Restoration Redoux.



And lastly, who says your fridge needs to be boring? Well, nobody actually ever says that, but we’ve come to accept it as truth.  Nuh-uh. Not for Katie. Why not have a striped fridge? I certainly can’t think of a good enough reason not to.

Black and White Striped Fridge Before
Striped Furniture Makeovers |

She created this look with nothing but black duct tape, and it’s amazing, and you can see it at Kate’s Design Space.

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What do you call an office in a closet? (Don’t say cloffice).

You know how sometimes you think you have a boring old closet, but it turns out it was actually a wonderful little office all along?  You know that feeling?  It’s similar to the feeling I had the other day when I was bummed out because I felt like I had suddenly gained a bunch of weight, but it turns out I just had my pants on backwards. All day.

The sad thing is, that’s happened to me more than once.  But the happy thing is, Jennifer now has an adorable little office (I refuse to use the word ‘cloffice’) to enjoy instead of a dreary closet, and it has faux wood planks that are super cool, and you can see more at The Old Painted Cottage.

Wood Plank Closet Office Before
Wood Plank Closet Office Makeover |


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