Getting stoned

Hiiiiiii gang!

Remember me? It’s been a long time. Ok, like two weeks, but that’s a long time for me to disappear. So sorry to do that and leave you hanging. I’ve received lots of sweet emails and messages asking where the heck I am and if I’m OK, and what’s the deal. Thanks so much for taking the time to check on me.

Here’s the deal. I got my first ever kidney stone. HOLY SHARK BUTTS, it’s literally the worst thing I’ve ever done. Zero out of five stars – do not recommend. If you’ve ever had one, you’re likely nodding your head in agreement and shedding a tear of solidarity.  I don’t have a worst enemy, but I wish I did so I could NOT wish this on them. I’d rather be in labor. Truthfully. #1 – It’s shorter, and #2 – free baby for finishing.

It’s been an extra fun ride. My body responded like the champ that it’s not: becoming fully incapable of functioning and inviting a bunch of infections over to party in my organs. So I’ve been down for a while.

But I finally got in to the doctor, and got some medication, and look at me, I’m sitting upright and typing again and thoughts are kind of flowing out of my brain sort of, so I think I might just make it after all.

Anyway, just wanted to give you a heads up! Thanks again so much for all your kindness and concern. We will return to your regularly scheduled blog … eh … when I feel like it. But probably soon.

Your friend and kidney stone survivor (so far),



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Sebring It On

I’m not at a loss for words often, but today’s kitchen makeover might just … you know … do … that.

Actually, I am at a loss for words often, sort of. Example: the other day I was trying to say the words ‘chocolate chips’ while literally holding a bag of chocolate chips in my literal hand, and the only words that kept coming out of my mouth were ‘carrot cakes.’ Like, Lindsey, that’s not even close. Get your life together.

Mom brain, it’s real.

Anyway, I’d love to make some carrot cake cookies or whatever in this beautiful kitchen from the makeover masters at Sebring Services.

sebring kitchen makeover before


sebring kitchen makeover after

Nope, I would never cook in this gorgeous kitchen. It’s just too perfect to muck up with such frivolities as cooking and eating. Pshh.  I think I’d just invite people over to come look at it. And charge them admission.

sebring kitchen makeover before 2

sebring kitchen makeover after 2

“Hi! Welcome to my new kitchen. Please come in. Here, have a small cup of water. Don’t touch anything. K, bye!”

sebring kitchen makeover before 3

sebring kitchen makeover after 3

But seriously, isn’t it fabulous? Everything is so crisp and serene, simple but still plenty of visual interest, from the backsplash to the pendants to the wood casing on the windows which warm it up an keep it from being too stark.  Perfection.

Check out Sebring Services for more, they have a huge remodeling portfolio to page through which is a great way to spend half your day!

sebring kitchen after

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Ghost of Bathrooms Past

Barb had a problem with her bathroom, and the problem was that it was haunted.

It wasn’t really haunted. But every time she went in there at night, the bathrobe hanging on the wall totally looked like a ghost and scared her witless.  

That isn’t even a true story, I just made that up. But it could be true. It very likely could be true. That’s probably why she knocked out the bathrobe-wall and expanded the shower instead.

Tiled Bathroom Before


tiled bathroom shower after

Or maybe she just wanted a beautifully tiled new shower, who knows? How am I supposed to know? What am I a psychic?

Ghostbuster or not, she now has a fabulous non-haunted new bathroom to enjoy.

tiled shower before


tiled shower after

Look at all that space! Look at that fabulous tile! And look at all that spaaaace! Not only did she open it up with wall to wall glass, she gained so much more by extending it all the way to the ceiling too. Best trick in the book.

Fabulous job Barb!

See more on her blog Turtles & Tails.

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Chandilove it!

Much like a new hairstyle on an old head, a new light fixture can do wonders to refresh a room. However, much like a new hairstyle, sometimes you don’t get exactly what you wanted the first time around. Don’t we all know that feeling? But there’s not a hairstylist on earth who wants you to be unsatisfied with your new do; they’ll always tell you to come back for a tweak if it’s not quite right.

Do you let your inner decorator tell you the same thing? You should. Tweak till you freak, that’s my motto. Not really, I just made that up four seconds ago. But you should feel free to tweak. You shouldn’t settle for something that’s ‘kinda ok.’ Or ‘sorta along the lines of what I wanted, I guess.’ NO SIR! You deserve better.

Rebecca has been renovating her dining room and was not at all excited about the chandelier that came with it. But she wanted to save money and make the most of what she had, so she had to either suck it up and live with, it or make it work. Guess which one she chose?

Jute Drum Shade Chandelier Before


Jute Drum Shade Chandelier

She made it work, of course she did! She took four inexpensive wood hoops and wrapped them with jute, then using the thinner pieces of wood as spacers, she created a custom shade to hang over the old chandelier for an entirely new look.  Fantastic!

Rebecca is chronicling her renovation on Pinterest! See it all on her design portfolio here.


Cyndy also had a light-fixture conundrum on her hands.  She was making over her daughter’s bedroom and wanted an empire-style chandelier that was bold, colorful and fun. The best one she could find on a budget was this $79 version from Lowe’s.  It is neither bold, colorful, nor enormously fun. But it had the right shape, and Cyndy had some paint she’d been dying to try, so …


Pink Painted Empire Chandelier Before

Pink Painted Empire ChandelierShe went right ahead and painted each bead exactly how she wanted it. Hot pink, gold and teal? Does it get anymore bold and fun than that? It’s so fun, I’m taking it as my +1 to the next party I’m invited to.

See more of the cute, cute room this chandelier belongs to on Cyndy’s blog The Creativity Exchange.

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