BeddingStyle Giveaway!

Is your bedding in need of a refreshing?  If so, high-five me, because today I get to give away $200 toward to one lucky reader!

Have you ever shopped online for bedding?  There’s definitely no shortage of options out there.  But stylish options?  Yeahnotsomuch.  You could spend half your life scrolling endlessly through page after page of cheesy bedding on some random website, OR you could check out


They’ve got a great selection from some of the top designers: Vera Wang, Nicole Miller, and Candice Olson to namedrop a few.  I was SO excited to see Candice Olson’s line, (she’s my fave) and they were kind enough to send me her “In The Groove” coverlet to review.


I couldn’t be happier with it.  My old comforter was nice, but it was cream colored, which, paired with the tan walls (we’re renting), was giving my room a serious case of the sadsies.

I’d wish I had a before shot to show you, but this picture was literally the first time I have made my bed since my son was born … in January.  (I’ve changed the sheets since then, for crying out loud, I’m not an animal, but put up the pretty pillows and fluff the comforter?  No. Babies are fun, but they do not leave you much time for fancy bed-making).


Anyway, the bedspread is a bright white, and I love it!  I love the texture too.  It’s a perfect backdrop to play with color, if I could ever manage to force myself to add more color in here. I’ve clearly got a thing for white. It might be a problem. But I just like it!  It’s soothing to my eyeballs I guess.

bedding3 bedding4


Could you or someone you love use new bedding?  Enter the giveaway, and you just may be picking out a new set before you know it!

Entering is easy, simply use the Rafflecopter widget below!

PLEASE NOTE: by entering this giveaway, you are giving permission to contact you through email.  Cool?  Cool.  Enter away!

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Good luck friend, I hope you win! Winner announced Thursday, April 17th. Have a great weekend!

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Tribal Table Tribute

Things are a little hurky-jerky around the blog right now thanks to some behind-the-scenes technical difficulties. Please bear with me.  My computer is basically on its deathbed. But I refuse to give up on it!  It’s been clinging to life for so long.  I know its days are numbered; the signs are all there. Just last week my monitor gave its final death gasp in the form of rapid blinking and a frightening sizzling sound. I’m sure my hard drive is next. $igh.

But here’s an adorable little side table to cheer me up! I love the happy colors and the tribal motif, it’s too pretty to actually set stuff on!  From Jen at Girl in the Garage.




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ShoeMint giveaway!

I’ve been a little obsessed with shoes lately, like probably most women who have recently had a baby.  That’s because shoes always fit!  They don’t betray you like your pants, who have cruelly shrunken to a laughable size in the last few months.  Or your button-down shirts, which are now uncharacteristically obscene.  We won’t even talk about how unsupportive your bras are being throughout this whole ordeal.

But shoes, they’re are always there for you! Bless them.

Today, I am happy to be able to give away a sweet pair of shoes to one Better After reader, thanks to ShoeMint!shoes

I’m a long-time fan of ShoeMint, and they just keep getting better.  If you’re not in the know, Shoemint is a free, members-only website that features an exclusive collection of shoe styles every month.

They’ve recently partnered with Aldo, which means even higher quality designs and craftsmanship.

This is my most recent pair: the Torrie.  Ack, I love them so much! They are made with such high quality leather, and so soft to the touch. Perfect for running around in while still looking stylish, even if I’m still not speaking to my pants.shoetorrie

ShoeMint adds new styles based on the latest trends every month, and shipping and returns are always free.  I’ve had to return a pair before, and it was absolutely painless. Great customer support.


Would you like to win a fabulous pair of shoes of your choice?  Sure you would!

Simply visit ShoeMint and become a member if you aren’t already, (completely free, no obligation to buy), then leave a comment back here telling me your favorite pair.

That’s it!

First-time members can also use this link to receive 20% off your first purchase!

Good luck friends, I hope you win! Random winner will be announced Thursday, March 27th. Giveaway is open to US and Canada only.

This post is in collaboration with ShoeMint, all opinions are as always, 100% my own.

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MyQ Garage GIVEAWAY! (now closed)

Friends, my robot arsenal is growing.

Remember how it all began with my robot vacuum? Then I added the voice activated wi-fi thermostat, so that I could control the temperature in my home without getting off the couch? But I couldn’t stop there. I’m like the Brangelina of smart home-appliances. So please welcome the newest member of my ever-expanding robot family, the MyQ Garage!

When I was asked to review this product, I immediately knew it would fit right in at my house. Here’s the gist: it’s a little slice of technology heaven that links your smartphone to your garage door.

Ever had one of those panicked moments, usually after you’ve been driving for about an hour, and you suddenly think “Crapola! Did I shut the garage door?”

Or perhaps you’ve never wondered that at all, but come home from being out all day only to discover that you indeed forgot to shut the garage door, and now you have to pretend to be brave in front of your kids as you search your house for ninja boogymen hiding in the closets, and this actually just happened to me last week. It’s the worst feeling!

With the MyQ Garage, you’ll never have to wonder again. Just pull up the free app on your phone and it will tell you the current state of your garage door:


Phew! Talk about peace of mind.

But that’s not all. You can also control it with your smartphone too! Tap that little garage door icon, and up it goes! Tap again to close! It sounds an alarm inside the garage for about 10 seconds, so you aren’t catching anyone off guard when it engages.

My boys ride their bikes to school, so they come and go through the garage. So all year long, I’ve had an alarm set on my phone to remind me to open it up a few minutes before they get home. There’s been a few instances that I haven’t been home in time to open it, whether I got stuck in traffic or had errand take longer than I planned, and they’ve been locked out of the house. But now I never have to worry about that again! I can open the door anytime, anywhere.

MyQ Garage_zoom

It’s super simple to install too – no wiring necessary, which is great because that means I can easily take it along when we move out of this rental.

The larger WiFi hub is plugged into the ceiling, next to the garage door opener. The smaller sensor is attached directly to the inside of the garage door, either with screws or heavy duty mounting tape. Then you download the app, which walks you through a few simple steps to set it up, and that’s it! The app is password protected for an extra level of security.

I’m thrilled with the MyQ Garage, and happy to confidently recommend it to you, and also happy to be able to give one away to a Better After reader today! Woo!

Enter to win a MyQ Garage now, a $129 value!

Entering is easy! Simply leave a comment!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

And for more information about the MyQ Garage, please visit

Good luck friend, I hope you win! Have a great weekend!

>>This post is in collaboration with Chamberlain MyQ Garage in which I was provided a product to review, all opinions are as always, 100% my own.

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