Ruffle Shuffle

There used to be a potato chip commercial years ago, probably around a thousand years ago because I remember singing along to it as a child, and it went like this: “R-r-r-r-r-uffles have r-r-r-r-ridges!” Remember that one?  My sister and I would sing it over and over, rolling the r-r-r-r part so hard that it eventually morphed into a guttural growl, and we would run around screaming RRRRRRRuffles have RRRRRRRRidges!!! at each other all the time, and it was kind of scary.  

Thanks to the power of the internet, I have discovered that old commercial right here, and it is comedy GOLD. From the r-rolling fetishist at the beginning to an unexplainable appearance by Porky Pig at the end, it’s everything you’ve never dreamed of. Please watch it and then tell me your feelings.

Anyway. Today’s makeovers have nothing to do with potato chips or awesome vintage commercials at all.  But they do have RUFFLES!  Because is there ever such thing as too many ruffles?

rufflesYes. Trick question.

But a little ruffle here and there never hurt anyone, and it can give any piece of furniture some girlish flair.  Like this droopy chair that Beck at Beckwith’s Treasures revived.

Blue Ruffle Chair Before


Blue Ruffle Chair

Just the perfect amount of country charm.

And Kim at Exquisitely Unremarkable also wanted to fluff up this little side table …

Skirted Ikea Table Before


Skirted Ikea Table

… so she added a bit of ruffled fabric with tension rods. That’s pretty genius. What an easy way to bring in some colorful fabric or just hide wires.


And this next makeover has nothing to do with ruffles or Ruffles, but it’s got that same country vibe as the other makeovers, so we are just going to go with it mmmkay?

Ocean Blue Buffet with Walnut Top Before

Ocean Blue Buffet with Walnut Top

Samantha at I Love Fabuless Junk won a stare-down with a thrift-store vulture who was ready to pounce on this little buffet the moment she looked away.  Unblinkingly, she stood strong and was able to bring it home, where it serves as a chippy and distressed TV stand today!

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Thrifty Halloween DIYs (3)

Hello, I’m happy you’re here! Glad I haven’t scared you away with all the SUPER SPOOKY Halloween makeovers I’ve shared so far this week.


Today is day three of our thrifty week of Halloween DIYs, so if you’ve missed day one or day two, be sure to head back and check them out. I hope you’re having fun! Maybe this will become a new tradition.
And speaking of new traditions, the Halloween village is quickly becoming a holiday decorating staple just as much as ye olde traditional Christmas villages.So check out this haunted church that Kelli bought for her Halloween village for a mere $250.  HA! Of course she didn’t. That would be crazysnakes. (Even though extremely overpriced village pieces like that actually exist). Who spends $250 on a glorified nightlight? Someone who needs to adopt me as their friend.
So instead Kelli bought this inexpensive little Christmas church for $14.99.  As you can see in the before picture, it already looks a little haunted with the boarded up windows and the hole in the roof.  Guess what? Those details weren’t there when she bought it, she did that herself with polymer clay!halloween village beforehalloween village makeover

Then she really upped the spook factor with this superbly creepy paint job and a few more details, like the gargoyle on the bell tower. Fabulously terrifying! See her process on her blog Craft Shack.


Next, how about a princess castle turned haunted-Hogwart’s?

halloween castle before

halloween castle after

So very cool. Don’t you love how the lights are shining through the windows?

From the talented Tracy at General Splendour, whom I am publicly apologizing to for my ‘used candle’ rant from yesterday. I was totally not calling her out on her candles! They looked perfect to me, and 100% did NOT give me the creeps. Love you Tracy!  When I checked my comments on my phone and realized my post had made it sound like I was talking specifically about her candles, I was also holding a bag of dry tapioca (don’t ask) and then my baby knocked it out of my hand, and 100,000 little balls of tapioca went flying across my kitchen, so every time I pick up one of those little tapioca balls, I think of Tracy and candles and apologize fervently in my mind.




Last one. This one kicks it up a notch from tabletop Halloween decor into life-sized decor! Well, almost life-sized.


     haunted little tikes playhouse before

haunted little tykes playhouse makeover

I could only find the Etsy page of the woman who made this haunted playhouse – called Saki Girl – so I don’t know if it was for an actual kid to play with, or just some super rad yard decoration, but either way, I give it two skeletal thumbs up.

One thing I love about these types of projects is how much detail you can draw out with just paint. The lanterns and embellishments on the door and planters were all but invisible on the original, but they became prominent features with just a little contrasting color. Same with Kelli’s haunted church, she brought out so much more texture than what was there before, especially in the brick and roof. It’s funny that manufacturers go to the trouble to include all these great little details, then camouflage them with generic paint and colors.  It’s like they WANT us to repaint everything.



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Thrifty Halloween DIYs (1)

Hey gang! Since Halloween is one of my favorite holidays, I thought we could celebrate the season with a whole week of spooktacular (and affordable!) makeovers, starting today!


I love pulling out and adding to my decorations every year, and some of my very favorite items are the humble little thrift-store knickknacks that I’ve spookified with a little love and paint. I don’t know why, I just find it so much more gratifying to make it myself rather than buying something mass-produced and found in every store. Plus, they cost like … hardly any dollars.  So you can really beef up your stash of scary stuff and save money and have fun doing it!

Do you agree? Are you with me? Thrifty Halloween-decor high-five?

Let’s go!

Today, it’s all about the pumpkin.  Get your hands on some orange paint and just about anything can become a pumpkin. Even salad bowls. Believe it.

pumpkin trinket box bowls copy


pumpkin trinket box after


Obviously those salad bowls were meant to be pumpkins all along, right? And that hanging hook is the perfect twisty pumpkin stem.  But that’s not all …


pumpkin trinket box

It’s a trinket box too! I mean, c’mon. What imagination. From Sarah at Sadie Seasongoods.


I don’t know what this next item is exactly … an industrial strength jello mold?

Vintage Pumpkin Tin Before

Vintage Pumpkin Tin

But once again, it was obviously born to be a pumpkin. This comes from Susan at Homeroad, who happens to be a thrifty pumpkin expert and has quite a collection of creations. I believe she calls them ‘Junky Punkys.’

Here’s another:

Grate Pumpkin Before

Grate PumpkinAnd here’s a whole patch!

Painted Pumpkins Before 1

Painted Pumpkins

See Susan’s grate pumpkin here, and the painted pumpkins here. (Is that an old spotlight I spy? Susan, you’re too much!)


Don’t want to paint? Too messy for you? Not enough time? Then you probably aren’t planning to carve a jack-o-lantern either. That’s messy and time consuming.  Don’t let that stop you. Just get a magnet sheet (like this), cut out some simple face shapes, slap it on something magnet-friendly …

Silver Tin Pumpkin, Bowl before


Silver Tin Pumpkin, Bowl, Watering Can

Boo! That’s like, a 10-second craft right there. You might get carried away and make jack-o-lanterns for every magnetic surface in your house. A watering can? A metal bowl? Put a face on it.

Pumpkin Watering Can before

 magnet jackolantern after

All from Pam at House of Hawthornes.


And this last one has been circulating the interwebs for a few years now, but it’s too great not to share.

TV Jack O'Lantern Before

TV Jack O'Lantern

From Amanda at Crafts by Amanda.  SO FUN!

You can find old televisions like this in almost any thrift-store.  My thrift-store can barely give them away, and usually has them priced at literally $1. But with orange spray paint, and some vinyl to make the face, (and as long as the TV works well enough to display static), you’ve got yourself the coolest Halloween decoration on the block.

Wouldn’t it be awesome to make a big display with a whole bunch of them, all different sizes? The only problem would be storing them till next year … no thanks. Hey, I know! Just give them away to trick-or-treaters! Everyone wins, and you save on candy!  Told you this was thrifty.

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Two Ways About It

Have you ever been reading a fashion magazine, and it will have a feature called something like “One Dress, Two Ways!” And they show the same dress styled in two drastically different ways, and both of the ways are like, ugh, who would even wear that?

Today’s makeovers are exactly like that except not like that at all. Because I think you will like them both! And they are actually pretty similar.

So get ready for “One Dresser, Two (similar) Ways!”

Brittany brought out the best in this beauty by refinishing the damaged drawer fronts and top. She used a walnut stain really enhance that quarter-sawn specialness. Vintage rose handles complete the sweet look, and you can see more at Sparrow Layne.


White and Wood Dresser with Rose Handles Before


White and Wood Dresser with Rose Handles

And Gilly also had herself a dinged up dresser that was thirsty for a little stripping, sanding, and love. And paint.

Herringbone Dresser Makeover before

herrinbone dresser makeover after

Herringbone paint! Doesn’t it look fantastic? And so precise too! I’m sure I would have given up one row in after trying to line up all those lines. But Gilly’s a champ and you can see more of her work at Colour Saturated Life.

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