Two Ways About It

Have you ever been reading a fashion magazine, and it will have a feature called something like “One Dress, Two Ways!” And they show the same dress styled in two drastically different ways, and both of the ways are like, ugh, who would even wear that?

Today’s makeovers are exactly like that except not like that at all. Because I think you will like them both! And they are actually pretty similar.

So get ready for “One Dresser, Two (similar) Ways!”

Brittany brought out the best in this beauty by refinishing the damaged drawer fronts and top. She used a walnut stain really enhance that quarter-sawn specialness. Vintage rose handles complete the sweet look, and you can see more at Sparrow Layne.


White and Wood Dresser with Rose Handles Before


White and Wood Dresser with Rose Handles

And Gilly also had herself a dinged up dresser that was thirsty for a little stripping, sanding, and love. And paint.

Herringbone Dresser Makeover before

herrinbone dresser makeover after

Herringbone paint! Doesn’t it look fantastic? And so precise too! I’m sure I would have given up one row in after trying to line up all those lines. But Gilly’s a champ and you can see more of her work at Colour Saturated Life.

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Step On It

Raise your hand if you prefer wood furniture pure and unpainted.

Raise your hand if you have no problem painting anything.

Now raise your hand if you hate stepping on Legos.

Ahhh, something we can all agree on!

Everybody knows that stepping on Legos is the worst, but Crystal at Fussy Monkey Business has developed a cure for for Steppedonanotherdamnlegoitis: this adorable play table.


Red Lego Table Before

Red Lego Table

Truthfully, your kids will probably still leave Legos on the floor, but at least you can have somewhere cute to throw them as you hop around howling and swearing!


 State Your Love EventYoohoo, big summer blowout!    Shop Eleventh Avenue’s summer sale now!   (affiliate link)

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Mystery Thrift-Off, round three!

Get your excitedface on, it’s time for round three of the Mystery Thrift-Off! I’m having so much fun! Are you having fun too?

This is the last round of projects before we vote tomorrow.  Did you see round one or round two? Get your buns over there and check them out if you didn’t! Like Steven Tyler, you don’t want to miss a thing.


Today’s first mystery item was the most expensive item in the contest, costing a whole $18.  But when I saw that lovely face …

… I nearly peed myself. Creepy creeper creeping hard. It’s like a mummy, only the mummy’s face is somehow on the outside of the bandages, and the bandages are actually potato peels.

I couldn’t get it out of my house fast enough. I sent it onward to Kelley at Life & Art with Glamma Fabulous. I knew she could make some headway. Heh. Heh. Headway.


before head sculpture





What I didn’t think was that she’d create something out of this mummy bust that I’d actually want to put in my house!  I really would. It’s so darn funky and quirky. All it needed was a head of fabulous flowing flower hair. Kelley somehow managed to cut the top of the head off to fit the flowers in, and did you notice the necklace? She’s a classy gal.


Next up, this clock from Jenna at Jenna I wish you could touch it. It had this spongy cork layer that was certifiably disgusting and was missing a hand. Was a treasure lurking underneath?

before clock


clock tray makeover


clock makeover

Oh yeah. After a couple false starts, (one included a spitball dartboard game) she ended up with this an adorable weathered-wood tray.  I’m quickly learning that I’ll never need to buy a regular tray at a regular store again.


Eileen at Johnson 3 received one of the more ‘mundane’ items, this very babyish tissue holder.

before duckie tissue holder


snakeskin tissuebox closeup


snakeskin tissue box makeover

But it grew up fast when Elaine covered it in Chinese red SNAKESKIN! Check out that entire table underneath it too! Elaine is a custom furniture artisan and commonly works with exotic skins and textiles, and most likely never ever works with tissue boxes festooned with duckies. Fantastic.


And very last but not least, we have Erin at Purdue Avenue.  I was stunned to discover that Erin lives only a few miles away from me! That was lucky for me, not only so I can worm my way into her life and make her my friend and have her bake me up some of her delicious looking recipes, but also because I was so worried that her mystery item wouldn’t survive a trip trough the mail.

So, I hand-delivered her this gorgeous beast:

before german shepard


beyoutiful mirror makeover


beYOUtiful mirror

Even though her first light-hearted attempt included giving the German Shepard a fabulous mustache, we both knew that he wouldn’t be sticking around for long. She scraped him away and added some girly details and the inspiring ‘Be YOU tiful’ lettering that she made with her cutting machine.

She also included a tutorial and a printable on her blog so you can make one of your own!  You could make this on almost any surface, but bonus points for starting with a German Shepard mirror.


Remember to check out round one or round two if you haven’t already! Voting for your favorites begins tomorrow!!

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Dream Team, Take 2

Sorry I don’t have a before and after to share today, but I have something even better: the sequel to THE COOLEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO ME.

If you haven’t read part one,  it basically involves me cyber-stalking my favorite band until they agreed to come and play a concert for me at my house. That band is called TEAM, and that concert happened in my backyard in November of 2014.

Well, they just so happened to be passing through this part of the country again, and apparently I didn’t scare them off too badly the first time, because they agreed to come and play another private acoustic set for me and my friends. Oh man, I just love this band so hard.



They are so talented and fun and funny. I could listen to their music all day. And I do! Please check them out and tell me you love them too. You can stream all their music for free on their website right here.


Caleb and Jared on guitar and Rico on … Pop Rocks?!  I didn’t have any maracas for him to play this time, so we improvised. Haha, he made it work.


They just left this morning to continue their tour with Cartel on the west coast, so check them out if they are stopping in your city! You won’t be disappointed.





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