Hi gang.

Remember me? Your friendly blogger friend who went on a ‘break’ and kinda actually had a mental breakdown and is back to talk about it but not really talk about it because feelings are overwhelmingly feeling-y and she’s dealing with a lot of them lately, are you cool with that?

“Um, with what exactly?” you are asking.

I don’t know. Where were we?

Haha, everything is fine!


Everything is not fine. 

I’m dealing with some life stuff. Stuff beyond broken vacuums and missing keys and naughty toddlers. It’s … really hard to be honest. I’m facing a lot of uncertainty in my life. And I deal with it by hiding in a little hole and not answering emails or texts or returning phone calls or speaking to like, any people, at all, ever.

But that’s dumb.

I don’t want to be like that. 

I want to come back to my happy place where I share cool stuff with you and we talk about furniture and makeovers and Justin Bieber, or whatever.

And this really is a happy place. I hope you think so too. I finally went through all the sweet emails and comments so many of you have left for me today and it really lifted my spirits. I should have done it sooner. So thank you. Thanks to each one of you for that, (especially Justin W. who always makes me laugh the most). It really, really, really, truly means a lot.

I’m going to be ok. I’m healthy and my kids are healthy and we are gathered here today to get through this thing called “life,” which yes, is a Prince lyric, fine.

If you’re currently having a hard time at this life business too, I’m here for you. It won’t last forever. And this tiny hedgehog is on our side too, so obviously everything will be ok.


I’m excited to get back into a routine again, I think that’s important. 

So I’ll see you soon gang.

I mean it this time.


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Hello gang! 

I haven’t forgotten that I have a blog, I promise. My computer is having a life crisis and I’ve been unable to do anything other than swear at it. Currently  blogging from my phone. 

Also my dishwasher is broken, my vacuum is broken, the ice maker in my freezer is broken (whyyyyyyy), my car’s check engine light is on, my terrorist toddler has lost the keys to the mailbox AND the garage door opener, and all of this is giving me a case of adult acne. 

What I’m saying is now is probably a good time for a break. So please enjoy your holidays! I will do the same, and we’ll meet up here again soon! 

PS: if you see Santa, tell him I need a new Mac. Or if he knows where the garage door opener is, that would be fine too. 

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Ya down with OCD?

True or false? It’s not what’s on the outside, it’s what’s on the inside that counts.

Pssh. Duh. FALSE. If it were true, there would be no such thing as Home-Owner’s Associations, that show Curb Appeal, or people who design book covers for a living. We’re humans. We tend to notice the outside of things because … well, that’s just what we see first.

Brienna was not in love with the outside of her home or the first-impression it gave. It was little sad, a little dreary, and off-centered enough to drive her batty. Seriously, who designs a house with three windows on one side and four on the other? I’m twitching.




My OCD and I can relax now, however, thanks to Brienna’s handiwork. She brightened up the entire exterior and restored balance to the universe by removing that fourth window and adding a porch-sized portico. Perfect!

New landscaping, a pretty mint-colored door, windowboxes and a new brick walkway complete the look

See more on her site Brienna Wagner.


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Getting stoned

Hiiiiiii gang!

Remember me? It’s been a long time. Ok, like two weeks, but that’s a long time for me to disappear. So sorry to do that and leave you hanging. I’ve received lots of sweet emails and messages asking where the heck I am and if I’m OK, and what’s the deal. Thanks so much for taking the time to check on me.

Here’s the deal. I got my first ever kidney stone. HOLY SHARK BUTTS, it’s literally the worst thing I’ve ever done. Zero out of five stars – do not recommend. If you’ve ever had one, you’re likely nodding your head in agreement and shedding a tear of solidarity.  I don’t have a worst enemy, but I wish I did so I could NOT wish this on them. I’d rather be in labor. Truthfully. #1 – It’s shorter, and #2 – free baby for finishing.

It’s been an extra fun ride. My body responded like the champ that it’s not: becoming fully incapable of functioning and inviting a bunch of infections over to party in my organs. So I’ve been down for a while.

But I finally got in to the doctor, and got some medication, and look at me, I’m sitting upright and typing again and thoughts are kind of flowing out of my brain sort of, so I think I might just make it after all.

Anyway, just wanted to give you a heads up! Thanks again so much for all your kindness and concern. We will return to your regularly scheduled blog … eh … when I feel like it. But probably soon.

Your friend and kidney stone survivor (so far),



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