Safety in Numbers

Where would we be without numbers? How would you know what button to press on an elevator? Or how many servings are in a pint of ice cream? What would you say to dial in case of an emergency? Bottom right button, top left button, top left button? Don’t be crazy.

No, numbers are our hardworking friends. You should put them on your furniture to say thank you.

Here’s one fine example from Terry at The Curator’s Collection.

numbered furniture numbered desk

White Numbered Desk

Before, a dated desk. Plain and unattractive. But after a fresh coat of paint and a set of numbers on the drawers, WATCH OUT. This desk is cute and it knows it.


Larissa could have done a number of different things to her old dresser … but after crunching the numbers … she figured the number one option was …

Vintage Dresser with Numbers Before


Vintage Dresser with Numbers

Numbers! Did you see that coming? Say no.

Such a great change! Not only are the numbers a great touch, but I’m loving how the paint color picks up the same tones as the new metal handles. It makes for a very cohesive, intentional look. Nicely done Larissa.

See more on her blog Prodigal Pieces.

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Give it a Rast

I’m a huge fan of projects that aren’t too time consuming. I just don’t have the attention span. I live in 2016 and I expect instant gratification. Is that so wrong? Don’t answer that. Not because I don’t want to hear it, but because I’m already bored of this conversation and I have Pokemon to catch.

So here’s a quick Rast hack for your eyeballs to enjoy. I always love a good Rast makeover, and this one I especially love because it can be done in a matter of minutes. Many, many minutes probably, but still … minutes.


Ikea Rast Dresser White Stencil Before

Ikea Rast Dresser White Stencil

Shonee at Hawthorne and Main is the mastermind behind this makeover, don’t you love it?

I love how she left the wood raw on the drawers, which not only saves time, but compliments the tribal nature of the stencil and lets the grain become part of the design. Adding feet to the base also made a big difference. Even a few inches of height really goes a long way to elevate a look, ask any woman in high heels.

I’m pretty confident you could recreate this look in an afternoon, as long as you don’t have to drive to Ikea and buy a Rast and then go home and assemble it first. If that’s the case, plan for at least several weeks to a year.

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Vintage and Vibrance

If you have a solid piece of vintage furniture, hang on to it with your grubby little hands for as long as you can. They just don’t build furniture to last like that anymore. Well, they probably do somewhere, but you aren’t going to find it for $100 on Craigslist. Or for free in your Grandma’s basement.

Vintage is where it’s at. But don’t think that just because it’s old it’s too sacred to personalize. Say it with me: It’s just furniture!

Rachel’s dresser has been on a journey, beginning with the virginal vintage finish you see here:

mcm vintage dresser makeover for nursery

Then she had a daughter, and customized it with a pink ombre paint job for her nursery.

vintage dresser makeover for baby girlSo sweet.

Then she had a son, and that old dresser birthed a new look too:

vintage dresser makeover after

She simply sanded down the drawer fronts and stained them and added ring pulls. Such an easy change! It fits perfectly into the rustic nursery she designed for her little guy.

Little Boy Blue Nursery Before

Little Boy Blue Nursery

Out went the heavy brown paint in favor of a rich navy blue, with a few woodsy touches finish the look. Funny how the navy is also a deep, heavy color but manages to bring so much more life into the room than the brown. There’s a lesson here in vibrance, but we’ll talk about that another day.

See more of this nursery and the vintage dresser makeover on Rachel’s blog Two Wongs Make a Right.


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What’s serp?

If you are in the mood for a serpentine dresser makeover, then today’s your lucky day!

If you don’t know what a serpentine dresser is, that’s OK. Don’t tell, but I actually didn’t know either until yesterday, and I’ve been talking about dressers every other day for the last seventy-five years.

In fact, when I received the email titled ‘serpentine dresser makeover’ I thought it referred to this paint technique…

Serpentine Dresser Before


Serpentine Dresser

What a cool ‘serpentine’ paint technique, right? It … uh … entails the use of sandpaper and … turpentine? That’s obviously how Beck obviously achieved that perfect weathered patina, obviously. Oh, what’s that? The term ‘serpentine’ actually refers to the wavy surface of the drawers, and their appearance of undulating like a snake? Yes, yes, I totally knew that.

I’ll let myself out.

Go visit Beck, a blogger who actually knows stuff about things, over at at Beckwith’s Treasures.

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