Take me a-side.

Whew! Have you recovered from all the festivities lately? I’m talking about National Left-Handers Day (Aug 13) and National Thrift-Store Day (Aug 17), and National Mail Order Catalog Day (Aug 18th), of course.  ParTAYYYY, am I right? It’s like August was made just for me.

But today we are talking about side tables, and I’m sorry to say that there is no National Side Table day.  Sad trombone. (There is a National Buffet Day on Jan 2, although that is probably less about furniture and more about all-you-can-eat-good-times).

But anyhow, I say we celebrate side tables here anyway, starting with this one from the Infamous Janet, whom you’ll remember as a big winner in the Mystery Thrift Off.  Check out how she worked her creative magic on this ’80s garage sale table.  She asks “When doesn’t navy, white and gold improve something?”


Blue, White, and Gold Side Table Before

Blue, White, and Gold Side Table

Answer: never.


Next, I used to have this same little plain-Jane table, and I thought the only fix for it was draping it in a floor-length grandmotherly-style tablecloth. (I really did. I had two and they flanked my bed for yeeeeaaaarrrrss.  They were beige tablecloths and I topped them with office style desk lamps, like you might find in a college dorm. I wish I had pictures, but the whole scene was really just too exciting for your eyeballs to handle. You’ll just have to imagine it, for your own safety).

Emily gave her side table a big boost of personality with some asymmetrical stripes, and it can totally stand on its own, no tablecloth necessary!  Please someone go back in time and teach this to my 2003 self.

Aqua, White, and Gray Side Table Before


Aqua, White, and Gray Side Table

See this and more at Our House, Now a Home.

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We need more CORBEL!

Does your furniture need a reeeeeMIX? <– (I was trying to type that in my best old school DJ voice, please imagine it thusly). Kayla’s dining room set did.

But first of all, can we talk about how she found this sweet set at Goodwill for $40?!  You can’t even buy a decent chair for that price at anywhere.

So with nothing much to lose besides a pair of Jacksons, she decided “What the heck, I’ll paint it blue and see how it ends up.”

Bluish Kitchen Table with Wood Top Before

Bluish Kitchen Table with Wood Top

Surprise! (Not really!) It ended up looking fabulous! After some distressing, wax and stain, and comfy new fabric on the seat cushions, her $40 investment paid off big. See more at Furniture Remix.


And here comes another sweet little table makeover your way. “Hmm,” you may be thinking. “That’s a pretty basic table design. I bet it got some new paint or whatever.”

Well guess what smarty pants? You’re right. It did get a new paint job. Buuuuut there’s more than that …

Aqua Cable Table Before


Aqua Cable Table Makeover After

Corbels! C’mon, that was a little unexpected, right? What a great idea for adding some flair under there. Perfect if you’ve always wanted to use corbels but never knew quite where to stick them.

Also: CorBELS? Or CORbels? Please advise.

See more at Curbside Curio.

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Just Do It

I currently have a bookcase in my garage that is very similar to these before tables.  Jacinda found these tables for a steal online. I paid $2 for my bookshelf at a yardsale.

Her tables needed to be stripped. My bookcase needed to be stripped.  She buckled down and powered through SIX DAYS of stripping and staining.  I spent approximately one horrible hour stripping, then made a sandwich.

She finished her tables and is enjoying their fabulous new look in her living room. My bookshelf has sat in my garage for over three years.  I’ve moved with the dumb half-stripped thing two different times!

But, if Jacinda can do it on three tables with curved legs and carved details in less than a week, by George, I can do it to my little bookcase too.  For reals. I’m going to do it. Seriously. Hold me to it, you guys.

White and Stained Top Coffee Tables Before


White and Stained Top Coffee Tables

See more on her blog Northern Nester.

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No strain to stain!

Do you have trouble with commitment? I do.  I love so many things that it’s hard to pick just one, for instance, in décor. I think that’s why it’s been difficult for me to get my home anywhere near to where I want it, because as soon as I choose a style or direction I think I like, I immediately second guess it and want something else.

Is there a professional decision maker I could hire? Not just for décor, but in everyday life? That would make my life 1000 times easier.  Or at least ordering in restaurants 1000 times easier.

But sometimes you CAN have it all! For instance, you don’t need to commit to one color of stain, you can try them all, and they can look glorious together! Check out these dressers from Sarah at Funcycled for  proof:

MCM Wood Stained Dresser Makeover


MCM Wood Stained Dresser Makeover


So dynamic! And still harmonious.  That Sarah knows what she’s doing.

For further proof, see her ombre stained example below:


White Ombre Stained Dresser Makeover

White Ombre Stained Dresser Makeover

Doesn’t it look great with the gold hardware? I’ll say. You can also see more of this beauty right here at FunCycled.

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