Knock it out of the park!

Dated design, worn out wood, and numberless knobs. Three strikes and this dresser was out.

But Sarah couldn’t retire it to the dugout just yet.  She had a curve-ball up her sleeve, a change-up that could make this dresser score big.

Would it work?

Here’s the wind-up …

and the pitch …
dresser makeover mcm before|

baseball themed dresser makeover |

Boom! A grand slam home run of rad!

*thunderous applause*

*triumphant marching band music*

*confetti cannons*


Good eye Sarah! See more at FunCycled.

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If it’s any consolation …

Now that TVs are all flat and slim and sexy and easily mounted on the wall, you may think there is no need for a traditional entertainment center. You are both right and wrong. True, you may no longer need a hulking armoire to house your 300 lb. TV. But you probably still need a place to stash all your remotes and DVDs and consoles and gaming equipment and whathaveyou.

Or, in my case, you would never in one million years allow your husband to mount a TV to the wall himself, not after the Garage Shelf Tragedy of 2009 wherein half of your Christmas ornaments were destroyed and your car got dented, but that’s a story for another day.

Hush now, let us console ourselves with these consoles. (See what I did there? I’m sure you did).

Heather at Bake Create Love saved this electric orange dresser from itself with a walnut stain and it now serves proudly and beautifully under the TV. (I love that she’s watching Saved By The Bell. PS: Did you watch “The Unauthorized Story of Saved By The Bell” on Lifetime? Should I be ashamed to admit that I did? What did you think? Mostly I just felt sorry for poor little Screech).


mcm dresser makeover into media stand before |


stained mcm dresser makeover into media stand  |


Annnnnnyway, this next console actually began life as a sophisticated stereo system, decades ago.  However, it was most recently suffering in the garage as a workbench with a drillpress screwed to the top! Oh honey no.

Jen rescued it with a lot of love and tenderness and now it’s back inside where it can do the job it was intended to do in the first place. See more at All Things New.

vintage stereo makeover |

vintage stereo makeover into media console |

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From Howdy to Bonjour!

(Please enjoy this Better After Flashback from 2011. Happy Saturday!)

Have you ever heard someone say “I love EVERY type of music! Well, except country and rap.” I’m almost inclined to agree, but I actually like quite a bit of rap. Country … is … not really my thing. Sorry. Same with design. I love EVERYTHING, I really do. Modern, transitional, industrial, minimalist, bohemian, you name it. Except country and rap. (If you don’t think “rap” is a design style, you haven’t watched a lot of MTV Cribs. Usually involves at least one framed Scarface poster).

So I would probably have avoided this very hunter-green, country-fied sofa table, but once again, white paint saves the day. It looks so elegant and very French-country, which is worlds away from regular ol’ country. I can’t speak for French-country music though.

From the fantastic Alicia at Thrifty and Chic.

hunter green table with knobs before makeover |
white sofa table makeover |

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In The Pink

Hey hey, pink stuff yay!

I’m not a poet, and I know it. You don’t have to tell me.

But if you like pink, then rub your hands together with glee, because I’ve got some pink makeovers for you today.  And if you don’t, well you probably know someone who does.  And if you don’t, you’re either lying to me, or you don’t have any friends. And if you don’t, I’ll be your friend.  And I like pink.  So here we are.

Kimberly was living in a two bedroom home and pregnant with her third child.  Needing another room, she converted this narrow space into her three-year-old daughter’s bedroom, fulfilling a life-long dream to decorate something pink pink pink girly explosion! So fun.

But don’t you worry, this is only a temporary arrangement until they move to a larger home. You can see more of her super fun style right here at MissFurnellie.


bedroom closet makeover before


Pink - Closet turned Bedroom - Makeover |


I bet you’ll never guess what Better After reader Sara did with this playhouse.  You’re right. She painted it pink! How did you know?

She received it free from a neighbor and fixed it up for her girls. Um, my neighbors never give me anything this cool.  All I get from my neighbors are notes asking me to please remember to close my bathroom blinds at night.  (Haha, I’m kidding.  They ask me to keep them open).

(Just kidding again). (Sorry in advance for your nightmares).

pink playhouse before


Pink - Playhouse - Makeover |


I love the sweet little treatment Jen gave to this yard-sale dresser. She had learned that it was at least 50 years old and didn’t want to sand it for fear of lead-based paint. Also it was the color of depressed urine. No thanks! Primer, paint, and a little hand-painted work on the drawer details, and it looks better than new.

Check out all of her tips and helpful product recommendations for doing the same on her blog All Four Love.


cream dresser before


Pink - White - Dresser - Makeover |

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