Give a hoot, don’t reboot.

I heard a rumor that there is going to be a ‘reboot’ of The Labyrinth.  Uh, esqueeze me? Nobody asked my permission for this to happen, because I would have said “No.” And also “Don’t be stupid.” C’mon Hollywood, is there really anyone on earth who can play a better Goblin King than David Bowie?? Is there? There is not. Travesty. Some things just can’t be improved upon.

However, I am a little excited for Grease: Live because A: I like Julianne Hough and B: it can’t get any worse than the original. YEAH I SAID IT.

Which just goes to show that some things CAN be improved on.

Like this credenza! Left alone it was a fine mid century modern piece, if not starting to show its age.

mid century modern dresser makeover - before


High Gloss mid century modern dresser makeover

So Reeves at The Weathered Door just breathed a little new life into it without compromising its inherent style.


High gloss mid century modern dresser with geometric drawers

And look inside! What a great detail. She used high gloss white paint around the frame and deepened the drawer color with a gel stain. They look spectacular next to each other.

Now THAT’S a reboot.

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Zinc about it.

Is there a school closing near you? If so, hooray! Consider yourself lucky! (Unless your kid went to that school … in which case … bummer). BUT! Perhaps the school is selling off some furniture. Hustle your buns over there and see what you can nab. Old school furniture is super sturdy and can make a great industrial-style addition to your home.

The always amazing Michelle at 4 Men 1 Lady recently acquired this science classroom table.  You’ll never guess what she paid. I’ll tell you. Four bucks! Sure, she had to sand off a few anatomy ‘lessons’ that had been ‘artfully’ engraved on the top by previous students, but that’s a small price to pay for such a small price to pay.

zinc lookalike table makeover - before

school science table makeover

She transformed it with chalk paint which was the perfect choice because it requires no sanding nor priming (unless of course, your furniture is engraved with obscenities, you’re going to want to sand away those), but once Michelle had smoothed it out, the paint went on like buttah.  She finished it off with a clear coat of wax, and everything was perfect.


A short time later, she changed her mind about the white tabletop. No, YOU shut up! I thought it looked great too! But she decided it needed to be a bit more indestructible. Michelle knows a thing or two about living in a house full of boys.

zinc lookalike table - after

So she had a piece of galvanized metal professionally welded over the top instead, then treated it with an antiquing solution to resemble aged zinc. It looks 100% authentic, I’d say, and definitely able to withstand whatever punishment three young boys can dish out. Check out her post how to make galvanized steel look like zinc to get all the details.

Which one is your favorite??

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Diva Ikea

Everybody knows IKEA is a great place to shop for inexpensive home furnishings and meatballs, but do you ever think GLAM when you think IKEA? You should. You should yell “GLAM! IKEA!” whenever you walk through their doors and do a little shuffle-ball-change-karate-kick with jazz hands.  I did that the last time I walked in, and the employee at the door said I’d find the GLAMIKEA by the curtain rods. I think she missed my point.

But you feel me, don’t you? IKEA has a lot to offer if you look beyond the basic assemble-it-yourself offerings and jump in there with your own flair.  Like the ubiquitous RAST dresser.  I’ve seen so many RAST hacks, I’m convinced there’s nothing you can’t do to one of these. Cover it in snakeskin, turn it into a hot-dog cart, or add antiqued mirrors like Sara at Sincerely Sara D did. Wise choice.

Mirrored Ikea Rast Dresser Before Mirrored Ikea Rast Dresser

Does this look like a $39.99 dresser? No it does not!


And while there are plenty of TV console choices at IKEA, Sabrina designed one herself using a set of their kitchen cabinets instead. These specific cabinets are the 35x15x20″ size, aka the cabinets that go above the fridge.

sektion hack - before


sektion hack tv console makeover - after

She and her husband wrapped the cabinets in fiberboard, hung pre-finished doors and built the legs themselves out of pine. But my favorite touch, of course, are the brass pulls hung vertically! Say it with me now, “SO GLAM!”

Get the how-to over on her blog Pink Little Notebook.

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One Nightstand … Or seven.

Hay girl. I am up late. Or really really early, depending on how you look at it.  I will try to be coherent. I probably wont try THAT hard. You know what? Whenever I type the word “wont” I always think I need to add an apostrophe, like this: won’t. Is that wrong? Spellcheck is not telling me either way.  Hang on, let me go ask Uncle Google.

*type typey type, googley google goo*

OH MY GOSH YOU GUYS, I’m back, and I just found out that I’ve been doing it wrong my whole life.  It DOES have an apostrophe. Why didn’t you tell me? You know how I feel about grammar! I thought we were friends.

Hmph. Now I’m not even going to show you today’s makeovers.  They were nightstands and you probably would have liked them. So there.

Ok, fine, I’ll show you. I can’t stay mad at you.


Black and White Nightstand Before

Black and White Nightstand

This nightstand was basically two boxes on top of each other, but now it is more, so much more! It has a new top and a door, some sweet hinges, and a black and white color scheme, which you can’t ever go wrong with.

From Bliss at Bliss Ranch.


Aqua and Wood Nightstands Before

Aqua and Wood Nightstands

You also can’t ever go wrong by refinishing wood to uncover the natural beauty that likely lurks beneath a faded and scratched surface. But if the thought of reviving an entire dresser gives you the sweats, you can always refinish the top and paint the rest like Beck did here. You get the best of both worlds: pretty wood grain and your sanity!

See it at Beckwith’s Treasures.


Of course, there’s no shame at all in painting the whole darn thing. I do love a natural wood piece, but I also think this particular style below just looks better painted. It takes itself much less seriously that way.

Gray French Nightstands Before

Gray French Nightstands

The after nightstands just seem so much more laid back and easy breezy than the befores. Right? Am I making sense? Do I need to go to bed? Yes and maybe and yes.

From Misty at The Cedar Shake Cape.


Last one from Jen at Girl In The Garage, who went to a ton of work to turn these hunks-o-junk into a Pottery-Barn-inspired pair. First she had to fix some major gouging in addition to removing the hardware and filling the holes they left behind too.  Then she created entirely new hardware herself out of … can you guess?

pottery barn inspired trunk nightstand before


pottery barn inspired trunk nightstands after

And old leather belt! Pretty smart. She lined the surface with linen fabric and added trim all around for that trunk-style she was after. I’d say she nailed it. Literally. She used nailheads to complete the look.  Actually, they are not really nailheads but upholstery tacks, so I guess … she tackled it?  In any case, they look even better than the Pottery Barn version and cost about $1000 less! Awesome job Jen!

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