Nursery Schooled

Now that I have four kids, there are a lot of things I wish I could go back and tell myself when we had our first child.

One of them is: don’t waste any time or money on a diaper genie. Gross. A diaper genie, if you don’t know, is a little apparatus for disposing of dirty diapers. Only you don’t really dispose of them until it gets full and you have like 40 diapers sealed and stuffed inside. I dutifully used the diaper genie all throughout my firstborn child’s diaperhood and then finally wised up to how nasty the whole thing was.

Another one is: don’t waste money on a beautiful crib set. Blanket, sheets, crib bumper, skirt, the whole bit. I understand the appeal. There are so many super cute sets out there, and you want your baby’s crib to be 100% adorable. Here’s the thing. Your baby will DESTROY it. He will poop, peep, barf, drool, stomp, jump, and chew on it. By the time your kid is 10 months old, it will look like you’ve been keeping a billy goat in there.

Another thing I’d like to tell my new-mom self it this: “Look hun. Just because you are young and broke doesn’t mean you and your baby have to settle for particle-board furniture you found in the clearance aisle of a going-out-of-business K-mart. Head on down to the thrift-store, pick up some solid wood furniture, and PAINT IT!”


But Tara was already hip to this fact that I wish I knew 13 years ago. She saved big on her nursery furniture by using this old set that her husband still had from his childhood. It didn’t quite fit into her ‘white, gray, and pink’ motif, but …

White Nursery Furniture Before


White Nursery Furniture

… that’s what paint is for! Stylish, sweet and sentimental, and perfect for a new baby girl.  See it at Spot of Tea Designs.


Do you have any advice you’d love to go back and give yourself? Tell me tell me!

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I’m no cheetah, I ain’t lion.

They say that cheetahs never change their spots, but that’s not true for chairs. Chairs can change at anytime. You could change up a chair tomorrow.  Or today!

Jan at Chairished Furnishings changed her chair to cheetah. Whoa. That just went full circle.

Cheetah Cane Chair


Cheetah Cane Chair Before

I picture this belonging to a fabulous woman, sitting inside her huge and fabulous closet and there is also a black lacquered mirror and a gold chandelier in there and everyone O.D.’s on fabulousness. Right?

Now, you might be tempted to think that this little table makeover by Lucy at Patina Paradise is also cheetah print, but nope it’s not.  I’m not lion. (HA! Sorry).

Faux Leopard Table Before


Faux Leopard Table

According to Lucy, it’s actually leopard.  I wonder what the main difference is between cheetah and leopard. Hang on, let me Google.

Ok, I’m back. This is what it says: “The leopard’s spots are called rosettes, they are more of a cluster of black spots with a dark brown spot in the middle. The cheetah’s spots are a solid black dot.”

Wait a minute. That means that everything I told you before that was a lie. The chair is leopard and the table is cheetah! Whew. Thanks for setting the record straight, Google.

#themoreyouknow #shootingstaremoji

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No Cares Given

People often confide in me that they would love to redo their furniture, but they feel too guilty because it was given to them by their in-laws, or it was passed down from their grandmother or something along those lines.  My typical response is “Who cares!?” (This is why I would be a terrible therapist.)

Who cares if your in-laws have ‘opinions’ or your grandmother’s item was ‘valuable?’ That shouldn’t be the deciding factor on what goes and stays in your home. An item is only as valuable as its value to you. Put that on a t-shirt and wear it to your family reunion.

But seriously, I know it can be tricky to navigate that type of situation.  All of this could be easily avoided if your family members would stop being so generous and just gave you terribly run-down and rickety old furniture that desperately needed a makeover anyway.  That’s what Susan started with when she was asked to redo this heirloom dresser for a client. The before picture doesn’t show the half of the damage that this thing had suffered.  But now …

Wood and Coastal Blue Chest Before


Wood and Coastal Blue Chest

Stunning. Gorgeous. That wood grain, the gold hardware, ugh! I can’t take it, it’s so lovely. She’d better watch out, Grandma’s going to want this back.

See the whole story on her blog Saw Nail and Paint.

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Captains of Industrial

Sometimes you guys send me makeovers that I love so much, I immediately hop over to craigslist to see if I can find myself the same thing to makeover too.  I am usually unsuccessful and then I start looking at the ‘free’ section, and then next thing I know an hour has gone by and I haven’t done anything productive at all. So thanks for nothing, craigslist.

Anyway, in this case the search I was after was “library cart” because I LOVE how this one from Naomi and Sage at Plaster & Disaster turned out. I didn’t find one, so please join me as I stare lustfully at theirs instead.

White Library Cart Before
White Library Cart

Simple white, a little gold detail on the casters, but did you notice the best part?

library cart shelf

Since the shelves are angled down, they built little wedge shelves to make an even surface for displaying non-book items! Those gals are SMART.  Check out their blog for the whole how-to.


And Angie streamlined her little industrial cart with a unifying coat of spray paint in Soft Iron.  Because there’s a difference between looking industrial and looking like you stole it from your high school’s AV equipment closet.

Industrial Cart Before
Industrial Cart

The magic here is all in her styling, so be sure to check out her blog at Postcards from the Ridge for all the details.


And keeping the industrial train a-rolling, check out this little cabinet from Lucy. Does it look industrial to you at all? Even a little bit? No?

Industrial Faux Metal Nightstand Before


Industrial Faux Metal Nightstand

How about now? Yep, that’s the SAME cabinet, and all she added was paint and nailheads! It looks so genuinely metal, even rusting around the edges. Well done Lucy!

See it at Patina Paradise.

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