Forget 50 Shades

Do not adjust your monitor. You ARE seeing everything in black and white.

Ok, not yet. But when you scroll down …


Black and White Dressers Before


Black and White Dresser Makeover |


Bam! Now you are! I love this dresser from Redoux Interiors. I really just love anything black and white. Ninety-five percent of my wardrobe is black and white. Some of the best things in life are black and white. Pandas. Penguins. Zebras. Ok, those examples are only animals, but I think we can agree that they are some of the best animals.  No one goes to the zoo to see the prairie dogs, amIright?


Other cool black and white things: old movies, Oreos, tuxedos,

Black and White Curio Makeover Before

Black and White Curio Makeover |

… and this fabulous hutch from Kellee at The Charmed Workshop.  Almost as cool as an Oreo tuxedo. (Please someone make that exist in real life).


How about a black and white photo of Ryan Gosling in a tuxedo?

Just proving my theory.


Reeves at The Weathered Door also agrees that the best things in life are black and white, which is what inspired her to painted this dresser black with white knobs.

Black Dresser with White Knobs Before


Black Dresser with White Knobs |

I don’t know if that’s really true, but we’ll say it is. I love and need those knobs in my life.


Very old  and haggard things often look better in black and white  – for instance, my selfies — and also this sun-faded dresser from Sarah at FunCycled.

FunCycled Black Dresser Before


FunCycled Black Dresser | betterafter.netShe looks half her age!


Jen was asked to give this desk a black and white ‘French feel’ for a client’s daughter, and she delivered with decoupage.


Black and White Decoupaged Desk Before


Black and White Decoupaged Desk |

Check out Girl in the Garage for a step-by-step tutorial just in case you need more black and white in your world.


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Coral n’ Cowboys

Coral is such a pretty shade. I would describe it as kind of an orangey pink, which is funny because actual coral, like from the bottom of the ocean, comes in trabillions of colors. That would be like taking a particular shade of yellow and naming it “Rainbow.” I have a piece of coral from the Bahamas. It’s black and looks like a dead weed. I don’t know where I’m going with this other than to say, hey look! Here are some coral-colored makeovers for you today!

Up first is this dresser from Stephanie, which she painted … you guessed it … coral. Coral coral, not dead weed colored coral. I love the simple new pulls, gold and coral together are always a sure bet!

Coral Dresser Before


Coral Dresser Makeover |

See it at The Styled Soul.

And speaking of gold, if you need a place to easily store yours, why not use this wild-wild-west-themed shelf? I sense your stares of dubiousness, but scroll onward and you will see how Kelly sent the  cowboys riding off into the sunset by flipping it upside down and covering the mirror with fabric and chicken wire. She added paint and mini tart-pans, and faster than you can say ‘get along little doggies,’ it’s a jewelry storage system! Yeehaw!

Coral Jewelry Holder Before


Coral Jewelry Hanger Makeover | See more at E3ONE.

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From Coffee to Consoles

(Sorry if you’ve seen this post before, but I seem to have inadvertently deleted it from the universe. Trying again!)

I hope you had a lovely Mother’s Day and got spoiled rotten! Mine was nice, my daughter gave me approximately 600 cards and pictures and coloring book pages and post-it notes, my 9-year-old son gave me chocolates, and my 13-year-old son gave me a 3-pack of disposable razors. Yeaaaaaikes. I’d better get on the ball and teach that one a few things, or someday he’s going to be the husband who buys the 3-pack of disposable razors for his kid to give his wife on Mother’s Day.

But does it really matter if you got razors for Mother’s Day? Does it matter if your diner was frozen pizza? Does it matter if you are an ugly old coffee table? (stay with me here). Of course not. You just gotta remember what you DO have. I have four happy, healthy kids and that’s more than I deserve. And this coffee table had four attractive little legs and a solid top and bottom, and that was more than enough to …



red entertainment center from a coffee table

… turn it into an entertainment console of awesomeness! *sniff* It seems like just yesterday Natasha was bringing it home from the thrift store, and now it’s all grown up!

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Super Side Table Status

It’s Friday! Friday! Do you know what you gotta do on Friday? You gotta get down on Friday.

Let’s get down with a nice little mix of side tables. I have several different styles to show you today, so you are bound to love at least one of them. And if you don’t, what are you waiting for? Send me a makeover of your own!

First, this simple side table from Joy at Beautiful Protest. The before was secondhand Ikea, and couldn’t possibly be any less exciting. But the nice thing about those Ikea pieces is that they are solid pine, so Joy was able to sand down the drawer and stain it, which looks fantastic against the white. So chic!

White and Wood Nightstand Before

White and Wood Nightstand Makeover |


Stephanie managed to make this bargain table look anything but cheap with spray paint and the magical ingredient: gold leaf. Have you played around with gold leaf? It’s the best. I can’t seem to stop. I have gold leafed many items in my house that have no business being gold leafed.

I love the perfectly sized trays that she found for the top too, you’d never know these tables had such humble beginnings!

See more at The Styled Soul.


Gold Leaf Tray Table Before

gold leaf side table makeover


This sad and squatty cabinet had seen better days, and was sadly squatting its way the dump when Lisa stepped in and saved it.  All it needed was a little love, some happy colors, and a set of legs to elevate it to super-side-table status.  Ahh, it makes me smile.

See more from Lisa at Sweet Parsley Home.

Wine Bar Storage Before


Wine Bar Storage Makeover


Jen at All Things New painted this sweet little table pink with gold-dipped legs. I love the ‘dipped’ look, but some people don’t understand it.  Well, I never understood why Michael Jackson always wore high-water pants with white socks, until I asked my mom. She said “It’s so he can show off his feet when he’s dancing!” And then everything in the universe made sense.




Pink Side-Table with Gold Dip Before


Pink Side-Table with Gold Dip Makeover |


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