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You guys, spring break is seriously kicking my butt.  What’s that?  It’s not even spring break anymore? That was last week? Well then, I’ve spent this entire week just trying to recover from last week, and it’s kicking my butt in the face.

I blame the baby, a stage-five clinger who has recently upped his clinging game so hard, I think he might legitimately be trying to nuzzle his way back into the womb.  It’s cute. For the first ten hours of the day. Basically my baby is what’s kicking my butt. He’s 14 months old now, so not technically a ‘baby,’ but he’s not walking yet so he’s not really a toddler either. He weighs nearly 30 pounds, so my back and I are really ready for toddling to happen.  Maybe I’ll get a chance to relax on spring break!  What’s that?

Anyway, he’s loosened his grip long enough to take a nap, so maybe I can get something done around here, like straighten up the mountain of clutter currently overtaking my office. (Hilariously, there is a book on top of Mt. Clutter called “The Practical Encyclopedia of Feng Shui“).

Oh yes, and share a makeover or two. Or three.


Today we’re talking stain, the quickest and easiest way to refinish furniture. Ha! Of course it’s not. Staining furniture requires much work and preparation and sandpaper.  But it’s all worth it.  (Hmm, that’s pretty much the same thing everyone tells you when you’re in the checkout line at Target and your baby is clinging your face off so hard that he pulls out half your eyelashes, which actually happened to me yesterday, but it’s all worth it!)

Anyway. This desk was all worth it, and it’s from Faye at MacGIRLver.

Stained Desk Makeover Before

Stained Desk Makeover |


Beck used a little elbow grease to prepare this walnut table for stain, plus an acetone and lacquer thinner mixture, steel wool, a toothbrush, mineral spirits, and sandpaper. It’s all in the prep.  But you know what? It’s worth it.

See more at Beckwith’s Treasures.

Walnut Stained End Table Before

Walnut Stained End Table Makeover |

This highboy also needed a lot of work, but, you guessed it.  It was worth it! The gorgeous grain of the wood really shines through now, and is almost out-shined by the polished brass handles. Mmm.  I love me some polished brass, yes I do. Beautiful.

From Jan at Chairished Furnishing.

stained highboy makeover

stained highboy makeover after




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Top Tabletops

Are you bored with your tabletop?  Looking to do something outside the box? Need some inspiration? Enjoy answering hypothetical questions? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Does your style lean more toward rustic/traditional? If so, you’re sure to love this makeover by Deb at Lake Girl Paints who freshened up her classic table with a faux wood grain planked look.

Wood Grain Dining Table Before
Wood Grain Chairs Before

Dining Room Table Makeover |


Are you more of a quirky soul? Then how about this colorful geometric design that Sarah used to spice up her set? It looks like she replaced the tabletop entirely, but she actually sanded off the original stain and used a circular saw to trim the rounded edges. Much more modern! See it at Squirrel & Puffin.

Dining Table Before

colorful triangle painted tabletop


Does your style lean toward industrial? If you raised your hand, you’re sure to love this one. I call it … Concretia! (If you recognized that movie quote, then congratulations, you are the only other person on earth who has watched The Flintstones movie).

Aimee was unhappy with her mismatched dining set, but didn’t want to subject something new and fancy to daily abuse from her two-year-old twins.  So she decided to work with what she had, freshening it up with white paint and a super cool concrete top. Check out her blog The Crazy Craft Lady for a step-by-step!

Wood Table Before

Concrete Top Dining Table Makeover |


And finally, for you farmhouse types, here’s a stunning makeover from Jamie.  Everybody has seen these ubiquitous tile-top tables, but have you ever seen one with a custom herringbone design glued right over the top?  So lovely! The stain is the perfect shade of perfect. See more at Southern Revivals.

Tiled Dining Table Before

herringbone tiletop table

herringbone tabletop

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Coral of Angels

Many of you have had questions about me working with Lumber Liquidators since their big controversy hit.  I had plenty of questions myself. Don’t worry, I will be answering them as soon as I can. (I’m in Texas for spring break, in the most middle of nowhere town where the internet is still a shaky novelty). And don’t worry, there is a happy ending!  More details to come.

But today, let’s look at something pink and happy! My notes say these are coral, but this computer monitor c. 1995 is showing them as pink. You tell me.

Jen at All Things New redid this dresser into a baby changing table and the whole scene is as cute as a button.  Enjoy it while you can Jen, soon enough your baby will be tearing all of that apart, if your baby is anything like mine (an untrained monkey).

Brown Dresser Before

Coral Dresser Makeover |

Pink? Coral? I give it two thumbs up either way.


Bre always does such sharp work.  I love the contrast of white and coral(?) here in high gloss, and check out that new knob! (insert wolf whistle).  (I have a friend who always types out a wolf whistle like this: shwitt shwew! And it always gives me pause, like … “is that a swear word?”) Anyway.

See more at brepurposed.

Side Table Before


Coral Side Table Makeover |

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Blue Your Mind

If you’re feeling blue, cheer up. I’ve got some blue makeovers today that will turn that frown upside down. What better way to cure the blues than with MORE blue? It’s like fighting fire with fire.  (Where did that saying come from? Does that ever even work? Seems unlikely).

So here is some blue coming atcha, starting with Shanna’s plaster painted dresser. Formerly an overwrought disaster, it looks gorgeous glammed up in a light blue-green shade called Seaside

Just a little polish on the handles was all they needed to stand out and shine too.

See it at Restoration Redoux.

Blue Plaster Dresser Makeover |

Blue Plaster Dresser Makeover |


Sonni at Sophia Restoration treated her buffet to the classic combo of blue and silver. Blue-tiful! Sorry. Had to.

Blue Dresser Makeover with Silver|

Blue Dresser Makeover with Silver|


This next dresser was a Craigslist score, bought on the cheap from a college kid who was moving and needed to unload it fast. Despite being a solid vintage piece, the veneer was badly damaged, so Erin didn’t feel too guilty about painting it.

I wouldn’t feel bad either. There is burl veneer on there guys. BURL VENEER. It’s the stuff of nightmares. Up close it literally looks like the darkened souls of the deceased, their faces frozen in one last howl before being sucked into the underworld. Here, I googled it for you. Try not to wet your pants.

Blue Dresser Makeover with Gold |

Blue Dresser Makeover with Gold |


Ahhh! Much better! Erin also shined up the handles which are the stand-out stars of this piece, and you can see more on her blog DIY on the Cheap.


And finally, one from Christina who fears no wood, nor painting wood in bright saturated hues. That’s exactly what she did to this dresser.  I know some reader’s insides might seize up a little at the thought of painting over a piece like this, but you know what I always say: your furniture is supposed to make you happy, not the other way around!



And this is certainly happy, despite being so blue! Paint color is called Dignity Blue by Sherwin Williams, and you can read more from Christina at Phoenix Restoration.

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