Aqua Eyefuls

Here’s something you may not know about me: I have terrible, terrible eyesight. Without glasses or contacts I can’t read anything farther than six inches away. I can’t drive. I can’t see how grimy my shower probably is. But don’t feel bad, because I’m getting LASIK next week! *high five high five high five* I’m so excited. *happy dancing* I’ve waited for YEARS to do it. I’m going to be able to SEE!  ALL the time! *celebratory skipping* I can hardly wait.

But in the meantime I have to stop wearing my contacts and start wearing my glasses, which are about eight years old and tremendously unattractive.  I pretty much hate wearing my glasses, which I’m sure is leftover trauma from a childhood spent looking like this:


Yes, that is me underneath those enormous spectacles and protective helmet of bangs. Speaking of being eight-years-old and tremendously unattractive …

But enough about me.  Let’s talk about makeovers.

Even without windshield-sized glasses, it’s easy to see that this dresser was in need of some correcting too. Nice finish, but a little on the boring side. (At least no one could accuse me and my bolo tie of that!)  Debbie at Painted Therapy dressed it up with a blue so bold that it looks like she painted the drawer fronts too, but nope! That’s the original finish, which complemented the paint color perfectly.



And Better After reader Lexie gave mixing her own chalk paint a shot, and her results were glorious! This formerly dreary dresser is now a vision in aqua, silver and white.

wood dresser before


aqua silver white dresser makeover |

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Coffee Table Interventions

Coffee table makeovers are super fun and here’s why:

1. They are not hard to find.  I bet you could pick up a coffee table from a thriftstore today for like, nine dollars.

2. They are small, thus they are not overwhelming projects to tackle.  You could start and finish a coffee table makeover in the time it takes to watch a few episodes of Girlfriend Intervention.  (Please tell me I’m not the only one watching this show.  I don’t want to be alone in this place).

3. They are a perfect blank canvas to really get creative on, being you know, flat and all. Plus, if you don’t like how it turns out … see #1.

Asia certainly got creative with her coffee table makeover.  You wont even recognize it! It totally fits with her feminine and shabby chic style now. It’s like it was the star of an episode of Girlfriend Intervention! (No really, please watch it with me). See more at Under A Creative Spell.


red coffee table before.


ornate yellow coffee table makeover |

At first it was like:




But now it’s all:

girlfriends2You know what I’m saying girlfriend? I think you do.


Here’s another from Christy at Confessions of a Serial Do-it-Yourselfer. She ditched that nasty yellow-toned table like a holey pair of sweatpants and dolled it up with a black and white stencil that really shows off its curves.  It’s ready for a night out on the town! Get it girl!

I think I may need the intervention …

oak square table before

black and white stenciled coffee table makeover |

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Tik Tok, make it stop.

Observe how Ke$ha dramatically demonstrates the principle of the makeunder:

kesha makeunder


Wowza. She’s a babe, but you’d never know under all that … look. That was a lot of look. I mean, I would never wear my stud eyebrows and hair croquembouche on the same day!

Same thing with this dresser.  It had too much going on and not going on at the same time.  But would you believe there’s a classy stunner underneath all that too? No really.  Scroll down if you don’t believe me.


Before dresser |


two-toned dresser makeover |

So gorgeous and grown up!   From Jen at Owen Family Six.

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Fine Tuning Fine Dining

Are you hosting Thanksgiving at your house this year?  Yay! I’ll be there. I’ll bring the mashed potatoes.  What else do you need help with?  Do you have enough silverware? Serving dishes? Do I have to sit at the kid’s table again? But most importantly, what’s the status of your dining set?

If it’s in need of a little attention, fear not. I’ve got some ideas to get your dining room ready to party in no time! (Ok, maybe slightly more than no time. But it’ll be worth it).

Let’s go!

First up, this example from Better After reader Liz, who sent in this stenciled table makeover, explaining that she inherited it from the grandmother of a close friend who she cared for while she was in nursing school.  Her instructions were to do anything she wished with it, as long as she didn’t give it away.

Free to let her creativity fly, she came up with this fearless and fun design:

table makeover before |


stenciled table makeover |

How gorgeous is this set from Christy at Confessions of a Serial Do-it-Yourselfer?  Such humble thrift-store beginnings, but now it’s magazine worthy! It’s like a that movie where that one guy starts out living in his car and turns out becoming the CEO of a worldwide company. (That’s a movie, right?  Surely that’s a movie).

dining table makeover before |

stained top dining table makeover |

If you want to add some color to your Thanksgiving-scape beyond the cranberry sauce (that’s what it’s for obviously, because no one has ever actually eaten it in the history of Thanksgiving), how about taking the chairs for a little dip? So cute. See more of this fresh look from Laurel at A Bubbly Life.


table makeover before |


white table makeover with dipped chair legs |

And finally, if you love that distressed farmhouse look but don’t have the time to sit around waiting for your set to become distressed, guess what?  Deb has a shortcut for you. See her secret on her blog Lake Girl Paints.  That is so delightful to me for some reason.  “Let’s hurry up and make this thing look old already!” We humans are a funny bunch.

Beautiful job Deb!


farmhouse table before |


farmhouse table makeover |

Do you have a makeover to share?  I would love to see it!  Send your submissions my way at  Happy weekend friend!


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