3 Steps to Creating a Cohesive Home, only one is illegal.

If you’ve ever spent any time on Christy’s blog, Confessions of a Serial Do-It-Yourselfer, you’ve probably come away with feelings of inadequacy and disgust at your own home because every inch of hers is perfect! Girlfriend, what is your secret?

Is it millions of dollars and a personal decorator? No, judging by the name of her blog, she does it all herself, and on a budget. Like this laminate dining set she found at a thrift-store. Nothing worth taking a second-glance at …




Until now! Take a second and third glance all over this thing. Isn’t it it so charming and sweet? It fits perfectly into her coastal cottage style. I’m pretty sure that’s the secret in the sauce. She knows exactly what her style is and stays true to it. She also keeps the color scheme constant throughout her entire house which makes everything feel cohesive and complete.

For instance, this she scooped up this assortment of aqua dishes when she found them at a thrift-store, even though she wasn’t exactly sure where to use them. But she knew that lovely color would work anywhere in her home. And sure enough, she found a perfect place: in the bedroom!





She cut the candlestick in two and painted it white, then glued the dishes in between for this cute and custom jewelry organizer. Not only is the color scheme spot-on, but it also matches the curves of the kitchen table too! Cohesiveness, that’s the key.

Let’s review.  To create a beautiful home you should:

  • Discover your style and stay true to it.
  • Create a color scheme and stick with it.
  • Kidnap Christy and make her decorate your house for you.



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Stencil Me In

For some reason I just decided that I needed to look up the 100 Greatest Songs of All Time, as ranked by Billboard. I was SHOCKED at what I found. Stunned. Flabbergasted. You guys, the Macarena was #7. Party Rock by LMFAO was #5. Meanwhile, The Beatles were lucky to squeak into the top ten with Hey Jude, and didn’t show up again until #45, behind … Nickleback.

Am I in some kind of alternate universe? Did I wake up in the Upside Down? The worst part is, this is not something Billboard decided, these rankings were based on actual people buying and downloading and streaming. Our human race is responsible for this list. AND before you try to tell me that it’s because music is more accessible these days, thus more ‘current’ music would be higher on the list, guess what? Billboard already took that into account and ranked each song based on an equally-weighted point system. Why do I care about this so much? I don’t know, but what I do know is this:

My faith in humanity has been shaken.

Luckily, Kandice is here to show me that humans are still capable of beautiful wonderful things, even if some of those humans really, really seem to enjoy Physical by Olivia Newton-John. (#8!?)

Here is a Newton-John era dresser that she updated into …



… this stenciled beauty! Ahhh, so lovely. If you look closely, you’ll see that while the handles are similar, they’re not the same. She went with an updated, less-clunky shape that echoes the curves of the stencil perfectly.

See more on her blog Just The Woods.

And while you’re over there, you’re sure to run into plenty more of her furniture transformations, like this antique desk that she rescued from a barn.




It had received its fair share of damage over the years, so Kandice opted to refinish the top and paint the rest. She was excited to try out a new color, this deep cyan shade called Memphis Blue.

Now THAT sounds like a song that should be on the list.

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Worthwhile and Versatile

If you ever come across a small dresser like this three-drawer chest below, grab it! Stop your car and buy it from that yard sale. Fight for it at the thrift store. (Don’t really like … get in a fight fight. Just let everybody know in no uncertain terms that it’s yours. Scowl ferociously if you must). Or do what Reeves did and say yes when your neighbors can’t fit it in their moving truck and ask if you want it.

Why? Because it’s such a versatile piece. It’s the perfect little size to go nearly anywhere. You could put it at the end of a hall, in the bathroom to hold extra towels, at the top of the stairs, tucked in a corner, or next to your bed as a nightstand. The possibilities are endless, endless I say!

Reeves planned to use this one as a nightstand, but it needed a lot of work before she’d allow it inside. After stripping off at least three layers of paint and discovering that the top had been replaced with plywood at some point, she decided on black chalk paint with a waxed finish.




Beautiful. And another reminder that chalk paint can have a clean finish too; it doesn’t always need to be distressed. The brass knobs she used from Anthropologie also update it nicely and completely change the feel from shabby-chic antique to modern-greek. (Not exactly, but I can’t resist a rhyme).

Read more about Reeve’s process and how she achieved such professional results on her blog The Weathered Door.

I’m inspired to go look for a cute little dresser at the thrift-store today! Although I will probably get distracted and buy Halloween costumes instead, as usual!

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Side Chic

One nightstand? A little something on the side?

No. Those hardworking tables beside your bed deserve more recognition than that. Who else dutifully holds your books and alarm clocks and cups of water all through the night? Who else keeps your secrets tucked safely in their drawers? (My secrets include ibuprofen and an adult coloring book).

So give your side tables a pat on the back today. And why not give them a makeover while you’re at it, if they are looking a little worse for the wear.  They’ll thank you for it. (They won’t really. They’re furniture. Stop being crazy). But you’ll thank yourself, I’m sure of that.

Shelly freshened up her nightstand with white paint and colorful new pulls.




She opted not to paint the top, which gives it a little contrast and is also easier to protect than a painted top would be.  Always thinking, that Shelly. See it on her blog 100 Things 2 Do.


You may recognize this next table as an antique labor table.  In the olden days, pregnant women would rest their elbows on the table and hold onto the spindles for support as they labored through childbirth. That’s not true, I just made that up. They’re probably for something boring like hanging blankets or towels. Better After reader JoAnne decided to streamline it and removed the handles altogether.



Sweet, simple, and space-saving!


And here’s another table with an appendage. I’m assuming it’s for holding magazines. For your guns.

NO! I’m kidding. That’s a terrible place to keep bullets. Keep anything else in that little pocket.



Aww, and now it looks like an actual pocket. What a fun way to incorporate that into the design. Scottie did a great job making the paint look like denim too. See more on her blog Saved by Scottie.


“Lindsey,” you are saying, “those side tables are great. I would love one of my own. But all I have is a broken stool and an old suitcase. I guess I’ll never have a side table to love. I’ll just sit here and feel sad.”




Oh knock it off. Just slap those two together and boom! Side table. In fact, if you have a taller bed, this might be the best option of all. From Jessica at Live Randomly Simple.


Katrina redid this next little table for her aunt’s guest room. What a sweetheart. My nieces have never helped me with MY guest room. My nieces are six and 11 months old, but still. Jerks.




Kidding, kidding. In fact, I’m quite impressed with Katrina’s makeover, because she’s only 14! She hauled the quilt to Home Depot to match the shade of pink for the paint, and free-handed the poppies on top for some extra flair. She’s going places, this girl.


Have a great weekend friend.

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