Spouse In the Pool House

When April moved to Oklahoma, she told her realtor that she definitely wanted to build a new home. And even though a lot of homes in her area came with pools, she did NOT want a pool.

So, naturally, she ended up buying an old home with a pool. There’s really no explanation, other than the obvious: we ladies are entitled to change our minds often and on a whim. Right? Shania Twain said so, so it must be true.

April fell in love hard with this artist-designed out-of-the-ordinary home and all the quirks that came with it. One of those quirks was a cute but run-down little pool house, you know, to go with that pool. Since her husband works from home often, they decided it would be a perfect office space.

After painting, tiling, replacing light fixtures and scraping the popcorn ceiling (ugh, my least favorite job ever) (I’ve never actually done it before, but I just know I’d hate it), it looks like this today …





It has such an energetic vibe now. You couldn’t help but be productive in an office like that, amIright? I would definitely NOT check Facebook/scroll through Pinterest/download new music/buy random Korean skincare item on Amazon because it had good reviews/check Facebook again/read a useless article on Buzzfeed/wander to the kitchen and eat a bowl of cereal/go online shopping and put stuff in my cart but never buy it/look up the lyrics to a 90s song I just remembered/text my sister a picture of a mole, does this look weird to you?/check Facebook again. Like at all.




Did I mention April built that U-shaped desk herself? Because she did! I like that the back side is a bit longer than the front, just a nice little touch to add interest. Check out her blog Uncookie Cutter to get the rundown.

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Guest Services

A common feature of many of the homes here in Arizona is a casita, or ‘little house.’ It’s basically guest quarters separate but still attached to the main house. The casita was a big selling point for me on my home. It’s a cute little bedroom with its own bathroom and closet and private entrance, and it has been so nice to have when family is in town. Actually, it’s been so nice because it’s a little money-maker. I rent it out on AirBnB most of the time. My own guests have actually only stayed in it once or twice! They usually end up kicking one of my kids out of their bedrooms instead or sleeping on a couch. Sorry fam. Call ahead and make a reservation next time.

Working with AirBnB (this is not sponsored) has been a really good experience for the most part, although I recently rented to the craziest lady who I’m pretty sure had just escaped from a psych ward, because she straight up told me that she had just escaped from a psych ward. Sooo, sometimes it’s an adventure.

Here’s a guest room makeover that you’d be crazy not to love.

Sharon from Sharon Joyce Interiors had the basics squeezed into this small space, as you can see below. Bed, nightstand, lamp. But why stop there?




Instead, she made the most of every available inch and now it’s dripping in style and so incredibly inviting.

Before, the sleigh bed commandeered most of the room, so she pared it down to a simple headboard and moved it to a different wall.  The sconces free up space on the nightstand and the small round table leaves plenty of room for accessing the closet on the right.

The gallery prints are obviously the focal point of this design, and obviously cost a billion dollars. (Pssst: She downloaded them for free, printed them herself, and hung them in Ikea frames, but you’d never know)!

On the other side of the room, this old dresser makes a fresh appearance:



Isn’t it the perfect accent? Remember what I said about these dressers? If you get your grubby little hands on one, never let it go.

Check out all the details of this guest room makeover on Sharon Joyce Interiors! Much more to see!



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Hack Job

You know how sometimes you accidentally chainsaw your furniture in half? It happens. (It doesn’t hardly ever happen, but it does happen, and I know this because it happened to me.  Although it wasn’t really an accident, just kind of … unexpected? Remind me to explain this story someday).

Anyway, sometimes you get carried away playing with power tools. You figure, “Hmmm, this old coffee table has been sitting in the garage for way too long. We really need to donate it or haul it away … orrrrrrr … *rnnnnn rnnn rnnn rnnn rrrrNNNNN* <– That is a chainsaw sound in case you can’t tell. I can do a pretty good imitation of a chainsaw if we ever meet in real life, just ask.

And next thing you know, you have two halves of a coffee table. Your next move is obvious.




You turn them into a set of benches for your entryway, of course! That’s exactly what Melissa did. Aren’t they the perfect size? Big enough to store shoes and sit on, narrow enough to squeeze easily into a small space. Pretty brilliant.

See more from Melissa and her coffee table entryway bench on her blog 320 Sycamore.

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Lusting over Balusters

Question: let’s say you move into a new home, and right smack dab in your face when you open the door is a staircase. And you don’t particularly love the staircase, but there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s functional and super sturdy. Should you just leave it alone and let it do its job?  Or is it worth the time and expense it would take to replace it?

You bet your balusters it’s worth it! Who do you think you are talking to? I hereby give you permission to change anything in your house you don’t love. (Unless you are renting … better ask your landlord first. [Of course, you can always ask for forgiveness rather than permission. {But you didn’t hear that from me}]).

Anyway, Anne found herself in this exact situation, and she didn’t hesitate for a moment. Down went the old staircase …





And up went this fantastic reinterpretation! She and her husband did all the work themselves and it took nearly a month to finish, but it was definitely worth it.  I love the design she achieved by spacing full balusters in between shorter sections. Such a custom look.  Extra points for repainting over those peachy pink walls too. And replacing the black outlets, like why were those ever there in the first place? Black outlets = whyyyyyyyyyyyy?

See more details on this staircase remodel on her blog Planting Sequoias.

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