From Barn to Noble

Brit didn’t need a place to hide her kidnapping victims, but her closet said otherwise. That is definitely not what you want your closet to be saying about you.

Hmm, I wonder what my closet would say about me.  Probably “Lindsey, this sparkly pair of knock-off Uggs you wore the entire time you were pregnant is not working for me. Let them go! Let them gooo! Your feet aren’t that fat anymore!!” (My closet is  apparently a cross between Elsa and Tim Gunn).

But that’s silly.  Closets aren’t people.  Except if they were, Brit’s new closet would be that foreign exchange student from Sweden who is five thousand coolness light years ahead of everyone else in school without even trying.

See more on her blog at House Updated. Beadboard closet makeover |


Beadboard closet makeover |

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Coming Clean

Here we are, back to the grind.  It was so much fun torturing your eyeballs for five solid days during the Ugly Lamp Contest last week, but I am also happy to be bringing you something pleasant to look upon today!

And speaking of being back to the grind, it’s a laundry room makeover.  Nothing is grind-ier than laundry day, am I right? Although, I have to tell you, I am pretty stoked that I have recently figured out a laundry system that works for me. Would you like to hear about it? No? Well too bad!  You’re going to hear about it anyway.

So, I was really tired of getting buried under a laundry pile that I could never EVER catch up on. With four kids, it was necessary to do a load a day just to try and maintain the pile, not even defeat it. Ha! It could never be defeated.

Everyone’s clothes went into the same basket, which had to be sorted, then washed, then sorted again into piles when they came out of the dryer, then folded and put away.  But then one day I realized, duh, instead of washing all of our stuff together, how about everyone has their OWN basket?  Now instead of doing endless loads of everyone’s clothes and then sorting them into separate piles, I just do one load per person, then they carry their basket of clean clothes up to their rooms and put them away. (Don’t tell, but I don’t even care if the kids fold their stuff or not.  Just get it in the right drawers!) My husband does his own laundry, which helps a lot, and I also stopped folding things like dishtowels and underwear.  Life is way too short man.  Now I just stick them in the drawers and go! (I do still find joy in folding sheets and towels though; I’m not a total barbarian).

Maybe this system is not news to you at all, but it has saved me SO MUCH TIME. I probably spend 20 minutes a week on laundry now, if that.  Life-changer.

Wow, sorry for that laundry opus.  Are you still with me?  Hope so.  Here’s a fabulous laundry room makeover from Ronda at Batchelors Way. My favorite part: the huge built-in laundry cubby!

gray_laundry_room_makeover beforecopy t gray_laundry_room_makeover after



I also love how stacking the machines saves so much room.  I wouldn’t have thought to do that, since there was plenty of room to have them side-by-side, but it just makes sense to save space wherever you can.

gray_laundry_room_makeover copy



Remember Ronda’s faux marble countertops?  Still can’t believe that’s hand-painted.gray_laundry_room_makeover copy2

Fabulous job Ronda!

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Operation Table

So Trisha is a crafty gal who found a free table, dragged it home, and envisioned it becoming …


A bright blue entry way makeover complete with an extra table makeover at

… this thing:

A bright blue entry way makeover complete with an extra table makeover at betterafter.netWow!  Very creative and DIY-y!  But um … what the heck is it?

Perhaps her entryway makeover can answer our burning questions. Before, it was a cramped and bleak space whose most notable feature was that big utility box right smack-a-doodle in the middle of the wall.

A bright blue entry way makeover complete with an extra table makeover at


A bright blue entry way makeover complete with an extra table makeover at

And now, it’s a bright and happy welcome home! She disguised the utility box and once she explained to her husband what her vision for the free table was, he chopped it up and reassembled it into a handy shoe storage station, at exactly the right height.  Oh, to have a handy husband.  If I said “Hey Matt, we need a comfier place to stash our shoes,” he would probably just list our house and try to move us again.

See more from Trisha on her blog Black and White Obsession.

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Insane in the Membrane

You know what my problem is?  I have a bossy left brain.  My right brain is all like, “Hey, let’s paint something!  Let’s do a project!  Let’s read a book!” And then my left brain comes in and lays down the law like Cinderella’s stepmother:  “Paint something?  Sure. Right after you balance the checkbook.” Or “You can do a project. IF you clean this room first.  And organize all the drawers.  And vacuum.  And then maybe.”

For example, my right brain would take one look at Laura’s before craft room and want to immediately start exploring for treasures; my left brain would be standing in the center of the room, fists clenched, screaming inside.

But I’m absolutely positive they would high-five each other in agreement on the organizational oasis it became.  After all, I do happen to know them pretty well.

See more from Laura at Top This Top That.


See this bright and organized craft room at


See this bright and organized craft room at

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