What do you call an office in a closet? (Don’t say cloffice).

You know how sometimes you think you have a boring old closet, but it turns out it was actually a wonderful little office all along?  You know that feeling?  It’s similar to the feeling I had the other day when I was bummed out because I felt like I had suddenly gained a bunch of weight, but it turns out I just had my pants on backwards. All day.

The sad thing is, that’s happened to me more than once.  But the happy thing is, Jennifer now has an adorable little office (I refuse to use the word ‘cloffice’) to enjoy instead of a dreary closet, and it has faux wood planks that are super cool, and you can see more at The Old Painted Cottage.

Wood Plank Closet Office Before
Wood Plank Closet Office Makeover | betterafter.net


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Getting (un)Plastered

When Brandi bought her home, she inherited some heavily plastered walls. How heavy?  Suspiciously heavy.  Like the previous owners were trying to … hide something.  Probably just bad wallpaper, but hey, you never know.

Brandi didn’t want to dig any deeper into that mystery, so she decided to install plank walls right over the plaster instead.  Whew! Creepy crisis averted.


White Paneled Foyer Makeover  | betterafter.net

White Paneled Foyer Makeover  | betterafter.net

It completely brightened up the foyer and changed the whole feel of the house.  Literally. You could have probably cut yourself on those jagged plaster walls before.  They didn’t spare the ceilings either, here’s a closer look: plastered ceiling before

paneled ceiling after

Muuch better. And that sad little dangly light was replaced with this beautiful Moravian star fixture. 

See more from Brandi on her blog Brandi Nell the Southern Belle

Psssst: if you’re looking for something similar on the cheap, here’s a good site to try.

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Can I take your coat?

Every home needs a designated space to stash shoes and hang coats. Well, except we don’t really use coats here in Phoenix, but occasionally when it drops below 60 degrees, we might throw on a light jacket. I actually had to wear a jacket when I walked the kids to school yesterday morning. True, I got too hot after a few minutes and took it off, but still. I can totally relate to you north-westerners buried under your eternal snowstorm. (Sorry! This is my gloating season).

Anyway, if you’re currently housebound and subsisting on melted snow, maybe you could try organizing your entryway to kill some time. It’s not like you have anywhere else to go! (Ok, ok, I’ll stop).

Taryn at Design, Dining, and Diapers spruced up this space with some clutter-busting accessories and a black and white motif.  Isn’t is amazing how even just a few little decorative accents will liven up a space?

Black and White Mudroom Makeover | betterafter.net

Black and White Mudroom Makeover | betterafter.net


And Dustin and Whitney had this awkward niche in their home that was formerly occupied by the broom and the trashcan.  No way does your broom deserve that much square footage.

Mud Bench Makeover with Herringbone Wall | betterafter.net

Mud Bench Makeover with Herringbone Wall | betterafter.net

I absolutely love how they put this little space to work now! So functional! So eye-pleasing! I pretty much need to build an awkward niche in my house just so I can stick one of these in there.  See it on their blog The Rooster and The Hen.

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2014 Highlights, all wrapped up!

Well, hi there! I took a longer than expected break thanks to a rip-roaring sinus infection that has extended into the reaches of my soul. I feel like there is an elephant standing on my head, and there is also an elephant standing on that elephant’s head. It’s been magical.

We’re going to finish wrapping up 2014 today, even though you are probably sick to death of 2014 wrap-ups by now.  But it’s not like I can just leave it halfway wrapped up people! We have to wrap it all the way up!

So here’s the last of the best of 2014, my particular favorites from October to December. It wasn’t that long ago, so just pretend you don’t remember.

My favorite offering from October was this sleek dresser makeover from Katie. Navy paint, copper pipe, it’s just the chicest little thing.




I love the addition of the legs, furniture always seems so much more furniture-ier when it’s not sitting squat on the floor.




Tanya’s kitchen makeover in November proved that even if you can’t have your dream kitchen RIGHT NOW, you can still love your kitchen.




Now she can enjoy it in all its bright and budget-friendly splendor, while she saves up for the remodel of her dreams.


And lastly, December brought us the pinnacle of man-caves from Tara and her brother-in-law “Too-Far-Frank.” Where most man-caves stop at a big TV and a mini-fridge, Frank ventured beyond into wood floors, exposed brick walls, and a beautiful custom-built bar complete with his own logo; thusly living up to his nickname.




Happy (still) New Year!

Checkout the rest of the 2014 highlights here, here, and here.

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