2014 Highlights, all wrapped up!

Well, hi there! I took a longer than expected break thanks to a rip-roaring sinus infection that has extended into the reaches of my soul. I feel like there is an elephant standing on my head, and there is also an elephant standing on that elephant’s head. It’s been magical.

We’re going to finish wrapping up 2014 today, even though you are probably sick to death of 2014 wrap-ups by now.  But it’s not like I can just leave it halfway wrapped up people! We have to wrap it all the way up!

So here’s the last of the best of 2014, my particular favorites from October to December. It wasn’t that long ago, so just pretend you don’t remember.

My favorite offering from October was this sleek dresser makeover from Katie. Navy paint, copper pipe, it’s just the chicest little thing.




I love the addition of the legs, furniture always seems so much more furniture-ier when it’s not sitting squat on the floor.




Tanya’s kitchen makeover in November proved that even if you can’t have your dream kitchen RIGHT NOW, you can still love your kitchen.




Now she can enjoy it in all its bright and budget-friendly splendor, while she saves up for the remodel of her dreams.


And lastly, December brought us the pinnacle of man-caves from Tara and her brother-in-law “Too-Far-Frank.” Where most man-caves stop at a big TV and a mini-fridge, Frank ventured beyond into wood floors, exposed brick walls, and a beautiful custom-built bar complete with his own logo; thusly living up to his nickname.




Happy (still) New Year!

Checkout the rest of the 2014 highlights here, here, and here.

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I see a boring door and I want to paint it black.

It’s time to pull out the LBDs and get ready for holiday party season! While nothing glams up a gal faster and easier than a little black dress, I’m actually talking about Little Black Doors.

That’s right, I am advocating for painting your doors black.  Right now.  Just don’t come looking for me if/when your husband freaks out.

But don’t worry! It will look fantastic and you’ll only wish you had done it sooner.  Don’t take my word for it, here’s an example from Erin at Red House Renovations who gave her foyer a quick and easy transformation with black paint.


Foyer Before

Foyer - Black Door - Makeover | betterafter.net

As quick and easy as painting a banister around a ton of spindles is.  So … not all that quick.  But I love the look. It’s daring and traditional at the same time.   If my plan to “paint now, repent later” hasn’t convinced you, here’s more evidence from Thrifty Decor Chick, who has painted every door in her house black and has some great tips too.  Do it! And then come over and help me do it too!

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Classy Cave, Man.

Well hello friend. How was your Thanksgiving? Full of family and food and more food? I hope so.

We went to Matt’s sister’s home, in a tiny town in California called Ramona.  Ever heard of it? I hadn’t! It is so small they don’t even have a grocery store.  I had to buy a few last minute supplies at the only store in town, the liquor store. Did you know you can buy pie at a liquor store? I did not, but now I do!

Speaking of liquor, you may take a look at this makeover and think you are looking at a hip new neighborhood bar. Nope. This room belongs to Frank, a guy who isn’t afraid to tackle big ideas, like say, building a posh pub-style mancave in his basement.

His over-the-top escapades over the years have earned him the nickname “Too-Far Frank,” which made naming this space pretty easy.  Welcome to the Too-Far Bar!

Much more to see on his sister-in-law Tara’s blog Spot of Tea Designs.


brick basement before 


Pub Style  - Man Cave -  Makeover | betterafter.net

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Check out the super easy customizable Christmas gift idea I shared last week in case you missed it!

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Getting More from your Floor

I’m going to let you in on a dirty little secret.  I have eight (EIGHT!) different floor cleaning apparatuses.  I guess that’s actually a clean little secret.  From brooms to mops to steamers to shampooers, apparently I care a great deal what my floors look like. I don’t even have half that many hair appliances. Which, if you’ve ever met me, probably explains a lot.

But whereas I despise a dirty floor, Tracie despises a boring one, so she recently did something about hers. Her style is bold, and now so is her floor!

Feel like tackling a project like this yourself?  Here’s Tracie’s list of necessities: “painters tape. sandpaper. ibuprofen. wine.”

Ugh, I believe it!  Just looking at it makes my knees hurt. Great job Tracie!


wood floor before


red - black - floor | betterafter.net

See more on her blog at Beets + Birch (WARNING, rated M for Mature Language).

PS: Easy entry on the Slipcovers with Shelley giveaway going on now!

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