Play on.

Some people are lucky enough to have ‘play rooms’ in their homes. It’s a great idea in theory. Keep all the toys and games and books in one place! The kids will adore it! They’ll play in there non-stop, then neatly put everything away in its color-coded bin when they’re done!

Reality … not so much. Most of the play rooms I’ve seen are more aptly described as an ankle-deep toy stew of Barbie shoes and broken crayons, where moms are quick to close the door, and kids hardly ever venture in.

But those dreamy play rooms of our dreams really do exist. I have proof. Behold:


Pink and White Play Room 1

Pink and White Play Room Before 1

Is this real life? Is this just fantasy?

No, it really is real life, and it belongs to Jennifer at Dear Lillie.


Pink and White Play Room

Pink and White Play Room Before

A few weeks ago we gazed lustfully at her kitchen and dining room makeover, and I joked about moving in, but now I’m wondering if she would be cool with just adopting me.

I promise I’ll just stay up here playing the tiny pink piano, not bothering a soul. Think about it Jennifer.

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Did you get a new stair-cut?

Sometimes I think I would like to write another blog about other stuff, and in this imaginary other blog I would have something I’d call #newmusicMondays, and on Monday I would share some new music that I like and that’s about as far as I’ve thought it through.

For instance, today I am listening to Beck’s latest album Morning Phase on repeat on repeat, and it’s just about the most perfect thing my ears have ever heard and I feel like I need to stop every person I meet and shake them by the shoulders and tell them nicely but forcefully to GIVE IT A LISTEN.

This album actually came out over a year ago, so maybe I would have to just call it #musicMonday, but these are just thoughts that I’m thinking. Anyway. Give it a listen.

But this is not a blog about music, no, unless you are talking about the music of makeovers! I have one sure to please your eyeballs right now.

This room needed a whole lotta help, but the biggest offender was not the burgundy carpet, dingy walls or pine-paneled ceiling. It was that tragic staircase, awkwardly taking up half the room and creating a bunch of stupid little corners of worthlessness.

Moving Stairs Before


Moving Stairs After

Wowzers! What a change! Meredith and her husband did a little staircase geometry and reconfigured it into a simplified design that maximized every inch of the floorplan.


Moving Stairs Before 1


Moving Stairs After 1

No more choppy awkward pony walls, no more corners-to-nowhere.  It’s simply genius, much like the unsung genius of Beck. Just in case you thought I was done talking about him.

See more from Meredith at Me & My Handyman.

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Stop and stay for a tile.

Wow, what a week! In the past seven days I have hosted nine people at my house, thrown a surprise 30th birthday party for my sister, had my favorite band come over and play a private concert for me nobigdeal, dealt with sick kids, the baby getting his molars, a dead air conditioner, and a broken down car. Is it Friday yet?

Is it? I don’t think I can even crack my open my eyes to check.

I think I’ll head back to bed (hahahahahaha, I wish), while you feast your eyes on this lovely foyer makeover from Sabrina at Little Pink Notebook. From beige and bland to gray and anything but! Those hexagon tiles are enough to ‘stop’ me in my tracks. Get it? Because they’re shaped like stop signs? What’s that? Stop signs are octagons? I’m tired.


foyer makeover with gray hexagon tile


foyer makeover after with  copy

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Rage Against the Garage

Happy Monday! Thanks so much for all your kind comments on my beast of a bookcase makeover. And for your concern! You are too kind.  I DID in fact wear a mask and the room was very well-ventilated, but I still don’t recommend spray-painting anything that large.  I would definitely not do it again. But I’m glad it’s done!

So, how was your weekend? Did you do anything cool? Work on some fun DIY project out in your garage? Hey, here’s a crazy idea. What if your garage WAS your DIY project? What if you organized it and spiffed it up so cute that you couldn’t wait to get out there and make stuff! Or … if you’re me, you obsessively organize it, and then freak out when anybody touches it, (which happens anyway no matter how much you freak out), and then you give up on it ever being organized, let alone cute. Your choice.

Joan chose to carve out some cuteness in her workshop and it’s unfairly adorable. This old cabinet got an apothecary-style makeover:

Apothecary Cabinet Makeover


Apothecary Cabinet Makeover After

Then she really jazzed up this plain old green cabinet above with a tissue paper transfer:

Lumber Cabinet Makeover Before


Lumber Cabinet Makeover After |

Then she built a new countertop out of pine boards, built a rolling cart to store wood scraps, added a task light, and there’s even room for some decor! I have garage envy.

Workshop Makeover before

Workshop Makeover |

This is only a small corner of her workshop makeover, believe it or not.  Check out her blog Scavenger Chic to see more. Warning: you will probably feel inadequate in your garage-organizing capabilities afterwards.


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