Wash & Wear. And Wash & Wear. And repeat.

Sometimes I wish I was more like Justin Bieber.  OK, never do I wish that. Except for two things.  A: I wouldn’t mind having his bank account, and B: I saw somewhere that he wears underwear once and then throws them away. Never washes them, never wears them again. He just has a huge lifetime supply of underwears I guess.

What do you think about that? Here’s what I think you think. First you think that you are aghast at such epic wastefulness. But you are fooling yourself, because secretly deep down you are thinking “Heck yeah, #underweargoalz!!!”

Don’t deny it.

But unfortunately you are not Justin Bieber, and you have to wash your underwear just like everyone else. Take solace in the fact that you have something he will never have:  the simple joy of snuggling up to freshly washed load of laundry. If that isn’t enough to cheer you up, and I know it’s not, how about feasting your eyes on this fabulous laundry room makeover?

Aqua and Floral Laundry Room Before


Aqua and Floral Laundry Room

C’mon, that’s pretty awesome.  That would make being a poor non-celebrity all worth it.  Or at the very least make laundry begrudgingly enjoyable.

Aqua and Floral Laundry Room 1


It’s the creation of Susan at Uniquely Yours or Mine and it’s the happiest thing my eyeballs have seen all day. Now I want to see her entire house!

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Making Sparks Fly in the Garage

Have you read the book that’s sparking a ‘tidying’ revolution? Surely you’ve heard of it by now: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, by Marie Kondo. I admit, I totally bought into the hype and read it a few months ago.  Despite feeling a vague sense of worry for the author’s near manic obsession for ‘tidying,’ and the fact that the word ‘tidy’ appears approximately one billion times in the book, I do agree with all those 5-star reviewers: it truly is life changing.

She promises that if you properly simplify and organize your home once, you’ll never have to do it again. Instead of a  “room-by-room or little-by-little approach, which doom you to pick away at your piles of stuff forever,” her method uses a category-by-category system and leads to lasting results. She claims that none of her clients who follow her method have lapsed.

I haven’t finished all the ‘categories’ yet, but I emptied about 10 bags of clothes and clutter from my closet, and my sock drawer has never looked better! And it has really has stayed that way ever since. I’m a believer.

Her biggest tenet is ‘sparking joy.’ Clearing out all the crap that weighs you down will leave room for the things you love to truly shine. And bonus: be much easier to get to!

This garage makeover ‘sparks joy’ to me.

garage makeover - before


garage makeover - after

It’s so clean! Organized! The colors are bright and happy! Everything just looks cheerful. Walking into a garage space like this would make me feel capable and in control. It makes me want to create. The old space is something I would hide from and ignore, with an ever increasing sense of dread lingering over me. Dramatic? Ok, maybe. But you know it’s true!

See the rest of this makeover from Melissa at A Polished Habitat and see if it sparks joy for you too!

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Mudroom Magic

So, I was reading an interview with Erykah Badu recently, and she something that struck me hard.  “Spelling is a spell,” she says. “Everything we write down happens.” Maybe it sounds super obvious, but it was seriously a “stop what I’m doing and gaze into space in deep contemplation” moment for me. We hear advice to write down our goals all the time, but do we realize how much power the physical act of actually putting pen to paper holds? These are thoughts to think about.

Guess what? It works for home improvements too. Sarah at Little Red Brick House always wanted a mudroom-type area in the entrance of her home.  One day she decided to give a little more life to her dream, so she sketched out an approximation of what she wanted it to look like directly on an empty wall. You’ll never guess what happened next.  Ok, you probably will …

diy mudroom bench - before


diy mudroom bench - after

She made it happen! Spelling IS a spell.  So interesting, don’t you think?

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Getting Gorgeous in the Garage

Ahhhhhhhh! Do you hear that? That gentle rushing noise? That was the sound of everyone on the planet sighing with satisfaction. That’s because everyone on the planet just organized and dejunked and clutter-cleared everything, because that is what humans are programmed to do in January.

There’s really no better time. A new year, a fresh start! Now would be a perfect time to play ‘Feeling Good‘ (the Bublé version) while rolling around on your freshly waxed garage floor.

But if you haven’t gotten quite that far yet, let me offer up some garage inspiration via sisters Jodie and Paige at Sypsie.

Garage makeover - before

garage makeover - after

I mean. So much to love. That pegboard is fantastic.  I’ve always hesitated with pegboards because I think they can look unfinished and flimsy, but HELLO beefy wood frame, you’ve just solved all my problems.

And this is just a taste! They went full throttle on the whole garage. There’s cute little accessories, wall decor, and even *whispers* a throw rug.  Check it out.

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