Getting More from your Floor

I’m going to let you in on a dirty little secret.  I have eight (EIGHT!) different floor cleaning apparatuses.  I guess that’s actually a clean little secret.  From brooms to mops to steamers to shampooers, apparently I care a great deal what my floors look like. I don’t even have half that many hair appliances. Which, if you’ve ever met me, probably explains a lot.

But whereas I despise a dirty floor, Tracie despises a boring one, so she recently did something about hers. Her style is bold, and now so is her floor!

Feel like tackling a project like this yourself?  Here’s Tracie’s list of necessities: “painters tape. sandpaper. ibuprofen. wine.”

Ugh, I believe it!  Just looking at it makes my knees hurt. Great job Tracie!


wood floor before


red - black - floor |

See more on her blog at Beets + Birch (WARNING, rated M for Mature Language).

PS: Easy entry on the Slipcovers with Shelley giveaway going on now!

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The Lounge Act

The One Room Challenge over at Calling it Home is starting up again, and it’s always so much fun to watch. (The ORC is a blogging challenge given to 20 designers to totally makeover a space in their homes in 6 weeks). Although, true to my fast-forward-to-the-good-part nature, I am most excited to tune in for the final week: the big reveals!

So let’s take a little trip back in time to one of my favorite makeovers from the last challenge.  This comes from Naomi at Design Manifest, who made over an awkward upstairs space into a sophisticated lounge.  I don’t have a lounge, but I’m thinking I should definitely get one.





Now, with the addition of the planked wall/ceiling and the wallpaper at the far end,  all the awkward angles work in this room’s favor.  So dynamic!

“Come Lindsey,” it seems to beckon, “Lounge with me.”





lounge makeover

I do believe I will.


And check out this chair redo that was also part of the room.  Would you believe Naomi actually burnt those chairs on purpose to achieve that color of wood? (Please don’t try this at home!)

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset



PS: Don’t forget to enter the Slipcovers with Shelley Giveaway going on now!

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702 problems and avocado paint is one.

Friday Friday! Do you have any big plans for the weekend? Maybe you should hit some yard sales, buy some stuff, make it over, and send pictures to meeee! That’s always a good idea.  Or maybe you are neck deep in makeovers and home improvements already.

Give Sarah a call, she can commiserate. She’s right in the middle of restoring this historic home, originally built in 1902! It survived both world wars, but didn’t manage to escape the shag carpet and avocado paint epidemic of the 70s. Sarah and her husband Charles are slowly bringing it back to its glory days.  A sizable task for this sizable house.

green foyer makeover

white, wood, foyer, makeover |

But the story gets better.  Years and years ago, this home actually belonged to Charles’ grandmother. After she died, the home was sold, and the new owners let it fall into disrepair over the next ten years.  Just as it was going into foreclosure, Sarah and Charles came along, and snapped it up for a steal!

BUT WAIT! There’s another plot twist. Check out the full story at 702 Park Project. It might give you chills!

See more on the foyer makeover here, and the oh-so-charming exterior makeover here.


sad exterior before

white, exterior, pillar, makeover | betterafter.netHappy weekend friend!

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From Barn to Noble

Brit didn’t need a place to hide her kidnapping victims, but her closet said otherwise. That is definitely not what you want your closet to be saying about you.

Hmm, I wonder what my closet would say about me.  Probably “Lindsey, this sparkly pair of knock-off Uggs you wore the entire time you were pregnant is not working for me. Let them go! Let them gooo! Your feet aren’t that fat anymore!!” (My closet is  apparently a cross between Elsa and Tim Gunn).

But that’s silly.  Closets aren’t people.  Except if they were, Brit’s new closet would be that foreign exchange student from Sweden who is five thousand coolness light years ahead of everyone else in school without even trying.

See more on her blog at House Updated. Beadboard closet makeover |


Beadboard closet makeover |

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