Coral n’ Cowboys

Coral is such a pretty shade. I would describe it as kind of an orangey pink, which is funny because actual coral, like from the bottom of the ocean, comes in trabillions of colors. That would be like taking a particular shade of yellow and naming it “Rainbow.” I have a piece of coral from the Bahamas. It’s black and looks like a dead weed. I don’t know where I’m going with this other than to say, hey look! Here are some coral-colored makeovers for you today!

Up first is this dresser from Stephanie, which she painted … you guessed it … coral. Coral coral, not dead weed colored coral. I love the simple new pulls, gold and coral together are always a sure bet!

Coral Dresser Before


Coral Dresser Makeover |

See it at The Styled Soul.

And speaking of gold, if you need a place to easily store yours, why not use this wild-wild-west-themed shelf? I sense your stares of dubiousness, but scroll onward and you will see how Kelly sent the  cowboys riding off into the sunset by flipping it upside down and covering the mirror with fabric and chicken wire. She added paint and mini tart-pans, and faster than you can say ‘get along little doggies,’ it’s a jewelry storage system! Yeehaw!

Coral Jewelry Holder Before


Coral Jewelry Hanger Makeover | See more at E3ONE.

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Goodnight Granite

With spring officially here and summer quickly approaching, you are probably not thinking about your fireplace at all.  Pish posh! Now is exactly when you should be thinking about it. You aren’t using it, so now is the perfect time to give it a makeover.  And also clean out your flue? I don’t know, I haven’t had a fireplace in ten years. But probably you should look into that.

Then, when winter rolls around, your fireplace is ready to burn and looking good too! Isn’t that all we want from a fireplace?

Kammy at Kammy’s Korner was sick to death of her fireplace and its pink granite surround. Despite horrified gasps from her family and friends, she went ahead and painted right over it. Painted granite? You betcha. She stenciled a trellis design over the top, and it looks like a custom tile job to me!

Stenciled Fireplace Before


Stenciled Fireplace Makeover |

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Let’s talk about stripes, baby.

If you ever find yourself in decorating paralysis, here’s a tip. Go take a nice long look at your closet.  “Lindsey,” you are thinking, “be serious. I need help decorating my living room. I can’t even pick out a throw pillow to save my life. How is staring at my closet going to help? Am I in time-out?”

No, no, no, of course not.  There’s just no better place to find your own personal style than … hello … the place where you physically keep your personal style. What looks do you gravitate toward? What patterns and colors you are attracted to? Would your favorite sweater serve you better if you chopped it up and turned it into that throw pillow? All good questions to ask yourself.

If you looked into my closet, you would find a lot of black and gray because I’m very boring (but at least I know what I like) and lot’s of stripes! I do love a good stripe.

So, if you are a fellow stripe-lover, you are sure to find inspiration with today’s makeovers, starting with this adorable nightstand.

Gray and White Striped Nightstand Before
Striped Furniture Makeovers |

Gray, white, and red can never be wrong together. So darn cute. I feel like the handles are coming in for a hug. From Danielle at 2 Little Super Heroes.



Shanna’s side table was very similar to Danielle’s, but she sent her stripes in the opposite direction. Oooh, slimming! I love the punch of the red handles here too.

Blue and White Striped Nightstand
Striped Furniture Makeovers |

See more at Restoration Redoux.



And lastly, who says your fridge needs to be boring? Well, nobody actually ever says that, but we’ve come to accept it as truth.  Nuh-uh. Not for Katie. Why not have a striped fridge? I certainly can’t think of a good enough reason not to.

Black and White Striped Fridge Before
Striped Furniture Makeovers |

She created this look with nothing but black duct tape, and it’s amazing, and you can see it at Kate’s Design Space.

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A tisket, a tasket, an easy Easter Basket

Pssst, I don’t mean to scare you, but EASTER is TOMORROW! Do you have your eggs and and baskets and goodies all ready to go?  Yes? Well then. Good for you. Way to be prepared and stuff.

Some of us, on the other hand, will be picking out way through what remains in the Easter section of Target at around 10 pm tonight. And some of us might have forgotten where we stashed the Easter baskets last year.  Luckily, Jess at Live Randomly Simple has a quick and easy Easter basket project made with minimal supplies and maximum cuteness.

A simple crate, wood strips, and wire is all it takes. Stuff it with some fake grass and you’re practically done. Just kidding. I actually don’t condone using fake grass. You will be cleaning it up until Christmas, trust me on that.

Easter Egg Basket Crate Before Makeover


Easter Egg Basket Crate Before Makeover |

Happy happy Easter weekend!

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