Red Strokes

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but do you remember that music video by Garth Brooks approximately 100 years ago, back when I was in middle school, for his song The Red Strokes? Oh man. Go watch it if you want to see a very passionate (and skinny) Garth Brooks pounding his heart out on a piano in what looks like a giant puddle of blood, but is actually red paint.  Stick around for the guitar solo. It’s so fantastically terribly wonderful.

Anyway, that song always comes to mind whenever I share red makeovers, and I’ve got a handful of them today.

OOOHHH, the RED STROKES!!!!  Passions uncaged!

Here Christina at Phoenix Restoration fearlessly updated some campaign-style nightstands, which just led me on a 15-minute search through my local Craigslist to see if I could find some myself.  Unfortunately I could not.  The Phoenix Craigslist continues to be a garbage pit of overpriced yard-sale castoffs.

brown - campaign style-dresser - before


Campaign - Dressers - Red - Makeovers |


Julie at Simple Redesign was instructed to give this piece a ‘chippy antique’ look by a client, which she achieved by using Old Fashioned Milk Paint in Barn Red.

If you’ve ever used milk paint, you may have been disappointed by its super-matte finish. It is flatter than flat. No worries though, a topcoat is all it takes to bring it to life. Julie used a low-gloss sealer to give this buffet just the right amount of shine.
Brown - buffet- before

Buffet- Red - Makeovers |


Now it’s time for my favorite movie quote:

“A gun rack? I don’t even own *A* gun. Let alone many guns that would necessitate an entire rack. What am I gonna do … with a gun rack?”

Well Wayne, you could always take up gardening. How about that?

Astral Riles added a pegboard to the back of hers, and now she’s got a handy gardening station to liven up her yard.


Gun Rack - before


Gardening Tool Holder- Red - Makeovers |



Whenever Tami at Curb Alert is busy with projects, her daughter likes to tag-along too. She stays busy by practicing her painting alongside her mama on this child-sized desk.

But Tami thought it was time to use the desk as less of an canvas and more of a desk, so she took over and gave it an adorable ‘back-to-school’ themed makeover.  No worries though, her daughter has moved on to a new art piece. Maybe she’ll be blogging her own makeovers soon enough!


Kid - Desk - Before


School Desk- Red - Makeovers |


And finally, a simple red on an outdated hutch. Doesn’t it look so classic? Sarah also changed the hardware and added an antiquing glaze, and if you like the paint color, she’s got the exact specifications over at FunCycled.


Brown Hutch - Before


Hutch - Red - Makeovers |

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Gone to the dogs

Do you have a crate-trained dog?  We used to. His name was Paulo, and he was an Italian Greyhound. Still is, actually.  We had to give him to my mom when we moved into our rental last year. I never liked putting him in the crate, because heck, I wouldn’t want to sleep in a crate, but he liked it and felt secure in there.  But now he’s broken that habit, and spends his evenings sneaking out with my dad’s dog, a trouble-making airedale named Rusty, who is nothing but a bad influence on sweet Paulo and has probably convinced him to try smoking a cigarette behind the shed.

Maybe if his crate was as cute as this one from Mindi, these wayward teen years could have been avoided.  Made from an old crib, it’s actually a bit too big for an Italian Greyhound, but I bet Rusty would fit in there real nice.

White Crib - before


Crib - to - Dog Crate - Makeover |

To see more, head over to My RePurposed Life

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Two-Faced Fireplace

Merry Christmas Eve Eve! I hope you are snuggled up by a fireplace somewhere, enjoying some cocoa and twinkling lights, and not, like me, about to venture out for some last minute shopping.  I’m scared.

I feel 0% like battling crowds right now but only thing my 8-year-old son has asked for this year is a pogo stick, so I should probably try and make that happen. Isn’t it nice when their wishes are so easy to grant? Next year it will probably be iphones and $300 headphones and a tattoo. *sniff* They grow up so fast.

But for now, lets get cozy with Eden and her makeover.  Check out the before.  What in the world was that? A pointless arch with a pointless window, and it looks like it even has some extremely pointless doors within it too. What a terribly ineffective way to break up two rooms! Although it does give a spectacular view of the backside of the TV, so there’s that.

white - fireplace - before

Here’s a thought.  Why not a double-sided fireplace?
Rock - Fireplace - Side One - Makeover |

YES! It looks like it was meant to be this way all along. So-hoo much better. Let’s check out the other side:

Rock - Fireplace - Side Two - Makeover |

Just lovely. That view is so much more welcoming than the TV’s butt.

See more from Eden at DIYHER.

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Golden for Goldie

I recently teamed up with HomeGoods to help share some sparkle this holiday season.  I absolutely love HomeGoods, and I love partnering with them even more.  Their goals of spreading happiness through creating beautiful homes is something I truly believe in.  That’s pretty much my life vision statement.

When they challenged me to create a gift basket for a deserving person in my community,  I saw in my mind exactly who it should go to.

Without divulging too many details, I’ll just say it was a friend of mine who lost a daughter this year, a beautiful baby girl named Goldie. It’s been absolutely devastating for her. As a friend, there’s not a more helpless feeling in the world. What can you possibly do? Send a card? Take flowers? Drop off a dinner? Will any of that mop up utter heartbreak? Of course not, but we try as best we can.

This time of year is especially tough on those dealing with the loss of a precious loved one, and while I know a gift basket full of treats certainly won’t take the pain away, it can maybe bring a little ray of golden sunshine to light up a dark day. So that was the plan.

gold rush

HomeGoods is currently busting at the seams with golden goodies, perfect for a gold-themed gift, perfect for honoring little Goldie.

The hard part was narrowing down the choices. So. Much. Gold.


gift basket gold


This basket was the first thing I grabbed, followed by this gold-dotted table runner. I love the designs on both!


table runner

There were tons of sentimental gifts: journals, photo albums, picture frames, memory boxes, but I kind of went in another direction with a loose “Christmas Morning” theme.  I did get this journal though. (I loved it so much I got two and gave one to myself!)

gold foil journal

Other items include a gold-wrapped box of chocolates, a ceramic muffin tray and muffin mix, hot cocoa mix, a cozy blanket and a golden mercury glass Christmas tree.

I love that HomeGoods has such a varied selection. Need a tea kettle? And a gift for your best friend? And a new set of sheets? And an enormous gingerbread man cookie cutter?

giant gingerbread cookie cutter from home goods

They’ve got you covered.


Look, I made a gif! This is my first one ever. Here you can see the step-by-step creation of the gift basket, a very technical process that required this gif. (Not really, but it was fun. Click over if you are in a reader and can’t see it, and really want to see it for some reason).



home goods golden gift basket

I topped it all off with a big golden bow, and took it over to my friend.  Based on the amount of hugs she gave me, I think she really liked it. She took the bow off and put it on top of her little golden-themed Goldie tree, which put a tear in my eye. So bittersweet life can be.


gift basket home goods


Thank you HomeGoods for being so generous, and for spreading happiness, and for helping me bring a little golden sunshine to a friend who could use some.


gift basket close up Happy Saturday.


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