Cart to heart.

You know how sometimes you need an island in your kitchen, but your kitchen doesn’t have a ton of room, and you don’t have a ton of money? Meg knows. She gets you.

Meg found this affordable little cart from Ikea and figured it would squeeze perfectly into her kitchen. Only Meg has this thing where she likes her DIYs to not look like DIYs.  It needed to look professional. Catalog worthy. It needed some sha-jazz.


Ikea Hack Bar Cart Before


Ikea Hack Bar Cart

Sha-jazz complete! She was inspired by a similar look she saw in a Williams Sonoma catalog, only their version cost $930. Robbery I say!

With a few elegant touches, like the carrara marble slab on top (good for extra stability too) and the vintage brass towel holder, she got the look she wanted and kept about $870 in her pocket. Go Meg!

See more on her blog Oliver and Rust.

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Double Whammy from Kammy

Let’s see what our friend Kammy at Kammy’s Korner has been up to lately.  Oh, just redoing her whole house one room at a time.  No biggie. Just kidding, huge biggie! Where is this magical reserve of energy and creativity that some women seem have access to? Is there like a pill I should take? A facebook group I need to join? I need to know! What’s the secret Kammy?

One of Kammy’s secret weapons is her husband, who whipped up this new mantle without buying anything new. He just used scraps and parts that they already had lying around.

White Fireplace and Mantle Makeover |


White Fireplace Mantle Makeover |

Ok, if I tried to build a mantle from the stuff I have lying around, it would most definitely be made out of laundry and string cheese wrappers.


Kammy also tackled this formerly wallpapered-to-the-extreme bedroom, which was also appeared to be hiding hardwood floors under some canary colored carpet. With the walls sufficiently toned down, the floors can shine, along with that beefy baseboard and window trim.  Mmmm, luv me some beefy trim.

Gray and Light Boy Bedroom before


Gray and Light Boy Bedroom Makeover | betterafter.netCheck that out here at Kammy’s Korner.

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Did you get a new stair-cut?

Sometimes I think I would like to write another blog about other stuff, and in this imaginary other blog I would have something I’d call #newmusicMondays, and on Monday I would share some new music that I like and that’s about as far as I’ve thought it through.

For instance, today I am listening to Beck’s latest album Morning Phase on repeat on repeat, and it’s just about the most perfect thing my ears have ever heard and I feel like I need to stop every person I meet and shake them by the shoulders and tell them nicely but forcefully to GIVE IT A LISTEN.

This album actually came out over a year ago, so maybe I would have to just call it #musicMonday, but these are just thoughts that I’m thinking. Anyway. Give it a listen.

But this is not a blog about music, no, unless you are talking about the music of makeovers! I have one sure to please your eyeballs right now.

This room needed a whole lotta help, but the biggest offender was not the burgundy carpet, dingy walls or pine-paneled ceiling. It was that tragic staircase, awkwardly taking up half the room and creating a bunch of stupid little corners of worthlessness.

Moving Stairs Before


Moving Stairs After

Wowzers! What a change! Meredith and her husband did a little staircase geometry and reconfigured it into a simplified design that maximized every inch of the floorplan.


Moving Stairs Before 1


Moving Stairs After 1

No more choppy awkward pony walls, no more corners-to-nowhere.  It’s simply genius, much like the unsung genius of Beck. Just in case you thought I was done talking about him.

See more from Meredith at Me & My Handyman.

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Coral n’ Cowboys

Coral is such a pretty shade. I would describe it as kind of an orangey pink, which is funny because actual coral, like from the bottom of the ocean, comes in trabillions of colors. That would be like taking a particular shade of yellow and naming it “Rainbow.” I have a piece of coral from the Bahamas. It’s black and looks like a dead weed. I don’t know where I’m going with this other than to say, hey look! Here are some coral-colored makeovers for you today!

Up first is this dresser from Stephanie, which she painted … you guessed it … coral. Coral coral, not dead weed colored coral. I love the simple new pulls, gold and coral together are always a sure bet!

Coral Dresser Before


Coral Dresser Makeover |

See it at The Styled Soul.

And speaking of gold, if you need a place to easily store yours, why not use this wild-wild-west-themed shelf? I sense your stares of dubiousness, but scroll onward and you will see how Kelly sent the  cowboys riding off into the sunset by flipping it upside down and covering the mirror with fabric and chicken wire. She added paint and mini tart-pans, and faster than you can say ‘get along little doggies,’ it’s a jewelry storage system! Yeehaw!

Coral Jewelry Holder Before


Coral Jewelry Hanger Makeover | See more at E3ONE.

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