Take The Floor

So yesterday I mentioned we were in the throes of ripping out our flooring, which made a few people ask “Hey, didn’t you just build that house? What gives?”

It’s true, we did just build our house less than a year ago. And when I say ‘we’ I don’t mean ‘we’ because ‘we’ are not nearly handy enough to build a house. We went through a builder, and if you’ve ever done the same, you’ll know that some upgrades (like flooring) come RIDICULOUSLY overpriced.  I’m talking over three times what it would cost to hire it out ourselves.

We even asked the builder not to put any flooring in at all, but yeah right. They don’t work that way. So we opted for the cheapest possible floors, knowing full well that they would be coming out as soon as we got a chance to put in what we really wanted.

It’s a hugebungous pain to do it this way. But it will all be worth it, I’m sure of it. I think. I’m pretty sure.  Ask me in two weeks, when we have floors again.

And now – to paraphrase Jay-Z – If you’ve got flooring problems, I feel bad for you son, I’ve got 99 problems, but a floor ain’t one (because I don’t currently have floors).

Here is one solution to a floor you hate, paint it! Suzan at Simply Vintageous stenciled her entire floor, and the results are eye-popping! I like that she kept the rest of her furniture simple and white to not compete with the pattern.

scratched - wood floor - before

Painted Floor - Makeovers | betterafter.net


Karen was dead-set on reviving her bathroom with a next-to-nothing budget. She wanted a weathered wood floor, so she simply painted one right on the surface of the sub-floor! Check out her technique on her blog Redoux Interiors, she walks you through all the steps.

tan - yellow - bathroom - before

weathered floor diy Yep, that’s just paint!



Even though she dreams of someday gutting this teensy bathroom, Julia is in the “work-with-what-you-got” phase. And what she’s got is an unattached piece of linoleum that serves as both her bathroom floor and a cover to hide the trap-door to the crawl-space that lies underneath.

So she jazzed it up in the meantime with a funky design that she likes so much, it is also the header of her blog: Just Something I Whipped Up! Super cute.

small - blue - bathroom - before

Painted Floor - Makeovers | betterafter.net

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Free Home Decor Catalogs

There’s nothing quite as exciting as getting a fresh stack of catalogs in the mail (there probably is, but I don’t get out much), but it recently dawned on me that I haven’t been getting as many since we moved into our new house.   Time to get myself back on those mailing lists!

I have compiled some of my very favorites for you.  True, I might not order from a certain few until I win that Nigerian lottery, but they are all fabulous for inspiration. And free!

free home decor catalogs, anthropologie, z gallerie, ballard designs, arhaus, cb2, pier 1, grandin road, wisteria, pottery barn, west elm, ikea, serena and lily, restoration hardware

The links below take you directly to the catalog request form for each site. Soon you’ll be cozied up on the couch, snuggled under a fuzzy throw, mug of cocoa and fun new catalog in hand. Or however you choose to live your life.


free home decor catalogs:free home decor catalogs, anthropologie, z gallerie, ballard designs, arhaus,

Anthropologie // Z Gallerie // Ballard Designs // Arhaus

free home decor catalogs: cb2, pier 1, grandin road, wisteria, pottery barn


CB2 // Pier One // Wisteria // Pottery Barn

free home decor catalogs: west elm, ikea, serena and lily, restoration hardware

West Elm // IKEA // Serena & Lily // Restoration Hardware

And here’s a tidy little alphabetical version. Don’t miss out on Grandin Road, that one didn’t make it into a graphic simply because of odd numbers. Did I miss any? What are some of your favorites?  I’d love to grow the list!



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Free home decor catalogs! This post has links that take you directly to the catalog request forms for anthropologie, z gallerie, ballard designs, arhaus, cb2, pier 1, grandin road, wisteria, pottery barn, west elm, ikea, serena and lily, restoration hardware

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Red Strokes

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but do you remember that music video by Garth Brooks approximately 100 years ago, back when I was in middle school, for his song The Red Strokes? Oh man. Go watch it if you want to see a very passionate (and skinny) Garth Brooks pounding his heart out on a piano in what looks like a giant puddle of blood, but is actually red paint.  Stick around for the guitar solo. It’s so fantastically terribly wonderful.

Anyway, that song always comes to mind whenever I share red makeovers, and I’ve got a handful of them today.

OOOHHH, the RED STROKES!!!!  Passions uncaged!

Here Christina at Phoenix Restoration fearlessly updated some campaign-style nightstands, which just led me on a 15-minute search through my local Craigslist to see if I could find some myself.  Unfortunately I could not.  The Phoenix Craigslist continues to be a garbage pit of overpriced yard-sale castoffs.

brown - campaign style-dresser - before


Campaign - Dressers - Red - Makeovers |betterafter.net


Julie at Simple Redesign was instructed to give this piece a ‘chippy antique’ look by a client, which she achieved by using Old Fashioned Milk Paint in Barn Red.

If you’ve ever used milk paint, you may have been disappointed by its super-matte finish. It is flatter than flat. No worries though, a topcoat is all it takes to bring it to life. Julie used a low-gloss sealer to give this buffet just the right amount of shine.
Brown - buffet- before

Buffet- Red - Makeovers |betterafter.net


Now it’s time for my favorite movie quote:

“A gun rack? I don’t even own *A* gun. Let alone many guns that would necessitate an entire rack. What am I gonna do … with a gun rack?”

Well Wayne, you could always take up gardening. How about that?

Astral Riles added a pegboard to the back of hers, and now she’s got a handy gardening station to liven up her yard.


Gun Rack - before


Gardening Tool Holder- Red - Makeovers |betterafter.net



Whenever Tami at Curb Alert is busy with projects, her daughter likes to tag-along too. She stays busy by practicing her painting alongside her mama on this child-sized desk.

But Tami thought it was time to use the desk as less of an canvas and more of a desk, so she took over and gave it an adorable ‘back-to-school’ themed makeover.  No worries though, her daughter has moved on to a new art piece. Maybe she’ll be blogging her own makeovers soon enough!


Kid - Desk - Before


School Desk- Red - Makeovers |betterafter.net


And finally, a simple red on an outdated hutch. Doesn’t it look so classic? Sarah also changed the hardware and added an antiquing glaze, and if you like the paint color, she’s got the exact specifications over at FunCycled.


Brown Hutch - Before


Hutch - Red - Makeovers |betterafter.net

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Gone to the dogs

Do you have a crate-trained dog?  We used to. His name was Paulo, and he was an Italian Greyhound. Still is, actually.  We had to give him to my mom when we moved into our rental last year. I never liked putting him in the crate, because heck, I wouldn’t want to sleep in a crate, but he liked it and felt secure in there.  But now he’s broken that habit, and spends his evenings sneaking out with my dad’s dog, a trouble-making airedale named Rusty, who is nothing but a bad influence on sweet Paulo and has probably convinced him to try smoking a cigarette behind the shed.

Maybe if his crate was as cute as this one from Mindi, these wayward teen years could have been avoided.  Made from an old crib, it’s actually a bit too big for an Italian Greyhound, but I bet Rusty would fit in there real nice.

White Crib - before


Crib - to - Dog Crate - Makeover |betterafter.net

To see more, head over to My RePurposed Life

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