Creative Block

Knife blocks.  They aren’t just for knives anymore.

OK, this one is still for knives.  But it looks a lot better than it did when it started! From Ronja at Nur Noch.

knife block before


Blue - Knife Block - Makeover |

Cute right? And now lets talk about other uses for knife blocks:

– Firewood

– Door-stopper

– Yoga Blocks (advanced yogis only)

– Makeshift car jack

– Fun game of Catch the Knife Block

– Weapons to fend off intruders if all of your knives happen to be in the dishwasher

Or, if you would rather have a “good” idea that “makes sense” and is “practical” then here’s one from Serena at Thrift Diving.

knife blocks before


knife block art supply holder  Makeover |


That is pretty great.  Crayon and craft storage! Such a genius idea. I would make one and fill it with pens and call it Writer’s Block, and give it to my author friends.  I don’t have any author friends.  But if I did, I would.


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File Sharing

Did you know file cabinets could be stylish and awesome?  You probably did, but did you know they can also be terrifying?  True story: years ago I was visiting someone in their office, and brought my preschool-age son along.  He wandered around the room while we were talking and found a tall file cabinet, and somehow managed to pull open every single drawer.  I turned around just in time to see the cabinet tipping forward, weighed down by all the open drawers, and inches away from crashing down on him.  It was super scary.  So FYI, that can happen.

But let’s go back to the realm of happy, non-terrifying file cabinets, like this stunner from Charlotte at Ciburbanity. Before: an office-approved clunker the color of Metamucil.

After: a purple ombre partay! It makes me want to FILE STUFF, like, fiercely.


brown file cabinet before


Purple - Ombre - File Cabinet - Makeover |

And here’s another from Tami, the wood whisperer I featured yesterday. She worked her magic on this oudated cabinet, and the result blows my mind! What? How?  She reveals her tricks on her blog Curb Alert.


dark brown cabinet before


Brown - White - Card Catalog - Makeover |

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Once upon a wardrobe.

The old wardrobe sat quietly to the side, trying to hide her tears.  The church yard sale was almost over, and she hadn’t been sold.  Of course she hadn’t.  Who would want to drag her home? She was nothing but tattered junk.  Old and worn through, no good to anybody anymore.  Her beauty had long since faded, sure, but she had foolishly hoped she could still be useful. Her hopes sank further as she heard the snickering of teenage boys preparing to toss her in the dump pile.

But what’s this? They weren’t headed to the dump pile; they hoisted her up and placed her in the back of an SUV!  Somebody had bought her? Why, this was too good to be true.

She arrived at her new home and stared face-to-face at her new owner, but she still refused to believe it.

Tami seemed like a nice lady, but she couldn’t possibly repair all the damage that had been done over the years.  And why would she want to try? But still, the old wardrobe seemed to whisper, “Don’t give up on me!”

And Tami listened.


brown chifferobe before


wood - chifferobe - wardrobe - makeover |

Through the blood, sweat, tears, curses, ridicule, and hours of labor, Tami listened. She coaxed out the beauty that was within her all along.

So don’t forget to remember that story whenever you have one of those days where you feel like a pile of junk too. You’re not! You have more worth and beauty that you know! I said so, and I know about these things.

See more to the story at Curb Alert.

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Best Case Scenario

Do you have a Halloween costume yet?  It’s not too late. I saw a cute idea the other day that would be super easy to pull together with a few thrift-store items: flight attendant! All you need is a dark blazer, a scarf, and why not accessorize with a rolling suitcase, or even better, a vintage travel case!

These are always plentiful at the thrift-stores around here, and give me good feels because they remind me of my grandma who never left home without one.

Rebecca at Ivy & Co.  recently made over a few, and they turned out adorable. Stock yours with mini pretzels and tiny sodas, and you’ll be the hit of the Halloween party!


vintage train case before



Vintage - Train Case- Makeovers |

So cute.  She did a fabulous job of choosing fabrics that complemented each case.

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