From Musty to Must-see!

One time I went to the Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena with a couple of friends, and one of those friends found a velvet mustard headboard just like this one. It was glorious. It was also enormous, but she insisted that she could fit it in the minivan we were traveling in, no problem.

I insisted that she was Wrong with a capital W. Much arguing ensued. Turns out I was right, there was no way on earth it was going to fit, and so it didn’t come home with us after all. She was sad, but I was fist-pumping on the inside because who wants to ride from Pasadena to Phoenix crammed in a minivan with a musty headboard inches away from your face the entire time? Not this girl.

As awesome as this headboard is, it had some damage, and you know it was full of funky mustiness too.

Cream Colored Button Headboard Before

Cream Colored Button Headboard

But Eri came to the rescue and recovered it with some gorgeous Irish linen and multi-colored velvet on the buttons. So cute! She also stripped the varnish on the wood for a more natural look, and you can see more on her blog LuLu’s Cupboard.

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Captains of Industrial

Sometimes you guys send me makeovers that I love so much, I immediately hop over to craigslist to see if I can find myself the same thing to makeover too.  I am usually unsuccessful and then I start looking at the ‘free’ section, and then next thing I know an hour has gone by and I haven’t done anything productive at all. So thanks for nothing, craigslist.

Anyway, in this case the search I was after was “library cart” because I LOVE how this one from Naomi and Sage at Plaster & Disaster turned out. I didn’t find one, so please join me as I stare lustfully at theirs instead.

White Library Cart Before
White Library Cart

Simple white, a little gold detail on the casters, but did you notice the best part?

library cart shelf

Since the shelves are angled down, they built little wedge shelves to make an even surface for displaying non-book items! Those gals are SMART.  Check out their blog for the whole how-to.


And Angie streamlined her little industrial cart with a unifying coat of spray paint in Soft Iron.  Because there’s a difference between looking industrial and looking like you stole it from your high school’s AV equipment closet.

Industrial Cart Before
Industrial Cart

The magic here is all in her styling, so be sure to check out her blog at Postcards from the Ridge for all the details.


And keeping the industrial train a-rolling, check out this little cabinet from Lucy. Does it look industrial to you at all? Even a little bit? No?

Industrial Faux Metal Nightstand Before


Industrial Faux Metal Nightstand

How about now? Yep, that’s the SAME cabinet, and all she added was paint and nailheads! It looks so genuinely metal, even rusting around the edges. Well done Lucy!

See it at Patina Paradise.

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Cart to heart.

You know how sometimes you need an island in your kitchen, but your kitchen doesn’t have a ton of room, and you don’t have a ton of money? Meg knows. She gets you.

Meg found this affordable little cart from Ikea and figured it would squeeze perfectly into her kitchen. Only Meg has this thing where she likes her DIYs to not look like DIYs.  It needed to look professional. Catalog worthy. It needed some sha-jazz.


Ikea Hack Bar Cart Before


Ikea Hack Bar Cart

Sha-jazz complete! She was inspired by a similar look she saw in a Williams Sonoma catalog, only their version cost $930. Robbery I say!

With a few elegant touches, like the carrara marble slab on top (good for extra stability too) and the vintage brass towel holder, she got the look she wanted and kept about $870 in her pocket. Go Meg!

See more on her blog Oliver and Rust.

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Double Whammy from Kammy

Let’s see what our friend Kammy at Kammy’s Korner has been up to lately.  Oh, just redoing her whole house one room at a time.  No biggie. Just kidding, huge biggie! Where is this magical reserve of energy and creativity that some women seem have access to? Is there like a pill I should take? A facebook group I need to join? I need to know! What’s the secret Kammy?

One of Kammy’s secret weapons is her husband, who whipped up this new mantle without buying anything new. He just used scraps and parts that they already had lying around.

White Fireplace and Mantle Makeover |


White Fireplace Mantle Makeover |

Ok, if I tried to build a mantle from the stuff I have lying around, it would most definitely be made out of laundry and string cheese wrappers.


Kammy also tackled this formerly wallpapered-to-the-extreme bedroom, which was also appeared to be hiding hardwood floors under some canary colored carpet. With the walls sufficiently toned down, the floors can shine, along with that beefy baseboard and window trim.  Mmmm, luv me some beefy trim.

Gray and Light Boy Bedroom before


Gray and Light Boy Bedroom Makeover | betterafter.netCheck that out here at Kammy’s Korner.

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