Loft, but not forgotten.

This loft was having an identity crisis. Let’s listen in:

“Hey there funky loft!”

“I’m not a funky loft.  I’m a very traditional living room.”

“Um, you’ve got exposed brick walls, a cement ceiling, and a giant air duct pipe hanging from your ceiling.  Pretty sure you’re a hip and funky loft.”

“Nope. Look at my perfectly matching furniture. Look at my tasteful shades of beige and maroon. You sir, are wrong.”

“Funky Loft, don’t be this way! You have so much more to give! Open yourself up to possibility! Be freee! Let yourself live!”

And with the help of Lizzie at Living Pretty, that’s what our awesome friend Funky Loft did.


Red - living room - before


Loft - Living Room - Light - Makeover | better


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Spot The Differences

When I was young, I had this strange habit of coming straight home from school and reading the newspaper.  It sounds super nerdy, but I was really just reading the comics.  Then Dear Abby. Then the letters to the editor. Ok, so maybe it was a little nerdy.

After I did the crossword puzzle (*sigh,* fine, I WAS a nerd), my favorite thing was the “Spot the Differences” puzzle. You know, where there are two almost identical pictures and you have to find the differences between them?

Today’s makeover is a little bit like that.  Sure, there are some big changes in Sherry’s living room, namely the wall treatment and the furniture, but what else?  Let’s look closer …

Living Room - White and Gray - Before


Living Room - White and Gray - Makeover |

I spot: new curtains, a new cabinet on the left, cuckoo clock is gone, console table has been painted, TV has moved, all artwork and accessories have changed, and I think the lamp is now behind the couch. Did I miss anything?

See more from the talented Sherry at Design Indulgence.



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Deja who?

You know how when you’ve been blogging about makeovers for several years, and you’ve written something like 2,700 posts, and you realize one day that you’re currently writing about a project you already wrote about? That never happens to me. Well, almost never.  Until today.

I was staring at this fireplace from Jamie at So Much Better with Age, thinking how familiar it all seemed, then I realized that I actually featured it way back in 2013.  That’s like two hundred years in blog years.  So, you probably don’t even remember it. Everybody’s attention spans are so short nowadays anyway.  We’re like goldfish. I’ve already stopped and had two snacks since I began writing this paragraph. You probably already forgot where you are.

Well, you are at Better After, a blog all about makeovers! Here is a living room makeover that you’ve never ever seen before. Enjoy! You are at Better After, by the way!

Rock - Fireplace - Before


White - Fireplace - Living Room - Makeover |

I stared at that picture over the fireplace for a long time, thinking it was a woman walking dramatically in a cape and a pointed hat, until I realized it is actually a seashell.

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2014 Highlight reel, part III

It’s New Year’s Eve! Are you going to party like it’s 1999? Do you have fabulous plans? Are you going to kiss a special someone at midnight? I, on the other hand, will be partying like I’m 99, and probably sit around my house and go to bed early.  There might be a game or two of Boggle involved, it things get real crazy.  Still hoping for the lip-syncing party to spontaneously happen though. I’ll keep you posted.

Moving on with a few more A+ Better Afters from 2014, with this fireplace makeover from Sarah Jane in July. It was somewhat controversial, a bit to stark and modern for some viewers, but I loved it and still do.  Minimalist but not boring, that’s right up my alley.



July was also my inaugural Better After Gives Back, where I organized a surprise makeover for a deserving person, and it was probably the highlight of my entire year.  I can’t wait to do it again, hopefully bigger and better in 2015!


For some reason, there was an abundance of bathroom makeovers in August, so it was tough to narrow it down to one, but this bathroom makeover by Jill will always be a favorite, probably because she’s one of my favorites.  But her bathroom totally deserves a spot on the list.  She did 95% of the work in here herself! She’s amazing.

white_bathroom_makeover_before copy







August is also one of my favorite times of the year, thanks to the annual Ugly Lamp Contest. This year’s winner, ‘Beef Femur’ will always have a special place in our hearts, unless somehow you’ve managed to successfully wipe it from your memory.  Here’s a refresher:



Oooooh yes.  Can 2015 top this?  I shudder to think.  Be on the lookout for contenders, maybe you’ll have the distinction of being a winner next year.


September gave us this showroom of a dining room from Judy and Jess, which inspired me to makeover my entire life in black and white.

veranda dining room before


veranda dining room makeoverSee the other top posts of 2014 here and here.

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