Jaclyn was haunted by this big blank wall. Situated between a sliding glass door and a large window, it desperately needed an OOMPH-factor. The lone TV and electric fireplace were doing a very half-hearted job of delivering any oomph. They had like, 2% oomph.

How about a floor-to-ceiling stone fireplace?  Oomphy enough?

White and Gray Fireplace Makeovers |

White and Gray Fireplace Makeovers |

Yes indeed it was! Here’s the best part. This fireplace is simply panels of stone veneer placed over a wooden frame that her husband built. The firebox is an electric insert. The whole thing took two days! Doesn’t it look amazing? See more from Jaclyn at Love and Bellinis.


Sally also gave her fireplace a one-way ticket to Oomphville by ditching the beige drywall ‘accents’ and tile surround, and replacing them with beautiful custom woodworking and a stunning herringbone tile design.

White and Gray Fireplace Makeovers |


fireplace after

I know! It doesn’t look like it could possibly be the same fireplace and room, but it is! See the proof for yourself at Love of Homes.

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Black Out To Blend In

Oh, awkward TV, what are we going to do with you? There’s just no hiding that big black eye smack-dab in the middle of the wall.  We could stuff you in an armoire … but that negates the point of having a flat-screen.  Hmmm. We could stop watching TV altogether … but how would we know what Gwen Stefani wore on The Voice?  No no, there has to be a better way.

I know! We could paint the entire wall black! You would totally blend in! We could add some shelves on either side, and some cool lights above; the whole thing would look awesome.  I think we can even get the thermostat in on this blending-in thing. Let’s do it.

cream - living room - before
Living Room - Black TV Wall - Makeover | betterafter.netFrom Kristen at Team Fuest.

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Take Me To Church

Here’s a little something different for your Friday, and it’s kind of my dream come true. No, not the dream of Gwen Stefani and I being best friends and having a lip sync battle with Jimmy Fallon, my other dream best friend/next door neighbor.  This is my dream of renovating a public building into a private home. (Preferably in between Gwen and Jimmy).

My dream started from a show called Generation Renovation, where people would turn things like old post offices and auto showrooms into beautiful homes.  My favorite episode was when a couple renovated an abandoned junior high school. As they were giving the tour, the man swung open a set of double doors at the end of a hallway, and bam: a full-size gymnasium! Why is that show not on anymore? That show was the best.

So this makeover is right up my alley. It’s an old church turned ballet conservatory turned private residence in New Orleans. Now, I can’t say that I’m on board with all the changes and ‘updates’ that were made here.  Some of them make me cringe, truly. But it’s still SO fascinating! And I’d much rather see a historic space being used and loved, rather than untouched and left to rot.

Church - Exterior

This is the exterior, no before and after shot here.  It looks pretty much untouched, other than that apparatus on the roof.


Church - Blue Room - Before

Church - To - House - Makeover |

Boarded up windows and peeling paint become a perfectly presentable bedroom.


church - first floor - foyer - before


 Church - To - House - Makeover |

Half walls were added to carve out some living spaces, like the wall to the right in this kitchen.


church - 2nd floor - sanctuary - before

Church - To - House - Makeover |

Look at those soaring ceilings! And the windows, drool! And there still looks like plenty of space to host a ballet performance.


Church - To - House - Makeover |

Last I checked it was for sale, if you want to cough up two and half million for it. There is a blog called 1527 Harmony, although it hasn’t been updated, but you can see much more from realtor photos here and here.

What do you think??

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Loft, but not forgotten.

This loft was having an identity crisis. Let’s listen in:

“Hey there funky loft!”

“I’m not a funky loft.  I’m a very traditional living room.”

“Um, you’ve got exposed brick walls, a cement ceiling, and a giant air duct pipe hanging from your ceiling.  Pretty sure you’re a hip and funky loft.”

“Nope. Look at my perfectly matching furniture. Look at my tasteful shades of beige and maroon. You sir, are wrong.”

“Funky Loft, don’t be this way! You have so much more to give! Open yourself up to possibility! Be freee! Let yourself live!”

And with the help of Lizzie at Living Pretty, that’s what our awesome friend Funky Loft did.


Red - living room - before


Loft - Living Room - Light - Makeover | better


PS: Don’t miss out, this amazing deal ends TODAY!!

More info right here.

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