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I always like to punch Monday mornings in the face, which usually translates into me ferociously making the bed and starting a load of laundry.  Take that, Monday! I’m going to kick this week’s butt! *karate kick* However, I seem to run out of steam as the week goes on … so … around Tuesday.

But today is Monday, and we are going to punch Monday in the face! This makeover from Christine at Bijou & Boheme does exactly that. It is just jaw-droppingly good.  Prepare to be stunned.

Living room makeover before

Light pink living room makeover from Bijou & Boheme |


I mean.  Wow. This girl has vision and talent and deserves a round of high fives. It went from fusty old living room to high fashion glam. The trim! The tile! I feel the urge to trim every wall in my life.


living room makeover before  Light pink living room makeover from Bijou & Boheme |

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A Little Mix Up

Here’s a sweet and simple makeover for you.  It’s not wildy dramatic, but maybe it will help you remember that it’s always possible to freshen up your home without actually leaving your home.  Anything that doesn’t require putting on pants is A+ in my book.

See how easily Lorraine filled out this room? She simply pulled in a coordinating piece of furniture she already had, which elongated the entertainment center and minimized the TV-i-ness of the TV. Added a few items of decor to balance it out, and boom! That’s it. Done.

Take a look around your house; I bet there’s something you could do right now to breathe some new life into it.  Don’t you have some pictures you’ve been meaning to hang?  What if you moved that one chair to a new spot? Switched around a rug or two? Or painted that thing in the garage?

Wow, this little pep talk is inspiring myself! I think I’m going to go hang the family pictures that have been sitting on my floor for the last three months.  What about you, I’d love to know!

See more from Lorraine on her blog South Meets Southwest.


sitting room before |

simple sitting area makeover |

Hey Phoenix/Mesa locals!  My amazing sister-in-law Kalli is re-opening her vintage market, Old Brick House after a summer-long hiatus!  Tomorrow (Sept 11th) is the big day, will I see you there?

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HomeGoods Happy Living Room Makeover and GIVEAWAY!

HomeGoods recently challenged me to spread some happiness to someone else as part of their ‘Happiness Happens’ campaign.   I love happiness.  And I love HomeGoods.  Challenge accepted!

I was given a $250 giftcard  and a limited amount of time to spread some cheer, so I called up my friend Charity and asked if my giftcard and I could come jazzify a space in her home.  She said, “Gee, let me thi…SURE!”

Charity claimed that living room was in desperate need of color, so I went over there to take a look.

homegoods living room makeover before

Diagnoses: correct.  Lots of tan. (To be fair, we didn’t attempt to straighten up before taking these pics. In fact, I think I kicked a sleeping person off the couch seconds prior to shooting this one.  Unadulterated before pics, gotta love ‘em).

Since I had to stretch such a limited budget in a short time frame, I knew I would need to work with all that tan, not against it.  I couldn’t just go throw a bunch of zany colors in there and hope it would cancel out the brown.

So I thought I’d go for a ‘beachy’ kind of feel, using the tan as a neutral backdrop to bring in a few gentle blues and greens.


home goods pillowsThis cute little pillow reminded me of seashells.


A pretty throw for some color and softness, a rug to anchor the space and break up all that tile, some curtains too bring in some pattern.  HomeGoods always has a great selection of curtains, but can I humbly beg for curtain manufacturers to PLEASE start offering them in sizes longer than 84″?  That is the standard length, and it’s just not long enough.  I had to take out the hem to give these a few more inches, and it still didn’t quite touch the floor.


So here’s the full view:

homegoods living room makeover before

homegoods living room makeover after

I would have loved to find a rug with more color, but I was at the mercy of what HomeGoods had in stock that day, so white it is. I love white, and I think it really brightened up the room, so I’m not too worried about it, even if a white rug is not ideal for everyone. Charity has teenage girls, who are slightly different than say, toddler boys, so I think it will be ok, and it’s so nice and fluffy compared to lounging on the tile before.

And speaking of the slippery tile, the sofa used to slide around and smoosh up against the vertical blinds on it before, but the rug keeps it firmly in place now.

homegoods before

homegoods living room makeover after2

Budget Breakdown:

  • Rug: $99
  • Pillows: $35 (I made the ikat ones myself)
  • Mirror: $39
  • Throw: $15
  • Curtains: $40
  • Accessories: (vase, picture frame) $22

When it came down to it, I came within 69 cents of my budget!  Woohoo! Not a bad change for an afternoon of work, and Charity is super happy with it, so I’m happy too!


And now HomeGoods wants to spread some happiness to you! Simply leave a comment here, and you’re entered to win a $100 gift card to HomeGoods!

That’s it!

You can also use the hashtag #homegoodshappy to share your finds on social media, or see how others have styled their HomeGoods items in their own spaces.  Fun!

Thanks HomeGoods! Have a good weekend friends.  Winner will be announced on Monday.




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Here’s a handy tip for everyone: (ok, not everyone.  This tip pertains to people who want to stain something without moving it).  Does that describe you?  If so, keep reading!  If not … keep reading anyway!

Jennifer had put in some custom oak trim when she first bought her home.  Fast forward a few years, and she was over its honey golden glow.  But sweet heavens to Betsy she didn’t want to remove it! What a pain. Luckily, there exists such a thing as gel stain, which is a non-drippy type of stain that made it easy to transform her trim to a deep espresso color, which played a big part in the entire entryway makeover.  Better!

You won't want to miss this beautiful entry way makeover! And there's a surprise table makeover too at


You won't want to miss this beautiful entry way makeover! And there's a surprise table makeover too at


She also made over this cabinet, that was not actually a cabinet yet, because she could never figure out how to attach the drawers and doors like she wanted.  So she cut her losses, removed the top, plopped it on a set of matching legs, and it looks like it rolled out of the store that way!  See more details on that on her blog Owen Family Six.

You won't want to miss this beautiful entry way makeover! And there's a surprise table makeover too at

You won't want to miss this beautiful entry way makeover! And there's a surprise table makeover too at

***We are getting down to the wire!  Submissions for The Ugly Lamp are due August 15th!! Submit your original ugly lamp photo to enter! BetterAfter(at), subject line: Ugly Lamp.  More info HERE.***

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