Wood Tile Style

Arranging seating around a fireplace can be tricky business.  Many people opt for a pair of chairs flanking the sides, like in the before picture below.  That looks fine, but is it really conducive to conversation? Or dreaming by the fire? You can’t really gaze into the fire that way; you can only side-eye it suspiciously. No, that’s not good enough, my flame-loving friends. Consider instead a pair of matching sofas facing one another, perpendicular to the fireplace.  What about that?

wood tile fireplace before

wood tile fireplace after

Also, what about painting your walls charcoal? That’s a pretty cool look too. And you could cover your fireplace in wood tile for a look so intriguing that everyone who comes to visit immediately runs over to it and strokes it gently and exclaims in wonder about it. Then they could all sit comfortably on your sofas, in full view of your awesome fireplace, and ask you again about your genius idea to use wood tile and two sofas, and you’ll just feel very happy about the whole thing.

Get the low-down on this space from Stephanie at The Divine Living Space.

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Bringing in Spring

Is there a better time of the whole year to refresh your home than in spring? Nay, I say. And the beauty of a ‘refresh’ rather than a ‘redo’ is that you only need a few small changes to make a room feel brand new.

Corey’s family room is a perfect example. If I had walked into her house for the first time, I would have probably squealed, “Ooh, your house is so cute! I love this and that and this,” and walked around petting her stuff.

But let’s see how it benefited from a quick refresheroo:

Family Room Refresh Before

Family Room Refresh

So much more color and life! Now we can see how the before room was dominated by squares and straight lines: the photos on the wall, the coffee table and rug, and the blunt lines of the chair in the foreground. It was altogether a bit heavy and monochromatic.

The after look still features those nice clean lines, just softened and brightened! The rug adds color and pattern, the coffee table is elegant and airy instead of boxy, and the splashes of color all around the room bring it to life.

And don’t forget the easiest way of adding literal life to a room: plants!  Even if you don’t have the budget for new furniture or accessories, you can always head outdoors and snip a few branches to display. I did this a few days ago with my bougainvillea, and I still get a little thrill at all the punches of hot pink scattered around my house. It doesn’t take much to bring in spring! (Or to amuse me, I know).

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Up Down Up Down Up Down

I hope your scrolling finger is sufficiently stretched out, because this coastal living room makeover is going to give it a workout.

Scroll down – “Woah!”

Scroll back up – “There’s no way that’s the same room.”

Scroll down – “Yes, I think it is. The windows are in the same place.”

Scroll back up – “Still, I’d better double check.”

Scroll down – “The new furniture layout makes so much more sense.”

Scroll back up – “And such a huge change from that before wall color!”

Scroll down – “Loving all the details here. Cute pillows, the hanging lantern … hey, are those burlap curtains?

Scroll up one more time for good measure

Scroll down – “I’d give it two thumbs up, if my hands weren’t already exhausted!”


coastal living room makeover before

coastal living room makeover after

Once your fingers recover, click over to Jessica’s blog Four Generations One Roof to see much more!

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Living Room, Laugh, Love

This before living room wasn’t terrible, just empty.  Easy enough fix. But anyone can put furniture in a living room. That’s not the hard part. The hard part is making it both comfortable and chic. Keeping it cozy but not cluttered. Mixing in eclectic elements without looking like you’re having a yard sale. With enough sentiment to make it personal but not to the point that your visitors want to blarf. (If you have wedding pictures hanging in your guest bathroom, I might be talking to you).

I’d say Kaylee nailed it on all accounts!

living room makeover before living room makeover - after

Cozy, chic, colorful, comfortable, and she even incorporated an enormous wedding picture that blends in seamlessly! *Slow clap.* I’m impressed.

Plus, she had to paint all that trim from gray to white, so that counts as a major makeover to me. Currently, my ambitious self is trying to convince my lazy self that we need to paint all the off-white trim in the house white-white, and she’s not having much luck.

See more from Kaylee at Kaylee Coles.

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