A Tale of Two Pretties

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. It was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness. Or something like that.

This is the tale of two thrift store lamps, plain, outdated, and cast aside. But not for long.

Friends Naomi and Sage from Plaster & Disaster bought the lamps and challenged each other to a lamp-off. Each would take one and make it over in her own style.

Two Lamps, Two Designs | betterafter.net
Two Lamps, Two Designs (Naomi) | betterafter.net

For Naomi, this meant high-gloss black contrasted with a glamorous gold-dipped look. I love how she filled the ridges in on the bottom with wood filler before applying the gold. It makes it look authentically ‘dipped’ and not just painted. Fabulous!


Two Lamps, Two Designs (Sage)| betterafter.net

Sage also opted to smooth out the ridges on her lamp by sanding the entire thing. It got a coat of turquoise paint, then she layered on thin coats of gold using a mix of paint and water, which she sprayed on with a squirt bottle. Very cool technique! It gives it a shimmery ceramic look.

What fun! I want to have a lamp-off. Who’s with me? You know what else I’ve always wanted to do? I’ll tell you. Find some completely hopeless items at the thrift-store and have a competition to see who can improve them the most.

I would choose a few participants and send them their ‘mystery’ item in the mail, then they would report back with their efforts and we would all vote and have a good laugh.  Oh man, the more I talk about it, the more I want to do it.  Would anyone be interested in that? Let me know. I think we should make it happen.

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Fixture Fixer

If the Ugly Lamp Contest has taught us anything over the years, it’s that just about anything on this earth can be made into a lamp. Also, that there are many, many horrible lamps.

But today I present to you some light fixtures that are neither ugly nor horrible, but unexpected and fun! Wheee!

Lindsay recently created some DIY pendants out of … these things:

wood light fixture before

What are these things? No one knows. Farm-grade colanders? We’ll go with that.

Armed with her galvanized colanders and a few other supplies, she took this odd and awkward area of her kitchen ceiling and made …

wood light fixture room before
Wood Beam - Light Fixture - Makeover |betterafter.net…this!

She built a fake-front around the existing beam with stained planks of wood, which not only bulked it up to make it look much more substantial, they were perfect for hiding the wiring of her fancy new lights.  So cool!

See all the details on her blog at My Creative Days.

PS: Grand prize goes to the first person who can correctly identify what those things are.

PPS: Grand prize is a virtual high-five.


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The Ugly Lamp Contest is coming soon!  Start training your eyeballs now so they will to be able to withstand the soul-crushing hideousness that is coming their way. I will have more info soon, but I am starting to accept submissions now, so send those original ugly lamp pics my way!  (Betterafter(at)live.com, subject line: Ugly Lamp).

And in NON ugly lamp news, Christina at The Frugal Homemaker took this sickly set of brass lamps and healed them with a dosage of white paint.

(Truly, they weren’t that bad).  I’m a fan of brass and think it can look awesome in the right room, but white will always and forever be a classic favorite!


What a change white paint can make! See a white lamp makeover at betterafter.net


What a change white paint can make! See a white lamp makeover at betterafter.net

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Like a bird(cage) on a wire.

You know how I love an easy project.  One that doesn’t require a huge time commitment, or even both hands.  Something like this sweet little birdcage turned pendant light project by Lindsay at Another Mormon Mommy Blog. To be fair, I’m sure it requires using both hands at some point.  Unless you are lying on the couch, directing someone else.  (I’ve always thought DIY was more of a command than a statement.  Go do it yourself!)

But why not!  You can totally do this yourself. Look how great it looks with the antique style bulbs.  Do you think our current light bulbs will be cute and nostalgic someday?  Hmmm, maybe.  But probably not.  But maybe.


From birdcage to pendant light at betterafter.net


From birdcage to pendant light at betterafter.net


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