Fresh n’ French: Dining Room Edition

Remember that gorgeous kitchen makeover I featured a few weeks ago that totally blew your mind? You probably don’t, what with your mind being blown and everything. Sorry about that. I hope it cleaned up ok.

To refresh your memory, it was a fantastic French country style kitchen makeover by Cindy who is busy renovating her whole home. Do you think she stopped there though? Pshhh, ha! Cindy would never do that. She’s transformed her dining room too, and it makes me want to move immediately to the French countryside, or at least into Cindy’s guest bedroom.

Country French Dining Room Before 1

Country French Dining Room 1

Lots of things changed here but many stayed the same, like the parquet floors, iron chandelier, and stained glass window.

And now they no longer have to fight against the flocked avocado wallpaper, (which fought so valiantly against any and all attempts at removal that Cindy was forced to lay wood planks right over it, a happy turn of events).

Country French Dining Room Before

Country French Dining Room

Cindy also swapped out the hot-pink draperies for neutral drop-cloth curtains, scrapped the popcorn ceilings clean, and freshened everything from the baseboards on up with new paint. Even though she went neutral, she still has five colors of paint happening in here, from the ceilings to the trim, to the doors, to the hutch.  Layered neutrals, now that’s how you do it right!

So much more to see from Cindy at Edith & Evelyn.

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Big Magic Small Space

Hey gang, how was your weekend? If you didn’t spend it in the ER, it was better than mine!

Everything is fine now, but my little guy slipped off a stepladder in the backyard and smacked the side of his head hard on the concrete. He was lethargic and inconsolable, and threw up a few times, so we took him in to be evaluated just in case.  They did a CT scan on him and everything looked normal, thank goodness. He’s a little bruised up, but back to his old self already! Hooray for happy endings!


Christina’s kitchen recently got a happy ending of its own too.  Before, it was tiny, boxy, dark and dated.  But now …

Craftsman Kitchen Before


Craftsman Kitchen copy

It is exactly none of those things! Of course the size is the same, but the open shelving makes it feel … dare I say it … spacious? You might think that there is no way anyone with such a small kitchen could afford to lose all that cabinet storage, but hush your fears. Not only does she have everything she needs at her fingertips, it looks great on display too.

Open shelving forces you to pare your kitchen down to the necessities. Which is great! It means letting go of the things you don’t really need. It means no teetering stacks of ‘commemorative’ plastic cups, no drawer full of ketchup packets and twisty ties, no magnets that say TORONTO on them when you have never been to Toronto or know a single person in Toronto or have any affiliation with Toronto, (this is a very specific fight that my husband and I had today about a Toronto magnet that he inexplicably decided to hang on the fridge, seriously, anyway, guess who won that fight?)

See how Christina packed a ton of magic into this little kitchen on her blog Christina’s Adventures.

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Cow Do You Do?

Did you know that when I was very small I lived on a ranch in Arizona in literally the middle of nowhere? No neighbors, no stores, no paved roads, but lots of animal friends. I had a pet lamb that I very creatively named Lamby, and I remember leaning out of my window to feed him giant bottles of milk. I once peeked behind the couch and found a king snake stretched out on the carpet. And cows would constantly roam around the yard, eating things out of our garden and peering in the kitchen windows. Sometimes rattlesnakes would crawl along the windows too. Of course there were plenty of mice and spiders and bugs. It was a magical and terrifying place to grow up.

One time my grandparents came to visit, and when it was time to leave they discovered they couldn’t start their car, because dozens of snakes had nested in their engine.

Soon after that we moved to town.

Anyway, Ashley’s kitchen makeover reminded me of that old ranch house a little bit because …

Cow Kitchen:Dining Room Before


Cow Kitchen:Dining Room

She has a cow in her kitchen too! I much prefer a two-dimensional cow. I love this modern farmhouse look that she’s created, so comfy, chic, and cool.  And bonus: no rattlesnakes! See it on her blog  Bigger Than The Three Of Us.

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Fresh n’ French

If you’ve ever tried to convince your significant other that painting your cabinets is not only a good idea but ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY TO YOUR MENTAL WELL BEING, well here’s a makeover that’s hard to argue with. Just print these pictures out and mike-drop them into their lap, like boom. Then back away silently while their mind gets blown by this French country goodness right here:

French Country Kitchen Before 1


French Country Kitchen 1

Sure, there’s a few other minor changes, like the ceiling, flooring, backsplash, fixtures, appliances, etc, etc, but let’s not focus on the details, darling. Those are the SAME cabinets.


French Country Kitchen Before

French Country Kitchen

And fine, maybe a wall was removed, and the was fridge relocated somewhere presumably nearby, and some major electrical work took place, and the island was extended, but I bet it all started with repainting those cabinets.

This French country kitchen belongs to Cindy, and believe it or not, it wasn’t quite that easy.  She and her husband are in the process of renovating their entire home, which, when they bought it was basically a time-capsule from 1972, with very little updating ever taking place in the last 40 or so years.

And even better, they started out as total DIY rookies!  She says “The only “renovating” I had ever done in the past was a little bit of painting and hanging wallpaper. The most hubby had ever done was to pick up the phone and call someone.”

And look where they are today! Sure, it wasn’t without plenty of trial and error, countless YouTube videos, and learning as they went, but they succeeded. I know it’s a cliche, but you really can do anything you put your mind to.

You really have to head over to her blog Edith & Evelyn to see more. So many beautiful details and special touches in this home. Thanks for being such an inspiration Cindy!

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