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Hey gang, how’s your Monday? Are you in the middle of the polar vortex? I don’t even know what that is, sorry. Like, a bunch of cold all at once?  Sounds terrible.  You should move to Arizona.

Speaking of tropical islands, (go with it) check out this deserted island in the middle of Kate’s kitchen. It looks so small and sad; all forlorn just sitting there, staring at the rest of the kitchen, a little orphan desperately wishing for a family of its own. Wow, it’s bumming me out.

Don’t worry.  All ends well for the little island, and the rest of the kitchen too.  Black and white for the win!

Best parts: the new island of course, the new flooring that no longer divides the kitchen and dining space, and the cornice that unites that outlier cabinet with the rest of the kitchen.  There’s a lot of inclusiveness going on here.

See more from Kate at Eating in the Shower. kitchen makeover before small island |

white red black kitchen makeover with black countertops |

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You have the right to right now.

Tanya is saving up her cash for a dream kitchen makeover, which will take place sometime in the distant future.  Might as well just live with this boring old kitchen that she absolutely hates in the meantime, right?


That big-budget dream kitchen could be years down the road. Her logic is, why not make it look and function better right now?

She spent less than $1,500 to transform her kitchen into a beautiful and fun space that she’s happy with RIGHT NOW!  Tiny cramped cabinets were removed to make way for open shelving, which means she doesn’t have to wait for some imaginary day in the far-off future to enjoy her collection of bright aqua dishware. She can enjoy them RIGHT NOW! She can greet her kitchen with a smile TODAY!

Are you putting off something that you could change to make you happy right now? Don’t wait! It’s not time or money wasted.  It’s a small price to pay to avoid years of discontentment, that’s what I’d say.

See much much more at Dans le Lakehouse.

oak kitchen before
White - Aqua - Kitchen - Makeover |

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Flingin’ the gingham.

Happy Monday to you.  Did you get a chance to enter the Kalaty Rug giveaway? Prize is valued at up to $1000, so hop on it girlfriend!

Next, here comes a stellar kitchen makeover to jump start your week.  When Suesan bought her home, she initially thought she would paint the walls and rip out the carpeting in the kitchen and be done-zo.  (Pause for long and hearty laughter). Ahahahahahaha, NO.

It never happens like that. One thing led to another, yada yada yada, and now she has a super hip kitchen that I would categorize as both craftsman-ish and industrial-y. Those are the official terms, I believe.

One great change was framing out the windows with that delicious trim. Now the view can do the talking instead of being drowned out by the sad moan of the gingham curtains.





Look how awkward it was before! The cabinets and countertop actually extended beyond the door frame! No no no, that won’t do.

You can see that Suesan cut back on cabinets, but the new open shelving still gives her plenty of storage while looking ultra cool. It’s like a coffee shop I’m not hip enough to patronize.

And no more carpet!  That’s one that should have made the list of deadly sins. Wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, gluttony, and carpeting a kitchen. I mean, it’s not even debatable.

Much more to see on her blog Frou Frugal.




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Getting to Grand

You know how in junior high you were all about denim and chokers and flannel and oversized t-shirts, and you just knew that fashion could NOT POSSIBLY get any better? That was me. I remember specifically having that exact thought.

I wish I had a better example for you, but this was all I could dig up of me and some friends at what I think was an eighth grade dance:

junior high pic

I’m the one in the back who looks like she’s wearing one of her dad’s old shirts.  This was my ‘special event’ outfit, apparently. This, to me, was as good as it got, and ever could get.  I mean, what else could there be besides baggy t-shirts and wide-legged jeans and Doc Martens? Nothing, duh.

Thankfully time passes and styles change and our tastes evolve.

Same thing with Erin and her kitchen.  (Although her before kitchen was actually cute in it’s time.  Unlike … whatever I was attempting to do up there).  She loved her oak kitchen, and she loved it hard. Until one day, she just didn’t. She looked around, and it had become outdated.  It felt dark and cramped. The appliances were on their last leg.

Time for a change! And what a beautiful change she made. Knocking out the wall, peninsula, and soffit created so much room, it doesn’t even look like the same space.


tan and brown kitchen before

White kitchen - wood floor - makeover | Like an awkward duckling growing into a graceful and stylish swan. Lovely. So much more to see from Erin on her blog Just Grand.

just grand kitchen makeover before

White kitchen - wood floor - makeover |

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