Floor Fluidity

I often despaired about the state of my kitchen in my previous home. The cabinets were a streaky cherry color, the countertops were a muddy red/brown, and the tile was decidedly orange. I liked none of it, and didn’t have the means to correct all of it at once. It felt pointless to put in the effort to fix one area, such as painting the cabinets, only to continue hating the other two-thirds of the kitchen.

If this before kitchen had belonged to me, I probably would have thought the same thing.  So much tan and cherry! Why try? What’s the point? What’s the point of any of it? Why are we here? Where are we going? And then I would have thrown myself dramatically on the couch.

But then I noticed that the super tan tile floor in the before picture …

White Kitchen Before

White Kitchen

… is the same neutral tile floor in the after. Who would have guessed that it would work so nicely with fresh white cabinets and gray walls?

The key is the countertop that Kristi chose, along with all the other wood-toned accents she used throughout the space. From the butcher-block to the shades to the shelf, it all ties together and balances out the warm and cool tones. If she had gone with a white or black countertop instead, the results wouldn’t be nearly as cohesive.

So, the moral of the story is don’t be afraid to work with what you’ve got. You already know that. But do you know not to be afraid to work in what you don’t got? Like a long expanse of countertop where there used to be a blanks space, for instance. Go ahead and add that in.

White Kitchen Before 1


White Kitchen 1

Add in some subway tile to the ceiling while you’re at it. I’m never mad at that look. Tons of other great details to see in Kristi’s kitchen on her blog Chatfield Court.


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How Cool is your Refrigerator?

It’s Fridge Friday, and you know what that means!

You probably don’t know what that means, because we have never, no not once, ever celebrated Fridge Friday. But that changes today. Because today is FRIDGE FRIDAY, so GET EXCITED!

Basically Fridge Friday is me showing you some fridge makeovers. You can observe Fridge Friday yourself by giving your own fridge a makeover, or maybe just cleaning it out. Is there anything better than a freshly cleaned-out fridge? Well, yes, a lot of things. Like buckets of money and free vacations. But a clean fridge is pretty nice. And a boring fridge with a sweet makeover is pretty fun to look at too. So here we go.

First up, Medina had a vision of turning her fridge into a yellow Mason jar. Why? Why not!

Yellow Mason Jar Fridge Before

Yellow Mason Jar Fridge

It’s her fridge and she can turn it into a yellow Mason jar if she wants to. See more, like how she made the raised lettering, on her blog Grillo Designs. (spoiler alert: hot glue!)


Tracy’s fridge was old and dated but worked just fine, so she couldn’t justify buying a shiny new one. Then she found a roll of beadboard wallpaper, which got her wheels turning …

Wallpapered Refrigerator Before


Wallpapered Refrigerator

Amazing right? Obviously she didn’t just wallpaper right over the entire fridge, that would be crazy.  Actually, now that I think about it, with the right wallpaper, that might be really cool. Somebody do that and send me a picture. But Tracy went further with chunky trim and a fancy handle to finish it off, and you can see her detailed process on her blog General Splendour.


Want a temporary fridge fix? Maybe you’re renting or just want to impress a visitor with your cool fridge for a weekend, or whatever it is you do. I don’t know your life.

gold striped fridge makeover before


gold striped fridge makeover after


Rachel achieved this look with gold foil tape! Inexpensive, effective, and removable. It’s so cool, I want to somehow simultaneously own and wear it.

See more at Rachel Schultz.


And finally, why go to all the trouble of writing your dinner menu or grocery list on a piece of paper, then finding a magnet, THEN attaching it to your fridge? WHEW! Who has the time?

chalkboard fridge makeover before


chalkboard painted fridge makeover after

Save yourself the extra effort and just paint your fridge with chalkboard paint and never have that hassle again! I also like the added detail of the jute-wrapped handles, clever clever. From Audra at The Kurtz Corner.


Hope you enjoyed Fridge Friday! See you next time for Washing Machine Wednesday. That’s not a thing yet, but it should be. Or Lawn Mower Monday? Ok, now you’ve gone too far.

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I’m with the Band … wagon

Are you hesitant to embrace a white kitchen because, well, everyone else is doing it? It’s true, white kitchen cabinets have never been more popular. But listen. They are popular for all the right reasons. Like the way that jeans are popular. White isn’t some flash-in-the-pan trend. They aren’t the slap-bracelets and jelly shoes of cabinetry. They are like jeans, and they are here to stay, and I said so.

So don’t be afraid to jump on the bandwagon if you really like the look, that’s all I’m saying.

When Barb went to redo her kitchen, she stayed away from white for exactly that reason. Everyone else is doing it! She decided to strip her cabinets and restain them an espresso color instead. It’s hard to tell from the before picture, but they started off green.

Then, as she labored and labored over stripping and sanding each and every piece of cabinetry, it dawned on her that painting them white might be easier. And the room was so small and dark without a window anyway …

White and Stainless Kitchen Before

White and Stainless Kitchen

So she changed her plans and painted them white after all. And she’s thrilled that she did! How could you not be? She says “I’m so glad we went with the white! It just blows my mind how much better everything looks, and how much brighter it is.”

Barb went even further by adding under cabinet lighting from Ikea to real light it up. I mean, wow. It’s such a huge difference. I love it so much I did an air punch the first time I saw it.

Great work Barb!

See more on her blog Turtles & Tails.

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Shiplap Look on Any Budget

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the past couple of years, you are well aware of the trend known as ‘shiplap.’  If your cave has wifi, however, you’ve probably already shiplapped the crap out of it.  I bet it looks nice.

If you haven’t heard of shiplap, it’s basically wood paneling, most typically painted white and hung horizontally. It’s nothing groundbreaking or new, but it’s enjoying a resurgence of popularity thanks in part to Joanna and Chip Gaines and their massively beloved show “Fixer Upper.” They are big fans of the shiplap look, and so am I!

Here now are three ways to get the look yourself.

#1: You could actually hang some shiplap.

White Plank Wall Before


White Plank Wall

Chelsea at Creating Cotters Bay used white wooden planks to add some interest to the end of her hallway. Perfect place to add a little detail AND get some practice in before you attempt a larger wall.


If sawing up wood ain’t your thang, you can still get the look like Sarah did below. Can you tell what she’s using on her kitchen backsplash?

shiplap backsplash vinyl before

shiplap with vinyl planks after

#2: It’s vinyl flooring!

Easier to haul, cut, and much thinner than regular boards. And if that’s not enough to convince you, it costs less too. She made sure to space them out just enough by placing a penny in between the planks as she hung them. You want a slight gap to really nail that shiplap look. See her tips for painting and sealing on her blog All Things with Purpose.


Ok, so you can either hang actual shiplap, or you can ‘cheat’ with vinyl flooring, but is there yet another way?

Believe it or not, there is. And believe it or not, it costs zero dollars. That’s right, I said ZERO DOLLARS. Behold:

shiplap wall with pencil before


Can you guess?

It’s pencil! (Insert shocked cat-face emoji)

If you have access to a couple of pencils and a straight edge, you could be a member of Club Shiplap before dinnertime. Head on over to Emily’s blog The Wicker House to get all the details. I believe there is a coat of sealer involved at some point, so the pencil doesn’t smudge, but other than that, ZERO FREAKING DOLLARS PEOPLE.

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