Tuesdays With Dorie

Your eyeballs are in for a treat today.  If your chair has a seat belt, now would be a good time to buckle it.

Ok, so Dorie is a bit of a local legend here in Phoenix.  (Even though she just moved to California, boo!) She’s one of those people that just has the knack for creating a beautiful home and making it look effortless. I featured her historic home makeover in the past, but it doesn’t stop there.

Apparently this effortless style gene is genetic, and she’s passed it on to her daughter Rio who also began restoring historic homes under the name Project Beautify.  Here is their latest, and it’s ridiculous. It makes me want to punch my own house in the face.

Let’s start with the kitchen.  I’m sorry if it makes you want to punch your own kitchen in the face, but I understand.

oak - kitchen - before

Dorie's - Kitchen - Makeover | betterafter.net


Gadzooks. It’s … so stunning.  Is that a fireplace in the middle of the kitchen?  Let’s swing around the corner and see …


living room - fireplace - before

Dorie's - White- Living Room - Makeover | betterafter.net

Yes, a three-sided fireplace.  If I could insert the cat-making-the-Home-Alone-face emoticon right here, I would. I’m swooning, I’m literally swooning.  Good thing I buckled my chair belt.

Let’s take a look outside.  It used to be a one-way trip to Snoozeville. But now …


dories - house - before

Dorie's - Exterior - House - Makeover | betterafter.net

Charm! Color! Style! Flowers! I love the new walkway up to that adorable door. I love it all. It’s so darn inviting.  Why yes, I WILL come in and stay awhile, don’tmindifIdo.

Lots more to see at Tuesdays with Dorie.

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Boy-Approved Kitchen

As the mother of three boys, I can attest to the fact that they don’t walk into a kitchen and notice outdated light fixtures or tired appliances.  They don’t see worn linoleum and fading formica countertops.  They don’t care if the cabinets coordinate with the backsplash.  They are there for one reason alone: to get food into their mouth hole.

So when Erin’s son kept referring to their kitchen as “the ugliest kitchen in the whole town,” she knew it was beyond time for a change.

Spending less than $4,000, nearly half of which went to new hardwood floors, she achieved a gorgeous new look that they can both be proud of!

See the whole budget breakdown on her blog Red House Renovations.


Oak kitchen before


White - Kitchen - Brown - Backsplash - Makeover | betterafter.net

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Fixture Fixer

If the Ugly Lamp Contest has taught us anything over the years, it’s that just about anything on this earth can be made into a lamp. Also, that there are many, many horrible lamps.

But today I present to you some light fixtures that are neither ugly nor horrible, but unexpected and fun! Wheee!

Lindsay recently created some DIY pendants out of … these things:

wood light fixture before

What are these things? No one knows. Farm-grade colanders? We’ll go with that.

Armed with her galvanized colanders and a few other supplies, she took this odd and awkward area of her kitchen ceiling and made …

wood light fixture room before
Wood Beam - Light Fixture - Makeover |betterafter.net…this!

She built a fake-front around the existing beam with stained planks of wood, which not only bulked it up to make it look much more substantial, they were perfect for hiding the wiring of her fancy new lights.  So cool!

See all the details on her blog at My Creative Days.

PS: Grand prize goes to the first person who can correctly identify what those things are.

PPS: Grand prize is a virtual high-five.


~ Have you entered the Linen & Boxwoods giveaway? $100 to spend, easy entry! ~

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Ranch House Redos

Happy Thanksgiving fellow Americans! Don’t worry if you are stuffed to the gills and barely squeezing into your stretchy pants. There’s always room for eye candy!

Enjoy these delicious DIY delacies by Melanie at Ranch House Rehab. And when I say DIY, I mean it. This girl can do it ALL. She’s not afraid to tackle anything from landscaping to plumbing to roofing to flooring. She’s my DIY idol.  Her kitchen is gorgeous, and looks like the perfect place to prepare a Thanksgiving feast.


red and oak kitchen before

White - Farmhouse - Kitchen - Makeover | betterafter.net

Her dining room is equally fab, the only thing it’s missing is me, sitting at the table, inviting myself over to dinner.

tan dining room before


White - Farmhouse - Dining Room - Makeover | betterafter.net

Funnily enough, Melanie and I both live in the valley, and have lots of mutual friends, and are online pals, but we’ve never met in real life, and I’ve never actually seen her beautiful house in person. Such a shame.  We should remedy that.  I’ll start by inviting myself over to dinner.

yellow living room before


 Farmhouse - Living Room - Makeover | betterafter.net

Melanie has been hard at work on the exterior of her home as well, and it’s come SO FAR! Head on over to her blog Ranch House Rehab to read more about what possessed her to buy this house in the first place and see all the incredible progress she’s made.


ranch house rehab exterior makeover

ranch house rehab exterior makeover after

Hope you are having a super happy Thanksgiving.

If you are looking for more holiday blog reading, why not take a tour through the Better After archives? :)

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