Take Me To Church

Here’s a little something different for your Friday, and it’s kind of my dream come true. No, not the dream of Gwen Stefani and I being best friends and having a lip sync battle with Jimmy Fallon, my other dream best friend/next door neighbor.  This is my dream of renovating a public building into a private home. (Preferably in between Gwen and Jimmy).

My dream started from a show called Generation Renovation, where people would turn things like old post offices and auto showrooms into beautiful homes.  My favorite episode was when a couple renovated an abandoned junior high school. As they were giving the tour, the man swung open a set of double doors at the end of a hallway, and bam: a full-size gymnasium! Why is that show not on anymore? That show was the best.

So this makeover is right up my alley. It’s an old church turned ballet conservatory turned private residence in New Orleans. Now, I can’t say that I’m on board with all the changes and ‘updates’ that were made here.  Some of them make me cringe, truly. But it’s still SO fascinating! And I’d much rather see a historic space being used and loved, rather than untouched and left to rot.

Church - Exterior

This is the exterior, no before and after shot here.  It looks pretty much untouched, other than that apparatus on the roof.


Church - Blue Room - Before

Church - To - House - Makeover |betterafter.net

Boarded up windows and peeling paint become a perfectly presentable bedroom.


church - first floor - foyer - before


 Church - To - House - Makeover |betterafter.net

Half walls were added to carve out some living spaces, like the wall to the right in this kitchen.


church - 2nd floor - sanctuary - before

Church - To - House - Makeover |betterafter.net

Look at those soaring ceilings! And the windows, drool! And there still looks like plenty of space to host a ballet performance.


Church - To - House - Makeover |betterafter.net

Last I checked it was for sale, if you want to cough up two and half million for it. There is a blog called 1527 Harmony, although it hasn’t been updated, but you can see much more from realtor photos here and here.

What do you think??

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Some things in life ARE free.

The Gods of Craigslist smiled upon Christina one day, and blessed her with a pedestal table and four chairs for free. FREE!  Hold on a second, I’m going to go see what the Phoenix Craigslist has to offer for free today. Ok, I’m back. Prepare yourself.

This toilet:

free toilet on craigslist

“Could be used as a funky planter!” the description cheerily suggests.


This (obviously dead) Christmas tree:

free dead christmas tree on craigslist

“We have nowhere to plant it,” the giver sadly declares.  Here’s an idea. In a bonfire.


These hoses:

free holey hoses on craigslist

“They are all cut and have holes in them.” Perfect.  I’ve been looking everywhere for useless hoses.


This DVD player remote.  Just the remote.

free remote control on craigslist whyyyyy

Question: who on earth would drive all the way across town just to take a free remote control off your hands? Someone you don’t want to give your address to, that’s who.


This pile of sticks:


free pile of sticks on craigslist

Great for building that bonfire.


And finally … this:

free crime scene on craigslist

I don’t even know what this is, but I can assure you, I do not want it. Not for free, not if you paid me, no.


Ok, sorry for that assault on your eyeballs. But now Christina’s before table is going to look pretty dang nice, never mind the after.


brown kitchen table and chairs before

Right? But the after will really knock your socks off:


White - Kitchen Table - Chairs - Makeover | betterafter.net

Oh yeah. Beautiful! Gorgeous! She stripped and sanded everything down (unnecessary actually, it only needed a good sanding, she later realized) and freshened it up with a few coats of white paint.  But my favorite part is that driftwood finish she created on top.  Head on over to Remodelando la Casa to see it up close!

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Beach House Revival

Beth and Kristy at My Design Chic recently worked their magic on this beach house kitchen for the One Room Challenge. And it was a challenge. Where to begin? The double-decker cabinets? The lone flourescent light? The five (literally FIVE) layers of linoleum? How about the teeny (and oddly also double-decker) window? To me, that’s the biggest sin of all.  You can’t have a beach house on the beach with no view of the beach!


White - Cabinets - Kitchen - Before


White - Kitchen - Wood Tones- Makeover | betterafter.net

Aaaahhhh, now that’s better.  They initially had planned on an entire wall of french doors, but the budget didn’t allow for it, so they went with as many windows as possible instead.  And an extra sink, for gutting fish, of course. What a fantastic job.

Plus, there was also this weird little laundry room just off the kitchen, which got re-purposed into a cozy lounge space.  Who needs laundry anyway? (Everyone. Unless it’s a nude beach.  Which, to my knowledge, it is not. The laundry room just got moved upstairs).

kitchen nook - laundry room - before


White Kitchen - Reading Nook - Makeover |betterafter.net

Can you believe all this happened in six weeks?  I can’t even seem to pick out a paint color in that time frame!


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2014 Highlights, all wrapped up!

Well, hi there! I took a longer than expected break thanks to a rip-roaring sinus infection that has extended into the reaches of my soul. I feel like there is an elephant standing on my head, and there is also an elephant standing on that elephant’s head. It’s been magical.

We’re going to finish wrapping up 2014 today, even though you are probably sick to death of 2014 wrap-ups by now.  But it’s not like I can just leave it halfway wrapped up people! We have to wrap it all the way up!

So here’s the last of the best of 2014, my particular favorites from October to December. It wasn’t that long ago, so just pretend you don’t remember.

My favorite offering from October was this sleek dresser makeover from Katie. Navy paint, copper pipe, it’s just the chicest little thing.




I love the addition of the legs, furniture always seems so much more furniture-ier when it’s not sitting squat on the floor.




Tanya’s kitchen makeover in November proved that even if you can’t have your dream kitchen RIGHT NOW, you can still love your kitchen.




Now she can enjoy it in all its bright and budget-friendly splendor, while she saves up for the remodel of her dreams.


And lastly, December brought us the pinnacle of man-caves from Tara and her brother-in-law “Too-Far-Frank.” Where most man-caves stop at a big TV and a mini-fridge, Frank ventured beyond into wood floors, exposed brick walls, and a beautiful custom-built bar complete with his own logo; thusly living up to his nickname.




Happy (still) New Year!

Checkout the rest of the 2014 highlights here, here, and here.

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