Don’t be faint, paint!

Do you hate your kitchen cabinets and want to paint them, but you’re too scared that if you did they might turn out terribly, and then you’d hate them?  Do you see the flaw in your thinking there?  You’d be right back where you started, and only out a few gallons of paint! Big whoop!

BUT chances are, you won’t do a terrible job because you’re pretty brilliant, I happen to know, and they will turn out fabulously, and you will LOVE them! And throw a party just to show them off! And make more friends, because of all these parties you keep having! And probably get a new job with more money thanks to these new friends! Wow, your life just made a turn for the better, all thanks to being a little gutsy and painting your cabinets like you’ve always wanted to.

Here’s some happy inspiration from Jesse at NineRed.


oak kitchen before


white and blue kitchen makeover |


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Fine Tuning Fine Dining

Are you hosting Thanksgiving at your house this year?  Yay! I’ll be there. I’ll bring the mashed potatoes.  What else do you need help with?  Do you have enough silverware? Serving dishes? Do I have to sit at the kid’s table again? But most importantly, what’s the status of your dining set?

If it’s in need of a little attention, fear not. I’ve got some ideas to get your dining room ready to party in no time! (Ok, maybe slightly more than no time. But it’ll be worth it).

Let’s go!

First up, this example from Better After reader Liz, who sent in this stenciled table makeover, explaining that she inherited it from the grandmother of a close friend who she cared for while she was in nursing school.  Her instructions were to do anything she wished with it, as long as she didn’t give it away.

Free to let her creativity fly, she came up with this fearless and fun design:

table makeover before |


stenciled table makeover |

How gorgeous is this set from Christy at Confessions of a Serial Do-it-Yourselfer?  Such humble thrift-store beginnings, but now it’s magazine worthy! It’s like a that movie where that one guy starts out living in his car and turns out becoming the CEO of a worldwide company. (That’s a movie, right?  Surely that’s a movie).

dining table makeover before |

stained top dining table makeover |

If you want to add some color to your Thanksgiving-scape beyond the cranberry sauce (that’s what it’s for obviously, because no one has ever actually eaten it in the history of Thanksgiving), how about taking the chairs for a little dip? So cute. See more of this fresh look from Laurel at A Bubbly Life.


table makeover before |


white table makeover with dipped chair legs |

And finally, if you love that distressed farmhouse look but don’t have the time to sit around waiting for your set to become distressed, guess what?  Deb has a shortcut for you. See her secret on her blog Lake Girl Paints.  That is so delightful to me for some reason.  “Let’s hurry up and make this thing look old already!” We humans are a funny bunch.

Beautiful job Deb!


farmhouse table before |


farmhouse table makeover |

Do you have a makeover to share?  I would love to see it!  Send your submissions my way at  Happy weekend friend!


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Here a little, there a little.

Everybody loves instant gratification, that’s the whole MO of this blog! Before pic, after pic, boom. You just digested an entire kitchen remodel in 15 seconds.

But don’t get fooled or frustrated when your real life projects seem to take three times longer.  (Longer than you originally planned on, I mean.  Three times longer than 15 seconds is 45 seconds.  Good luck giving anything a makeover that quickly.  I can’t even make toast that fast).

Better After reader Joan chose to do her kitchen remodel as time and money permitted, which ended up taking seven years! It’s a game she enjoys, seeing what she can accomplish on a minimal budget without going into debt.  Piece by piece she replaced this outdated kitchen, starting with stripping the fruity wallpaper and repainting, installing new countertops a year later, then new flooring and appliances a few years after that.

It’s definitely a kitchen to be proud of, and so inspiring to see what can be done with a little money and a lot of patience.


outdated kitchen before |

Kitchen makeover on a budget! |


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Rain, rain, here to stay!

I woke up this morning (like 3am this morning) to rain pounding on my roof and wind howling. I stood there in my undies (sorry for the visual) staring out the window for a very long time, and freaking out any neighbors who happened to be awake at the same time and saw my pasty, ghostly self lingering in the window, because rain is a total novelty in Phoenix.  How much of a novelty you ask?  Well, they canceled school this morning.  For rain!  I know! It was so bad, they shut down the freeways and Matt couldn’t even drive to work.  There was a kid rowing a boat in the park across the street, no joke.  Mark your calendars, because the news is calling it the wettest day in state history.

So, I thought this would be an appropriate makeover to share. No, it’s not a rowboat makeover, or anything of the sort, it’s a stunning kitchen from Jenna at Rain on a Tin Roof. She calls her style Vintage Modern Rustic, and I love that she has touches of each one in here.  PS: she made the island herself.  Be sure to check out her blog to see all the fun details of this space!

kitchen before |

rustic modern vintage kitchen makeover |

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