Stone Faced

Remember that old movie Flight of the Navigator? I totally remember it! I probably watched it hundreds of times as a kid.  Well, this funky kitchen island is giving me major flashbacks from Flight of the Navigator.  It’s very spaceship-esque. (I just googled it, and this island actually looks nothing like the spaceship in the movie, so maybe I don’t totally remember it after all).

In any case, it was awkward and didn’t flow with the rest of the kitchen. Until … it escaped the house by hiding inside a Robotic Assisted Living Facilitator!  No, sorry … still thinking of the movie.

Until …

Stone Island Makeover

Stone Island Makeover |

… a little DIY magic! Is that good looking or what?  Katie and her husband brought it up to speed by chopping off the odd angled area and updating everything else using a product called AirStone, and you can read all about the process on her blog Addicted 2 DIY.

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Top Tabletops

Are you bored with your tabletop?  Looking to do something outside the box? Need some inspiration? Enjoy answering hypothetical questions? Then you’ve come to the right place.

Does your style lean more toward rustic/traditional? If so, you’re sure to love this makeover by Deb at Lake Girl Paints who freshened up her classic table with a faux wood grain planked look.

Wood Grain Dining Table Before
Wood Grain Chairs Before

Dining Room Table Makeover |


Are you more of a quirky soul? Then how about this colorful geometric design that Sarah used to spice up her set? It looks like she replaced the tabletop entirely, but she actually sanded off the original stain and used a circular saw to trim the rounded edges. Much more modern! See it at Squirrel & Puffin.

Dining Table Before

colorful triangle painted tabletop


Does your style lean toward industrial? If you raised your hand, you’re sure to love this one. I call it … Concretia! (If you recognized that movie quote, then congratulations, you are the only other person on earth who has watched The Flintstones movie).

Aimee was unhappy with her mismatched dining set, but didn’t want to subject something new and fancy to daily abuse from her two-year-old twins.  So she decided to work with what she had, freshening it up with white paint and a super cool concrete top. Check out her blog The Crazy Craft Lady for a step-by-step!

Wood Table Before

Concrete Top Dining Table Makeover |


And finally, for you farmhouse types, here’s a stunning makeover from Jamie.  Everybody has seen these ubiquitous tile-top tables, but have you ever seen one with a custom herringbone design glued right over the top?  So lovely! The stain is the perfect shade of perfect. See more at Southern Revivals.

Tiled Dining Table Before

herringbone tiletop table

herringbone tabletop

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A splash of lemon.

Hello from Texas! I’m visiting some family here for the week, and blogging from a remote location with a computer so old it might as well be a transistor radio. Wifi? More like why try. But I’ll do my best to keep in touch. Follow along on instagram @betterafterlnz if you like that sort of thing.

And here’s something I know you’ll like.  I don’t know if I can handle it if you don’t.

Light and Dark Kitchen with Open Shelves |
Light and Dark Kitchen with Open Shelves |


I mean, right? Don’t you love it? Who couldn’t smile at this? It’s SO much better! I love it all, from the open shelves to the backsplash to the touches of yellow. Just the right amount.

Let’s send a virtual high five to Joy at Beautiful Protest for a job well done.

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Simple as Pi. (Soooo, not that simple).

Hello Monday! Hope you had an awesome weekend, full of love and chocolate. Last week was a whirlwind here, we started pulling up all of our flooring downstairs to get ready to install new floors (more on that madness later), I gave my bathroom a mini-makeover because I couldn’t handle the disaster downstairs (more on that later too), we had family come to town, and my sweet daughter broke her arm in two places. (She’s feeling better already). Phew. Is it the weekend yet? Oh, wait.


We thought tearing out the flooring would be a simple job, but we quickly learned that removing tile is THE BIGGEST PAIN IN THE BUTT of all time. Don’t ever do it. Just move.

Luckily Laura already had some good flooring going on in this old kitchen, even though it looks different in the pictures due to lighting. All she had to do was paint! Simple enough!

Hahaaaaaa! Just kidding. Nothing is ever that simple. She also added new countertops, backsplash, appliances, lighting and hardware, and my favorite part, glass cabinet doors. All the look of open shelving with none of the dust!


brown - wood - makeover-before

White - Kitchen - Black Countertops - Makeover |

Beautiful job. It was all worth it in the end. That’s what I keep telling myself as I wade through tile-rubble up to my knees all day long.

See more of Laura’s kitchen at The Ironstone Nest.

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