From Pretty Good to Hollywood!

Lindsey lived in West Hollywood, but her kitchen was from Anywheresville, USA. Not that Anywheresville isn’t nice, but you wouldn’t want to, y’know, LIVE there. It’s just a little too close to Snoozeburg, and nothing exciting ever happens there.

No, she was in Tinseltown, and her kitchen needed to look the part.

west hollywood kitchen makeover - before


west hollywood kitchen makeover - after


I love how she went white, not only because I do love me a white kitchen, but because now the cabinets blends so seamlessly with the soffit and crown moulding overhead that the ceiling seems twice as high!

kitchen island - before


kitchen island makeover - after

New overhead lights and glass tile backsplash round out the look, and speaking of rounding out, does this round wall on her peninsula remind anyone else about that episode of The Hills when Spencer paints a terrible graffiti mural that says “HOLLYWOOD” on Heidi’s similarly-shaped peninsula in her apartment and hilarity and rage (mostly rage) ensue? No? Just me? Carry on then.

Anyway, gorgeous job Lindsey! Be sure to check out more on her blog The O’Donnell Collective.

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Pottery Barn Knock-off Knockout

What happens when you have PB dreams on PB&J budget? And by PB I mean Pottery Barn, that lustful land of $400 dining chairs. Well what happens is, you have to get creative. You hit up Craigslist and find a set of harvest gold velvet dining chairs at $20 a pop. You convince your husband you aren’t crazy. (You aren’t entirely convinced yourself).

You haul them home and worry that you’re in over your head. No. You can DO THIS! You fist-bump yourself in the mirror.

You decide to remove the strange and dangerous-looking finials. You also streamline the curvy top by slicing it off with your jigsaw. You paint and stain over the wood and manage to create a perfectly weathered finish. You pat yourself on the back because things are going pretty good.

You work on the upholstery. There is foam and adhesive and drop cloths and cardboard templates and nailheads involved. It’s intense. But you power through because you’ve GOT THIS.

Nailhead Dining Table Chairs Before


Nailhead Dining Table Chairs 1


Yes. You’ve totally got this.  You’ve also got $2160 left in your bank account, because you managed to keep your cost at $40 per chair, including the $20 you paid for each chair to begin with. You think rather smug thoughts towards PB. Go ahead, you deserve it.


Nailhead Dining Table Chairs

Also, your name is Lauren and you blog at Bless’er House. Fabulous job Lauren!

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The best of the best of 2015

Today we’re wrapping up the best of the best of Better After’s 2015.  If you missed the first half, don’t worry your pretty little head; you can find them all right here.


One of my very favorites from July was undoubtedly this retro home renovation from Better After reader Gwen.

1958 Home Exterior Before copy

1958 Home Exterior

If that little yellow gate doesn’t make your heart pitter-pat, check your pulse my friend. Hit the link above to take a peek inside!


In August we met the talented Amanda at Ferpie & Fray.

Peachy Pink Mini Buffet Before

Peachy Pink Mini Buffet

I would highlight all of her work if I could, she’s just so good! She has a gift for making things look timeless and trendy at the same time. This coral chest makeover and more are available for your viewing pleasure right here.


September brought us this playful playroom makeover by Jennifer at Dear Lillie.

Pink and White Play Room

Pink and White Play Room Before

Jennifer is another ultra-talented gal and every room of her home is perfection. I’d move in a heartbeat. If she ever decides to sell her house, I call first dibs. I don’t even know what state she lives in, but I don’t care.


One of my favorite makeovers in October was from one of my favorite people, my dear friend Denise.

Formal Living Room Before

Formal Living Room

Her living room makeover is legendary, and click the link to see her equally awe-inspiring dining room makeover too!


November started a dresser revolution thanks to this makeover from Brooke at Start at Home.

Cream and Wood Storage Bench Before

Cream and Wood Storage Bench

Dressers everywhere began to realize that they still had much to offer, even with broken drawers or *gasp!* no drawers at all!


And so recent that you probably remember it like it was yesterday, comes my favorite from December, this dining room makeover from Better After reader Leatha.


dining room before  Cow Kitchen 2

It’s that cow. Gets me every time. Plus the whole room looks fabulous and I’m pretty darn impressed by that hand-crafted table too.


So that was 2015! What do you hope to see more of in 2016? Or less of? It’s always so interesting to me to see trends cycle through over time. What can stay around forever as long as you’re concerned, and what needs to GO already?

Here what has my vote:

Stick around:

  • subway tile
  • white kitchens
  • gallery walls
  • succulents
  • wallpaper
  • stripes


  • shabby chic
  • woodland creatures: owls, foxes, squirrels (Still cute in a nursery though)
  • vinyl lettering
  • marsala
  • mason jars
  • wood pallets

But hey, that’s just my opinion. If you want to deck out your marsala-soaked house in mason jars and hedgehogs, you go girl. Never let trends (or bloggers, or bossy Buzzfeed articles) dictate what you love or don’t love! It’s always good to grow and try new things and refine your taste, but also don’t forget to just do what you like. Trends come and go so quickly anymore that it’s impossible (and expensive!) to try and keep up. Our homes aren’t disposable – our style shouldn’t be either.

So be happy being you! That’s the moral of my soapbox. (I hope it made sense. I was only interrupted like 200 times trying to write this. #terroristtoddlerproblems)

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YOOOO I’ll tell you want I want, what I really, really want!

So tell me what ya want, whatcha really really want!

I wanna (ha!) I wanna (ha!) I wanna (ha!) I wanna (ha!)

I wanna really really really want a circular saw!

If ya want a remodel,

ya gotta have lots of cash!

Appliances and cabinets,

plus a new backsplaaaash!

If you want a remodel

prepare to bust down walls,

tripping over tools,

living like neanderthals!


Now whatcha think about that???

Well, you know how I feel.  I feel like the Spice Girls are lying to you. Because that’s not true.  You CAN update your home fabulously without blowing your budget or replacing everything you already own. So don’t listen to them. Check out this kitchen by Anna for proof:

two toned kitchen before


two toned kitchen after

A totally new look, but she did it without replacing the biggies: flooring and cabinets! She and her husband stuck to a serious budget and saved by shopping Craigslist and DIYing as much as possible.

two toned kitchen before 2

two toned kitchen after 2

Grand total came to under $2000! It looks so crisp and clean, like a white button down shirt with a new pair of jeans. Snappy!

She also cut back big time on the visual clutter, which really streamlines the whole space.  Maybe it makes me a mean mom, but I cannot stand things stuck to my fridge. I just get very easily overwhelmed with STUFF. I would put my fridge inside a cabinet if I could. My ideal kitchen consists of one spoon.  Ok ok, not really, but kind of.

See more of this lovely kitchen at Annabode.

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