Off-Base to On-Board

Shelley was openly weeping in her kitchen one day, bemoaning the state of her cabinets.

“White! I want white cabinets!” she wailed.

Her husband approached her warily. “I hate to be Captain Obvious here, but we, uh, actually HAVE white cabinets.”

Shelley raised her tear-stained face and narrowed her eyes into slits. “No,” she hissed. “You’re wrong. Can’t you see? We have … OFF-WHITE cabinets!!!”

And once Shelley had painted her off-white cabinets white, her husband saw the error of his foolish ways.



Of course, once she painted the cabinets white, the beige-y backsplash had to get a makeover too, and she also decided that she would incorporate more of the countertop color by doing gray paint on the bottom, and I made most of this story up, but I’m sure it probably happened pretty much just like that.

See more on her blog Custom Slipcovers by Shelley.


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Dream a little dream for me.

Is it Friday yet?

Haha, just kidding. But seriously. These last two weeks have been a nonstop whirlwhind of activity and busy-ness between going to Girl’s Camp, traveling to a blogger conference, running the Mystery Thrift-Off contest and more. But today is Monday, so back to business!

And business includes makeovers, and today’s makeover comes with a super cool story.  It’s so cool, you might need to bundle up. It’s so cool, you’re going to get chills.

So, Rachel at Lovin’ Life decided to paint a picture last year of her imaginary dream house. This is what she painted:





Then, after months and months and months of searching, THREE failed offers on other homes, edging in on giving up hope, this house (which she had never before laid eyes on) came into her life:





Blue Exterior House After

CHILLS, right?! She painted a picture of her dream house, and then she got her dream house.



Haha, I’m kidding of course. She’s amazing. She truly, literally, turned her vision into reality. Especially since it didn’t look exactly like that to begin with …

Blue Exterior House

This was the house as she bought it. It still had all of her ‘dream house’ criteria, square footage, lot size, etc.  All it was really lacking was that cheerful blue paint. That’s the power of living with intention, as those Wayne Dwyer books I haven’t finished reading seem to say.

Pretty cool.

She got to work transforming the inside, which needed some updating.

Blue Kitchen Tree Mural Before

Blue Kitchen Tree Mural

And look, she even got the round window from her painting, only it’s in the kitchen now instead.

Blue Kitchen Tree Mural Before 2

Blue Kitchen Tree Mural 2

Now, I’m off to go paint a picture of a million dollars falling from the sky into my backyard.  Or Ryan Gosling on my doorstep, holding a dozen roses.  Or Ryan Gosling, on my doorstep, holding a million dollars. I’m not picky.

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Silver Lining in a Storm Cloud

Holy smokes, there is some wild weather happening out there in the country! Tornadoes, flooding, heatwaves, YIKES. I sincerely hope you are staying safe.

Better After reader Dani experienced a bit of a flood herself last year when a pipe burst and destroyed 75% of her house, which then had to be ripped down to the studs.

By doing a lot of the work herself and spending months hunting for bargains, she was able to stretch her insurance money to allow for way more than just reassembling the old kitchen. She opened up the wall to accommodate a new island, updated the appliances, and added a window. Just look at how much more light that brings in! I’d call that the rainbow after the storm, wouldn’t you?


White Kitchen with Subway Tiles Before

White Kitchen with Subway Tiles Makeover |


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Limerick Contest and a Kitchen Makeover!

You guys. National Limerick Day was yesterday, AND WE DIDN’T EVEN CELEBRATE.

I’m ashamed. Here’s a limerick about Better After reader Stephanie’s kitchen to make it up to you.

There once was a kitchen so dated,

Its cabinets and lighting were hated.

But a fresh coat of white,

and a new set of lights,

And Steph wondered why she had waited!

Here’s one more:

This design needs a pink slip

That octagon light is a trip.

But a tweak or two later,

from Steph the creator,

It’s no longer an ’80s spaceship!


White and Bright Kitchen Before


White and Bright Kitchen

You know how I love a good contest. So now it’s your turn! Leave a limerick in the comments and my favorite one will win a prize!

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