Pickle Your Fancy?

In case you are tired of seeing white kitchen makeovers, which are always nice, but indeed plentiful to be found, here is something a little different. A Dill Pickle kitchen makeover.

Yessir, that is the name of the paint color that Michelle used to repaint the cabinets in her adobe home in Tucson, and they turned out fantastically!

Bright Green Mexico Inspired Kitchen Before


bright Mexico Inspired Green Kitchen After

She also knocked down a wall, rearranged a few appliances and repainted the adobe range hood, which was “painted a greasy, shiny metallic copper.”  It’s so much better in white! Note to the former owners: you can’t use copper paint on something as textured as adobe and manage to fool anyone.

Michelle also kept the original floors and bumped up color even more with Mexican tile on the counters and backsplash.  So fun! It’s a fiesta for my eyes!

dill pickle makeover kitchen

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A Nesting Habit

Sarah first met her future husband the same weekend he happened to be closing on a house. Little did she know that nine months later, she’d be moving in as a newlywed. It was a bachelor pad through and through, but with lots of paint of ingenuity, she’s transformed it from mancave to lovenest.

Gray Kitchen Makeover with Painted Countertops Before


Gray Kitchen Makeover with Painted Countertops


First things first, let’s put the fridge in its rightful place, amiright? Then her husband turned the half-wall into a functional bar area by beefing it up with a reclaimed wood top.

From there it was just a matter of brightening up everything else with paint, including the counters which were painted to look like cement, and the faux stone backsplash!

Gray Kitchen Makeover Before

gray kitchen makeover

Fantastic job. I just love big transformations on small budgets. Always inspiring.

See all the details on Sarah’s blog Come What May.

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A Must See Makeover

In a world …. where boring houses were the norm … one house refused to blend in.

This summer … see the heartwarming makeover … that has critics raving …

Starring Yellow Accents and New Landscaping, and featuring newcomer Cement Block Fence in his breakout role …

based on a true story …

don’t miss …




1958 Home Exterior Before copy

1958 Home Exterior

“An instant classic!” – me

“Fun for the whole family!” – me

“An exhilarating ride from start to finish!” – me


And next summer … from the producer’s of Gwen’s House comes the sequel …


1958 Home Kitchen Before1

1958 Home Kitchen Before


1958 Home Kitchen

“A must see!” – everyone

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Off-Base to On-Board

Shelley was openly weeping in her kitchen one day, bemoaning the state of her cabinets.

“White! I want white cabinets!” she wailed.

Her husband approached her warily. “I hate to be Captain Obvious here, but we, uh, actually HAVE white cabinets.”

Shelley raised her tear-stained face and narrowed her eyes into slits. “No,” she hissed. “You’re wrong. Can’t you see? We have … OFF-WHITE cabinets!!!”

And once Shelley had painted her off-white cabinets white, her husband saw the error of his foolish ways.



Of course, once she painted the cabinets white, the beige-y backsplash had to get a makeover too, and she also decided that she would incorporate more of the countertop color by doing gray paint on the bottom, and I made most of this story up, but I’m sure it probably happened pretty much just like that.

See more on her blog Custom Slipcovers by Shelley.


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