Backsplash to the Future

People tell me all the time: “I love white kitchens. I want one so bad! They make my blood boil with desire. But *sad face* … my husband says no way.” Then they pull me in closer. They glance behind their shoulder and drop their voice to a whisper, “He thinks they’re … trendy.”

‘Trendy.’ Spoken like a dirty word. Psh.

I want to shake them and shout “WHAT IS SO WRONG WITH BEING TRENDY?!”

And then I want to go find this naysaying husband and set him down with a flip chart of kitchen trends that clearly illustrates how the honey oak cabinets and bisque-colored tile he may consider ‘timeless’ are actually on the last gasping breaths of a trend that started 20 some years ago.

That’s the thing about kitchen ‘trends.’ They last a realllly long time. It’s not like a shirt you get tired of wearing after six months. It’s one of the biggest investments in the home, and people aren’t going to go ripping them out and starting over every couple of years.

So go get that white kitchen of your dreams, even if you have to paint it yourself. It will still be looking fresh for years to come. Tell him I said so.


Jordan had already painted her cabinets white and loved the look, but was not so much in love with the beige backsplash that remained.  Replacing it seemed daunting, so there it sat, in all its mismatched cream-colored former glory. But then she learned that with the right materials, she could simply paint right over it.




So she did!

You can see exactly what she used on her blog The 2 Seasons, and chime in with the debate on what she should hang inside the rectangle to add a little color. Fun platter? Monogram? Halloween clown mask? (That’s my vote. Keeps the kids in check).

Here’s a look at the whole makeover. Before it was definitely nice, but definitely heavy on the orangey-brown.




Now it’s just the way she likes it, bright and full of light. And maybe someday in the far-off future she’ll get tired of this look too. At that point, hooray! That just means there will be something new and trendy to get excited about all over again.

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Get Cooking

Jonathan is a food blogger, but his kitchen was holding him back. He simply couldn’t take beautiful blog photos of say, a lemon tart against those yellowy-beige walls and builder-basic countertops.  He probably could, but not without a lot of f-stopping and light balancing and by then the lemon tart would have completely melted anyway.

(Is it obvious yet that I know nothing about photography and lemon tarts? No? Great).

After making do for five years, he decided it was time to finally make his dreams of a white kitchen come true.

white kitchen makeover before


white kitchen makeover with open shelving

He had the cabinets painted white, which now contrast beautifully with the hardwood floors. Before, they blended in so completely you couldn’t tell where one stopped and the other started. Black soapstone counters make for a perfect photo backdrop, and replacing the cabinets above the sink with open shelving gives the whole space much more breathing room. Blog-worthy for sure!

Much more to see from Jonathan and his kitchen makeover on his blog The Stiers Aesthetic.

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Sebring It On

I’m not at a loss for words often, but today’s kitchen makeover might just … you know … do … that.

Actually, I am at a loss for words often, sort of. Example: the other day I was trying to say the words ‘chocolate chips’ while literally holding a bag of chocolate chips in my literal hand, and the only words that kept coming out of my mouth were ‘carrot cakes.’ Like, Lindsey, that’s not even close. Get your life together.

Mom brain, it’s real.

Anyway, I’d love to make some carrot cake cookies or whatever in this beautiful kitchen from the makeover masters at Sebring Services.

sebring kitchen makeover before


sebring kitchen makeover after

Nope, I would never cook in this gorgeous kitchen. It’s just too perfect to muck up with such frivolities as cooking and eating. Pshh.  I think I’d just invite people over to come look at it. And charge them admission.

sebring kitchen makeover before 2

sebring kitchen makeover after 2

“Hi! Welcome to my new kitchen. Please come in. Here, have a small cup of water. Don’t touch anything. K, bye!”

sebring kitchen makeover before 3

sebring kitchen makeover after 3

But seriously, isn’t it fabulous? Everything is so crisp and serene, simple but still plenty of visual interest, from the backsplash to the pendants to the wood casing on the windows which warm it up an keep it from being too stark.  Perfection.

Check out Sebring Services for more, they have a huge remodeling portfolio to page through which is a great way to spend half your day!

sebring kitchen after

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Of Tables and True Friends

Hey party people, how’s your Tuesday?

“It’s fine,” you are thinking. “But you’ve got me all wrong, Lindsey. I’m no party person. I haven’t had a party in years. I’m too ashamed of my worn out dining table to ever dream of inviting guests over.”

Oh no. Stop talking nonsense. I will let you have none of that. First of all, true friends won’t care if your table is a bit run down.

(I know that doesn’t help much. That’s like when I say I hate my freckles and my friends are like, ‘but I LOVE your freckles,’ and I’m like, well cool beans for you. So glad you get to be the happy one in this situation).

So here’s another idea. You can totally restore your whole dining set. Better After reader Jessica did, and it only took her six months and lots of shed tears and a paintbrush burning party when she was done!

See, either way you get to have a party.


Dining Room Table Before


Dining Room Table

It’s true that fabulous results take time and patience. Jessica worked on this makeover whenever she could and eventually transformed that weathered and worn dining set into the stunning version it is today.

But listen. It also doesn’t have to take six months. True friends will come over and help you paint. Unless your true friends are not so great at painting, in that case you might be better off on your own. Maybe they can just bring the dessert to your dining set showing-off party instead.

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