Limerick Contest and a Kitchen Makeover!

You guys. National Limerick Day was yesterday, AND WE DIDN’T EVEN CELEBRATE.

I’m ashamed. Here’s a limerick about Better After reader Stephanie’s kitchen to make it up to you.

There once was a kitchen so dated,

Its cabinets and lighting were hated.

But a fresh coat of white,

and a new set of lights,

And Steph wondered why she had waited!

Here’s one more:

This design needs a pink slip

That octagon light is a trip.

But a tweak or two later,

from Steph the creator,

It’s no longer an ’80s spaceship!


White and Bright Kitchen Before


White and Bright Kitchen

You know how I love a good contest. So now it’s your turn! Leave a limerick in the comments and my favorite one will win a prize!

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The Plight of White

Believe it or not, there are people out there who don’t like white kitchens. I know. It’s true. Wrap your arms around yourself and pretend I’m giving you a consoling hug. It’ll be OK.  These people think white is too blah. Too sterile. Too cold. To commonplace. Too trendy.

But guess what? It’s a little-known fact that the kitchen cabinets in Buckingham palace have always been white. So there’s your proof that white cabinets are not just a flash in the pan trend. (So what if I just made that fact up, how do you know it’s not true?) Besides, white can’t be trendy. It’s white! Does anyone go around yelling at the clouds for being such a stupid trendy color? No.

I think we’ve derailed here.  Let’s back up. White doesn’t have to mean cold and sterile. I love how Michelle brightened up this kitchen with white cabinets, but she kept the original backsplash which helps maintain a lot of warmth. And you can always add in any color you want with accessories! Grand total here (not counting the new countertops): $200!

See more at Honey I’m Home.
White Kitchen With Yellow Accents Before


White Kitchen With Yellow Accents Makeover |

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She Makes It Look Easy

How do you prefer to start off your Monday mornings? Nice and easy?  Do you eaaaaase on into the week with a warm mug of tea and a crossword puzzle? Or are you the race-out-the-door-with-determination-and-a-Red-Bull type?

This dining room makeover is the first type. (Um … if it was a person). Calm. Simple. Muted colors, natural light. Not too dramatic, not in your face, just a lovely, gentle caress for your eyeballz. An ideal spot for doing my crossword puzzle.

Vintage French Dining Room Before 1

Vintage French Dining Room 1 After |


The major changes are new hardwood floors and the paint color, which make the perfect backdrop for Jaime’s vintage French country style. You can see more on her blog  So Much Better With Age.

Vintage French Dining Room Before

Vintage French Dining Room |

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You can tube it!

There has been an infestation of bees in my neighborhood lately, which is probably why I dreamed I was a beekeeper last night.  Which reminds me, I forgot to tell you about another one of my personal rules, one that I wish everyone would adopt: If you must tell someone about your dream, wrap it up in 10 words or less.  For example: “Alec Baldwin chasing me with knives through a haunted Costco.” And we’re done.

There’s nothing worse than listening to someone drone on and on about their dreams. (Their literal dreams, not like, their hopes and dreams. I’m not a total monster). There’s just nothing you can say to contribute to the conversation.

But anyway, back to being a beekeeper. I have a friend who is a beekeeper. I think he is awesome because he taught himself how to be a beekeeper by watching videos on YouTube. Isn’t that crazy? What if you could do that with any profession? “I’m not a ‘certified’ dentist with a ‘degree’ or anything, but don’t worry. I’ve watched a ton of YouTube videos.  Now open wide!”

But it can be done. Better After reader Sara and her husband bought their house about three years ago and she says, “we did everything ourselves with the help of YouTube and blogs.” That’s absolutely awesome Sara! You’re right up there in self-taught-beekeeper status to me.

Let’s take a look:

dark outdated kitchen before

open shelving kitchen makeover after



The kitchen is my favorite part! I love the open shelving and the wall-o-backsplash.



Whole House Makeover LR After


Whole House Makeover Living Room Before


The living room looks about 25 years younger now.  Love the new floors.

Whole House Makeover Dining Room Before


Whole House Makeover Dining Room After


Major upgrade in the dining room, but I love that she kept the corner built-in and beefed up the chair rail into legit wainscoting.

And here’s a peek outside, isn’t it the cutest? It was charming to begin with, but a fresh coat of paint and and aqua door really make it smile.

Whole House Makeover Outside Before

Whole House Makeover Outside After

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