Ranch House Redos

Happy Thanksgiving fellow Americans! Don’t worry if you are stuffed to the gills and barely squeezing into your stretchy pants. There’s always room for eye candy!

Enjoy these delicious DIY delacies by Melanie at Ranch House Rehab. And when I say DIY, I mean it. This girl can do it ALL. She’s not afraid to tackle anything from landscaping to plumbing to roofing to flooring. She’s my DIY idol.  Her kitchen is gorgeous, and looks like the perfect place to prepare a Thanksgiving feast.


red and oak kitchen before

White - Farmhouse - Kitchen - Makeover | betterafter.net

Her dining room is equally fab, the only thing it’s missing is me, sitting at the table, inviting myself over to dinner.

tan dining room before


White - Farmhouse - Dining Room - Makeover | betterafter.net

Funnily enough, Melanie and I both live in the valley, and have lots of mutual friends, and are online pals, but we’ve never met in real life, and I’ve never actually seen her beautiful house in person. Such a shame.  We should remedy that.  I’ll start by inviting myself over to dinner.

yellow living room before


 Farmhouse - Living Room - Makeover | betterafter.net

Melanie has been hard at work on the exterior of her home as well, and it’s come SO FAR! Head on over to her blog Ranch House Rehab to read more about what possessed her to buy this house in the first place and see all the incredible progress she’s made.


ranch house rehab exterior makeover

ranch house rehab exterior makeover after

Hope you are having a super happy Thanksgiving.

If you are looking for more holiday blog reading, why not take a tour through the Better After archives? :)

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Farewell, Fruity Kitchen

Hey gang, how was your weekend? I hope it was filled with much funs. Did you catch the story about the coolest thing that ever happened to me? You should probably check it out.

I also have a totally random question maybe you can help with. I have super straight hair that defies any and all of my attempts to curl it.  I have to keep it in my (super hot) curling iron for a good 45 seconds before it will even kind of curl. Looking for some good product that I can goop in there to possibly facilitate the curling process. If you have suggestions, I’m all ears. And bad hair. So, basically I’m very unattractive, please help.

And now, fabulous makeover time! Amber was not going to put up with this fruit-festooned kitchen any longer. She took a baseball bat to it and tore it down to the studs.  I’m not sure if that’s exactly what happened, but I see a baseball bat in the picture, so I’m about 99% sure.

It looks like a million bucks now, but Amber’s no fool.  Believe it or not, she got this look on a budget, with laminate counters, stock cabinetry, and thrifted dishes.  What a fulfilling feeling that must feel like! It’s gorgeous.

Much more to see on her blog Restless Arrow.



white dream kitchen makeover before | betterafter.net

dream kitchen makeover, white with aqua dishes | betterafter.net

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All Inclusive Kitchen

Hey gang, how’s your Monday? Are you in the middle of the polar vortex? I don’t even know what that is, sorry. Like, a bunch of cold all at once?  Sounds terrible.  You should move to Arizona.

Speaking of tropical islands, (go with it) check out this deserted island in the middle of Kate’s kitchen. It looks so small and sad; all forlorn just sitting there, staring at the rest of the kitchen, a little orphan desperately wishing for a family of its own. Wow, it’s bumming me out.

Don’t worry.  All ends well for the little island, and the rest of the kitchen too.  Black and white for the win!

Best parts: the new island of course, the new flooring that no longer divides the kitchen and dining space, and the cornice that unites that outlier cabinet with the rest of the kitchen.  There’s a lot of inclusiveness going on here.

See more from Kate at Eating in the Shower. kitchen makeover before small island | betterafter.net

white red black kitchen makeover with black countertops | betterafter.net

PS: I’m one of the featured designers this week on BuildDirect.com’s “Ask A Designer” series. Come on over and ask your home/decor/design related questions and get one-on-one advice! Plus you’ll automatically be entered to win a $1,000 BuildDirect.com giftcard.  So, pretty awesome.

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You have the right to right now.

Tanya is saving up her cash for a dream kitchen makeover, which will take place sometime in the distant future.  Might as well just live with this boring old kitchen that she absolutely hates in the meantime, right?


That big-budget dream kitchen could be years down the road. Her logic is, why not make it look and function better right now?

She spent less than $1,500 to transform her kitchen into a beautiful and fun space that she’s happy with RIGHT NOW!  Tiny cramped cabinets were removed to make way for open shelving, which means she doesn’t have to wait for some imaginary day in the far-off future to enjoy her collection of bright aqua dishware. She can enjoy them RIGHT NOW! She can greet her kitchen with a smile TODAY!

Are you putting off something that you could change to make you happy right now? Don’t wait! It’s not time or money wasted.  It’s a small price to pay to avoid years of discontentment, that’s what I’d say.

See much much more at Dans le Lakehouse.

oak kitchen before
White - Aqua - Kitchen - Makeover | betterafter.net

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