Shiplap Look on Any Budget

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the past couple of years, you are well aware of the trend known as ‘shiplap.’  If your cave has wifi, however, you’ve probably already shiplapped the crap out of it.  I bet it looks nice.

If you haven’t heard of shiplap, it’s basically wood paneling, most typically painted white and hung horizontally. It’s nothing groundbreaking or new, but it’s enjoying a resurgence of popularity thanks in part to Joanna and Chip Gaines and their massively beloved show “Fixer Upper.” They are big fans of the shiplap look, and so am I!

Here now are three ways to get the look yourself.

#1: You could actually hang some shiplap.

White Plank Wall Before


White Plank Wall

Chelsea at Creating Cotters Bay used white wooden planks to add some interest to the end of her hallway. Perfect place to add a little detail AND get some practice in before you attempt a larger wall.


If sawing up wood ain’t your thang, you can still get the look like Sarah did below. Can you tell what she’s using on her kitchen backsplash?

shiplap backsplash vinyl before

shiplap with vinyl planks after

#2: It’s vinyl flooring!

Easier to haul, cut, and much thinner than regular boards. And if that’s not enough to convince you, it costs less too. She made sure to space them out just enough by placing a penny in between the planks as she hung them. You want a slight gap to really nail that shiplap look. See her tips for painting and sealing on her blog All Things with Purpose.


Ok, so you can either hang actual shiplap, or you can ‘cheat’ with vinyl flooring, but is there yet another way?

Believe it or not, there is. And believe it or not, it costs zero dollars. That’s right, I said ZERO DOLLARS. Behold:

shiplap wall with pencil before


Can you guess?

It’s pencil! (Insert shocked cat-face emoji)

If you have access to a couple of pencils and a straight edge, you could be a member of Club Shiplap before dinnertime. Head on over to Emily’s blog The Wicker House to get all the details. I believe there is a coat of sealer involved at some point, so the pencil doesn’t smudge, but other than that, ZERO FREAKING DOLLARS PEOPLE.

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Off the Hook Breakfast Nook

If you’ve ever filled a room with furniture and then looked around and thought … “That just ain’t right,” I’m here to help! The problem, my darling, may be scale.

I’ve seen it a million times. Over-sized furniture crammed into an under-sized room, or tiny apartment-sized furniture trying its darnedest to fill up a spacious room. Neither one will ever scratch that itch of looking quite ‘right.’

This breakfast nook is a classic example. It was full of furniture, but just seemed off. Nothing really takes advantage of the fabulous high ceiling, which leaves the room feeling very flat. The baker’s rack is struggling to fill up the wall on the left, and the wall on the right seems thrown off-balance by the oversized lamps. Plus, everything in here is made from metal and/or glass, which also makes it feel a bit cold. Flat and cold. That’s how I like my pillow at night. Not my breakfast nooks.

Farmhouse Breakfast Nook Before


Farmhouse Breakfast Nook

But then Suzy from Worthing Court moved in, and brought with her plenty of warmth (and well-scaled furniture)! She framed the wall of windows with curtains and hung them nearly a foot above the casing, which elongates the whole room. Open shelving on the left also extends up, up, up the wall and is filled with a nice mix of accessories, large and small, which adds even more depth and interest. Such a great job! I am giving Suzy a mental high-five right now!


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Kammy’s Triple Whammy

There comes a point in any home renovation where the tasks ahead of you become so overwhelming, you feel you have only two options: arson or a one-way bus ticket to Canada.

Fortunately, there’s a third option that I didn’t tell you about yet: digging deep and finishing the job. Most people choose this option.

I’m sure Kammy toyed with the idea of ‘accidentally’ leaving ‘a couple’ candles burning at some point during her home’s extensive renovation, but she is not a criminal or crazy, so she did no such thing.

Instead, when faced with this dismal scene masquerading as a dining room, she pushed past the dust and rubble and saw her vision to completion.

window seat wall before

window seat wall after

Are you hearing Joey Lawrence say “Whoa!” in your head right now too? From the windows to the walls, everything in here looks fantastic. And you’ll never believe what that massive window seat used to look like…

Let’s go out back and I’ll show you.

There, in the top of the barn? Do you see it?  Here, let’s pull it down.

White Window Seats Before 1

That’s it! An old wooden walkway taken from the rafters of the barn and repurposed with the help of Kammy’s dad into the extra long one-of-a-kind window seat it is today.

White Window Seats Before


White Window Seats

She only paid $25 for this thing! You could make it too, if you happen to have a barn full of parts worth scavenging on your property.  If not, don’t feel bad. I don’t have a magic barn either.

Last one, this thing is my faaaaaavorite.

Kammy’s house used to have a wall right smack dab in the middle of the sun room and the dining room. Kammy planned to tear it down to a half-wall and build a barble instead.

“Lindsey,” you are thinking, “that was a major typo. What is a ‘barble?’ Surely you didn’t mean to type that. Get it together girlfriend.”

bar table area before

Barn Table: Dining Room 1

Oh but I HAVE it together! I DID meant to type barble, because that is what you get when you combine a bar and a table, and that’s exactly what Kammy created here. The dining room on the left is sunken down a step from the sun room, so it’s bar height on one side and table height on the other and awesomeness all around.

Kammy is Captain Creativity! So much more to see on her blog, head on over there the get the entire view at Kammy’s Korner.

Also check out her DIY window seats here.

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From Orange to All the Rage

Orangey oak kitchen cabinets are about as dated as scrunchies and shoulder pads, so you know what that means …

They are totally about to be in style again!

Just kidding.

I think.

Not about the shoulder pads. Those are happening. I know. I KNOW.

But about the cabinets, I’m 100% positive that this aggressive shade of apricot has long since gasped its last dying breath. (Someone please start a band and name it The Aggressive Apricots. Or an improv troupe. Or a metal band called Dying Breath. Or that could also be the name of your oxymoron club).

But you know what’s not fine? Living with orange cabinets when you can’t stomach the sight of them. You deserve better.

Stephanie was not fine with her kitchen cabinets, not by a long shot.

oak kitchen cabinets before makeover

White Kitchen Black Island

Luckily it’s an easy fix. Just paint! (Ok, so painting 34 doors and drawers is not an easy breezy funtime, but it’s doable).

She painted them with a color called Crisp Linen White, and for the peninsula she used Cast Iron Kettle Black, and both of those names make me want to paint something right now! I love how it still feels warm and cozy and full of life, something that I think people are afraid they’ll lose if they have a white kitchen. Not the case!

See more from Stephanie at Living the Thumb Life.

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