Simple as Pi. (Soooo, not that simple).

Hello Monday! Hope you had an awesome weekend, full of love and chocolate. Last week was a whirlwind here, we started pulling up all of our flooring downstairs to get ready to install new floors (more on that madness later), I gave my bathroom a mini-makeover because I couldn’t handle the disaster downstairs (more on that later too), we had family come to town, and my sweet daughter broke her arm in two places. (She’s feeling better already). Phew. Is it the weekend yet? Oh, wait.


We thought tearing out the flooring would be a simple job, but we quickly learned that removing tile is THE BIGGEST PAIN IN THE BUTT of all time. Don’t ever do it. Just move.

Luckily Laura already had some good flooring going on in this old kitchen, even though it looks different in the pictures due to lighting. All she had to do was paint! Simple enough!

Hahaaaaaa! Just kidding. Nothing is ever that simple. She also added new countertops, backsplash, appliances, lighting and hardware, and my favorite part, glass cabinet doors. All the look of open shelving with none of the dust!


brown - wood - makeover-before

White - Kitchen - Black Countertops - Makeover |

Beautiful job. It was all worth it in the end. That’s what I keep telling myself as I wade through tile-rubble up to my knees all day long.

See more of Laura’s kitchen at The Ironstone Nest.

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Tackle Monster

A few weeks ago we played “Spot the Differences” with Sherry’s living room makeover. But she didn’t stop at her living room, she tackled this awkward wall in her kitchen while she was at it. People like Sherry are a mystery to me. I can’t seem to make myself tackle a project that requires more than two steps at this point in my life. I blame the adorable baby-shaped barnacle that spends 99% of his day stuck to my side.

He’s actually taking a nap right now, so maybe I’ll wrap this up and go try and make something. I just cleaned the garage out and I’m feeling crafty. Sherry inspires me!

I absolutely love how she opened up this crowded nook, such a huge improvement! See more at Design Indulgence.

White - kitchen - cabinets - makeover - before
Gray - White - Kitchen - Cupboards - Makeover |

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I am stealing your ceiling.

I always say that anyone can put a bed in a bedroom.  Everyone knows that a dining room needs a dining table.  But the basics just aren’t enough if you want an amazing room. If you want to really WOW, you’ve got to go for some extra oomph. Something flashy, something unexpected, something more.

For instance, let’s take a look at this dining room.  It had a pretty chandelier and a substantial mirror.  The table was the right scale for the room, the chairs seems nice. There’s a rug.  Whatever. It’s fine.

Which is fine.

If you are aiming for fine.

But who wants fine when WOW is right around the corner?


White - Dining Room - Before


Silver - Fancy - Dining Room - Makeover |

WOWWWWWW.  Wowzeroni. Wowy McWowwerPants. Wiggety-wiggety-WOW.

The ceiling (the ceiling!) was made by cutting pieces of wood cut to mimic the pattern in the wallpaper. But even you cropped it out, this room would still be a jaw-dropper. So stunning.

From Jessie aka The Design Daredevil who knows how to deliver the WOW.

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Take Me To Church

Here’s a little something different for your Friday, and it’s kind of my dream come true. No, not the dream of Gwen Stefani and I being best friends and having a lip sync battle with Jimmy Fallon, my other dream best friend/next door neighbor.  This is my dream of renovating a public building into a private home. (Preferably in between Gwen and Jimmy).

My dream started from a show called Generation Renovation, where people would turn things like old post offices and auto showrooms into beautiful homes.  My favorite episode was when a couple renovated an abandoned junior high school. As they were giving the tour, the man swung open a set of double doors at the end of a hallway, and bam: a full-size gymnasium! Why is that show not on anymore? That show was the best.

So this makeover is right up my alley. It’s an old church turned ballet conservatory turned private residence in New Orleans. Now, I can’t say that I’m on board with all the changes and ‘updates’ that were made here.  Some of them make me cringe, truly. But it’s still SO fascinating! And I’d much rather see a historic space being used and loved, rather than untouched and left to rot.

Church - Exterior

This is the exterior, no before and after shot here.  It looks pretty much untouched, other than that apparatus on the roof.


Church - Blue Room - Before

Church - To - House - Makeover |

Boarded up windows and peeling paint become a perfectly presentable bedroom.


church - first floor - foyer - before


 Church - To - House - Makeover |

Half walls were added to carve out some living spaces, like the wall to the right in this kitchen.


church - 2nd floor - sanctuary - before

Church - To - House - Makeover |

Look at those soaring ceilings! And the windows, drool! And there still looks like plenty of space to host a ballet performance.


Church - To - House - Makeover |

Last I checked it was for sale, if you want to cough up two and half million for it. There is a blog called 1527 Harmony, although it hasn’t been updated, but you can see much more from realtor photos here and here.

What do you think??

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