Big Whoop, there it is.

Do you ever need an extra hand in the kitchen? Of course you do. Who doesn’t? Sure, you could ask your family to stop what they’re doing and get their behinds in the kitchen to help out – and  deal with their inevitable whining and dramatics – OR, you could just ask your old furniture.

Oh … it hasn’t occurred to you to recruit old furniture into the kitchen? Don’t worry, it never dawned on me either.

But Ann at Newton Custom Interiors did exactly that when she turned this boxy and outdated entertainment center into a microwave cabinet.

White Microwave Cabinet Before


White Microwave Cabinet

Think of all the ways you could configure this: coffee bar, breakfast pantry, lunch packing station, etc., etc.  Then you can close the doors and keep everything out of sight, and amaze everyone in town with your stealthy supply of surprise storage!


Next, Corey found this set of cabinets at a yard sale for $5. “That’s nice,” you are thinking “but most kitchens already come with cabinets, so big whoop.”  No, NOT big whoop. Big Whoop! Feast your eyeballz on this:

White Kitchen Island Before

White Kitchen Island

And if that wasn’t enough to earn a legitimate Big Whoop with exclamation mark and jazz hands, then check this out:


White Kitchen Island 1

Not only did Corey create a kitchen island where there wasn’t even one before, she also turned it into a customized garbage can caddy. Smart! See how she did it all on her blog at Sawdust 2 Stitches.

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Stripes from the Past

I loved this makeover as soon as I saw it, and as I was halfway through preparing to post it, I realized … I’ve loved this before. I did a little digging through my archives, and sure enough, I had already featured it way back in 2012. So if you were with me then, I hope you eyeballs enjoy this little trip down memory lane, and if you’re new here, just pretend we never had this talk. I’m totally on top of things. Yep.

I think it’s even more relevant now, now that black and white stripes are becoming super popular everywhere.  I can’t walk into a store without seeing 35 black and white striped shirts for sale, and then buying them, because I can’t seem to help myself. You should see my closet. If you follow me on instagram you saw my addiction a few weeks ago.  You’d think I had a full-time referee job by the looks of things.

So! Here we go again! Please enjoy this little makeover from Gemma at The Sweetest Digs.

Black and White Striped Kitchen Before


Black and White Striped Kitchen

At the time, she was looking for a quick fix while she saved for a full-blown remodel, and these peel and stick vinyl tiles did the trick.  Now, she’s just about done with that full-blown remodel, and I can’t wait to see it all come together!

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Bomb Kitchen

You might think that almost all of the kitchen makeovers I share here on Better After are white kitchens. But you’d be wrong. 

Just kidding, you’re right. Most of them ARE white, because most people who are renovating their kitchens are choosing white. And why shouldn’t they? White kitchens are bomb. (That’s what the kids say these days. I know because I went out to dinner the other night and we asked our teenage waiter guy if he would recommend the BBQ chicken pizza, and he said “That one is bomb.”  So don’t go around calling things THE bomb, gross, so unhip. Now you know).

BUT ANYWAY. I have something different for your eyeballs today.

Just kidding, it’s also a white kitchen makeover. But STAY WITH ME. It’s not any old basic white kitchen makeover.

Brick Wall Kitchen Before 1

Brick Wall Kitchen 2

Perhaps it’s the wall-getting-knocked-out part, or the wood-paneled-ceiling part, or the original-brick-wall-of-coolness part, but the white cabinets were the last thing I noticed.

brick wall kitchen makeover before


brick wall kitchen after

Even though it’s much bigger now with the wall knocked out, it still feels so cozy and warm. What do you think?

Get a closer look on Brooke’s blog Re-Fabbed.




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Heart of the Home

If you’ve been waffling over painting your kitchen white but not being able to pull the trigger, let me give you the little kick in the pants you need today.

Do it! *little kick* Why wait?!

Suzanne just did it and says that now her kitchen makes her heart sing. That’s a direct quote. She had built her home in the ’80s and loved the rustic look at the time, but you know how it goes. Styles change and tastes change, and she eventually found herself yearning for a lighter, brighter space.

Gray Kitchen with Dark Countertops Before


Gray Kitchen with Dark Countertops

So she did it and hasn’t looked back!

It’s a bit hard to see in this photo, but the top cabinets are a light gray, and she also switched out the knobs and pulls for a simplified set in brushed silver, which contributes to the overall ‘cottage’ vibe she was going for.

One of the details that I love is how she removed the valance and cornice piece over the window and painted the trim, but left the sash unpainted.

Gray Kitchen with Dark Countertops Before

Gray Kitchen with Dark Countertops

It adds a lot of character and warmth and makes the window really stand out as a feature. My heart would sing too!

More to see from Suzanne at Pieced Pastimes.

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