Promise of a New Room

I promised my oldest son that he could have his own room before school started. He’s been sharing with my middle son, who is well known for many things, cleanliness not being one of them. (Example conversation: Me, dropping him off at school: You brushed your teeth, right?  Him: Uhhh, does yesterday count?)

But my oldest is a bit of a neat freak like me, and he’s starting high school, so I wanted him to have his own space. I remember very well the pains of sharing a room with a disaster of a sibling. (Love you Tori). It was laughable how opposite we were. I was the person who literally drew a line down the middle of our desk; my side was pristine, her side was a bio-hazard. I made my bed every day, her bed was a cesspool of laundry and toys and papers and this creepy doll thing she had that had a bunny body but a baby face. I think I’ve harbored some trauma from those days. (Now, of course, her house is always cleaner than mine).

Anyway, so I kept my promise, sort of. We got him in his own room before school started. Like, hours before school started. We just started dragging furniture around the night before, switching beds and dressers and even moving the terrorist toddler out of his crib, heaven help us all, HEAVEN HELP US ALL.

That was two days ago. So both bedrooms are currently an undecorated hodgepodge of random furniture and mismatched bedding. Ugh.

Christine feels me. Her boy’s bedroom used to look nearly identical to ours. But that was then …

Triangle Boy Room Before

Triangle Boy Room

This is now! Ahhh, it gives me so much hope! I love every adorable detail in here. The artwork, the triangle decals, the bedding. I love how she stopped the wall color level with the top of the window. Just adds another dynamic and also helps anchors it in place.

Check out Christine’s blog Amidst the Chaos, there’s so much more to see.

Can’t wait to get started on our rooms, I’ll be painting today! Hope you have something fun to keep you entertained this weekend. If not … get over here and help me paint!


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Vintage and Vibrance

If you have a solid piece of vintage furniture, hang on to it with your grubby little hands for as long as you can. They just don’t build furniture to last like that anymore. Well, they probably do somewhere, but you aren’t going to find it for $100 on Craigslist. Or for free in your Grandma’s basement.

Vintage is where it’s at. But don’t think that just because it’s old it’s too sacred to personalize. Say it with me: It’s just furniture!

Rachel’s dresser has been on a journey, beginning with the virginal vintage finish you see here:

mcm vintage dresser makeover for nursery

Then she had a daughter, and customized it with a pink ombre paint job for her nursery.

vintage dresser makeover for baby girlSo sweet.

Then she had a son, and that old dresser birthed a new look too:

vintage dresser makeover after

She simply sanded down the drawer fronts and stained them and added ring pulls. Such an easy change! It fits perfectly into the rustic nursery she designed for her little guy.

Little Boy Blue Nursery Before

Little Boy Blue Nursery

Out went the heavy brown paint in favor of a rich navy blue, with a few woodsy touches finish the look. Funny how the navy is also a deep, heavy color but manages to bring so much more life into the room than the brown. There’s a lesson here in vibrance, but we’ll talk about that another day.

See more of this nursery and the vintage dresser makeover on Rachel’s blog Two Wongs Make a Right.


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I’m on the hunt …

Don’t look now, but hunter green is making a quiet comeback.  You may think this color is best left alone in its ’90s heyday, when it could typically be found sharing space with mauve and gingham and geese, (geese everywhere), and the whole world appeared to be a terrible combination of nursing home and hunting lodge, but no!

It’s sneaking up again.

First of all, hunter green mascara is a thing now, and getting rave reviews, so Ima have to try that.

Second of all, do you watch The Bachelorette? I do … sort of. Most of the time I’m watching it from under a pillow because I’m so embarrassed for the contestants and the stilted awkwardness of it all that I can barely face the screen. It’s literally painful. I’m really fun to watch shows with, by the way.

But anyway. JoJo had on a gorgeous hunter green dress on the last episode. I wanted to find a picture for you but my four seconds of googling turned up nothing, so you’ll just have to believe me that this proves my point even further:

Hunter green is cool again. Now you can rest easier at night.

Just like Malorie’s baby boy who gets to call this new nursery home!


Green Baby Boy Nursery Before

Green Baby Boy Nursery

Such a classic look, but with a few fun twists to keep it modern, like the stuffed animal taxidermy (I guess ALL taxidermy is technically ‘stuffed animal,’ but moving on), leather pouf and clean lines throughout. The green really grounds the room and keeps the mix of elements from ‘floating.’ If you don’t understand what I mean, just imagine if she had kept the walls beige. Right?

Malorie also refinished the dresser, which used to look a lot worse for wear:


Green Baby Boy Nursery Dresser Before


Green Baby Boy Nursery DresserNow it’s all cleaned up and ready to serve this little guy for a long time. I love that this is a room he can really grow into. I’d never move out!

See more from Malorie on her blog Home Work Design Co.

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Polka Do’s and Don’ts and Dots

There’s really no such thing as bad polka-dots, right?

polka dot wedding dresses

So maybe that’s not entirely accurate. Perhaps there is such a thing.

But today’s before bedroom had no polka-dots, and that’s got to be worse than bad polka-dots, am I right?

polka dot crop

Look lady, I’m sorry you were forced into this unfortunate polka-dot rain-hat situation, but it’s 2016. Polka-dots are like, way cool now. Super groovy. Check it out:

Coral and Gold Girl Bedroom Before


Coral and Gold Girl Bedroom

Doesn’t that look fantastic? Mint walls, gold polka dots, and a high probability that the little girl who lived here won’t look back in 25 years and roll her eyes. Maybe she will. She’ll probably live in an apartment on the moon by then, who knows.

One thing is for sure: this room is full of personality and color now. How cute is this coral dresser makeover?

Coral and Gold Girl Bedroom Dresser Before


Coral and Gold Girl Bedroom Dresser

Simple changes made such a big difference, just paint and new hardware was all it took to bring this dresser up to date. From The Fancy Farmgirls, first featured by Brooke at All Things Thrifty.

Did you notice the fun pom-pom garland too? There’s definitely no such thing as bad pom-poms.

I rest my case.

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