Big Boy in a Little Loft

When I first became a mother, my grandma gave me some wise advice: “Mama,” she said, looking gently into my eyes, “Don’t let your babies grow up to be cowboys.” Hmmm. Wait. I think that might actually be a Waylon Jennings song. Anyway, it was something along those lines. Something about how time makes you bolder, and children get older, and I’m getting older too? Yes, that’s what it was. No, I’m not confusing that with another song. My grandma is Stevie Nicks.

It’s a darn shame, but kids really do grow up fast. One minute they’re all excited about their fire-truck toddler bed, the next minute you’re crying because they don’t even fit inside. But look at the bright side: now you can have all kinds of fun doing a big-kid bedroom makeover!

Ashley’s little guy has had several room progressions as he’s grown and her style has developed.

little boy modern bedroom makeover - before

little boy modern and bright bedroom makeover - after

Doesn’t it look great? Youthful and fun and just right for a *sniff* growing boy.  See all the changes it’s been through on her blog Bigger Than the Three of Us.

And if we swing around to the other side of the room, we’ll discover that she turned this overstuffed closet into …

closet loft makeover - before


closet loft makeover - after

… a super cute and streamlined reading loft! Because no matter how old you are, a loft in your closet is the coolest. Plus now he can actually reach all his little clothes on the little hangers down below. Cuz himz still a wittle guy.

Check out the reading loft reveal on Ashley’s blog to see more!

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All Work, No Play-Kitchen

Kids these days don’t know how good they have it.  Why, when I was a kid, the only electronic device I had was an electric blanket. I had to share with my sister so we wouldn’t freeze to death in winter. What fun!

I never ‘texted’ my ‘friends.’ I didn’t have friends, because I was too busy doing things like hauling rocks from one side of a field to another. Hooray!

And there was no such thing as fancy ‘play kitchens.’ *scoff* No, we played in a REAL kitchen. And by ‘play’ I mean we peeled potatoes until our knuckles bled. Wheee!

OK, my childhood wasn’t quite THAT rough.  Although, I did actually do all of those things. And I never did have a fancy play kitchen. But I turned out mostly pretty fine.  Still, why take that risk with your own kids? You’d better build them that fancy play kitchen of their dreams just in case.


Blue Kid Play Kitchen Before


Blue Kid Play Kitchen

Lydia and her husband set out to do just that for their little girl. They started by trolling Craigslist and found a little dresser to serve as the stove and oven.  When her husband went to pick it up, he returned with a file cabinet that the seller just gave away after hearing what they had planned to do with the dresser! He was so excited he even gave them a piece of plexi-glass to make the oven window.  People are cool.

They also ran into some luck at Lowe’s when they went looking for a faucet.  Her husband was adamantly opposed to buying a real faucet for a fake kitchen.  Can’t say I blame him; those things are pricey. But when an employee heard their predicament, he reached under the counter and gave them this perfectly adorable one for $5. It was a broken return that he hadn’t gotten around to sending back to the company yet. Isn’t it great when things just come together like that?

Grand total for everything including supplies and accessories: $82!

See more on Lydia’s blog Huckleberry Love.

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Little Girl Glam

Have you been itching to do a bedroom makeover for a little girl, but can’t make up your mind which direction to go?  Pink and aqua? Coral and gray? Paint or vinyl? Stripes or flowers?

I say YES. Do it all. See also: What the heck, why not, YOLO.

It might turn out as adorably as this makeover from Kiki at Kiki and Company

kiki bedroom before

kiki bedroom after


It’s got it all! From the stripes to the flower decals to the vibrant color scheme and painted furniture, this room is little girl heaven.


kiki bedroom makeover before

kiki bedroom makeover after

I love how she used extra large pieces for the gallery wall, anything smaller would have gotten lost trying to compete with the big flower decals on the adjacent wall.  I also love how it manages to be both bold and serene at the same time. Probably because if you look close, there is a sweet sleeping baby in the crib!

And being so nice and tidy helps too. There is zero clutter to be seen. My daughter is a major pack-rat and can hardly bear to part with even the smallest scraps of paper, so her room is a constant disaster. I have to sneakily throw things away all the time. Yet somehow she ALWAYS catches me, like “MOM!! Why did you throw this away???” as she tearfully produces an expired pizza coupon that I had stuffed inside an empty milk jug, which was inside a garbage bag, which was inside a larger garbage bag. It’s her sixth sense, I swear.


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It’s your LACKy day.

Ahh, the Ikea LACK. The humble little table that lacks pretentiousness, expensiveness and another word that ends with -ess (for the purpose of finishing this sentence). Heaviness? Tell me if you think of a good one.

Anyway! The LACK can’t be beat. It’s a sturdy little side table that costs somewhere around $10 if I’m not mistaken, and can be customized as many ways as you can imagine.  Today, let’s look at a few customization that would thrill the little Lego-lover in your life.


ikea lack table beforelego lack makeover 2

Kim topped her LACK hack off with edge to edge lego plates, and added a hanging bar and containers (also from Ikea) to the side for easy storage. Because a lonely Lego is an evil Lego. Any barefoot parent would agree.


lego lack makeover after

Jill shrunk her Lego plate footprint to leave more room for a road. How cute. My little guy would probably zoom his cars around and around that thing until he passed out. See it on her blog Meet the Dubiens.


If you’ve got more than one kid, or more than one LACK, here’s a great idea from Zografia at Bisozozo.

lack play table makeover

Combine two to make one extra-long play table! Shoot, with how inexpensive they are, you could make a 25 foot long play table if you really wanted to. Please invite me over if you do, because I want to see that.


And for the kid more into tea parties and art projects than race cars and Legos, here’s a stunning little Ikea play table by Gemma.

Aqua and Flower Ikea Kid Table Before

Aqua and Flower Ikea Kid Table

She used a tiny piece of wallpaper to cover this tabletop, and then painted the chair to match. Aren’t the colors great? If you wanted to do something similar, don’t go buying a whole roll of wallpaper. You can order wallpaper samples, which are often very close to this size. But I could be wrong, and maybe they only send samples in 3×5″ sizes now, because you know how people like to work the sample system. Just like how they only give out 1/4 of a meatball at Costco now, instead of the whole ball. Just like a friend I once had who instead of ordering lemonade at restaurants, would order water and a bowl of lemons (complimentary) and then make her own at the table with packets of sugar. Some people.

Anyway! See exactly where Gemma got this wallpaper and more at The Sweetest Digs.

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