Up, Up, and Away

Here’s a little secret: Kids appreciate a clean and organized bedroom just as much as adults do. Ok, maybe not ‘just’ as much. I’ve never seen a kid obsessively dust a ceiling fan or arrange books in a bookcase according to height or make sure all the socks in the drawer point in the same direction and OK maybe this is just my own neurosis talking.

Hey, remember that show ‘Jon and Kate plus 8‘? Of course you do. Remember that episode when Kate talked about how after the kids would go to bed she would clean their rooms so hard, right down to arranging the family of dolls in the dollhouse? Well, she turned out to be crazy. But I was like “I get you, Kate.”

The point is, an organized room makes everyone a lot less crazy, kids included.

Amy was starting to feel a little nuts at the lack of storage space in her son’s room. It was a minefield of toys; a twisted ankle waiting to happen.

vintage-sports-makeover before


vintage-sports-makeover bedroom

But not today! She redid the entire space, integrating plenty of storage solutions into the vintage sports decor. Studies have shown that kids enjoy their toys more when most of them are put away. Then they can focus on what they are actually playing with without being overwhelmed by choices. This study was performed by me, a person who has kids and watches them do things sometimes. So yeah. Scientific fact.

One thing I especially love about this makeover is how she brought the eye up. In the before room, nothing was over two or three feet tall, making the room feel squatty and bottom-heavy. Now, with the addition of the wainscoating, and the taller bed and bookshelf, it feels so much more balanced and airy.

Does her son love the results? I’m going to wager YES.  Much more to see on her blog My Life From Home.


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The Fifth Wall

If you’re an actor, your job is to ignore the ‘fourth wall,’ the imaginary barrier that separates the performance from the audience. If you’re an interior designer, your job is to pay attention to all the walls. But what about the fifth wall? Ignoring the fifth wall in a room is the last thing you want to do. Career suicide!

“But Lindsey,” you say, “I’m not an actor. Or an interior designer. But I do want my rooms to look nice. And my room only has four walls. And it’s far too early in the morning for your riddles.”

Fine, just take a look at this super sweet little girl’s bedroom makeover from Stephanie at The Divine Living Space. I bet you can tell what the fifth wall is right away.



The ceiling, of course! Often overlooked, but a great place to add personality to any room. It’s like a big blank canvas just waiting to make a statement. Stephanie made it a  focal point of her daughter’s room with a cheetah print stencil. If you’ve ever stenciled a regular wall before, you know that alone takes major patience, so someone give this lady a medal.

Check out her blog to get all the sweet details of this room, there’s much much more to see! The Divine Living Space.

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Oh Baby

Expectant mothers have a lot to stress about. Will my baby be healthy? Will my body ever go back to normal? Will my baby grow up to be a drug dealer/high school dropout/sociopath if I don’t get the nursery finished in time??!?!?

Shhhh. Of course not. But maybe. So why take chances? Get cracking on that nursery and you’ll both feel better. Better yet, pull the pregnancy card and make other people do it for you while you direct them from face-down on the couch.

OR, don’t stress at all, because how would babies know if they have a cute nursery or not? Their eyes don’t even work for the first few weeks of their lives. That fact may only pertain to puppies now that I think about it.

So … the point is … here is a cute nursery from Bre at Bre Purposed.

Modern Nursery Before


chick modern nursery



Modern Nursery 1


Bre wanted a modern chic nursery, and she pulled it off beautifully. The room has such a light and fresh vibe, perfect for welcoming a brand new life into the world. Check out her blog for an up close look at all the adorable details!

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Promise of a New Room

I promised my oldest son that he could have his own room before school started. He’s been sharing with my middle son, who is well known for many things, cleanliness not being one of them. (Example conversation: Me, dropping him off at school: You brushed your teeth, right?  Him: Uhhh, does yesterday count?)

But my oldest is a bit of a neat freak like me, and he’s starting high school, so I wanted him to have his own space. I remember very well the pains of sharing a room with a disaster of a sibling. (Love you Tori). It was laughable how opposite we were. I was the person who literally drew a line down the middle of our desk; my side was pristine, her side was a bio-hazard. I made my bed every day, her bed was a cesspool of laundry and toys and papers and this creepy doll thing she had that had a bunny body but a baby face. I think I’ve harbored some trauma from those days. (Now, of course, her house is always cleaner than mine).

Anyway, so I kept my promise, sort of. We got him in his own room before school started. Like, hours before school started. We just started dragging furniture around the night before, switching beds and dressers and even moving the terrorist toddler out of his crib, heaven help us all, HEAVEN HELP US ALL.

That was two days ago. So both bedrooms are currently an undecorated hodgepodge of random furniture and mismatched bedding. Ugh.

Christine feels me. Her boy’s bedroom used to look nearly identical to ours. But that was then …

Triangle Boy Room Before

Triangle Boy Room

This is now! Ahhh, it gives me so much hope! I love every adorable detail in here. The artwork, the triangle decals, the bedding. I love how she stopped the wall color level with the top of the window. Just adds another dynamic and also helps anchors it in place.

Check out Christine’s blog Amidst the Chaos, there’s so much more to see.

Can’t wait to get started on our rooms, I’ll be painting today! Hope you have something fun to keep you entertained this weekend. If not … get over here and help me paint!


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