Happy Monday! Thanks so much for all your kind words about my mini bathroom makeover!  I truly appreciate it.

So what’s new with you? Did you watch the Academy Awards? I didn’t, but I did scroll through the #oscars hashtag on Instagram, just so I could see what people were wearing. I should teach a class: The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Watching the Oscars.

Don’t hate me, but I think my favorite was Solange, followed by Gwyneth and ScarJo. They were edgy but elegant, and not covered head to toe in tulle and ruffles and sequins.  I’ve made some helpful illustrations to show you my least favorites:

oscar dress

oscar dress2

oscars dress3

I mean, right? Who were your favorites? Seems like everyone always either plays it way too safe or veers into Crazytown on the Oh No She Di’int Express.


Anyway, lets get down to it.  Monday morning makeover coming your way, courtesy of Jennifer at Dimples and Tangles who has recently put the finishing touches on her daughter’s bedroom.

Before: simple and sweet, but nothing to get excited about.  Well, get ready to get excited …

Black, White, Yellow Girl  copy


Black, White, Yellow Girl Bedroom Makeover | betterafter.net

Bam! Isn’t that fantastic? It deserves a spot on the best dressed list for sure!

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Boxing Day

Like phases of the moon, and seasons of the year, January is for organizing. It’s a fact of the universe.

Let’s stir up your inner organizing goddess with some storage box makeovers. She loves that stuff.  She’ll probably drag you out in the cold to go find one today. Don’t cage her in.  Inner Organizing Goddess needs to be free!

Deb at Lake Girl Paints let loose on this chest that someone else had let loose on before, but not in a good way. It basically looks like they sneezed across some stencils.


purple - aqua - toy box - before

Striped - Storage Box - Makeover | betterafter.net

She gave it a streamlined look by removing the appliques and adding a chunky new base, rope handles, and painted lath strips to cover the top. So unique and lovely!


This toy chest was pretty durn cute, but the owner had long outgrown the nursery rhyme phase.  They asked Joan for a new look, and she gave it an age-appropriate makeover, Union Jack style! I continue to love this look, how about you? Can a country’s flag ever go out of style? I say no, unless it’s made out of like … parachute pants or something. See more from Joan at Nicer Than New.


Nursery - Toy Box - Before


Union Jack - Toy Box - Makeover | betterafter.net


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2014 in review, part II

Marching right along with the best that 2014 had to offer on Better After, here comes APRIL:

This kitchen makeover is, hands down, one of my favorites. Coral, navy, striped ceiling? Yes, yes, all of it yes! Danika blended kitchy and retro with modern and hip and did it perfectly.



High fives to anyone who paints stripes on their ceilings. And a shoulder rub, cuz ow.




MAY had a lot to offer, and I highly advise taking a stroll through the archives if you get a chance, but this adorable play bakery makeover by Sarah was top of my list.  It’s so sweet it just melted my heart.  Donuts will do that to this girl.




And I’m still shaking my head from what the pros at Rafterhouse were able to accomplish with this local eyesore.  Choosing my favorite makeovers from the year is like asking a mother to pick her favorite child. Of course she will say they are all her favorite, but deep down, if she’s being truly honest with herself, she has one. This is mine. See more here! The kitchen will knock your face off!



If you missed the first part of the best of 2014, check it out here.

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Custom Playing Cards for Kids

I wanted to make something extra special for my niece Mylin’s fourth birthday this year. I thought I’d share it with you today, because it could also be a fun little Christmas gift or stocking stuffer.

Lindsey, the suspense is killing us, you’re saying. What is it?!

Calm down! I’ll tell you. It’s “Mylin’s Family Matching Game,” a deck of custom playing cards with pictures of our family!

Customizable matching card game for kids | betterafter.netThis is not my niece, obviously.  This is my nephew Kale, such a cutie.

Mylin and Kale live far away from all their grandparents and cousins and aunts and uncles, so this is a fun little way they can see our familiar faces everyday.

Make customizable playing cards with family pictures | betterafter.net

When the idea popped into my brain, I wasn’t even sure it was possible.  I mean, I’ve seen custom playing cards that are just a regular deck of cards, with a custom image on the back.  But I wanted to customize every single card with a photo, plus make an image for the backs too.

Luckily, in this day and age, anything is possible! I found a company that does just that. I actually found a lot of companies that will do that, but most of them required a minimum bulk order.

But MakePlayingCards.com (who is not sponsoring this post, or has ever heard of me at all) will let you customize the fronts and backs of all your cards with as many images as you want, with no minimum order.

They have design tools so you can add text and colors etc., plus they have tons of size and shape options from mini-cards to 3x5s to circles to hexagons, all customizable.

Custom photo matching game | betterafter.net

Since a typical deck has 54 cards, I made 27 pairs for the matching game. It was tough trying to squeeze every person in the family in; Mylin has about a million cousins, but I made it work as best as I could.  That was the hard part!

make customizable playing cards! |betterafter.net
Then I just uploaded my pictures to the site, designed the backside, and chose from a few other options, including box style and card finish: smooth, linen, or plastic. I went with plastic which was a teeny bit pricier, but I wanted these things to be durable.Create custom playing cards for kids. | betterafter.net

They turned out so great! The photos are bright and clear and the plastic cards seem like they’ll last a long time. I had them shipped directly to her house, and my sister reports that are a HIT!  (Don’t be fooled by Mylin’s somber gaze, she is having the time of her life, I swear).

Create custom photo playing cards! Great gift idea. | betterafter.netThe grand total came to under $20. Not bad at all. I would love to see yours If you decide to make some too!

Happy Saturday!

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