Getting Gamey

Happy Friday! And to make it as happy as possible, here are a few fun and colorful kid-friendly makeovers just for you and your lucky little eyeballs. Share them with the kids in your life. And their eyeballs.

Will I ever get tired of seeing entertainment centers turned into kid kitchens? Answer: NO. That was one of the very first things I shared waaaaaay back when this blog began, and they still delight me today! And I’m sure they delight the kids and stuff too.

This one is from Better After reader Lindsay who found this solid oak piece for free on Craigslist, prettied it up and sold it to a family with tons of little kids. Everybody wins! Except maybe that person who gave it away for free on Craigslist and would probably kick themselves if they could see it now. Sorry dude.


White Play Kitchen Before


White Play Kitchen


Alicia’s three-year-old son used one of these stools every time he went to his great grandma’s house, and that fills me with nostalgia, because my grandma had a stool just like this too.

Alicia wanted one for her house – it’s perfect for kids in between high chairs and regular chairs – and found this torn up one online.  Just a little paint and fabric and it now it looks so good it will probably still be chugging along when Alicia is a great grandma herself.

See it on her page Drunk on Junk.

Chevron and Floral High Chair Before


Chevron and Floral High Chair

And lastly, here we have a picnic table perfect for serving up not much more than a splinter buffet.  Yeowch. I would have probably taken a match or a monster truck to this thing, but Krista had less destructive plans, and turned it into a game table!

Yahtzee Game Table Before

Yahtzee Game Table

That’s an old door that she refinished and affixed to the top, with a Sorry! game board and Yahtzee score sheets immortalized inside it in epoxy. What a fun idea! Way better than that Pinterest idea going around “Yard Yahtzee,” where you make oversized dice out of giant wood cubes and then throw them across the yard to play the game.

They look absolutely adorable, but I’d only last two rolls before my biceps would seize. Same thing with “Life-Size Jenga.” Someone is going to lose a foot playing that game, mark my words.

See more from Krista on her blog The Dabbling Crafter.

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Step On It

Raise your hand if you prefer wood furniture pure and unpainted.

Raise your hand if you have no problem painting anything.

Now raise your hand if you hate stepping on Legos.

Ahhh, something we can all agree on!

Everybody knows that stepping on Legos is the worst, but Crystal at Fussy Monkey Business has developed a cure for for Steppedonanotherdamnlegoitis: this adorable play table.


Red Lego Table Before

Red Lego Table

Truthfully, your kids will probably still leave Legos on the floor, but at least you can have somewhere cute to throw them as you hop around howling and swearing!


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Denim Delight

Denim. It’s not just for your behind anymore.  Or your vests. Or your jackets. Or your sleeveless jackets. Which, technically are vests. Ok, so denim has been worn everywhere. But has it been on the wall?

It has now, thanks to this bedroom makeover by Heather. She did a denim paint treatment on the walls, but that wasn’t even the half of it.  Everything else is equally gape-worthy. There’s a teepee with a faux campfire in there for crying out loud.

Plain Kid Bedroom Before
"Outdoor" Boy Bedroom Makeover |


See more from Heather at The Heathered Nest.  Oooh, this really has me itching to paint my walls dark.  I’m gonna do it, I swear!

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Coral of Angels

Many of you have had questions about me working with Lumber Liquidators since their big controversy hit.  I had plenty of questions myself. Don’t worry, I will be answering them as soon as I can. (I’m in Texas for spring break, in the most middle of nowhere town where the internet is still a shaky novelty). And don’t worry, there is a happy ending!  More details to come.

But today, let’s look at something pink and happy! My notes say these are coral, but this computer monitor c. 1995 is showing them as pink. You tell me.

Jen at All Things New redid this dresser into a baby changing table and the whole scene is as cute as a button.  Enjoy it while you can Jen, soon enough your baby will be tearing all of that apart, if your baby is anything like mine (an untrained monkey).

Brown Dresser Before

Coral Dresser Makeover |

Pink? Coral? I give it two thumbs up either way.


Bre always does such sharp work.  I love the contrast of white and coral(?) here in high gloss, and check out that new knob! (insert wolf whistle).  (I have a friend who always types out a wolf whistle like this: shwitt shwew! And it always gives me pause, like … “is that a swear word?”) Anyway.

See more at brepurposed.

Side Table Before


Coral Side Table Makeover |

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