I’m on the hunt …

Don’t look now, but hunter green is making a quiet comeback.  You may think this color is best left alone in its ’90s heyday, when it could typically be found sharing space with mauve and gingham and geese, (geese everywhere), and the whole world appeared to be a terrible combination of nursing home and hunting lodge, but no!

It’s sneaking up again.

First of all, hunter green mascara is a thing now, and getting rave reviews, so Ima have to try that.

Second of all, do you watch The Bachelorette? I do … sort of. Most of the time I’m watching it from under a pillow because I’m so embarrassed for the contestants and the stilted awkwardness of it all that I can barely face the screen. It’s literally painful. I’m really fun to watch shows with, by the way.

But anyway. JoJo had on a gorgeous hunter green dress on the last episode. I wanted to find a picture for you but my four seconds of googling turned up nothing, so you’ll just have to believe me that this proves my point even further:

Hunter green is cool again. Now you can rest easier at night.

Just like Malorie’s baby boy who gets to call this new nursery home!


Green Baby Boy Nursery Before

Green Baby Boy Nursery

Such a classic look, but with a few fun twists to keep it modern, like the stuffed animal taxidermy (I guess ALL taxidermy is technically ‘stuffed animal,’ but moving on), leather pouf and clean lines throughout. The green really grounds the room and keeps the mix of elements from ‘floating.’ If you don’t understand what I mean, just imagine if she had kept the walls beige. Right?

Malorie also refinished the dresser, which used to look a lot worse for wear:


Green Baby Boy Nursery Dresser Before


Green Baby Boy Nursery DresserNow it’s all cleaned up and ready to serve this little guy for a long time. I love that this is a room he can really grow into. I’d never move out!

See more from Malorie on her blog Home Work Design Co.

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Polka Do’s and Don’ts and Dots

There’s really no such thing as bad polka-dots, right?

polka dot wedding dresses

So maybe that’s not entirely accurate. Perhaps there is such a thing.

But today’s before bedroom had no polka-dots, and that’s got to be worse than bad polka-dots, am I right?

polka dot crop

Look lady, I’m sorry you were forced into this unfortunate polka-dot rain-hat situation, but it’s 2016. Polka-dots are like, way cool now. Super groovy. Check it out:

Coral and Gold Girl Bedroom Before


Coral and Gold Girl Bedroom

Doesn’t that look fantastic? Mint walls, gold polka dots, and a high probability that the little girl who lived here won’t look back in 25 years and roll her eyes. Maybe she will. She’ll probably live in an apartment on the moon by then, who knows.

One thing is for sure: this room is full of personality and color now. How cute is this coral dresser makeover?

Coral and Gold Girl Bedroom Dresser Before


Coral and Gold Girl Bedroom Dresser

Simple changes made such a big difference, just paint and new hardware was all it took to bring this dresser up to date. From The Fancy Farmgirls, first featured by Brooke at All Things Thrifty.

Did you notice the fun pom-pom garland too? There’s definitely no such thing as bad pom-poms.

I rest my case.

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Coffee, Chalk

Hey you! You like kids, right? And coffee tables? And chalk? And the color yellow? Right? I thought so.

That means you are going to love this makeover from Linda, if you haven’t already fully imagined it in your head.


Yellow Chalkboard Coffee Table Before


Yellow Chalkboard Coffee Table

Ta-da! Linda resuscitated this Craigslist coffee table and created a statement piece that both she and her kid can enjoy. I figured that she simply used chalkboard paint for the surface, but no! She ordered a custom-sized piece of chalkboard vinyl, which has the advantage of being removable.

I think this is a great little project you could do in no time, and a nice way to keep your kids entertained for a while if you find yourselves sequestered indoors all summer. Not to brag, but it got up to 118 degrees in Phoenix this week. CELSIUS. (Not really, but probably).

See more from Linda at Burlap & Blue.

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Encores for old doors and drawers!

I’m sitting here at my desk and it looks like a crime scene. The perpetrator? My terrorist toddler, of course.

He has emptied the drawers out, colored all over my chair with highlighters, taken six bites out of two pears and left them oozing on top of a pile of printer paper, and figured out how to pop all the keys off my keyboard. He has strewn the contents of the drawers throughout the house, including some CDs that contained family pictures, which I found inside the rice cooker. This all happened in the span of maybe four minutes while I was making lunch.

Do you think maybe, if he had a desk of his own he would leave mine alone? A mom can dream.

If I ever finish putting these keys back on my keyboard in order, perhaps I’ll make him one of these:

Bright Art Desk Before


Bright Art Desk

A cute DIY desk made specifically for little ones using repurposed cabinet doors!

This is the brainchild of Autie at iCandy handmade. She reports that her kids ADORE their mini desks and haven’t tried to melt family pictures in the rice cooker even once since she made them.

Bright Art Desk 1


And just like those leftover cabinet doors getting a colorful and fun new purpose in life, so did this old IKEA drawer insert that Medina had lying around. If you don’t have an IKEA drawer insert lying around, you can always check the IKEA ‘as-is’ section. I’ve found many a good deal there.  If you don’t have an IKEA nearby, I am sad for you. But any old drawer should work, as long as it’s sturdy.

Oh, you probably want to know what she did with it, huh? Let’s take a look…


Under Bed Toy Storage 1


Under Bed Toy Storage Before

Sweet underbed storage! So cute and functional! She added casters to the bottom so her 3-year-old son could roll the drawer in and out easily, and added dividers because duh.

See the whole tutorial on her blog Grillo Designs.

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