Fit to Be Tied

Do you work best under a deadline? I think most people do. I set arbitrary deadlines for myself all the time. Here’s the secret for being successful with that: you have to tell other people. If you set a deadline in your head, you can easily talk yourself out of it. BUT if you tell someone else and they keep you accountable, you and your buns will work overtime to make it happen, whatever ‘it’ happens to be.

Angela gave herself six weeks to complete a full makeover of her exercise room into a room for her toddler son. And her list of everything she wanted to complete in those six weeks was lonnnngg. But she kept track of her weekly progress on her blog, and was cheered on by her readers along the way. What would the world be like without you fabulously supportive blog readers? I hope I never find out.

Not only did she give her son a room worth raving about, she did it in exactly six weeks AND checked everything off that list. Let’s take a look.





Her goal was a menswear-inspired ‘little gentleman’s lounge,’ which she completely nailed. The jumping off point for her design was the discovery of the tufted leather chairs, which she found in the pet section! They’re meant for dogs (hilariously, they were called ‘Sexy Pet Loungers,’ which I’m still laughing about), but they were just the right size for her toddler son, and went perfectly with her theme. Also, anything meant to withstand animal use probably has a decent chance at surviving a toddler boy. I would know.




My brain boggles at the amount of time and math it must have taken to paint the argyle wall, but what a show-stopper! I love the rows of airplane hooks here too, practical hat storage and fun design element in one. But I think the hanging tent might be my favorite part. Not only is the tent made from navy suiting-fabric with thin white pinstripes (perfect) she created the top by collecting neckties from every male member of her family. There are ties donated from uncles, grandpas, great-grandpas, and even the first tie her husband ever wore. She sewed a special tag on the backs with each of their names.

And that’s just one of the extra-special details she put into this room. There are so many more. SO MANY! Go visit her blog and find out, you are sure to be amazed. How amazed? There’s mention of a vintage Thriller vinyl, OK? Just trust me. Go. See it all at blue i style.

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Playing Around

Jennifer was lucky enough to have a nice, spacious playroom in her home for her kids, but it was lacking storage and style. Of course storage is a biggie but don’t underestimate the importance of style. Because have you met any kids lately? They are WAY into style. Way more than I ever was. Or am.

What happened to the frumpy, frizzy, gangly, awkward stage? Because I swear it’s not happening anymore. I legitimately wore my dad’s t-shirts in 8th grade. Now 8th graders look like 25-year-old Instagram models. I’ve envied the hair of fifth grade girls. I see toddlers in skinny jeans. I know babies with better wardrobes than mine. My sister insists that she knows of a second-grader who HAS A TATTOO. I know. It can’t be true, but she swears it is. My sister would never lie about such things. TORI PLEASE CONFIRM IN THE COMMENTS THAT THIS IS TRUE.

Anyway, before I get further off-track, let’s go back to the innocent playroom. This one needed a little help, so Jennifer rolled up her sleeves and dug in.




And here is the delightful result! Every toy has a designated place in the DIY built-ins, leaving plenty of room for seating. The futon was revamped with paint and a new slipcover, and the sweet camp-theme is bringing the style everywhere you look. I love the accent wall too, it adds just the right amount of woodsiness. This room could totally be an Instagram model now.

Get all the details and a full view of this playroom makeover on Jennifer’s blog Delightfully Noted.


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Seuss Spruce

Did you wake up this morning and think, “You know, I’d love to see a boy bedroom makeover today. But not just any makeover, one that’s heavy on the Star Wars memorabilia?”

Well, that’s exactly what I have to show you today you creeper, how did you know?!

Vel’s son Aiden had outgrown the Dr. Seuss decor in his bedroom. She wanted to bring in a little more sophistication, but keep it fun, while displaying his collection of toys, yet making sure they were accessible, plus organizing his spaces, but leaving him room to express himself, and doing it all in a way that would grow with him. Whew! That’s a tall order if I ever heard one.




But she nailed it. At first glance the room definitely looks more grown up, but there’s much more to it. Vel thoughtfully considered every last detail in this room, right down to light saber storage.

All of her son’s favorite toys and books are proudly on display, but still easy to access and play with. As you can see, he’s a big Star Wars fan, but Vel also made a good point: children’s favorite things can change on a whim. Next month he may be big into Spiderman or Pokemon or whatever the kids are doing these days.

That’s why she made sure that nothing ‘Star Wars’ is a permanent part of the room. Everything can be switched out easily and the room maintains its design.




She’s a smart one! See more of Vel’s work and take a closer look at all the updates in this room on her blog Life & Home at 2102.


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Up, Up, and Away

Here’s a little secret: Kids appreciate a clean and organized bedroom just as much as adults do. Ok, maybe not ‘just’ as much. I’ve never seen a kid obsessively dust a ceiling fan or arrange books in a bookcase according to height or make sure all the socks in the drawer point in the same direction and OK maybe this is just my own neurosis talking.

Hey, remember that show ‘Jon and Kate plus 8‘? Of course you do. Remember that episode when Kate talked about how after the kids would go to bed she would clean their rooms so hard, right down to arranging the family of dolls in the dollhouse? Well, she turned out to be crazy. But I was like “I get you, Kate.”

The point is, an organized room makes everyone a lot less crazy, kids included.

Amy was starting to feel a little nuts at the lack of storage space in her son’s room. It was a minefield of toys; a twisted ankle waiting to happen.

vintage-sports-makeover before


vintage-sports-makeover bedroom

But not today! She redid the entire space, integrating plenty of storage solutions into the vintage sports decor. Studies have shown that kids enjoy their toys more when most of them are put away. Then they can focus on what they are actually playing with without being overwhelmed by choices. This study was performed by me, a person who has kids and watches them do things sometimes. So yeah. Scientific fact.

One thing I especially love about this makeover is how she brought the eye up. In the before room, nothing was over two or three feet tall, making the room feel squatty and bottom-heavy. Now, with the addition of the wainscoating, and the taller bed and bookshelf, it feels so much more balanced and airy.

Does her son love the results? I’m going to wager YES.  Much more to see on her blog My Life From Home.


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