Stencil Me In

For some reason I just decided that I needed to look up the 100 Greatest Songs of All Time, as ranked by Billboard. I was SHOCKED at what I found. Stunned. Flabbergasted. You guys, the Macarena was #7. Party Rock by LMFAO was #5. Meanwhile, The Beatles were lucky to squeak into the top ten with Hey Jude, and didn’t show up again until #45, behind … Nickleback.

Am I in some kind of alternate universe? Did I wake up in the Upside Down? The worst part is, this is not something Billboard decided, these rankings were based on actual people buying and downloading and streaming. Our human race is responsible for this list. AND before you try to tell me that it’s because music is more accessible these days, thus more ‘current’ music would be higher on the list, guess what? Billboard already took that into account and ranked each song based on an equally-weighted point system. Why do I care about this so much? I don’t know, but what I do know is this:

My faith in humanity has been shaken.

Luckily, Kandice is here to show me that humans are still capable of beautiful wonderful things, even if some of those humans really, really seem to enjoy Physical by Olivia Newton-John. (#8!?)

Here is a Newton-John era dresser that she updated into …



… this stenciled beauty! Ahhh, so lovely. If you look closely, you’ll see that while the handles are similar, they’re not the same. She went with an updated, less-clunky shape that echoes the curves of the stencil perfectly.

See more on her blog Just The Woods.

And while you’re over there, you’re sure to run into plenty more of her furniture transformations, like this antique desk that she rescued from a barn.




It had received its fair share of damage over the years, so Kandice opted to refinish the top and paint the rest. She was excited to try out a new color, this deep cyan shade called Memphis Blue.

Now THAT sounds like a song that should be on the list.

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Breath of Fresh Heirloom

Maggie had just finished renovating her home into the dreamy, bright, white-filled space she had always imagined. Then, a bomb dropped. A bomb in the shape of a behemoth 9’x7′ hutch from the ’70s. “It’s the perfect size to fill that empty wall in the kitchen!” her father-in-law enthusiastically proclaimed. “Obviously of course you want it.”

“Yes. Awesome. I would definitely love that.” Maggie replied, silently screaming on the inside.

“Great. I’ve been storing this thing for 10 years and I want it gone.” Maggie’s inner screaming continued as the monster-hutch traveled from New Jersey to Massachusetts, finally clunking down in her home in all its powerfully brown glory.




But it really was the perfect size.



And after a few graphite-colored coats of chalk paint and a layer of gold Rub ‘n Buff on the hardware, she started to warm up to it. She even discovered a few secrets this hutch was hiding along the way, which made her love it even more. Now it’s the perfect place to display her collection of white dishes and silver pieces. Yay for happy endings!

See all the details on her blog Crunchy Diva.

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Some Misses and a Hit!

Lauren had an impossible dream. She wanted a Pottery Barn media cabinet on a Craigslist budget. *pause for laughter to subside*

I’m sorry, it’s not that it’s impossible, it’s just impossible here in Phoenix where our Craigslist is so hit or miss.  As in: 1% hit, 99% miss. At least in my experience. Hey, let’s do my favorite thing, where we go take a look at what is offered on the Phoenix Craigslist today just for funtimez!


Maybe in your city you can find an immaculate pair of mid-century wicker patio chairs for $6. But Phoenix can offer you …


… what appears at first glance to be a pile of dead snakes.


Did you score vintage Hendredon from your local listings? Lucky you.


Over here in Phoenix, if you act fast, you can nab this set of rusty trampoline springs, guaranteed to maybe probably not kill anyone who attempts to use them on a trampoline.


“Surely it can’t be that bad,” you are thinking. You’re wrong. Here is listing for a plastic bottle:


Yes. This is real.


Granted, all these were taken from my favorite part of Craigslist: the ‘Free’ section.


Or, the ‘Fre’ section, if you’re not picky. And you’re probably not at this point.


But Lauren was. She had a vision in mind of a Pottery Barn-style media cabinet and she knew this Craigslist buffet table would get her there. She looked past its ’80s curves, rust colored stain and with the help of some plywood, liquid nails, and a whole lotta cup pulls she created …





This beauty! Oh yeah. I’d Craigslist the crap out of that. I don’t know what I’m saying.

But this is fantastic and full of storage too! Fabulous job Lauren. You can get the whole step-by-step on her blog Bless’er House.

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Beach, Please

My mother loves the beach right down to her bones, but sadly, she lives far, far from the beach. Does that stop her from displaying a full-size surfboard in her house? No, it does not. If you can’t have the beach, bring the beach to you. Why not? Who cares?

Your current furniture has the potential for beachy vibes, it just might need a coat or two of chalk paint like this armoire from Jennifer and Vicki at 2 Bees in a Pod.

White Chalk Painted Armoire Before

White Chalk Painted Armoire

But really, white paint is a great vibe neutralizer. You can have any vibes you want from here. Beachy? Check. Rustic? Check. Shabby Chic? Sure. French country? You got it. Modern? Kinda sorta. That one depends more on the furniture itself.


But back to the beach. Before, this dresser was giving off zero beach vibes. Negative beach vibes. You don’t need that in your life. Terrible for your feng shui.

Vicki and Amy at Canary Street pictured it with a weathered coastal look instead. Do you think they achieved their vision? (Spoiler alert: Of course they did).

Weathered Coastal Dresser Before

weathered coastal dresser makeover

It looks like it just washed up on the beach! If perfectly intact dressers ever washed up on the beach, which – so far – has not happened in my lifetime. But I did find a dead squid once. Wait, now that I think about it, it was just seaweed that looked kind of like a squid.

ANYWAY. They used on of my favorite tricks, filling up the gaps in the drawers with wood filler to make them look like three normal drawers and not nine crazy drawers of various sizes. A lot of effort, but definitely worth it. Great job ladies!

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