Hack Job

You know how sometimes you accidentally chainsaw your furniture in half? It happens. (It doesn’t hardly ever happen, but it does happen, and I know this because it happened to me.  Although it wasn’t really an accident, just kind of … unexpected? Remind me to explain this story someday).

Anyway, sometimes you get carried away playing with power tools. You figure, “Hmmm, this old coffee table has been sitting in the garage for way too long. We really need to donate it or haul it away … orrrrrrr … *rnnnnn rnnn rnnn rnnn rrrrNNNNN* <– That is a chainsaw sound in case you can’t tell. I can do a pretty good imitation of a chainsaw if we ever meet in real life, just ask.

And next thing you know, you have two halves of a coffee table. Your next move is obvious.




You turn them into a set of benches for your entryway, of course! That’s exactly what Melissa did. Aren’t they the perfect size? Big enough to store shoes and sit on, narrow enough to squeeze easily into a small space. Pretty brilliant.

See more from Melissa and her coffee table entryway bench on her blog 320 Sycamore.

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I Got Your Back

The quickest way to get someone’s attention is to put something fantastic on your back.  Just ask the Victoria’s Secret Angels. Do you think anyone would give them a second look without those 10-foot-tall angel wings they wear as they parade their supermodel bodies down the runway in their underwear? HA!

Ok, bad example.

Just ask anyone walking around with a pet monkey. Or that kid in school with the coolest backpack. You know what I’m talking about right?

Me neither.

The point is, don’t overlook the back. It’s a great place to add some flair. Kim had a blank little shelf and decided to glam it up, starting with the back.

Damask Antique Mirror Before

Damask Antique Mirror

“Cool, she added a mirror,” you’re thinking. Well wait just a goll’ durned second, partner. That’s no ordinary mirror. That’s a mirror that she antiqued herself with a subtly elegant damask pattern. It was like, a big long process with chemicals and tears. Give her a hand!

Here’s a close up where you can see the pattern peeking through:

Damask Antique Mirror 1

And be sure to check out Kim’s complete step-by-step tutorial on her blog Hunt and Host.


What if your item doesn’t have a back to speak of? Like Emily’s storage cubby below?

Craft Supply Storage Before


Craft Supply Storage

Pshh, easy. You just add one. She cut a thin MDF board down to size, wrapped it in peel-and-stick paper, and nailed it to the back. So cute! And so simple! I think I have at least three pieces in my home that could benefit from a new back. What about you?

But she didn’t stop there. Since this storage cubby was going in in her master bedroom, she thought it needed a little more fancification. She stained pine boards, (they weren’t wide enough on their own, so she added an extra strip of wood in the middle to make it look intentional) and glued them to the top and sides. It’s such a grown up little cubby now!

Take a closer look on Emily’s blog Our House Now A Home.

Moral of the story: Don’t ignore your back. (Or your sides!)


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Earlier this week I mentioned that macrame was having somewhat of a comeback, and was surprised by the heated responses I received. Turns out many of you have harbored a burning hatred toward this humble fiber art for a long time. Well. If there’s one thing I’ll never back away from, it’s an opportunity to convince someone of something that I’m not entirely convinced of myself.

Did I know I had an secret macrame-fan beast inside of me? No. But I’m about to let her out. Here we go.

Oh, so you don’t like macrame, huh?


Extra Large Macrame Wall Hanging, Woven Wall Hanging, Boho Decor

I mean. Admit it. That’s cool. Hang it on your wall while wearing a gauzy muumuu and you’ll feel like a bohemian pixie princess in no time. This was hand-crafted by Cindy at Niroma Studio, see more of her mind-blowing macrame art here.



What about a simpler version of a wall-hanging?

Who could be annoyed by this?! It’s lovely. Easy breezy. It’s marketed as a wedding backdrop, but there are no rules when it comes to macrame. Hang it in the bathroom if you want. Wear it around your waist. String it across your front door so your neighbors can see how unquestionably cool you are. You do you.

Available here.


Are you feeling it a little bit more? Are you at least a macramaybe?

Perhaps this hammock swing will tip you over the edge:

Anyone who doesn’t want to lazily swing in this for the rest of their life is a monster.

You’re no monster. Get yourself one here.


I know you’re feeling it by now. You have to be. You know what else you should be feeling?

This incredible macrame rug under your feet. But too bad you can’t, because it isn’t available anymore. It’s all sold out. That’s what you get for being a late-adapter. Let this be a lesson to you.

But I don’t want the thought of missing out on macrame to haunt you and your sleepless nights, as I’m sure it will. Hang this modern macrame dream-catcher above your bed to help.

Modern Macrame Dream Catcher

modern dream-catcher

Someone was telling me a story recently that their child was having recurring bad dreams, so they decided to hang up a dream-catcher not thinking it would actually work, and it actually worked. (Insert Home Alone cat face emoji). That’s the power of macrame. Let that be another lesson to you.

Until next time,

Lindsey Allen

McMayor of Macrametown


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Patriotic Projects

This weekend America celebrates her freedom, including life, liberty, and the pursuit of fabulousness. What better way to mark the occasion than with some patriotic projects? Today we shall set free a few everyday items from a lifetime of mediocrity and send them onward and upward in a blaze of (old) glory.

First,  a box of dirty golf balls. Do you see where this is going?

Painted Flag Golf Balls Before


Painted Flag Golf Balls

Of course you didn’t! Unless you did. Did you take a look at those golf balls and instantly imagine them painted in stars and stripes, layered in a cute wire basket? If so, pat yourself on the back for me. If not, head over to Laurie’s blog My Husband Has Too Many Hobbies to see more.


I hold this truth to be self-evident that this crib spring was headed for the dump. But Julie had a better idea. First she counted the spaces between the rows of wire. Thirteen in all.  Sounds perfect for …

american flag crib spring before


american flag crib spring copy

… the thirteen stripes of the American flag, which she made for next to nothing using ribbon. I guess I need to go find an old crib spring somewhere, somehow, because this looks rad and I want one.

See it on her blog Redhead Can Decorate.


And lastly, we know that all men are created equal, but I’m not sure if all women are, because when I saw this project that my friend Kristen Duke dreamed up, I wanted to punch myself in the face for not thinking of it first. It’s so simple, but SO COOL!

Before, an eight-foot wide melamine board, plus 180 wood screws. It doesn’t look like much yet … but once you add in that secret American ingredient (carbs), you get:

amercian flag donut wall in progress


american flag donut wall

An American flag doughnut wall! Have you ever seen anything better? Seriously, somebody call the president. Tell him to retire. Kristin has GOT THIS.

More to see on her blog Capturing Joy.

Please please have a safe and happy 4th of July!

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