Sharpie Shooter

You probably already knew this, but Sharpies are good for way more than just writing. They are also good for hoarding, which is what I do with mine.  I have a small Sharpie obsession, and I don’t like to share them, and a friend recently came over and was using one of mine on a project, and casually mentioned that she had used it all up LOLZ, and I gritted my teeth and tried really hard not to be irate about it on the inside, but I’m still talking about it a month later, so yeah, I might have a problem. Whooo. Breathe, Lindsey.

Ok. I’m fine. Really. Anyway, there are Sharpie projects aplenty in the interspace right now, and here’s an especially creative one from Katie at Upcycled Treasures.  A rug! She knocked-off a $500 West Elm version for $25! Dare I say, hers looks even better?

I love it! Let’s all make one!

plain white rug sharpie makeover |


sharpie makeover rug | betterafter.netJust bring your own Sharpies.


Come visit me at this week, where you can ask me one-on-one decorating advice and questions and be entered to win $1,000 just for asking!

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Creative Block

Knife blocks.  They aren’t just for knives anymore.

OK, this one is still for knives.  But it looks a lot better than it did when it started! From Ronja at Nur Noch.

knife block before


Blue - Knife Block - Makeover |

Cute right? And now lets talk about other uses for knife blocks:

– Firewood

– Door-stopper

– Yoga Blocks (advanced yogis only)

– Makeshift car jack

– Fun game of Catch the Knife Block

– Weapons to fend off intruders if all of your knives happen to be in the dishwasher

Or, if you would rather have a “good” idea that “makes sense” and is “practical” then here’s one from Serena at Thrift Diving.

knife blocks before


knife block art supply holder  Makeover |


That is pretty great.  Crayon and craft storage! Such a genius idea. I would make one and fill it with pens and call it Writer’s Block, and give it to my author friends.  I don’t have any author friends.  But if I did, I would.


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It’s Halloween somewhere.

Soooo, you are probably a little Halloweened out by now.  I am, and it’s my favorite holiday!  But I forgot to share this sweet little makeover earlier, and it simply needs to be shared. Bonus: you can probably get these buckets on clearance right now, so let’s pretend that I’m not forgetful and scatterbrained and call that a win.



Great, right?! Get your hands on a Halloween bucket and stone-look spray paint, and you’ll have yourself a perfectly spooooky Halloween planter.  For next year.

From Jenn at Endlessly Inspired.  Check out her blog for more pumpkin-inspired makeovers, she’s got a few!


And while you’re in the clearance aisle picking up your bucket, grab a few (or 40) more, so you can make this jumbo Halloween garland I spotted at my neighbor’s house.  It even lights up!  I’m not sure how, but I’ve got 364 days to figure it out.

jumbo pumpkin garland

PS: Check out the Kalaty Rug giveaway going on now, prize is valued up to $1,000!

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Best Case Scenario

Do you have a Halloween costume yet?  It’s not too late. I saw a cute idea the other day that would be super easy to pull together with a few thrift-store items: flight attendant! All you need is a dark blazer, a scarf, and why not accessorize with a rolling suitcase, or even better, a vintage travel case!

These are always plentiful at the thrift-stores around here, and give me good feels because they remind me of my grandma who never left home without one.

Rebecca at Ivy & Co.  recently made over a few, and they turned out adorable. Stock yours with mini pretzels and tiny sodas, and you’ll be the hit of the Halloween party!


vintage train case before



Vintage - Train Case- Makeovers |

So cute.  She did a fabulous job of choosing fabrics that complemented each case.

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