A Repurpose Report

All hail the creative visionairres of the world, who see things differently and dare to step outside the norm. I try to be like that sometimes, but the only thing I usually end up creating are words that don’t exist; for example ‘visionairres.’

Gail is one of those creative souls.  She took a look at this headboard and didn’t think ‘headboard.’ She thought …

Headboard Shelf Before

Headboard Shelf

… ‘headboard shelf!’ Whoulda thunk? Obviously not me. See it at My RePurposed Life.


Kandice also took a look at this hutch and didn’t just think ‘hutch.’

Gray Flowered Curio Cabinet Before


Gray Flowered Curio Cabinet

Ok, so she kinda did, but more along the lines of “Hutch, only with the top cut off and repurposed it into a buffet/display case with a cute little set of feet at the bottom and the perfectly neural yet visually exciting flowered print on the back.”

It’s just that easy.  See more from Kandice at  Just the Woods.

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Just Beachy

I’m dreaming of the beach today because it’s a FREAKING POLAR VORTEX here in Phoenix and I’m freezing to death. Yes, it actually gets cold here. Yes, 60 degrees is cold. Is too. I even got out my coat. The PUFFY ONE. It’s serious.

So maybe some coastal-inspired makeovers will help us endure this frigid season of freezingness, or at least inspire someone to take a second look at that sketchy cloche in the thrift-store:

Coastal Cloche Before

Coastal Cloche

From grandma’s basement to your best friend’s beach-house! You could run in any direction with this idea. Cloche’s are rather easy to find.  Not so easy to say. Closhhh? Claw-shay? Clockguhhuh? <– that’s how I say it and I’m absolutely certain I’m correct.

I have no idea.  But I do know that you can see more from Marianne at Songbird.


How about a countertop cabinet? Could this countrified cutie ever be beachy?

Beach Bathroom Cabinet Before


Beach Bathroom Cabinet

You bet your buns it can. Christy gave it plenty of coastal charm with a transferred ‘beach’ graphic and a fresh set of doors made from pieces of her old fence. Grand total: $8! Wow! See it at Confessions of a Serial DIYer.


And lastly, this boob-light from Heather that definitely did not have a beachy vibe happening at all.  Not the beaches I go to anyway, I don’t know what you’re into.




Chime Light

She dismantled it, de-shined it, and de-boobed it by simply attaching a capiz-shell shade that she already had with zip-ties. Don’t have a capiz-shell shade lying around? Did you know you can actually make a knock-off version with wax paper and an iron?  There are tons of tutorials online, I’d google it for you, but my hands are literally frozen.

Anyway, you have to check out Heather’s post on her blog The Heathered Nest, if not for the litany of boobtacular boob jokes, but also for her ingenious and hilarious suggestions for reusing boob-lights. Oh, the possibilities …

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A second chance at storage.

Oh, boxy entertainment centers. Have you outlived your usefulness? Are your glory days over? Have you been relegated to the basement? Or the dump? Do you find yourselves huddling in packs at the thrift-store, swapping stories of sudden abandonment by the families you served so well for so long?

I feel for you, I do.

But despair not! There’s still hope! Sure, no one buys big bulky TVs anymore, and no one wants you around for ‘entertainment’ purposes, and you are probably kind of ugly and worn out at this point (I’m going somewhere with this, I promise) but you know what families will ALWAYS need?

Storage. Glorious storage. A convenient place to corral hats and mittens and shoes and backpacks that still looks good enough to keep out in the open. And that could be YOU.

Don’t believe me?  Check out what Corey did with her old entertainment center:

White Storage Locker Before


White Storage Locker

It’s back and better than ever! And sure to outlast the next wave of technology, unless someone invents invisible backpacks.

See more from Corey at Sawdust 2 Stitches.

PS: Happy Veteran’s day! Sending a huge THANK YOU to all our vets and their families for their sacrifice and support. Hug a vet today!


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Thrifty Halloween DIYs (4)

Hey gang! I’m back again with more thrifty DIY Halloween fun. We’ve seen a lot of great makeovers each day this week, from junky pumpkins to creepy candles to haunted houses, and today I bring you …

… miscellaneous!

Sorry, not the most chilling category name ever, but I think you’ll still find it chock full of creepy creativity on the cheap.


And what could be cheaper than the dollar store? Not much, unless there is a 50 cent store somewhere I don’t know about. But anyway, that’s where Kim picked up this plastic skull and decided to give it some help in the looks department.

Day of the Dead Skull Before

Day of the Dead Skull

Ay que bonita! She’s all fancied up and ready to celebrate Dia de los Muertos in style. These are called calaveras, or sugar skulls, and are a big tradition here in Arizona. There are tons of beautiful examples online if you ever get the itch to try it yourself.

See more at The Kim Six Fix.


And moving from head to toe, check out this adorable idea from Julie at Julie is Coco and Cocoa.

cat shoes before

Cat Shoes

Cat shoes! What a fun idea for an old pair of shoes. You might like them so much, you wear them all year long.

Next up are a couple of projects from my friends in real life. I have two friends who are equally (if not much more) Halloween-obsessed as I am, and when I saw some of the recent projects they had been working on, I demanded (nicely) that they send me pictures so I could show everyone on my blog.

 skull clock makeover

This is was an unfinished clock from my friend Alicia, who finished it, and finished it hard.

She says “I couldn’t find a toy skull or plastic skull I liked for the side detail, so I made those out of clay.  The rest were dollar store goodies and cheap pressed wood frames.  I removed the bottom and used it as trim on the front side to make it more interesting.  And then spray painted the crap out of it, and rubbed silver paint on to age it.  Not bad for $20 bucks at Goodwill and less than $5 at the dollar store.”

She admits she made the clock just so she’d have more display space for the other Halloween things she’s made! She can’t stop, and she won’t stop.


My other friend Kelley is a notorious Halloween fanatic.  She’s known in town as the Queen of Halloween. I wish I could take you on a tour of her house, because it would blow your mind. Most of her decorations are things that she makes herself, like this clock that she threw together with cardboard and dollar store items.

She said “It’s a little wonky but mistakes can become happy accidents especially if it’s a Halloween object. The owl and its styrofoam cooler base are from the dollar store, so are the embellishments. I cut apart a $1 gravestone to make the arch. Time was really the most valuable thing that I spent on this, but it was fun!”

kelley clock

Then she made a welcome banner for her house of of old books and eyeballs that she painted herself. Fabulously freaky!

spooky book welcome sign

She’s also planning a steampunk costume this year, so she’s been busy making some steam-ified weaponry. These were old toy guns from the thrift-store and are virtually unrecognizable now!

steampunk gun makeover

steampunk gun from toy gun makeover

I mean, come on! How great is that? Isn’t she great? She’s the greatest. You can see a lot more of her work on her instagram at KelleySmithArt. Give her a follow, you won’t be disappointed!


Last one for today, this battered and beaten up chair. Jamie was convinced she could do something with it, but every time she looked closely, it became more and more apparent that it was unusable. It had presumably been sitting outside for most of its life.



skull halloween chair makeover

But it turns out that battered and weather-beaten is the perfect condition for a spooky seasonal skeleton chair! It looks amazing!  Wondering how she applied that skull graphic to her fabric? Find out at Southern Revivals.




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