What can the humdrum become?

Today I want to inspire you to take a look at all the mundane, ordinary things in your home a little differently.

C’mon, let’s glance around right now. *glancing … glancing* Look! Over there! Your desk fan. Have you ever noticed how boring it is? Of course you haven’t. You don’t notice it at all. All day it sits there, obediently fanning you, asking nothing in return. Here’s one way to show your appreciation:


Updated Fan Before


Updated Fan

Take it apart and spray paint it a fun color like Anima at This Design Journal did! I’m sure it will sit a little taller and prouder if you do. Unless you don’t put it back together right, then it might malfunction and burn your house down or something. So don’t screw it up.


Ok, what’s next?  *glancing … glancing* How about these old window panes you’ve been meaning to do something with? They’ve sat here for so long, your family thinks they’re a physical part of the house.

Vintage Window Panes Before

Vintage Window Panes

… let’s get them up on the wall instead!

Linda had held onto these windows for SEVEN YEARS, always wanting to do something with them and never knowing exactly what. Then she noticed a nearly identical set of mirrors at Pottery Barn for $150 each. Inspired, she recreated the look with her windows and saved a cool $450. And that’s why you should never throw anything away ever.

See more on her blog Burlap & Blue.


Hmmm, what’s next?  Oooh, what about this pile of trashy wire hangers?

“OK Lindsey,” you are thinking, “The fan was cool. The window panes look great. But hangers? Get a hold of yourself. These are headed to Garbagetown. What are you going to do, spray paint them gold and … hey, what are you doing with those wire cutters?”

Sunburst Mirror Before 1


Sunburst Mirror

BAM! Why don’t you trust me by now? Honestly.

Lindi from Love Create Celebrate is the creative genius behind this project and reports that it was both fun and easy. AND it involved gold spray paint, so it really hits all my buttons. That’s my kind of project!

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Shiplap Look on Any Budget

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the past couple of years, you are well aware of the trend known as ‘shiplap.’  If your cave has wifi, however, you’ve probably already shiplapped the crap out of it.  I bet it looks nice.

If you haven’t heard of shiplap, it’s basically wood paneling, most typically painted white and hung horizontally. It’s nothing groundbreaking or new, but it’s enjoying a resurgence of popularity thanks in part to Joanna and Chip Gaines and their massively beloved show “Fixer Upper.” They are big fans of the shiplap look, and so am I!

Here now are three ways to get the look yourself.

#1: You could actually hang some shiplap.

White Plank Wall Before


White Plank Wall

Chelsea at Creating Cotters Bay used white wooden planks to add some interest to the end of her hallway. Perfect place to add a little detail AND get some practice in before you attempt a larger wall.


If sawing up wood ain’t your thang, you can still get the look like Sarah did below. Can you tell what she’s using on her kitchen backsplash?

shiplap backsplash vinyl before

shiplap with vinyl planks after

#2: It’s vinyl flooring!

Easier to haul, cut, and much thinner than regular boards. And if that’s not enough to convince you, it costs less too. She made sure to space them out just enough by placing a penny in between the planks as she hung them. You want a slight gap to really nail that shiplap look. See her tips for painting and sealing on her blog All Things with Purpose.


Ok, so you can either hang actual shiplap, or you can ‘cheat’ with vinyl flooring, but is there yet another way?

Believe it or not, there is. And believe it or not, it costs zero dollars. That’s right, I said ZERO DOLLARS. Behold:

shiplap wall with pencil before


Can you guess?

It’s pencil! (Insert shocked cat-face emoji)

If you have access to a couple of pencils and a straight edge, you could be a member of Club Shiplap before dinnertime. Head on over to Emily’s blog The Wicker House to get all the details. I believe there is a coat of sealer involved at some point, so the pencil doesn’t smudge, but other than that, ZERO FREAKING DOLLARS PEOPLE.

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Stool Service

If you’ve ever wanted to make a fairy garden and you have an old rectangular metal stool lying around, then TODAY’S YOUR LUCKY DAY!

If you don’t know what a fairy garden is, here you go. I searched fairy gardens for you. Give that link a click and prepare to be overwhelmed with cuteness.

Jenny thought it would be fun to make one with her sons, only they technically made a gnome garden. A gnome garden is basically the same thing as a fairy garden, but sounds way more manly.



After their dogs destroyed the first attempt, Jenny decided they needed to elevate it, and so that’s where the stool came in. She built a garden box and attached it to the stool, and now it makes for a great showpiece in the yard and the dogs can’t attack it. You have to see all the adorable details on her blog Paint Yourself A Smile. My favorites are the tiny rocks painted like strawberries!

If you’re wondering where to get supplies for your own gnome garden, I recommend Gnome Depot.

(Gnome pun intended).


And here’s another stool makeover, only this one simply became a cuter stool.

Black and White Stool  Before


Black and White Stool

Doesn’t it look so plump and comfy? I love the fabric Alana used here.  If you’ve ever wondered how to reupholster something circular like this, she gives a great play-by-play over on her blog Threadbare Cloak.

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Reflections on a baby gate, literally. And figuratively.

Hey you! I’m back, I think. I took off for a minute there. I don’t know what happened really, I just couldn’t muster up the energy to blog for a while. My husband has been traveling extensively since the beginning of the year and there’s also that part where I have four kids. NEWS FLASH: kids require a lot of time and attention. How much time and attention, you ask? ALL OF IT.

I don’t want to be a “mom stuff is hard!” whiner, but I did not actually get to shower until after midnight last night. And it was with an audience, because my toddler currently thinks that sleep is 100% unnecessary. So he was wider than wide-awake, screaming at me and banging on the shower door, when he wasn’t busy digging through my makeup and writing on his face with eyeliner.

That’s basically my life in a nutshell.

I’m fine! Just a little tired and stressed.

But hey, aren’t we all?

In other news, let’s talk about baby gates. I think I need to erect a few around my house. Maybe if I could keep my kids neatly corralled into one area, I’d finally have a handle on my sanity? Could possibly shower alone?

But what to do with those baby gates when you no longer need them? Don’t ask me, I’m not capable of coherent thought. Ask Joan. She knew just what to do with this lattice-style baby gate …

Baby Gate Mirror Before


Baby Gate Mirror

A rustic re-purposed mirror! How cool, right?! And it looks huge too. This would make a substantial statement on any wall.

Joan’s blog is called Scavenger Chic, but she shared the full tutorial for this mirror project over at My Repurposed Life. Check it out! And then make one yourself!

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