Best Case Scenario

Do you have a Halloween costume yet?  It’s not too late. I saw a cute idea the other day that would be super easy to pull together with a few thrift-store items: flight attendant! All you need is a dark blazer, a scarf, and why not accessorize with a rolling suitcase, or even better, a vintage travel case!

These are always plentiful at the thrift-stores around here, and give me good feels because they remind me of my grandma who never left home without one.

Rebecca at Ivy & Co.  recently made over a few, and they turned out adorable. Stock yours with mini pretzels and tiny sodas, and you’ll be the hit of the Halloween party!


vintage train case before



Vintage - Train Case- Makeovers |

So cute.  She did a fabulous job of choosing fabrics that complemented each case.

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Black Halloween Cat Makeover

I’ve got some spooky Halloween decor for you today, (if you follow me on instagram, you’ve already had a sneak peek!) The best part is you can whip up in ten minutes or less, assuming you have a super ugly cat sculpture lying around the house. And who doesn’t, am I right?

If you are fresh out of ugly cat sculptures, I’ll wait while you head down to your local thrift store where you are sure to find something similar.

*twiddling thumbs*

You’re back! Great! Let’s get started.

Step one: Spray paint that sad little thing black.


halloween cat before

black hallloween cat

Paint the eyeballs if you want it to look especially creepy. Boom. You are done.

I originally painted my cat’s eyes white, but everyone in the household was too creeped out by its soul-sucking blank stare and preferred the red.

halloween cat sculpture before


halloween cat after

What do you think? Red or white? Or maybe you’d do something else entirely.  I’d love to see your pics if you do, especially if you can’t find any cats and have to use like, ceramic geese or something. Oh man, Halloween geese! That should be a thing.

Happy Saturday!

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Two For Tea

Well, ‘ello mate!  Would you care for a spot of tea? Maybe Jen’s before cart wasn’t all that appetizing, but who could resist sneaking a scone from it now? Not me.  I am powerless around scones. (Although, I’m talking about American scones AKA  sopapillas, AKA puffy puffs of frybread.  English scones are much more biscuit-y.  But yes, I’ll have one of those too.  I guess I’m just powerless around carbs).

Anyway.  Tea cart, snack station, whatever you want to call it, it’s adorable.  I love the cross-braces Jen added on the sides.  She tells you how to do it on her blog A Thousand Words, and she makes it seem super easy!


Tea trolley before |

Adorable tea trolley makeover |


Congrats to our HomeGoods giftcard winner, Roberta G.! Check your email Roberta!

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At Random

Random stuff time!  I have for you today a small collection of makeovers that don’t really fit in any category.  Unless there is a category called “Awesome Stuff You Should Look At Today,” then yes, that would work.  Here goes!

Shelly at 100 Things 2 Do had a cool set of old lockers. You might think “Old lockers have all kinds of character, no need to give them a makeover!”  True.  But sometimes old lockers also come with things like old smells, bad graffiti, and lessons in … uh … human anatomy. Ahem.  Shelly painted right over all that jazz and went the extra mile with monogram decals.


From lockers to dog beds, you won't want to miss these fun makeovers at


From lockers to dog beds, you won't want to miss these fun makeovers at


I’ve seen lots of door projects, but I have yet to see a door turned into a trophy display.  Until now! Annisa at A Pretty Happy Home wanted a place to show off her husband’s many awards from his races.  He only recently began running and happens to be very good at it.  (Maybe there’s hope for me.  But probably not.  Running and I don’t like each other at all).

She says, “This board makes a BIG impact in our office and talk about a conversation starter! I love that I was able to incorporate the fruits of his labor into our home’s decor in a way that makes both of us happy. Most of all, I’m proud of him for all that he’s accomplished and for truly changing his lifestyle and health. It doesn’t just impact him, but our entire family in a truly positive way.” High fives all around!


From lockers to dog beds, you won't want to miss these fun makeovers at


From lockers to dog beds, you won't want to miss these fun makeovers at

Have an old tube TV taking up space?  Do you also have a dog that lays around all day?  Lazy things. Why not combine the two?  Shanna at Restoration Redoux did, and it’s … not exaggerating … the cutest thing I’ve seen all day. And that includes my own children. (Ok, slight exaggeration.  I think my baby is pretty cute stuff).

tv dog bed

tv dog bed after

While you recover from your cuteness attack, check out one last makeover, from Victoria at Trois Petites Filles. She has a shabby chic style that extends all they way to the appliances. I mean, really, why leave the poor fridge out of the decorating scheme?  He does so much for you.  She?  I think this one is definitely a she. C’est magnifique!


From lockers to dog beds, you won't want to miss these fun makeovers at


From lockers to dog beds, you won't want to miss these fun makeovers at

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