Ch-ch-chair ch-ch-changes!

Hello lovelies.  I’ve got a little chair roundup today that is sure to make both you and your bottom smile.  Most bottoms naturally curve into a nice little smile, don’t they?  That’s the ideal, anyway.  No one wants a scowling bottom.

That reminds me of this one time, when my daughter Mia was really small we were standing in the checkout line of a store, and the woman in front of us had a very rotund bottom, and to my horror, Mia couldn’t help herself, like a moth to a flame she reached out and lovingly stroked it and patted it and bounced her little hand on it like it was a basketball, and I could have died. I couldn’t stop her, because I was behind the grocery cart, and she was in front of it, and I was also busy pretending not to know her.

And now … makeovers! Lisa at Sweet Parsley Home wasn’t scared away by this chair’s total inability to perform its duties as a chair. She re-webbed it and jolted it back to life with some fearless fabric and pretty paint.


cane chair before


aqua - cane - chair superpost |


Jen at Girl in the Garage also went a step further than paint and fabric, she re-padded this chair and it looks so absolutely cushy, like if your bottom could get a massage.  I guess technically your bottom COULD get a massage, but this is way less awkward.  Remind me to tell you my awkward massage story sometime.


brown chair before


white - yellow gray fabric - chair superpost |



I always love a good MCM makeover, and this one stays true to form, with simple fabric and coaxing the beauty back out of that wood frame.  From Lisa at Lombardo Lagniappe.


midcentury green chair before


blue - midcentury -chair superpost |


These before chairs from Better After reader Kristen weren’t terrible to begin with, I mean, I’ve seen way worse fabric (so have you, like 15 seconds ago). But wow, they are something special now. I love the look of the delicate  script print paired up with the glossy black frame.  Mmmhmm!


striped chair before


script - chair superpost |


script - chair superpost |



This chair also had some script print happening.  Perhaps you’ve heard of Rebecca’s line of fabric? No? Don’t feel bad, her earlier work wasn’t that popular. That’s why Becca at Ivy & Co. chose to ditch it in favor of a graphic mustard print. And another black frame! I’m getting the urge to paint something black.

antique - scalloped - chair before


antique - scalloped - chair superpost |


Here’s a sweet one from Michal at Caspitweb. This one would be perfect tucked in the corner of a girl’s bedroom. It used to look like it came from a southwestern-themed restaurant that went out of business thanks to multiple health-code violations, so I’d say that’s a huge improvement.


sad striped chair before


white - purple/ blue fabric - chair superpost |

And one last beauty to feast your eyeballs on from Jen at Girl in the Garage.  It’s so lovely, and what a great touch to choose the rose fabric to echo the roses carved into the chair.  Not that the green microfiber wasn’t doing a great job of that. (It wasn’t).

brown chair before


white - floral fabric chair superpost |

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Life and Nails

It should be against the rules of life for your car to break down and everyone in the house to get sick, including the baby, who got sick enough to go to the ER in the space of a few days. Against the rules I say!

Don’t’ you hate when life gets all life-y?

If we are friends on Instagram you might have seen me in the hospital with my baby boy night before last.  He had a raging fever flare up out of nowhere with a wicked cough that left him struggling to breathe, so we hurried him in. Turns out he has a respiratory virus thing, which was scary because of that virus affecting kids on the news, but they got him fixed up, and he’s doing much better today.  In fact, he’s sitting by my feet, trying to eat a stick.  I don’t know where he found a stick inside the house, but the point is, he’s doing good. And I  just wanted to say thanks for the well wishes and concern! We are on the mend!

And here comes some makeover goodness your way, nailhead-style!  First from Jen at Girl in the Garage, who nailed it (hA!) with this cream vanity.

vanity makeover before |


cream nailhead vanity makeover |


And I love, love this vinyl chair transformation from Jenn at With Heart via Create/Enjoy. The pink was cute but unsalvageable, so after a little trial and error, she found the perfect white to show off those lines and nailhead details.  Best part: it has a twin!  Other best part: they were only $8 a piece!


pink vinyl chair makeover before |





white painted vinyl chair makeover after |


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Judging a couch by its cover.

I’m all for form over function.  I’d rather hide my trashcan in a closet than keep it somewhere convenient and have to look at it all day. But even I can’t get behind the idea of plastic covered couch cushions.  Praise the heavens that this went out of vouge.  (Was it ever in vogue?)

When you are more concerned with keeping stains off your couch than your are of keeping guests comfortable on your couch, you’ve crossed a line my friend.  (Although, it wouldn’t be too hard to keep people on a plastic couch, especially if they were wearing shorts on a hot day, I’m just saying).

But now it’s not even a ghost of its former Saran-Wrapped self.  Better After reader Donna reupholstered it in gray, and get this, it’s only her SECOND TIME REUPHOLSTERING. Ever.  Yeah.  She taught herself by watching YouTube.  She rocks.  I have a friend who taught himself how to be a beekeeper by watching YouTube, and now he has a successful bee removal business.

So, before you go longing for the good ol’ days, just remember, they had plastic covered furniture and no way to teach yourself how reupholster and be a beekeeper without getting up off of it.

couch makeover before |

gray upholstered couch makeover |


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How to Stain Your Dragon

Sorry.  I can’t tell you how to stain your dragon.  I just thought that was a catchy title.  Side note: my 7th grader just wrote on a school report that his favorite animal is a dragon.  Do you think I should tell him?  I mean … 7th grade.  And no, I’m afraid he isn’t talking about a Komodo dragon.

Anyhoo, stains aren’t often things we purposely want to apply, unless we’re talking about furniture of course.  “Hey, I stained my carpet today.” That’s a bummer. “Hey, I stained my table today.” Yay!  See what I mean?

So buckle up for a little ride down Stained-On-Purpose Street.

Starting with Sarah at Backwoods Babies. Not only did she attend to this $15 sewing table’s badly damaged veneer (more proof of that on her blog), she gave the top some attention too, with a harlequin diamond design.

sewing table makeover with stain |

aqua sewing table makeover with stained top |

I like how stain can have a more subtle effect.  This bench would feel much different feel if Sarah had painted those chevrons on rather than stained them.  See this bench makeover right here.

bench makeover |

bench makeover with stain |


But who has two thumbs and says stain has to be subtle?  Not this girl.  And not Beth, who happens to be the Stain Master.  (I feel like that name has already been used somewhere…) Here is just one of her many examples of the stain-shading technique she has perfected.  Learn all about how to do it too on her blog Sawdust and Embryos.

buffet makeover |


buffet makeover with stain |

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