Sure Be Cool If You (re)Did

This chair is like the Gwen Stefani of chairs. Totally hip and funky, but a little bit chewed up and spit out by recent life events. (AKA a philandering husband who according to reports is like the sleaziest jerk of all time, which is a big bummer, because I used to like his music and now I can’t even stand to listen to his sleazy voice, ugh). (That’s Gwen’s life, at least, I don’t know who did this chair wrong).

BUT WAIT! Who is this galloping into town? A new love interest? A swaggering cowboy to sweep her off her feet and make her feel shiny and new again? Someone who rounds out her rock and roll edges with his tender country charms?


Cow Print Chair Before


Cow Print Chair

I mean, right??? (This might only make sense to you if you are following the Gwen Stefani/Blake Shelton/Gavin Rossdale love triangle as breathlessly as I am).

Cow print and chrome? Is it a match made in heaven? Time will tell, but for now it sure looks fun.

From Heather at The Heathered Nest.

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Olive it or Leave it

Depending on where you stand, the color olive is super hot and trendy or barfy gaggy grossness. Kind of like its namesake, green olives. You either love them or you hate them. Or you are my husband who somehow didn’t even know they existed until just a few weeks ago when he incredulously showed one to me on a toothpick at a party. Sweet, sweet man.

He went ahead and tasted one for the first time in his sweet, sheltered life, and it turns out he hates them. I think they’re just fine. What about you? Olive lover? Olive hater? What about the color olive? Love it? Hate it? Unaware of its existence until this very moment?

Well, I kinda hope you don’t like it because we are eradicating the shade today! Starting with this olive office chair which was a bit of a drab drag.

olive green office chair makeover - before


gold and white thrifted chair makeover - after

But white and gold? Please and thank you. Was this paint? Re-upholstery? You’ll have to check out Allison’s blog Dream a Little Bigger to find out!


What are your feelings toward this lamp? Erin and Dan owned a pair of them for a few years and their feelings were ‘Meh.’ It had a nice shape, but that darn olive color just didn’t get them excited.

olive green lamp makeover - before

copper lamp makeover - after

What about now? Copper and white spray paint for the win, plus an updated round shade! So much more appetizing. If you can call a lamp that. I say you can.

See the whole process on their blog DIY Passion.

Hey, wouldn’t it be cool if there was such thing as a white olive?

Hang on, just googled it. There is. It’s the most rare olive of all and nearly extinct!

That concludes me talking about olives and also the color olive.

I think we all learned something today.

I’m not sure what it was.

But something.

Definitely something.

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Pottery Barn Knock-off Knockout

What happens when you have PB dreams on PB&J budget? And by PB I mean Pottery Barn, that lustful land of $400 dining chairs. Well what happens is, you have to get creative. You hit up Craigslist and find a set of harvest gold velvet dining chairs at $20 a pop. You convince your husband you aren’t crazy. (You aren’t entirely convinced yourself).

You haul them home and worry that you’re in over your head. No. You can DO THIS! You fist-bump yourself in the mirror.

You decide to remove the strange and dangerous-looking finials. You also streamline the curvy top by slicing it off with your jigsaw. You paint and stain over the wood and manage to create a perfectly weathered finish. You pat yourself on the back because things are going pretty good.

You work on the upholstery. There is foam and adhesive and drop cloths and cardboard templates and nailheads involved. It’s intense. But you power through because you’ve GOT THIS.

Nailhead Dining Table Chairs Before


Nailhead Dining Table Chairs 1


Yes. You’ve totally got this.  You’ve also got $2160 left in your bank account, because you managed to keep your cost at $40 per chair, including the $20 you paid for each chair to begin with. You think rather smug thoughts towards PB. Go ahead, you deserve it.


Nailhead Dining Table Chairs

Also, your name is Lauren and you blog at Bless’er House. Fabulous job Lauren!

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Ruffle Shuffle

There used to be a potato chip commercial years ago, probably around a thousand years ago because I remember singing along to it as a child, and it went like this: “R-r-r-r-r-uffles have r-r-r-r-ridges!” Remember that one?  My sister and I would sing it over and over, rolling the r-r-r-r part so hard that it eventually morphed into a guttural growl, and we would run around screaming RRRRRRRuffles have RRRRRRRRidges!!! at each other all the time, and it was kind of scary.  

Thanks to the power of the internet, I have discovered that old commercial right here, and it is comedy GOLD. From the r-rolling fetishist at the beginning to an unexplainable appearance by Porky Pig at the end, it’s everything you’ve never dreamed of. Please watch it and then tell me your feelings.

Anyway. Today’s makeovers have nothing to do with potato chips or awesome vintage commercials at all.  But they do have RUFFLES!  Because is there ever such thing as too many ruffles?

rufflesYes. Trick question.

But a little ruffle here and there never hurt anyone, and it can give any piece of furniture some girlish flair.  Like this droopy chair that Beck at Beckwith’s Treasures revived.

Blue Ruffle Chair Before


Blue Ruffle Chair

Just the perfect amount of country charm.

And Kim at Exquisitely Unremarkable also wanted to fluff up this little side table …

Skirted Ikea Table Before


Skirted Ikea Table

… so she added a bit of ruffled fabric with tension rods. That’s pretty genius. What an easy way to bring in some colorful fabric or just hide wires.


And this next makeover has nothing to do with ruffles or Ruffles, but it’s got that same country vibe as the other makeovers, so we are just going to go with it mmmkay?

Ocean Blue Buffet with Walnut Top Before

Ocean Blue Buffet with Walnut Top

Samantha at I Love Fabuless Junk won a stare-down with a thrift-store vulture who was ready to pounce on this little buffet the moment she looked away.  Unblinkingly, she stood strong and was able to bring it home, where it serves as a chippy and distressed TV stand today!

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