July 4th and So Forth

Happy (almost) Independence Day America! Wow, how old does that make you, 238, 239? You’re really getting up there in years old girl! Here, take a seat before those knees give out.


patriotic chair before copy


patriotic chair after copyFrom Michelle at Green Acres Hobby Farm.


Oh, I’m just kidding. You’ve still got a lot of spring in that step! Why, you’re practically a teenager compared to the rest of the world. Now let’s have some cake. But first, this cake plate needs a little spanglin':


patriotic cake stand before

patriotic cake standFrom Mary Lou at House of Whimsy.



I wanted to show you a lot more fabulous American stuff, but these fireworks aren’t going to light themselves, so here is one more chair.

patriotic folding chair before

patriotic folding chair afterFrom Wendi at H20 Bungalow

And a Happy Fourth of July to you! Thanks for being the land that I love.

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From Vile to Virtuous

Did Satan’s brothel have a yard-sale? Because I’m pretty sure that’s where Sharon picked up this sofa.

Oh, the stories that tattered red velvet could tell. But Sharon had faith that she could turn this lady from a tawdry past into a respectable member of society, even if no one else did.


Gray and White French Provincial Couch Before

Gray and White French Provincial Couch

She was right! What a classy gal! She removed the velvet and approximately one bimillion staples, then had it recovered in a gray microfiber weave. She painted the frame and antiqued it with wax, and that’s not all!

Gray and White French Provincial Chair Before


Gray and White French Provincial Chair


She did a chair too! Can you even believe she bought both pieces for $90 total!?  Sheesh Sharon, next time Satan has a yardsale, let me know!

Check out the whole process on her blog I Restore Stuff.

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Can I get a what what? Again?

((I’m headed off to Girl’s Camp with my church this week, so please enjoy this trip through the archives in the meantime. And get excited for The Mystery Thrift Off, which will officially begin next week! Today’s post was originally published in 2011.))

This chair submission arrived in my inbox with nary an explanation. There was simply a before and an after, signed by “J.” Mysterious!

I’m not sure but I’m pretty sure that “J” is probably a very well-known celebrity. I bet “J” wants to keep his or her thrift-loving identity secret, so the whole world doesn’t find out that “J” would rather recover a moldy old chair than buy a new one for half a million dollars at Barney’s, or wherever ridiculously rich people buy furniture. I wouldn’t know.

Possible possibilities include: Jack Johnson, James Franco, Janet Reno, Jay-Z, Jerry Seinfeld, Joey Lawrence or Joan Cusack. Hmmmm.


chair makeover jay z

chair makeover jay z after
 Oh I’m on to you, Jay Z.



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A Lemony Loveseat to Love

Sometimes life hands you lemons. And those lemons are shaped like loveseats. And those loveseats are covered in fabric that make your eyes bleed.  But, as the saying goes, don’t look a gift-horse in the lemon. Or something like that. You know.

Shanna inherited this loveseat when the previous owners of her home left it behind. Unwilling to discard perfectly good free furniture when she needed furniture, she decided to reupholster it herself.  Can you believe this is her FIRST attempt at upholstery? I’m so impressed!


Gray Arrow Couch Before


Gray Arrow Couch | betterafter.net

See more from Shanna at Taart es Goed.

And a side-by-side for funzies.


Gray Arrow Couch sidebyside  copy

Happy Memorial Day to you, and an eternity of thank yous to all the soldiers and their families who have sacrificed to make our nation what it is today.

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