Chairs in Pairs

Much like roller skates and the Hemsworth brothers, some things are just better in pairs. I happen to like chairs in pairs. Of course there is no hard and fast rule that says chairs HAVE TO come in pairs. But if you can have two, why settle for one? Who wants to skate around on one rollerskate without Chris Hemsworth? Not this girl.

So sit back and relax and enjoy some pairs of chairs. But before I forget, I must first mention that TODAY IS THE LAST DAY to get your Ugly Lamp Contest submissions in!  Email your original photo of the ugliest lamp you can find to, subject line: Ugly Lamp.

I have to tell you, the submissions I’ve already received so far this year are downright terrifying.  I might have to change the name to the Scary Lamp Contest. You’ve been warned.

And now … chairs!

Better After reader Beth seems like a kindred spirit of mine. She bought a pair of powder blue chairs at a garage sale with the intention of giving them a makeover, which she did.  Twelve years later. I totally get it.

Black and Cream Scroll Chairs Before


Black and Cream Scroll Chairs

But once she decided to do it, REALLY do it, she had them stripped, painted, reupholstered and sold within a month. She even made the double welting herself! Oh, the things we can accomplish when we put our minds to it. I’m really going to put my mind to putting my mind to it one of these days.


Tamara scored with a pair of $6.50 thrift store chairs that she recovered with about $8 worth of fabric. (Tip from Tamara: most fabrics sold from online fabric retailers can also be found on Amazon, where she saved a bundle on shipping). 

Blue and White Striped Side Chair Before


Blue and White Striped Side Chair

They turned out great, and I’m so impressed with how perfectly she lined up the stripes of the fabric to the seats and the backs on both chairs. I’m sure that took much more patience than I possess. See more at Provident Home Design.


Beck actually started with four of these mid century dining chairs, but she was able to sell two of them after doing a beautiful refinishing job.  

Wood and White Mid Century Dining Chairs Before


Wood and White Mid Century Dining Chairs

I’d buy ’em too! I really love the shape, it’s got a bit of playfulness to it. Like they want to hug you.  See more at Beckwith’s Treasures.


Folding chairs can get in on this party too! Better After reader Lindsay snagged this drab little pair from a neighbor’s yard sale, thinking she could cute them up considerably.

Bright Green and Blue Folding Chairs Before


Bright Green and Blue Folding Chairs

Cuteness Level Maximum: reached!


But Lindsay had more tricks up her sleeve. She redid this musty and mustard-colored set as part of a surprise office makeover for a woman at her church. Lindsay wanted to complement her friend’s effervescent personality, and was hoping to find a fabric that said “fun and effervescent adult” and not “I’m made for a six-year-old!”

Purple Arm Chairs with Leafy Fabric Before


Purple Arm Chairs with Leafy Fabric

Bam! I think she nailed it. The frames look so great in purple too. Now I’m hankering for a brightly painted chair, and also a surprise makeover! Have you ever done one for someone? It’s really fun and rewarding, and I would totally do it for a living if I could. Maybe when I put my mind to it I will.

Don’t forget, last day to enter the Ugly Lamp Contest! Details here.


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Wicker Upper

Guys, I’m a little worried.  The submissions for the Ugly Lamp Contest are not many. Have we already unearthed the ugliest lamps in all the land and have nothing left to give? Have we pillaged the ugly lamp landscape, leaving it desolate in our wake?

No! No, I say! There is still much ugly to be had.  Dig deep comrades. Keep a sharp eye out at your thrift stores. Troll your neighborhood yardsales. Sneak a pic in your great aunt Hilda’s living room. Get those submissions in! Your country needs you. (More details here.)

And now, here is Angie at Knick of Time with proof that ugly still exists in the world. Or should I say, existED. There was not much to love about this wicker sofa, but Angie was up for a challenge and came by it so inexpensively she figured she had nothing to lose.

Grain Sack Wicker Sofa Before

Grain Sack Wicker Sofa


She sewed new grain-sack-covered cushions and hid the broken wicker with a little slip-cover skirt action.  And white paint, which fixes almost any and all eyesores.  I put it on my zits every morning. Just kidding don’t do that. Or maybe …

grainsack sofa up close

A little upclose action on the details. So sweet!

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Floral Flipping

Underneath the back-sweat stains, this chair appeared to be weeping. Or perhaps those are just additional back-sweat stains?  But really, how did this chair get so grody? Did it used to be in an airport? Or the DMV? Was it a squat bench at the gym?

I’ll tell you what it is now though. It’s aflippingmazing.


Pink and Green Floral Chair Before


Pink and Green Floral Chair

Amanda recovered it in a large scale floral, complete with contrasting black and white piping around the cushion – my favorite detail! Plus the whole frame got updated in antiqued green and now I feel like wearing something ruffled and having a tea party, let’s do it.

See more from Amanda at Reloved Home Designs.

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July 4th and So Forth

Happy (almost) Independence Day America! Wow, how old does that make you, 238, 239? You’re really getting up there in years old girl! Here, take a seat before those knees give out.


patriotic chair before copy


patriotic chair after copyFrom Michelle at Green Acres Hobby Farm.


Oh, I’m just kidding. You’ve still got a lot of spring in that step! Why, you’re practically a teenager compared to the rest of the world. Now let’s have some cake. But first, this cake plate needs a little spanglin’:


patriotic cake stand before

patriotic cake standFrom Mary Lou at House of Whimsy.



I wanted to show you a lot more fabulous American stuff, but these fireworks aren’t going to light themselves, so here is one more chair.

patriotic folding chair before

patriotic folding chair afterFrom Wendi at H20 Bungalow

And a Happy Fourth of July to you! Thanks for being the land that I love.

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