Chair makeovers, I think. 

Oh my goodness, your limericks from Wednesday were hilarious! I will pick a winner and announce it on Monday!

Currently, for reasons too boring to explain, I am attempting to write this blog post on my phone in an airplane. I also can’t see the pictures that I’m trying to describe right now because this app I use for mobile blogging only shows me a bunch of html gibberish instead of photos. 
This should be fun.
So! I know that these are chair makeovers, and I think this first one is cheetah print and it’s pretty darn sassy. 
Cheetah Chair Before
Cheetah Chair Makeover
From Better After reader Janine. 
If memory serves me, this second one also hails from the animal kingdom: zebra print! Ooh! Ahhh!  Rowr! (That’s not really a zebra sound, but really, what is?)
From Rhonda at Batchelor’s Way
Um, ok these next two are similar in the fact that that have both been painted. Not just the frames, even the fabric was painted! Don’t they look incredible? 
Don’t they? I can’t see!

From Shanna at Restoration Redoux

White Tufted Chair Before
White Tufted Chair Makeover
From Suzan at Simply Vintageous.
Ok, I’m pretty sure this one is a office chair makeover with geometric fabric that I really like. I feel like there is also a cat somewhere. I feel a feline presence. 
Patterned Office Chair Before
Patterned Office Chair Makeover
From Janine at Chairished Furnishings

Finally, I can almost guarantee that this last one is a set of tired plastic lawn chairs. Kat painted them a life-renewing shade of green, and they look brand new! Right? Right??
Green Lounge Outdoor Chair Before
Green Lounge Outdoor Chair Makeover | betterafter.netFrom Kat at Katch of the Day 

Happy Friday!












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Grand(ma) Theft

Hey. Your grandma called. She wants her armchair back.

No, seriously Katie. Grandma’s on the phone right now and she really regrets handing over her dated swivel rocker now that she’s seen you work your magic on it. Here, you talk to her.

“Katie? Is that you? Listen sweetie, Grammie really needs her armchair back.  I forgot how much it uh … helps with my … hips.  Yeah. Be a good girl and bring it back to Grammie’s house, okie dokie? I’ll make you some cookies. Did you get that $20 I sent for your birthday? How is your blog going? What’s the name of it again? The Sewing Nerd Slipcovers?  That’s so cute. You’ll have to come over and show me sometime, you know I don’t know how to internet. Bye bye dear. Don’t forget my chair!”

Ikat Upholstered Rocker Chairs Before

Ikat Upholstered Rocker Chairs

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Have a Settee

Have a seat. Literally. Here is a seat makeover for your viewing pleasure. It’s actually a settee makeover, and it’s from Heather at The Heathered Nest, and it went from gold and ghastly to tender in toile, and it’s the loveliest.

So you have this seat; I’m going to have a nap.  Matt has pneumonia, and everyone knows that one sick husband is equal to three sick kids. I’m exhausted! I better not be next. Is pneumonia contagious? I don’t want to know.

Blue and White Toile Settee Before


Blue and White Toile Settee Makeover |

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Pulling Up The Carpet

Do you know what purple indoor/outdoor carpet is good for?  Do you? Because I don’t. I can’t think of one instance where you might need purple indoor/outdoor carpet, unless you own and operate some kind of indoor/outdoor bowling alley/casino/children’s playplace.  Then maybe.

I’ll tell you one thing it’s not good for. Upholstery. That’s a firm NO SIR. But that didn’t stop someone from using it to reupholster this poor pair of chairs at some point in time.  Larissa at Prodigal Pieces reports they were so scratchy and uncomfortable, no one in her home could bear to sit in them.

But there’s no denying they had lovely lines underneath. They could wear a feed sack and still look great.

Linen and Floral Chair Makeover Before

Vintage Feed Sack Chair

Oh snap. That’s exactly what she did with the first one.  And not only does it look, well, darling – it looks like something you’d actually want to sit in too. Imagine that.



And I really, really love this linen and floral makeover on the second chair. So feminine and lovely! Do you see the coordinating welting on the edges?  So pretty.

Linen and Floral Chair Makeover

And you have to see the back too!  Check that out at Prodigal Pieces.

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