A Date for an Ottoman Update

Hey everyone! Did you know that today is National Update an Ottoman Day? What better way to celebrate than with this pair of floral ottomans that desperately needed updating?

Green Upholstered Ottomans Before


Green Upholstered Ottomans

And that’s exactly what they got, thanks to Jennifer at Dimples and Tangles, who recovered them in this sassy malachite-inspired fabric. She also fluffed them up with a few layers of extra batting and shared the whole run-down on her blog. Plus Jennifer added hidden casters underneath to help move them from room to room.

Those casters came in handy when she decided to roll the ottomans into her master bedroom, which was suffering from dangerously low levels of sass. It needed a sass-fusion, and fast!

Green Bedroom Before


Green Bedroom

The ottomans did the trick, especially when trimmed in hot pink ribbon, and especially against the new bedding, rug, curtains, pillows, lamps, dressers, headboard, accessories and artwork. Whew! You know what they say though, sometimes you need to spend some cash to get some sass. Read all about this makeover right here on Dimples and Tangles.


PS: I should probably tell you that today is not really National Update an Ottoman Day. I just made that up. But really, are there even rules to these things? What if I just stood outside on my driveway and declared it National Update an Ottoman day? I bet that’s all it takes.

PPS: It IS National Prime Rib day though, so please … celebrate responsibly.

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Henredon and On …

What’s better than a chair makeover? TWO chair makeovers, duh. Although, these are identical chairs, and thus identical makeovers, so really it’s like one for the price of two. But it’s not like you’re paying to read this blog, so … still a good deal all around.

But here’s a story of a seriously good deal. Meghan found a pair of chairs on Craigslist and discovered that they were from Henredon, a top-quality luxury furniture company.  How top-quality, you ask? Well, I can’t seem to find any of their prices listed online, just instructions to “call for a quote.” So I’m guessing: much dollarz.

Meghan didn’t have to pay $,$$$ – she bought them from a man who was cleaning out his late mother’s home and had no idea what he was getting rid of. He probably just saw some old floral chairs and was shocked anyone agreed to buy them.

Meghan saw something more, and happily hustled them home.

Gray Henredon Chairs Before


Gray Henredon Chair makeover

And here they are, living in style in her living room. Aren’t they a chic little pair? They look so much better in a solid fabric that lets those pricey good bones do all the talking.

See more from Meghan at Mimi + Meg.

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Sitting Sail

This chair’s story begins when it was purchased for $19 at a thrift store. Of course it doesn’t really BEGIN there, but that’s as much information as I have, so we must start our tale at the thrift-store.  Maybe there will be a prequel someday. Probably not.

But luckily, SK had some history to add to it, and decided to use this chair to tell the story of her parents.

Her father was a sailor on a destroyer tender ship in the Japan Harbor when the armistice of World War II was signed. After SK’s mother passed away, SK discovered a newspaper clipping in her hope chest that she had kept for all that time, a page featuring the now iconic photo of a sailor kissing a surprised nurse.

Rome Sailor Chair Before


Rome Sailor Chair

sailor chair makeover detail

It’s not just a makeover, it’s a work of art! She dedicated it to her parents: “A generation of strong, honest, courageous and hard working people. Thank you for your example.”

How great it that? Quite a touching tribute. See the story behind all the details on her blog SK on Elderberry.

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Dearly Distressed

At some point in recent history, furniture makers thought it necessary to attach tiny little railings to much of their furniture. Perhaps it was in case of tiny little earthquakes. You wouldn’t want your knickknacks to scoot to a sudden death if it could be prevented, right?  Wrong. Sorry. There is no logical reason for these things to ever exist.

But Larissa was excited when she found this table, not because she was planning to bring the railing trend back, but because her son had been itching to try a DIY project of his own. She figured this table would be the perfect place to start, and with twelve holes left behind by the spindles of the old railing, it also made a perfect  …

distressed makeover - Clock Face Table Before


distressed clock face makeover

… clock face! They filled the holes with dowels and went to town with paint and stencils. Check out her post at Prodigal Pieces to read all about the process, and to see her adorable son being all adorable and proud of his creation. Rightly so!


This next project would be right at home next to the clock table, if that home happened to be a church.

Church Pew Before


distressed church pew makeover

The lovely after version, that is. It looks like it could belong in quaint countryside chapel.

The before version reminds me of the movie theater in the town I grew up in. It may have been the world’s oldest and smallest and grossest theater. I’m pretty sure the rows were only about four seats deep, and the floors were so sticky I literally lost a shoe AND a sock there. Several rows had seats that were missing the actual seat part. More than once I would stumble through the row in the darkened theater, settle down in my seat, and land flat on the filthy floor.

That theater, somehow, is still in business today. Shout out to the El Rio! Stop by if you’re ever in Springerville, Arizona and aren’t too attached to your shoes or tailbone.

And be sure to stop by Jenny’s blog Ava Blake Creations to see how she gave this bench its distressed charm.

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