Neutering the Neutral

Is your bedroom a boring neutral-scape of neutraly neutralness? That’s actually fine. I like a neutral bedroom. Very soothing. Of course, neutral doesn’t have to be boring. But even though I’ve managed to say the word ‘neutral’ six times in five seconds today, that’s not even what we’re talking about.

We’re talking about BLACK and WHITE! And their fun friend FUCHSIA!

That’s was the color scheme Veronica had in mind to de-neutralized her guest bedroom. Did she pull it off?

Black and Fuchsia Guest Bedroom Before


Black and Fuchsia Guest Bedroom 1

She sure did! Hot dang! If I was a guest at Veronica’s house, I would wake up thinking I was in some fabulously hip boutique hotel. Then I’d probably start crying because I wouldn’t remember checking into a fabulously hip boutique hotel, and then I would check to make sure I still had my kidneys, because you know how those stories end.

Black and Fuchsia Guest Bedroom

But then I would remember I was just at my friend Veronica’s house and then I would calm down and contemplate moving in forever. #squattersrights

Get the whole rundown about this guest bedroom makeover (including those painted floors!) on her blog The Naked Decorator.

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Girly and Glam

My daughter and I are a little outnumbered here at my house. Four boys to two girls. And that includes my husband, who, bless his heart, is technically like three boys in one. Plus the terrorist toddler, who is more like five boys in one. It’s man-demonium over here. (Thanks, that WAS a good one).

With four sons and one daughter, Randi knows the feeling well. Her daughter was craving a girly retreat of her own, especially since she’d been sharing a room with her younger brother since he was a baby. Finally he was big enough to bunk with the big boys, and Randi and her daughter set to work transforming this previously more masculine room into a girly glam paradise.

randi garret girl bedroom before


randi garret girls room after

Is your inner 11-year-old girl squealing with delight? Mine is! Out went the tan walls and heavy blue drapes, and in came soft pinks, gold accents, and bright whites. It’s the epitome of dreamy. (Please someone start a girl-band and call it Dreamy Epitome, kthanks).


This dresser got a quick update with the most adorable handles shaped like little golden bows.

randi garret bedroom dresser before


randi garret dresser makeover after

Randi recovered the cheetah print chair herself too. I love the little bit of contrast and edge it gives to this room!

This makeover didn’t happen overnight of course, Randi reports that the process took around six months, but that she and her daughter made memories every step of the way.

Lucky for me, Randi lives close by, and I’ve been able to visit her insanely gorgeous home a time or two. I pretty much just walk around, gaping in awe, secretly snapping pictures on my phone. She’s 100% amazing at what she does, no doubt about it.

See much more on her blog Randi Garrett Design.

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A Date for an Ottoman Update

Hey everyone! Did you know that today is National Update an Ottoman Day? What better way to celebrate than with this pair of floral ottomans that desperately needed updating?

Green Upholstered Ottomans Before


Green Upholstered Ottomans

And that’s exactly what they got, thanks to Jennifer at Dimples and Tangles, who recovered them in this sassy malachite-inspired fabric. She also fluffed them up with a few layers of extra batting and shared the whole run-down on her blog. Plus Jennifer added hidden casters underneath to help move them from room to room.

Those casters came in handy when she decided to roll the ottomans into her master bedroom, which was suffering from dangerously low levels of sass. It needed a sass-fusion, and fast!

Green Bedroom Before


Green Bedroom

The ottomans did the trick, especially when trimmed in hot pink ribbon, and especially against the new bedding, rug, curtains, pillows, lamps, dressers, headboard, accessories and artwork. Whew! You know what they say though, sometimes you need to spend some cash to get some sass. Read all about this makeover right here on Dimples and Tangles.


PS: I should probably tell you that today is not really National Update an Ottoman Day. I just made that up. But really, are there even rules to these things? What if I just stood outside on my driveway and declared it National Update an Ottoman day? I bet that’s all it takes.

PPS: It IS National Prime Rib day though, so please … celebrate responsibly.

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Toying With My Emotions

My opinion on ‘play rooms’ is the same as my opinions on ‘sugar fasts’ and Dancing with the Stars: Not Feeling It.

Now, maybe you happen to love not eating sugar while watching D-list celebrities cut a rug. That’s just fine. You do you, girlfriend. Maybe you love being able to pile all your kid’s toys into one room and shutting the door behind you. I get that.

In the meantime, I’ll be over here eating cookies and watching the highly superior So You Think You Can Dance and throwing all my kids toys away.

KIDDING! Of course I would never throw all their toys away, even though there are times when I kinda really want to. I fight the urge by reminding myself that someday they will outgrow all the clutter and the mess and then I’ll turn their old spaces into sophisticated rooms that look like they came straight off the pages of a fancy magazine, and I’ll sit all alone on the fabulous but empty bed and cry and cry and probably eat some cookies.

Gold Victorian Boho Bedroom Before


Gold Victorian Boho Bedroom

I don’t know if the same thing happened to Sharon when she did exactly that to her daughter’s former play-room. But I do know that it’s pretty enough to ease the pain!

Believe it or not, there are still toys in this room! Head on over to her blog Pretty Practical Home to see more.

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