The Really Real World

This is the true story … of seven strangers … picked to live in a house … and find out what happens … when housewares stop being polite … and start getting real … The Real World: Jamie’s Bedroom.

On this episode, Drab Wallcolor can no longer put up with Laundry Pile’s excessive drama. Flimsy Curtains and Matronly Lamps have a major blowup, upsetting the sensitive Book Stack. Antique Chest confronts Mismatched Bed Linens, annoyed with her laziness and lack of contribution to the household.

“You just lie there ALL DAY!”

“Get off my back, geezer!”

Something had to change. Something like … all of it.

White Bedroom with Pops of Color Makeover |

White Bedroom with Pops of Color Makeover |

Everything got the boot! Everything that is, except Antique Chest, who got herself a lead in the critically-acclaimed spin-off, Jamie’s Bedroom: Back from the Brink.

See more from Jamie at Southern Revivals.

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Happy Monday! Thanks so much for all your kind words about my mini bathroom makeover!  I truly appreciate it.

So what’s new with you? Did you watch the Academy Awards? I didn’t, but I did scroll through the #oscars hashtag on Instagram, just so I could see what people were wearing. I should teach a class: The Lazy Girl’s Guide to Watching the Oscars.

Don’t hate me, but I think my favorite was Solange, followed by Gwyneth and ScarJo. They were edgy but elegant, and not covered head to toe in tulle and ruffles and sequins.  I’ve made some helpful illustrations to show you my least favorites:

oscar dress

oscar dress2

oscars dress3

I mean, right? Who were your favorites? Seems like everyone always either plays it way too safe or veers into Crazytown on the Oh No She Di’int Express.


Anyway, lets get down to it.  Monday morning makeover coming your way, courtesy of Jennifer at Dimples and Tangles who has recently put the finishing touches on her daughter’s bedroom.

Before: simple and sweet, but nothing to get excited about.  Well, get ready to get excited …

Black, White, Yellow Girl  copy


Black, White, Yellow Girl Bedroom Makeover |

Bam! Isn’t that fantastic? It deserves a spot on the best dressed list for sure!

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You Guest It.

You know that saying, “Go big or go home?” That’s what Eden did here.  Although it’s a guest room, so she probably meant “Go big and stay home. My home, that is.  Stay at my home. As my guest. Nevermind.”

But she really did go big, with a nine-foot-tall headboard! That’s one way to make your guests feel special. Good luck getting rid of them. They’ll probably be expecting to wake up to breakfast in bed and a freshly ironed newspaper now.

Bright - Blue - Guest Bedroom - Before
Tan - Cream - Guest Bedroom - Makeover |


Eden reports that this entire makeover was done for about $350, with the headboard costing $120 of that. Most everything else was Craigslist, thrifted, or homemade, including this nifty armoire makeover.

It was nearly twenty years old and showing its age, so Eden stained it and gave it a dry-brushing treatment to match the headboard. Lovely!


armoire makeover before

armoire makeover after See more at DIYHER.

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Take Me To Church

Here’s a little something different for your Friday, and it’s kind of my dream come true. No, not the dream of Gwen Stefani and I being best friends and having a lip sync battle with Jimmy Fallon, my other dream best friend/next door neighbor.  This is my dream of renovating a public building into a private home. (Preferably in between Gwen and Jimmy).

My dream started from a show called Generation Renovation, where people would turn things like old post offices and auto showrooms into beautiful homes.  My favorite episode was when a couple renovated an abandoned junior high school. As they were giving the tour, the man swung open a set of double doors at the end of a hallway, and bam: a full-size gymnasium! Why is that show not on anymore? That show was the best.

So this makeover is right up my alley. It’s an old church turned ballet conservatory turned private residence in New Orleans. Now, I can’t say that I’m on board with all the changes and ‘updates’ that were made here.  Some of them make me cringe, truly. But it’s still SO fascinating! And I’d much rather see a historic space being used and loved, rather than untouched and left to rot.

Church - Exterior

This is the exterior, no before and after shot here.  It looks pretty much untouched, other than that apparatus on the roof.


Church - Blue Room - Before

Church - To - House - Makeover |

Boarded up windows and peeling paint become a perfectly presentable bedroom.


church - first floor - foyer - before


 Church - To - House - Makeover |

Half walls were added to carve out some living spaces, like the wall to the right in this kitchen.


church - 2nd floor - sanctuary - before

Church - To - House - Makeover |

Look at those soaring ceilings! And the windows, drool! And there still looks like plenty of space to host a ballet performance.


Church - To - House - Makeover |

Last I checked it was for sale, if you want to cough up two and half million for it. There is a blog called 1527 Harmony, although it hasn’t been updated, but you can see much more from realtor photos here and here.

What do you think??

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