Attic Attack!

Hey party peoples, happy Friday! If your week has left you feeling like you could use a long weekend, then cozy up to this space by Malorie at HomeWork Design Co.

Or if Malorie is busy, or lives too far away, or you don’t actually y’know, know her (awkward), then perhaps you could attack your own attic and make it into a bed-and-breakfast worthy hideaway too. You might need more than a weekend to accomplish such a feat, but I’m sure you’ll thank yourself later.
Light Attic Bedroom Before


Light Attic Bedroom


I just want to kick up my feet and binge watch some Netflix in here, who’s with me?!

What are you watching these days? I could use some recommendations. I’m currently watching Revenge, and I’m only on season one, but I love it so far. I think the best part is that it is set in the beautiful beautiful Hamptons. I especially like to drool over Grayson manor and wish I lived there too, minus all the drama and murderstuff.  Here’s a great look at the set I found from Hooked on Houses.


Back to Malorie.  She also took this beaten up tub …

Black Tub Bathroom Before 1

And this dreary corner of the attic …

Black Tub Bathroom Before

And somehow made a light-filled stunner of a bathroom!

Black Tub BathroomYep, I’d never leave.

Check out more of her bathroom makeover at HomeWork Design Co.

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From Musty to Must-see!

One time I went to the Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena with a couple of friends, and one of those friends found a velvet mustard headboard just like this one. It was glorious. It was also enormous, but she insisted that she could fit it in the minivan we were traveling in, no problem.

I insisted that she was Wrong with a capital W. Much arguing ensued. Turns out I was right, there was no way on earth it was going to fit, and so it didn’t come home with us after all. She was sad, but I was fist-pumping on the inside because who wants to ride from Pasadena to Phoenix crammed in a minivan with a musty headboard inches away from your face the entire time? Not this girl.

As awesome as this headboard is, it had some damage, and you know it was full of funky mustiness too.

Cream Colored Button Headboard Before

Cream Colored Button Headboard

But Eri came to the rescue and recovered it with some gorgeous Irish linen and multi-colored velvet on the buttons. So cute! She also stripped the varnish on the wood for a more natural look, and you can see more on her blog LuLu’s Cupboard.

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Mind the Map

Did you know that prisons don’t use the color blue on their walls because it makes the inmates aggressive and violent? You probably didn’t know that, because I just made it up, although I’m pretty sure I heard it somewhere.  Maybe they DO use the color blue because it DOESN’T make the inmates aggressive and violent. Something like that.

But I would still feel a little stabby in this room. Maybe it’s that particular shade of blue with the knotty wood (shudder), but something about it makes me itch.

Map Wall Guest Bedroom Before


Map Wall Guest Bedroom

Luckily Naomi and Sage at Plaster & Disaster calmed the situation down and around into a guest oasis with plenty of white walls and a few accents of orange and green.


Map Wall Guest Bedroom Before 1


Map Wall Guest Bedroom 1

And a huge accent in the shape of a world map!

Fun for a guest room; your guests could stick a little thumbtack on the place that they’re from. Which is actually not fun because I don’t want my guests stabbing holes in my walls, and also I don’t host a lot of faraway guests.  It would probably just be one lone thumbtack from my mom. So yeah, nevermind on that whole idea.

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Let the sunshine in.

Wowza! I asked and you delivered! I now have a huge batch of ugly lamp submissions to sort through. I have my pepto-bismal on hand and I can hardly wait!

If you haven’t heard back from me, don’t fret.  I just returned late last night from an out-of-state funeral and haven’t had much time to answer emails.  In fact, if you’ve emailed me at all this summer, there’s a good chance I haven’t gotten back to you, but I fully intend to! Remember how summertime chews me up and spits me out into a sweaty ball of frenzied failure? You too? Just me? Cool.

Anyway, I am still accepting ugly lamp submissions until August 21, so send ’em on in. More details here.

And now, please welcome Debbie and her charming bedroom makeover. Before, this room was super nice. Hardwood floors, tons of natural light. It seems to me that this is a space off of the bedroom, probably meant to be a sitting area or somesuch. If this space was in my bedroom, I would have kept it exactly the same and used it for twirling.

Turret Master Bedroom Before


Turret Master Bedroom

But in a bold move, Debbie made it the center of the bedroom instead! Fantastic. Can you imagine waking up every morning surrounded by sunbeams? That would probably start your day off right every time.  See more on her page  Refresh by Debbie

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