A Date for an Ottoman Update

Hey everyone! Did you know that today is National Update an Ottoman Day? What better way to celebrate than with this pair of floral ottomans that desperately needed updating?

Green Upholstered Ottomans Before


Green Upholstered Ottomans

And that’s exactly what they got, thanks to Jennifer at Dimples and Tangles, who recovered them in this sassy malachite-inspired fabric. She also fluffed them up with a few layers of extra batting and shared the whole run-down on her blog. Plus Jennifer added hidden casters underneath to help move them from room to room.

Those casters came in handy when she decided to roll the ottomans into her master bedroom, which was suffering from dangerously low levels of sass. It needed a sass-fusion, and fast!

Green Bedroom Before


Green Bedroom

The ottomans did the trick, especially when trimmed in hot pink ribbon, and especially against the new bedding, rug, curtains, pillows, lamps, dressers, headboard, accessories and artwork. Whew! You know what they say though, sometimes you need to spend some cash to get some sass. Read all about this makeover right here on Dimples and Tangles.


PS: I should probably tell you that today is not really National Update an Ottoman Day. I just made that up. But really, are there even rules to these things? What if I just stood outside on my driveway and declared it National Update an Ottoman day? I bet that’s all it takes.

PPS: It IS National Prime Rib day though, so please … celebrate responsibly.

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Toying With My Emotions

My opinion on ‘play rooms’ is the same as my opinions on ‘sugar fasts’ and Dancing with the Stars: Not Feeling It.

Now, maybe you happen to love not eating sugar while watching D-list celebrities cut a rug. That’s just fine. You do you, girlfriend. Maybe you love being able to pile all your kid’s toys into one room and shutting the door behind you. I get that.

In the meantime, I’ll be over here eating cookies and watching the highly superior So You Think You Can Dance and throwing all my kids toys away.

KIDDING! Of course I would never throw all their toys away, even though there are times when I kinda really want to. I fight the urge by reminding myself that someday they will outgrow all the clutter and the mess and then I’ll turn their old spaces into sophisticated rooms that look like they came straight off the pages of a fancy magazine, and I’ll sit all alone on the fabulous but empty bed and cry and cry and probably eat some cookies.

Gold Victorian Boho Bedroom Before


Gold Victorian Boho Bedroom

I don’t know if the same thing happened to Sharon when she did exactly that to her daughter’s former play-room. But I do know that it’s pretty enough to ease the pain!

Believe it or not, there are still toys in this room! Head on over to her blog Pretty Practical Home to see more.

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Pretty in Polka Dots

Have you ever watched a movie with a young girl, maybe a kid-sister type, and she’s cute and everything, but it’s not until the movie flashes forward a few years, and you see her all grown up, and suddenly everyone is like HOLY SMOKES WHERE DID THIS BABE COME FROM!?! I can’t actually name a specific movie like that, but surely there’s one out there.

No matter, because this bedroom illustrates exactly what I’m talking about. Before, it was ultra cute, youthful and fun. But who could have predicted …

Polka Dot Bedroom Before


Polka Dot Bedroom

… this stunning transformation? WOWWWWZAAAA. This is the scene in the movie where everybody stops and stares, jaws all on the floor. And all the mean bedrooms that ignored this bedroom in high school are kicking themselves and wishing they were half as cool. Or something like that.

Shay is an interior designer and created both the adorable before room and this Kate Spade-inspired polka-dotted after room for her daughter. (YES, it’s the same room!)

The bed is now at the top of the loft, and there are about a million more awesome areas of this room that you need to see up-close over on her blog IBB at Home. Check out the bathroom, it’s DREAMY! Also the closet. Also, everything.

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Personality Quest: finding your style

If you’ve ever scrolled through page after page of gorgeous home photos in Pinterest and subsequently thrown your computer at your own barren walls in disgust, I’m here to help. Don’t despair my friend! Please remember this: a beautiful home takes time.

Unless you’ve got money coming out your ears and impeccable taste, your home will probably be a work in progress for a while. That’s OK! It takes time to figure out your style. You can count on making a few missteps along the way. You might buy a few accessories that have no business belonging to you, or paint every room in your house a color that you regret immediately. You might save and save to buy that amazing sofa for the living room and still be eating dinner on folding chairs in the kitchen.

But isn’t that half the fun? How else would you become confident in your style? How else would you really learn how to identify what you love? That’s why I think it’s a good idea to take pictures of your house every so often, to see how it evolves and changes and how far you’ve come. Just like you would with your children! I bet you would amaze yourself.

Check out where Emily’s bedroom started:

Coastal Master Bedroom Before

Hand-me-down furniture, those familiar barren walls, mismatched and sparse accessories. Not that there’s anything wrong with hand-me-down furniture, but it certainly wasn’t a cohesive look. Let’s check out the next phase:


Getting better! New flooring, curtains, paint color and a DIY wall treatment. She could have stopped there. But I’m so glad she didn’t. Let’s see how it looks today with just a few more tweaks:

Coastal Master Bedroom

Wow! The wall color is softer and complements the new bedding beautifully. The plug-in sconces add some much-needed height. The artwork looks more upscale now that she painted the frames and added burlap mats. She’s brought in softness, pattern, texture, and color, and it doesn’t even look distantly related the first picture!

Don’t you find that so inspiring? I do.  See much more from Emily at Table and Hearth.

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