Sweet Suite Retreat

I have a limerick winner to announce! Congratulations to Bethany W. and her lyrical ode to Stephanie’s kitchen makeover:

The “before” looks clean and neat.
But overwhelmed by the color of wheat.
Put it down in the books
This one no longer looks
Like a dated surgical suite.

Hahaha, they were all so awesome!  You guys are a hilarious bunch of wordsmiths, you are. Thanks for the laughs.


And now, please enjoy this bedroom makeover from Heather. I can’t really call it a makeover, because it didn’t even start out as a bedroom. In fact, it was two rooms that she converted into a master suite.  I think they were some sort of living room arrangement, but I can’t really tell, mostly because I’m afraid that looking at the before pictures too long may damage my eyesight.

That’s a whole lot of Cheeto-colored paint to take in, is all I’m sayin’.

Blue Master Bedroom Before

Blue Master Bedroom Makeover | betterafter.net

But now? It’s a complete master suite retreat! So neat! See more on Heather’s blog The Heathered Nest.

Blue Master Bedroom Before


Blue Master Bedroom Makeover | betterafter.net


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Small on Space, Big on Style

When Maria downsized into a studio apartment, the smaller space zapped her decor mojo. She felt completely uninspired.

I tooootally get it. When we were very first married, Matt tried to talk me into renting a studio apartment that was so incredibly tiny, the only furniture it could hold besides the bed was literally a mini fridge and a single chair. And if you had more than two adults over, it was impossible to even use the chair. I didn’t last long there.

But even though Maria plans to upsize in a year, she still wanted her apartment to feel like home, so she got to work. It didn’t take much! Just a fun graphic print on the headboard, some glamorous artwork, a new set of IKEA nightstands, and it looks like a whole new space!

studio bedroom makeover before


studio bedroom makeover

She says “It feels a lot brighter and happier now and that makes me happy too!” Exactly how home should feel, no matter how big or small.

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Teened out.

There comes a point in every parent’s life when you have to nudge the baby bird out of the nest. Fly baby bird, fly!

Only, in DeDe’s case, her baby bird was still a teenager, so he wasn’t flying too far.  Just up to the attic to have a little more space.  Out of the nest, not out of the tree.

That left DeDe with a big blank bedroom to makeover, so she decided to turn it into a soothing gray and coral guestroom. It’s so welcoming! And dangerous! It needs a warning label: Beware! If your guestroom is too nice, your guests may never leave!

See more at Designed Decor.


Gray and Coral Guest Bedroom Before

Gray and Coral Guest Bedroom Makeover | betterafter.net

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Denim Delight

Denim. It’s not just for your behind anymore.  Or your vests. Or your jackets. Or your sleeveless jackets. Which, technically are vests. Ok, so denim has been worn everywhere. But has it been on the wall?

It has now, thanks to this bedroom makeover by Heather. She did a denim paint treatment on the walls, but that wasn’t even the half of it.  Everything else is equally gape-worthy. There’s a teepee with a faux campfire in there for crying out loud.

Plain Kid Bedroom Before
"Outdoor" Boy Bedroom Makeover | betterafter.net


See more from Heather at The Heathered Nest.  Oooh, this really has me itching to paint my walls dark.  I’m gonna do it, I swear!

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