Farm Fresh

Jacinda is the mother of five young children, and all she wanted is what every busy mother wants: a nap and a massage. The ability to jump on a trampoline again. Abs. Ok, I’m projecting here.  What she really wanted was a restful retreat – neutral farmhouse style, if we’re being specific.

Her former bedroom was heavy on the beige, filled with mismatched furniture, and simply didn’t scream “RELAX AND REJUVENATE HERE!” And it was so un-farmhouse-y, Chip and Joanna Gaines were probably already circling the block.

But unfortunately, feeding a family of seven doesn’t leave a huge budget for bedroom beautification. Too bad. So sad. I guess she’ll just have to live with it, right?




Of course not, but you knew that. You’re so smart.

And so is Jacinda. She transformed her room into the serene farmhouse retreat she had always imagined and pinched plenty of pennies along the way. For example: she built the headboard using leftover boards from a fencing project. The bedding was found on clearance. She printed and framed the artwork herself. The blanket ladder was a curbside find. The biggest splurge was the whitewashed brick wallpaper, but it was well worth the huge impact it made.

I also love that she used king-size quilt even though it’s a queen-sized mattress, another smart choice. It looks that much fuller covering the bed, and also helps if you’re a blanket-hog. I personally know nothing about that. But I will steal your pillows.

Much more to see from Jacinda on her blog The Northern Nester.

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Guest Services

A common feature of many of the homes here in Arizona is a casita, or ‘little house.’ It’s basically guest quarters separate but still attached to the main house. The casita was a big selling point for me on my home. It’s a cute little bedroom with its own bathroom and closet and private entrance, and it has been so nice to have when family is in town. Actually, it’s been so nice because it’s a little money-maker. I rent it out on AirBnB most of the time. My own guests have actually only stayed in it once or twice! They usually end up kicking one of my kids out of their bedrooms instead or sleeping on a couch. Sorry fam. Call ahead and make a reservation next time.

Working with AirBnB (this is not sponsored) has been a really good experience for the most part, although I recently rented to the craziest lady who I’m pretty sure had just escaped from a psych ward, because she straight up told me that she had just escaped from a psych ward. Sooo, sometimes it’s an adventure.

Here’s a guest room makeover that you’d be crazy not to love.

Sharon from Sharon Joyce Interiors had the basics squeezed into this small space, as you can see below. Bed, nightstand, lamp. But why stop there?




Instead, she made the most of every available inch and now it’s dripping in style and so incredibly inviting.

Before, the sleigh bed commandeered most of the room, so she pared it down to a simple headboard and moved it to a different wall.  The sconces free up space on the nightstand and the small round table leaves plenty of room for accessing the closet on the right.

The gallery prints are obviously the focal point of this design, and obviously cost a billion dollars. (Pssst: She downloaded them for free, printed them herself, and hung them in Ikea frames, but you’d never know)!

On the other side of the room, this old dresser makes a fresh appearance:



Isn’t it the perfect accent? Remember what I said about these dressers? If you get your grubby little hands on one, never let it go.

Check out all the details of this guest room makeover on Sharon Joyce Interiors! Much more to see!



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Up, Up, and Away

Here’s a little secret: Kids appreciate a clean and organized bedroom just as much as adults do. Ok, maybe not ‘just’ as much. I’ve never seen a kid obsessively dust a ceiling fan or arrange books in a bookcase according to height or make sure all the socks in the drawer point in the same direction and OK maybe this is just my own neurosis talking.

Hey, remember that show ‘Jon and Kate plus 8‘? Of course you do. Remember that episode when Kate talked about how after the kids would go to bed she would clean their rooms so hard, right down to arranging the family of dolls in the dollhouse? Well, she turned out to be crazy. But I was like “I get you, Kate.”

The point is, an organized room makes everyone a lot less crazy, kids included.

Amy was starting to feel a little nuts at the lack of storage space in her son’s room. It was a minefield of toys; a twisted ankle waiting to happen.

vintage-sports-makeover before


vintage-sports-makeover bedroom

But not today! She redid the entire space, integrating plenty of storage solutions into the vintage sports decor. Studies have shown that kids enjoy their toys more when most of them are put away. Then they can focus on what they are actually playing with without being overwhelmed by choices. This study was performed by me, a person who has kids and watches them do things sometimes. So yeah. Scientific fact.

One thing I especially love about this makeover is how she brought the eye up. In the before room, nothing was over two or three feet tall, making the room feel squatty and bottom-heavy. Now, with the addition of the wainscoating, and the taller bed and bookshelf, it feels so much more balanced and airy.

Does her son love the results? I’m going to wager YES.  Much more to see on her blog My Life From Home.


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The Fifth Wall

If you’re an actor, your job is to ignore the ‘fourth wall,’ the imaginary barrier that separates the performance from the audience. If you’re an interior designer, your job is to pay attention to all the walls. But what about the fifth wall? Ignoring the fifth wall in a room is the last thing you want to do. Career suicide!

“But Lindsey,” you say, “I’m not an actor. Or an interior designer. But I do want my rooms to look nice. And my room only has four walls. And it’s far too early in the morning for your riddles.”

Fine, just take a look at this super sweet little girl’s bedroom makeover from Stephanie at The Divine Living Space. I bet you can tell what the fifth wall is right away.



The ceiling, of course! Often overlooked, but a great place to add personality to any room. It’s like a big blank canvas just waiting to make a statement. Stephanie made it a  focal point of her daughter’s room with a cheetah print stencil. If you’ve ever stenciled a regular wall before, you know that alone takes major patience, so someone give this lady a medal.

Check out her blog to get all the sweet details of this room, there’s much much more to see! The Divine Living Space.

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