Black and White and Glam All Over

I would paint every room in my house black if I could, and I COULD, but I am pretty much very lazy when it comes to painting. Ugh, so much going up and going down and moving my arms about.  Although, I do have one great trick for painting a room really easily.  Here it is.  Step one: start painting a room.  Step two: stop, and hope that your husband or whoever else you live with will get so annoyed with your half-painted room that they’ll finish the job themselves.  Works every time over here.

I really do love a black wall though, and if there’s bright white crown moulding at the top? Mmm! Even better.

So, no surprise that I love this guest room makeover from Lindsey at the O’Donnell Collective.  The before is not bad, but the after?

glam guest bedroom makeover - before


glam guest bedroom makeover - after

Superb! She did a great job paring it down to the basics and the result is so chic.  There’s only one thing hanging on the wall now, as opposed to ten items in the before picture. I also love how the low bedside tables are not out of scale thanks to the oversize lamps.  Smart combination there.  And I love the striped benches, look how nicely she lined up the pattern. I just love the whole darn thing!

Which look do you prefer? Black walls yay or nay??

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Big Boy in a Little Loft

When I first became a mother, my grandma gave me some wise advice: “Mama,” she said, looking gently into my eyes, “Don’t let your babies grow up to be cowboys.” Hmmm. Wait. I think that might actually be a Waylon Jennings song. Anyway, it was something along those lines. Something about how time makes you bolder, and children get older, and I’m getting older too? Yes, that’s what it was. No, I’m not confusing that with another song. My grandma is Stevie Nicks.

It’s a darn shame, but kids really do grow up fast. One minute they’re all excited about their fire-truck toddler bed, the next minute you’re crying because they don’t even fit inside. But look at the bright side: now you can have all kinds of fun doing a big-kid bedroom makeover!

Ashley’s little guy has had several room progressions as he’s grown and her style has developed.

little boy modern bedroom makeover - before

little boy modern and bright bedroom makeover - after

Doesn’t it look great? Youthful and fun and just right for a *sniff* growing boy.  See all the changes it’s been through on her blog Bigger Than the Three of Us.

And if we swing around to the other side of the room, we’ll discover that she turned this overstuffed closet into …

closet loft makeover - before


closet loft makeover - after

… a super cute and streamlined reading loft! Because no matter how old you are, a loft in your closet is the coolest. Plus now he can actually reach all his little clothes on the little hangers down below. Cuz himz still a wittle guy.

Check out the reading loft reveal on Ashley’s blog to see more!

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Teenage Dreams

If you think that teenagers don’t care about their bedrooms, think again. Sure, they don’t usually care if there’s a petrified cheese stick stuck to their carpet or if they haven’t been able to locate a clean pair of pants in two weeks, but deep down, way down, underneath the laundry and paper piles and whatever THAT is, the they really do care.  Try it.  Give a teenager a bedroom makeover sometime and they will remember it for the rest of their lives, I promise you.

Kris at Driven by Decor had yet to do much to her daughter’s room in the two years since they had moved into their house. It was very definition of a blank slate.  Then one day she decided the time had come!

modern coastal bedroom - before

coastal bedroom makeover - after

So she upgraded it in a major way with breezy coastal charm! The walls were done in grasscloth wallpaper (worth the splurge Kris noted), and DIY wainscoting, and the gorgeous new light fixture finished the look.

It’s so cool and grown up, but not too grown up. I mean, there ARE Taylor Swift lyrics on the wall. Which makes for a much better display than what I did with song lyrics when I was a teenager: angstily write them on my jeans during Spanish class hoping no one would notice, but secretly hoping EVERYONE would notice. Sigh.

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Looking forward to looking back.

Helloooo! Did you miss me a little bit? I took a long break there. But I’m back, and totally refreshed and ready to KICK 2016 in the butt!  Kinda! I’m actually pretty tired!

Also, why is everyone in such a hurry to get rid of 2015? It was nice year. I say we take a moment to reflect upon all the wonderful moments it brought us. I say this because I meant to publish an end-of-the-year round up in December but I never did, and here we are in January. But my neighbors still have their giant inflatable Santa up on their porch, so I say it’s ok. If it were February, you could give me the ol’ side-eye, much like I plan to give my neighbors if they are still inflating Santa at that point, but not yet.

So let’s raise one more toast to some of my favorite projects featured here in 2015!


Who can forget the New Orleans church turned into a private residence that we saw in January?


church-2ndfloor-sanctuary-makeoverGet all the details here.


February brought us this dining room makeover by Jessie The Design Daredevil that I still fantasize about:



Ugh, it’s so beautiful it causes me physical pain.  Read all about it here.


This bedroom makeover from Heather at The Heathered Nest in March still inspires me:



I really need to get some excitement happening in my boy’s bedrooms.  So far they are basically like the before picture, only more boring. It’s true. But 2016 is my year to cross that off my list, I can feel it!  See more here.


One of my favorite makeovers in April was this closet turned office by Jennifer at The Old Painted Cottage.


Wood Plank Closet Office Before

Wood Plank Closet Office Makeover

She packed so much punch into such a small space. I feel more productive just looking at it! Read more about this one here.


A standout from May was this scene stealing dresser from Christina at Phoenix Restoration who never met a color she couldn’t tame.

Magenta Campaign Credenza

Magenta Campaign Credenza Makeover

I never thought I’d say it, but I’m mad for magenta! And with the gold accents? Swoon city. See more here.


We’ll stop for now at June and pick up the rest tomorrow because surely your brain is on the verge of meltdown from all the awesomeness thus far. There were so many outstanding projects in June that it was hard to choose, but this bathroom from Lauren at Bless’er House always stands out to me.

gray bathroom planked tub wall

Gray Rustic Industrial Bathroom 1

Not only is this rustic accent wall fabulous, the whole bathroom is filled with inventive and thrifty ideas. The shower doors are still my favorite bathroom hack of all time.  Check it out here to relive them all!

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