Let the sunshine in.

Wowza! I asked and you delivered! I now have a huge batch of ugly lamp submissions to sort through. I have my pepto-bismal on hand and I can hardly wait!

If you haven’t heard back from me, don’t fret.  I just returned late last night from an out-of-state funeral and haven’t had much time to answer emails.  In fact, if you’ve emailed me at all this summer, there’s a good chance I haven’t gotten back to you, but I fully intend to! Remember how summertime chews me up and spits me out into a sweaty ball of frenzied failure? You too? Just me? Cool.

Anyway, I am still accepting ugly lamp submissions until August 21, so send ’em on in. More details here.

And now, please welcome Debbie and her charming bedroom makeover. Before, this room was super nice. Hardwood floors, tons of natural light. It seems to me that this is a space off of the bedroom, probably meant to be a sitting area or somesuch. If this space was in my bedroom, I would have kept it exactly the same and used it for twirling.

Turret Master Bedroom Before


Turret Master Bedroom

But in a bold move, Debbie made it the center of the bedroom instead! Fantastic. Can you imagine waking up every morning surrounded by sunbeams? That would probably start your day off right every time.  See more on her page  Refresh by Debbie

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Shelf Sufficient

Have you seen the movie Inside Out yet? It’s the new Pixar movie where the main characters are the emotions of an 11-year-old girl: Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust, and Anger.

It’s really cute, but man. Those Pixar movies are tearjerkers. I was prepared for that, (thanks Up!)  but what I was NOT prepared for was when my six-year-old daughter came home from the movie that night and LOST HER MIND. I don’t know if watching a movie all about emotions made her extra emotional or what, but she spent a good two hours that night throwing a completely unfounded tantrum. It was baffling. So uh, be aware of that, I guess?

I don’t really even know why I’m bringing that up, other than the fact that today’s makeover was done by someone named Joy, and I guess that reminded me?? That movie seriously needs to come with a warning label.

But anyway, back to Joy! Joy at Beautiful Protest fixed up this little attic bedroom into a highly attractive little attic bedroom.

Attic Bedroom Wood Wall Before

Attic Bedroom Wood Wall Makeover | betterafter.net

Would it have ever occurred to me to remove that lowest shelf so the bed could fit there? Or would I have just been like, “Cool! Bookshelves!”  Let’s pretend it’s the first one.

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Sweet Suite Retreat

I have a limerick winner to announce! Congratulations to Bethany W. and her lyrical ode to Stephanie’s kitchen makeover:

The “before” looks clean and neat.
But overwhelmed by the color of wheat.
Put it down in the books
This one no longer looks
Like a dated surgical suite.

Hahaha, they were all so awesome!  You guys are a hilarious bunch of wordsmiths, you are. Thanks for the laughs.


And now, please enjoy this bedroom makeover from Heather. I can’t really call it a makeover, because it didn’t even start out as a bedroom. In fact, it was two rooms that she converted into a master suite.  I think they were some sort of living room arrangement, but I can’t really tell, mostly because I’m afraid that looking at the before pictures too long may damage my eyesight.

That’s a whole lot of Cheeto-colored paint to take in, is all I’m sayin’.

Blue Master Bedroom Before

Blue Master Bedroom Makeover | betterafter.net

But now? It’s a complete master suite retreat! So neat! See more on Heather’s blog The Heathered Nest.

Blue Master Bedroom Before


Blue Master Bedroom Makeover | betterafter.net


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Small on Space, Big on Style

When Maria downsized into a studio apartment, the smaller space zapped her decor mojo. She felt completely uninspired.

I tooootally get it. When we were very first married, Matt tried to talk me into renting a studio apartment that was so incredibly tiny, the only furniture it could hold besides the bed was literally a mini fridge and a single chair. And if you had more than two adults over, it was impossible to even use the chair. I didn’t last long there.

But even though Maria plans to upsize in a year, she still wanted her apartment to feel like home, so she got to work. It didn’t take much! Just a fun graphic print on the headboard, some glamorous artwork, a new set of IKEA nightstands, and it looks like a whole new space!

studio bedroom makeover before


studio bedroom makeover

She says “It feels a lot brighter and happier now and that makes me happy too!” Exactly how home should feel, no matter how big or small.

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