Say Geez!

We just took family pictures yesterday for our Christmas cards because I am always a step behind, and it was SO FUN. (It was not at all fun).  You probably sent your cards in October and have all your shopping done and are spending the entire month peacefully humming carols and sipping eggnog and roasting chestnuts and whatever else it is you ‘organized’ people do in December.

Your family pictures probably don’t feature your baby picking his nose, and somehow also picking his brother’s nose.  Your baby would never pull out a clump of your hair when you tell him to smile at the camera.  Your nine-year-old son is SURELY mature enough to realize that wearing a button down shirt for 30 minutes is not worthy of a 90-minute temper tantrum. Your family was probably perfectly color-coordinated in trendy outfits. You probably wore a cool scarf.  You probably know how to tie a scarf. Well GOOD FOR YOU.

I wore a gray shirt that I found on a desperate Target run the day before. I have a scarf, but things didn’t work out between us.  There were no festive colors to be seen in our outfits, just basically a lot of gray.  I have a problem.

But I also have a point. Kind of. I was going somewhere with this, I swear …

Oh yes.  Gray. It’s still in (if the clothing selection at Target is any indication), it still looks good, and here are some gray makeovers that prove just that:


Gray Bathroom Vanity Before


Gray Bathroom Vanity

Hard to believe that those dressers are one and the same! From Sarah at Funcycled, who has turned it into a bathroom vanity. That’s one lucky bathroom.


Erin and Dan rescued this shoddy dresser suffering from the dreaded double-knob syndrome with a streamlined look.  

Gray Dresser and Elephant Pulls Before


Gray Dresser and Elephant Pulls

They removed the chunky pieces on the drawers, which they also covered in paintable wallpaper for added texture, and dressed it up with some fun animal pulls.  Can you see what the animal is?  I’ll give you a hint … it would totally fit in with my family pictures and be more well behaved. (Better hint: it’s also gray).

See more at DIY Passion.

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Vintage Camper Vamper

Hey friend.  How’s the weather in your neck of the woods? It’s legitimately cold here.  Like, I can almost see my breath cold.  I’ve started wearing tights to bed.  Tights! I feel like I’ve stumbled upon some cold-weather-survivor secret with this tights thing.  They keep me warm without having to wear some sort of bulky pajama contraption that gets all tangled up.  It’s genius!

Anyway, if you are a cold-weather-wuss like me, you might already know about tights, and you are probably also already dreaming of warmer temperatures. Here’s a sweet little camper refresh from Francesca at Restyle. Restore. Rejoice. to get you further in the outdoorsy mood.

Vintage Trailer Before 2
Vintage Trailer 1

Her dated and dark camper was ripped up, scrubbed down, reupholstered and transformed into the adorable light-filled vacation-on-wheels it is today.


Vintage Trailer Before 1


Vintage Trailer

I just love Francesca’s effortless style. She’s mainly a fashion blogger, (I’ve featured her clothing makeovers a time or two), and she naturally brings her free-spirited style to her DIY projects. Doesn’t it make you want to find a camper to gut too?  Maybe you should put it on your Christmas list, and then you can have it ready by summer!

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Thankful Day

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you are enjoying the day with friends and family and food! Even if you aren’t celebrating Thanksgiving, or already did (Hi Canada!) there is never a wrong time of the year to be grateful for all the wonderful things in our lives.  And I’m thankful for you! Thank you so much for coming here and reading this blog, taking time to send comments and emails, and enriching my life with your talents and kindness. If we were all sitting down to dinner together, I’d raise my glass to you, friend.

And now, to get everyone in the mood for turkey time, here’s a stunning dining room makeover from Lauren at Lauren Liess.

Planked Ceiling Dining Room Before


Planked Ceiling Dining Room


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Ruffle Shuffle

There used to be a potato chip commercial years ago, probably around a thousand years ago because I remember singing along to it as a child, and it went like this: “R-r-r-r-r-uffles have r-r-r-r-ridges!” Remember that one?  My sister and I would sing it over and over, rolling the r-r-r-r part so hard that it eventually morphed into a guttural growl, and we would run around screaming RRRRRRRuffles have RRRRRRRRidges!!! at each other all the time, and it was kind of scary.  

Thanks to the power of the internet, I have discovered that old commercial right here, and it is comedy GOLD. From the r-rolling fetishist at the beginning to an unexplainable appearance by Porky Pig at the end, it’s everything you’ve never dreamed of. Please watch it and then tell me your feelings.

Anyway. Today’s makeovers have nothing to do with potato chips or awesome vintage commercials at all.  But they do have RUFFLES!  Because is there ever such thing as too many ruffles?

rufflesYes. Trick question.

But a little ruffle here and there never hurt anyone, and it can give any piece of furniture some girlish flair.  Like this droopy chair that Beck at Beckwith’s Treasures revived.

Blue Ruffle Chair Before


Blue Ruffle Chair

Just the perfect amount of country charm.

And Kim at Exquisitely Unremarkable also wanted to fluff up this little side table …

Skirted Ikea Table Before


Skirted Ikea Table

… so she added a bit of ruffled fabric with tension rods. That’s pretty genius. What an easy way to bring in some colorful fabric or just hide wires.


And this next makeover has nothing to do with ruffles or Ruffles, but it’s got that same country vibe as the other makeovers, so we are just going to go with it mmmkay?

Ocean Blue Buffet with Walnut Top Before

Ocean Blue Buffet with Walnut Top

Samantha at I Love Fabuless Junk won a stare-down with a thrift-store vulture who was ready to pounce on this little buffet the moment she looked away.  Unblinkingly, she stood strong and was able to bring it home, where it serves as a chippy and distressed TV stand today!

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