Girly and Glam

My daughter and I are a little outnumbered here at my house. Four boys to two girls. And that includes my husband, who, bless his heart, is technically like three boys in one. Plus the terrorist toddler, who is more like five boys in one. It’s man-demonium over here. (Thanks, that WAS a good one).

With four sons and one daughter, Randi knows the feeling well. Her daughter was craving a girly retreat of her own, especially since she’d been sharing a room with her younger brother since he was a baby. Finally he was big enough to bunk with the big boys, and Randi and her daughter set to work transforming this previously more masculine room into a girly glam paradise.

randi garret girl bedroom before


randi garret girls room after

Is your inner 11-year-old girl squealing with delight? Mine is! Out went the tan walls and heavy blue drapes, and in came soft pinks, gold accents, and bright whites. It’s the epitome of dreamy. (Please someone start a girl-band and call it Dreamy Epitome, kthanks).


This dresser got a quick update with the most adorable handles shaped like little golden bows.

randi garret bedroom dresser before


randi garret dresser makeover after

Randi recovered the cheetah print chair herself too. I love the little bit of contrast and edge it gives to this room!

This makeover didn’t happen overnight of course, Randi reports that the process took around six months, but that she and her daughter made memories every step of the way.

Lucky for me, Randi lives close by, and I’ve been able to visit her insanely gorgeous home a time or two. I pretty much just walk around, gaping in awe, secretly snapping pictures on my phone. She’s 100% amazing at what she does, no doubt about it.

See much more on her blog Randi Garrett Design.

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Wood Tile Style

Arranging seating around a fireplace can be tricky business.  Many people opt for a pair of chairs flanking the sides, like in the before picture below.  That looks fine, but is it really conducive to conversation? Or dreaming by the fire? You can’t really gaze into the fire that way; you can only side-eye it suspiciously. No, that’s not good enough, my flame-loving friends. Consider instead a pair of matching sofas facing one another, perpendicular to the fireplace.  What about that?

wood tile fireplace before

wood tile fireplace after

Also, what about painting your walls charcoal? That’s a pretty cool look too. And you could cover your fireplace in wood tile for a look so intriguing that everyone who comes to visit immediately runs over to it and strokes it gently and exclaims in wonder about it. Then they could all sit comfortably on your sofas, in full view of your awesome fireplace, and ask you again about your genius idea to use wood tile and two sofas, and you’ll just feel very happy about the whole thing.

Get the low-down on this space from Stephanie at The Divine Living Space.

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Lucite Spotlight

Some people might hear the word ‘lucite’ and immediately think …

lucite shoes


It doesn’t always have the classiest reputation. (By the way, are these shoes ridiculous or what? I mean, there’s no ankle support whatsoever!)

But listen here. Lucite is in fact VERY classy.

How classy? At least $6,247.50 worth.

lucite chair

That’s exactly how much this Lucite chair costs, and it’s pretty darn classy.  “Woah, woah, woah,” you’re thinking. “I guess Lucite is TOO classy for me.”

Wrong again!

Christina recently updated this dresser with lucite, and the result is awesome AND affordable.


Henredon Mini-Bar Before


Henredon Mini-Bar with lucite pulls

Not only do I love the combo of the blush pink and white against the gold hardware, but these lucite pulls she created came out to about $21 a piece.  Not bad at all for a custom look oozing with chicness. The hardest part was sourcing all the materials, but luckily for you, she already did that part! She can tell you exactly where to find them. Get all the info on her blog Phoenix Restoration.

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Batchelor Potty

You can deduce a few things about the owners of this bathroom just by looking at it. Judging by the mountain of hair accessories on the counter, I’d say this bathroom belongs to a girl. More than one girl, if you count the poufs hanging in the shower. Who wants to share a pouf? Nobody I know. Also, I’d wager that those colorful papers taped to the mirror are inspirational thoughts, so I’m thinking these are probably teenage girls.  Because A: toddlers can’t read, and B: they certainly can’t read anything that high, and C: teenage girls just seem to like that sort of thing.

I’m practically Sherlock Holmes over here. But can you solve the mystery of what this bathroom doesn’t have, my dear Watson?

Did you say ‘storage and style?’ You’re correct! And so smart! But don’t worry, it sure didn’t stay like that for long.

bathroom makeover before


bathroom makeover: blue and gold

Those teenage girls and their mother Ronda DIYed their way across each inch of this bathroom, adding style to every surface. The vanity got a fresh coat of navy paint and chic new knobs, the countertop and backsplash were updated, the space above the shower was tiled, and the walls received new paint and paneling. Rhonda also sewed the shower curtain and built those shelves herself (for $4)!

But wait! Those shelves are super cute and stuff, but where is the STORAGE we were talking about? Look again at the mirror. She swapped out the flat builder mirror for a huge cabinet mirror that can hold more hair products than a girl will ever use in her lifetime. HA! That’s impossible. But it really does hold a lot. Grand total for this entire bathroom makeover was $420!

Get the whole budget breakdown and all the fun details on Ronda’s blog Batchelors Way.


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