Seuss Spruce

Did you wake up this morning and think, “You know, I’d love to see a boy bedroom makeover today. But not just any makeover, one that’s heavy on the Star Wars memorabilia?”

Well, that’s exactly what I have to show you today you creeper, how did you know?!

Vel’s son Aiden had outgrown the Dr. Seuss decor in his bedroom. She wanted to bring in a little more sophistication, but keep it fun, while displaying his collection of toys, yet making sure they were accessible, plus organizing his spaces, but leaving him room to express himself, and doing it all in a way that would grow with him. Whew! That’s a tall order if I ever heard one.




But she nailed it. At first glance the room definitely looks more grown up, but there’s much more to it. Vel thoughtfully considered every last detail in this room, right down to light saber storage.

All of her son’s favorite toys and books are proudly on display, but still easy to access and play with. As you can see, he’s a big Star Wars fan, but Vel also made a good point: children’s favorite things can change on a whim. Next month he may be big into Spiderman or Pokemon or whatever the kids are doing these days.

That’s why she made sure that nothing ‘Star Wars’ is a permanent part of the room. Everything can be switched out easily and the room maintains its design.




She’s a smart one! See more of Vel’s work and take a closer look at all the updates in this room on her blog Life & Home at 2102.


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After the Flood

My terrorist toddler has a new favorite game called “Leave the Bathroom Faucet On and Lock the Bathroom Door!” It’s really cute. Basically the bathroom floods while I frantically look for that weird little key that unlocks the door from the outside, and he giggles with glee at the chaos and destruction he’s created yet again. But I’ve gotten wiser. Not only have I hidden the key in a place that I usually remember; I also just run outside and shut off the main line as soon as I see water dripping from the vents in the ceiling. Haha, your move, toddler.

It’s a great game. You should try it. Unless you’re one of those people who doesn’t enjoy the bathroom flooding. (I don’t enjoy it either, I’m just crazy now).

Jae’s bathroom had suffered from a couple bouts of water damage too, which meant a remodel was in the cards.




Luckily, it’s a small space at 5’x7′, so the damage was contained. She only needed to replace the vanity and flooring, which was less than 25 square feet. That meant she was able to splurge on a beautiful marble hexagon tile, which you can see more of on her blog Design OCD.

I’m sure that’s my toddler’s plan all along. He just wants mama to have some pretty new tile too. Such a sweetheart that kid.

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Some Misses and a Hit!

Lauren had an impossible dream. She wanted a Pottery Barn media cabinet on a Craigslist budget. *pause for laughter to subside*

I’m sorry, it’s not that it’s impossible, it’s just impossible here in Phoenix where our Craigslist is so hit or miss.  As in: 1% hit, 99% miss. At least in my experience. Hey, let’s do my favorite thing, where we go take a look at what is offered on the Phoenix Craigslist today just for funtimez!


Maybe in your city you can find an immaculate pair of mid-century wicker patio chairs for $6. But Phoenix can offer you …


… what appears at first glance to be a pile of dead snakes.


Did you score vintage Hendredon from your local listings? Lucky you.


Over here in Phoenix, if you act fast, you can nab this set of rusty trampoline springs, guaranteed to maybe probably not kill anyone who attempts to use them on a trampoline.


“Surely it can’t be that bad,” you are thinking. You’re wrong. Here is listing for a plastic bottle:


Yes. This is real.


Granted, all these were taken from my favorite part of Craigslist: the ‘Free’ section.


Or, the ‘Fre’ section, if you’re not picky. And you’re probably not at this point.


But Lauren was. She had a vision in mind of a Pottery Barn-style media cabinet and she knew this Craigslist buffet table would get her there. She looked past its ’80s curves, rust colored stain and with the help of some plywood, liquid nails, and a whole lotta cup pulls she created …





This beauty! Oh yeah. I’d Craigslist the crap out of that. I don’t know what I’m saying.

But this is fantastic and full of storage too! Fabulous job Lauren. You can get the whole step-by-step on her blog Bless’er House.

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Backsplash to the Future

People tell me all the time: “I love white kitchens. I want one so bad! They make my blood boil with desire. But *sad face* … my husband says no way.” Then they pull me in closer. They glance behind their shoulder and drop their voice to a whisper, “He thinks they’re … trendy.”

‘Trendy.’ Spoken like a dirty word. Psh.

I want to shake them and shout “WHAT IS SO WRONG WITH BEING TRENDY?!”

And then I want to go find this naysaying husband and set him down with a flip chart of kitchen trends that clearly illustrates how the honey oak cabinets and bisque-colored tile he may consider ‘timeless’ are actually on the last gasping breaths of a trend that started 20 some years ago.

That’s the thing about kitchen ‘trends.’ They last a realllly long time. It’s not like a shirt you get tired of wearing after six months. It’s one of the biggest investments in the home, and people aren’t going to go ripping them out and starting over every couple of years.

So go get that white kitchen of your dreams, even if you have to paint it yourself. It will still be looking fresh for years to come. Tell him I said so.


Jordan had already painted her cabinets white and loved the look, but was not so much in love with the beige backsplash that remained.  Replacing it seemed daunting, so there it sat, in all its mismatched cream-colored former glory. But then she learned that with the right materials, she could simply paint right over it.




So she did!

You can see exactly what she used on her blog The 2 Seasons, and chime in with the debate on what she should hang inside the rectangle to add a little color. Fun platter? Monogram? Halloween clown mask? (That’s my vote. Keeps the kids in check).

Here’s a look at the whole makeover. Before it was definitely nice, but definitely heavy on the orangey-brown.




Now it’s just the way she likes it, bright and full of light. And maybe someday in the far-off future she’ll get tired of this look too. At that point, hooray! That just means there will be something new and trendy to get excited about all over again.

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