Enjoy this Better After Flashback!
I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again … (and probably again, and again. I tend to repeat myself). But like I’ve said many times in the past, I LOVE home exterior makeovers. I don’t care how great a home looks on the inside, if it’s lacking curb appeal, it’s lacking too much for me.
Jennifer’s little home was nothing you’d take a second look at. But it had so much character under all that blah, it didn’t take much to make it shine. Now it’s so adorable, I bet she has to shoo people off of her lawn all day. They probably just congregate around it trying to take wedding portraits and senior pictures and shoot dog food commercials and stuff. I wouldn’t be surprised.
Check out more on her blog Migra[tion].
green cottage exterior makeover before
 .green cottage exterior after
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Black Halloween Cat Makeover

I’ve got some spooky Halloween decor for you today, (if you follow me on instagram, you’ve already had a sneak peek!) The best part is you can whip up in ten minutes or less, assuming you have a super ugly cat sculpture lying around the house. And who doesn’t, am I right?

If you are fresh out of ugly cat sculptures, I’ll wait while you head down to your local thrift store where you are sure to find something similar.

*twiddling thumbs*

You’re back! Great! Let’s get started.

Step one: Spray paint that sad little thing black.


halloween cat before

black hallloween cat

Paint the eyeballs if you want it to look especially creepy. Boom. You are done.

I originally painted my cat’s eyes white, but everyone in the household was too creeped out by its soul-sucking blank stare and preferred the red.

halloween cat sculpture before


halloween cat after

What do you think? Red or white? Or maybe you’d do something else entirely.  I’d love to see your pics if you do, especially if you can’t find any cats and have to use like, ceramic geese or something. Oh man, Halloween geese! That should be a thing.

Happy Saturday!

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Is this where the title goes?

Hi friends. Hope you had a happy weekend. I am discovering that recovery from my eye surgery is taking a lot longer than I planned on. I am actually blogging this by talking into the voice activated feature on my phone from my bed, with my eyes closed tight, in the dark. I hope I am in fact blogging and not saying all this in a text message to my mother-in-law or something like that. Who knows.

I didn’t have the typical LASIK surgery, mine was a little more intense called PRK, which is where they do the laser directly on the surface of the eyeball because the cornea is too thin. I hope you’re not eating breakfast and reading this. Ew. Sorry.

Anyway, I hope will be 100% here soon. And capable of doing things like looking at computer screens, and driving, and not having to remember what my kids look like based on memory alone.

I will be back whenever possible, and I will announce the winner of the giveaway as soon as I can, so I guess that’s just extra time to get those entries in!

See you soon!
I hope!

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In Good Taste

Enjoy this Better After flashback! Happy Saturday!
Jilly had an enormously long living room on her hands. If you’ve ever been to suburban Arizona, you have seen this phenomenon. It seems that local building codes require half a football field’s worth of uninterrupted living space upon entering the front door.
But Jilly had had enough of that nonsense and found the perfect set of giant bookcases to help break up the cavernous room. Perfect in every way except they were kinda woodsy, and not her vibe at all. Not a problem when you’ve got paint, simple wood cutouts and a handy set of friends who will help with the dirty work! Looks absolutely fantastic!
See more on her blog Girls with Good Taste.
jilly bookcase makeover before
jilly bookcase makeover after

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