Sea Ya

Hey hey, guess what today is? The first day of fall! Go enjoy some hot cocoa and a stomp in the leaves for me.  I’ll be at the pool.  Sadly, we don’t really get a fall here in Phoenix.  The leaves do fall off the trees, but usually not till around February.  And most of them don’t even turn colors.  Lame, right? I want my money back! I didn’t order three summers and no fall!

So we can’t change the weather, oh well.  At least we can change things like a funky vanity in an old bathroom. For some reason (ugly, outdated, seahorses) Melissa and her husband wanted a new vanity, but didn’t want to pay the $2800 they were quoted for a custom build.  So they re-imagined this one by removing the doors and drawer fronts for a flush-mount look and adding a single piece of veneer over the front.  Such style!  I’m shocked that it’s the same piece!

See more on Melissa’s blog  S’ Wonderful.

bathroom vanity before |

gray white bathroom makeover veneer vanity|

I have to admit, I kind of liked the little seahorse tiles.  Not enough to actually keep them around in the new bathroom, but maybe enough to save one and frame it or something, kind of like the bunny wallpaper in that one episode of Full House when Michelle moved into big-girl room, anyone? Anyone? I know you know what I’m talking about.

bathroom makeover before |

gray white bathroom makeover |

See the entire bathroom makeover right here: S’ Wonderful.

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Fine Tuning Fine Dining

Are you hosting Thanksgiving at your house this year?  Yay! I’ll be there. I’ll bring the mashed potatoes.  What else do you need help with?  Do you have enough silverware? Serving dishes? Do I have to sit at the kid’s table again? But most importantly, what’s the status of your dining set?

If it’s in need of a little attention, fear not. I’ve got some ideas to get your dining room ready to party in no time! (Ok, maybe slightly more than no time. But it’ll be worth it).

Let’s go!

First up, this example from Better After reader Liz, who sent in this stenciled table makeover, explaining that she inherited it from the grandmother of a close friend who she cared for while she was in nursing school.  Her instructions were to do anything she wished with it, as long as she didn’t give it away.

Free to let her creativity fly, she came up with this fearless and fun design:

table makeover before |


stenciled table makeover |

How gorgeous is this set from Christy at Confessions of a Serial Do-it-Yourselfer?  Such humble thrift-store beginnings, but now it’s magazine worthy! It’s like a that movie where that one guy starts out living in his car and turns out becoming the CEO of a worldwide company. (That’s a movie, right?  Surely that’s a movie).

dining table makeover before |

stained top dining table makeover |

If you want to add some color to your Thanksgiving-scape beyond the cranberry sauce (that’s what it’s for obviously, because no one has ever actually eaten it in the history of Thanksgiving), how about taking the chairs for a little dip? So cute. See more of this fresh look from Laurel at A Bubbly Life.


table makeover before |


white table makeover with dipped chair legs |

And finally, if you love that distressed farmhouse look but don’t have the time to sit around waiting for your set to become distressed, guess what?  Deb has a shortcut for you. See her secret on her blog Lake Girl Paints.  That is so delightful to me for some reason.  “Let’s hurry up and make this thing look old already!” We humans are a funny bunch.

Beautiful job Deb!


farmhouse table before |


farmhouse table makeover |

Do you have a makeover to share?  I would love to see it!  Send your submissions my way at  Happy weekend friend!


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Life and Nails

It should be against the rules of life for your car to break down and everyone in the house to get sick, including the baby, who got sick enough to go to the ER in the space of a few days. Against the rules I say!

Don’t’ you hate when life gets all life-y?

If we are friends on Instagram you might have seen me in the hospital with my baby boy night before last.  He had a raging fever flare up out of nowhere with a wicked cough that left him struggling to breathe, so we hurried him in. Turns out he has a respiratory virus thing, which was scary because of that virus affecting kids on the news, but they got him fixed up, and he’s doing much better today.  In fact, he’s sitting by my feet, trying to eat a stick.  I don’t know where he found a stick inside the house, but the point is, he’s doing good. And I  just wanted to say thanks for the well wishes and concern! We are on the mend!

And here comes some makeover goodness your way, nailhead-style!  First from Jen at Girl in the Garage, who nailed it (hA!) with this cream vanity.

vanity makeover before |


cream nailhead vanity makeover |


And I love, love this vinyl chair transformation from Jenn at With Heart via Create/Enjoy. The pink was cute but unsalvageable, so after a little trial and error, she found the perfect white to show off those lines and nailhead details.  Best part: it has a twin!  Other best part: they were only $8 a piece!


pink vinyl chair makeover before |





white painted vinyl chair makeover after |


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An Insensible Bathroom

Here are some things that look awesome but aren’t sensible: White bedding. High heels. Two-seater sports cars.

I don’t have a two-seater, but I do have white bedding, and once in a while I even break out the high heels. Because the extra effort they require is worth it! Same thing with this fabulous bathroom makeover from Rachel.

Yes, an all glass shower surround is more work to keep clean than the previous frosted glass doors of un-attractiveness. Vessel-style sinks can be a pain. But neither one is as insensible as navigating the bathroom with your eyes closed because you can’t even bear the sight of it, see what I’m saying? I think you do.

See more from Rachel on her blog Chaos in the Condo.


before bathroom |

Black and teal bathroom makeover. |

TIP: The key to keeping those shower doors clean is a squeegee. The hard part is getting anyone else to actually use it.  I’ve even made up a song at my house, entitled “It’s So Easy To Squeegee!” So far it has not been effective.


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