Things We Need To Talk About Today

Hey gang, it’s Saturday! I feel like Saturday is sort of my ‘free time,’ to blog about whatever I fancy, so I’m taking that opportunity right now. I’m calling it “Things We Need To Talk About.”

So here’s one.  I bought this new nail polish topcoat, simply because Stevie Nicks said in a magazine that it is her favorite and it makes her manicures last forever.  If it’s good enough for Stevie, it’s good enough for me. That’s what I thought anyway. But NO. It was total crap. I made a special trip to Sally just to buy this particular brand, and my nail polish still chipped off in like, five hours.  PS: It’s called Poshe and don’t buy it.


“Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies.”  No, actually don’t.  You owe me $7, Stevie.


But here’s a product I do love.  (This is not at all sponsored, just so you know).

floormateIt’s the Hoover FloorMate Deluxe, and it’s my best friend.  Not really, I do have human people friends, I swear. But this is the best floor cleaner I have ever used. I’ve had it for six months now, and I sing its praises every time I use it.  I use it on my tile floors, and they even feels cleaner under my feet than before when I was just mopping. I love that it has clean and dirty tanks so I’m never using dirty water.  Anyway, it’s awesome and well worth the price, and dang, maybe I should have tried to get them to sponsor this.


Here’s another things we need to talk about. Fleek.  Have you heard this?  Apparently it’s a word. It means super good, I think.  Mostly I see it describing eyebrows, like “Girl, your eyebrows are on fleek today.” Is this hip? I don’t know. What is going on with the world?


Here’s something else. I saw this on instagram this week and it made me laugh.  It’s true.  You ARE a pink starburst, friend, and don’t you forget it!Have a great weekend! Thanks for listening to my rambling thoughts today. Oh yes, and don’t forget about the Ultimate DIY Bundle! This white hot deal is ending soon!

An entire library of DIY ebooks for peanuts! Peanut’s I say!

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A Unicorn Makeover

The other day I was strolling through Goodwill when I spotted a little unicorn sculpture. You can’t walk past a unicorn and not buy it. You just can’t.

I’m not one to disobey rules of the universe, so I paid $2.99 for this unicorn and brought it home even though I had no idea what to do with it.

Then an idea popped into my head: gold polka dots! I love when fully-formed ideas pop into my head. It’s rare, but it makes things so easy.  I knew exactly what I wanted to do.

unicorn statue before |


gold polka dot unicorn statue makeover |

Tada! I started by giving her a few coats of white satin spray paint to cover up the old iridescent paint job, then just used a gold Sharpie paint pen to make the dots, eyeballing a pattern as I went along. I love how it turned out!


gold polka dot unicorn statue makeover after |

If you want to try this at home, remember to use a Sharpie PAINT pen. They go on much, much better than a regular Sharpie. There are also other paint pen brands too, just be sure they are oil-based.You can probably find them anywhere craft projects are sold, I found mine in the craft section at Wal-Mart. And also remember to never not buy a unicorn when you have the chance.

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Shrining Shoes

Most people like to take advantage of the fresh start of a new year by purging and decrapifying their homes.  It just feels good. Out with the old!

But pay attention! Are you truly organizing, or just rearranging your junk?  For instance: a new shoe-storage system is fantastic. A new shoe-storage system for shoes you haven’t even worn in the last year is a big fat waste of time and space. Don’t do it. Just let them go, man. You’ll feel so freeeeeeeee!

Check out how Kerby made better use of this closet by converting it into a bright, organized office space.  No more shrine to unworn shoes. I bet she sighs with contentedness every time she walks by. I would!

See more at Life-Love-Craft.



closet to office makeover |


closet to office makeover |

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2014 Highlights, all wrapped up!

Well, hi there! I took a longer than expected break thanks to a rip-roaring sinus infection that has extended into the reaches of my soul. I feel like there is an elephant standing on my head, and there is also an elephant standing on that elephant’s head. It’s been magical.

We’re going to finish wrapping up 2014 today, even though you are probably sick to death of 2014 wrap-ups by now.  But it’s not like I can just leave it halfway wrapped up people! We have to wrap it all the way up!

So here’s the last of the best of 2014, my particular favorites from October to December. It wasn’t that long ago, so just pretend you don’t remember.

My favorite offering from October was this sleek dresser makeover from Katie. Navy paint, copper pipe, it’s just the chicest little thing.




I love the addition of the legs, furniture always seems so much more furniture-ier when it’s not sitting squat on the floor.




Tanya’s kitchen makeover in November proved that even if you can’t have your dream kitchen RIGHT NOW, you can still love your kitchen.




Now she can enjoy it in all its bright and budget-friendly splendor, while she saves up for the remodel of her dreams.


And lastly, December brought us the pinnacle of man-caves from Tara and her brother-in-law “Too-Far-Frank.” Where most man-caves stop at a big TV and a mini-fridge, Frank ventured beyond into wood floors, exposed brick walls, and a beautiful custom-built bar complete with his own logo; thusly living up to his nickname.




Happy (still) New Year!

Checkout the rest of the 2014 highlights here, here, and here.

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