Stripes from the Past

I loved this makeover as soon as I saw it, and as I was halfway through preparing to post it, I realized … I’ve loved this before. I did a little digging through my archives, and sure enough, I had already featured it way back in 2012. So if you were with me then, I hope you eyeballs enjoy this little trip down memory lane, and if you’re new here, just pretend we never had this talk. I’m totally on top of things. Yep.

I think it’s even more relevant now, now that black and white stripes are becoming super popular everywhere.  I can’t walk into a store without seeing 35 black and white striped shirts for sale, and then buying them, because I can’t seem to help myself. You should see my closet. If you follow me on instagram you saw my addiction a few weeks ago.  You’d think I had a full-time referee job by the looks of things.

So! Here we go again! Please enjoy this little makeover from Gemma at The Sweetest Digs.

Black and White Striped Kitchen Before


Black and White Striped Kitchen

At the time, she was looking for a quick fix while she saved for a full-blown remodel, and these peel and stick vinyl tiles did the trick.  Now, she’s just about done with that full-blown remodel, and I can’t wait to see it all come together!

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Play on.

Some people are lucky enough to have ‘play rooms’ in their homes. It’s a great idea in theory. Keep all the toys and games and books in one place! The kids will adore it! They’ll play in there non-stop, then neatly put everything away in its color-coded bin when they’re done!

Reality … not so much. Most of the play rooms I’ve seen are more aptly described as an ankle-deep toy stew of Barbie shoes and broken crayons, where moms are quick to close the door, and kids hardly ever venture in.

But those dreamy play rooms of our dreams really do exist. I have proof. Behold:


Pink and White Play Room 1

Pink and White Play Room Before 1

Is this real life? Is this just fantasy?

No, it really is real life, and it belongs to Jennifer at Dear Lillie.


Pink and White Play Room

Pink and White Play Room Before

A few weeks ago we gazed lustfully at her kitchen and dining room makeover, and I joked about moving in, but now I’m wondering if she would be cool with just adopting me.

I promise I’ll just stay up here playing the tiny pink piano, not bothering a soul. Think about it Jennifer.

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Subtle Drama

If you want to add some drama to your home, the powder room is a good place to start. First, slap your mother-in-law in there. NO! That’s not the kind of drama I meant. Don’t do that. What I mean is that it is a good place to start because it’s small enough to make a big impact with a low budget.

First, paint the entire thing in an aggressive orangey red.  NO! That’s also not the kind of drama we want.

That’s what Nina at Everyday Enchanting started with, but believe it or not, you can add tons of drama with just a few elegant touches.

White Board and Batten Powder Room Before

white powder room after

And you can even use soft neutrals and still be dramatic too.


White Board and Batten Powder Room


I’m pretty sure this room elicits many ooohs and ahhhs from her guests, which is exactly the right kind of drama we are after all along.

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Sofa So Good

If you watch any home decorating show for any period of time, you are sure to hear the professional designers tell you that “Sofas should be nice and neutral. Leave the patterns and wacky stuff to the pillows and accessories.” Yes, fine. That’s good advice. Sure.

But does that rule apply 100% of the time? No way flambe. Sometimes you want to be like Laura from Laura Thoughts who reupholstered this loveseat and said, “I wanted to go with something dramatic, I wanted a statement piece, something showy and not even a little bit safe.”

Not even a little bit safe! Ha! I love it. Let’s see how it turned out …
Green Sofa Before 1

Green Sofa

That sound you just heard was Laura nailing it. Didn’t she do a great job? She also replaced the old legs – which appear to have been made from hunks of raw lumber – with a curvy new set.

But wait! There is literally more!

Laura also shared her talents with this droopy couch, which actually had nice bones if you could look past that tragic fabric and general air of Dirty College Dorm that it was giving off.


Aqua Quatrefoil Sofa Before


Aqua Quatrefoil Sofa

Quatrefoil for the win! So chic. And doesn’t it look better with two large cushions instead of four little ones? And wouldn’t it look even better with buttons? If you think so, then hop on over to her blog Laura Thoughts because (spoiler alert!) she added buttons.


Don’t feel bad if all this sofa-gazing has you wishing you had room to squeeze a cute little sitting area into some corner of your house too. Why not put one outside? And why not make it out of a cast iron bathtub? Anything is possible, if you put your mind to it. And your cement saw.


Tub to Outdoor Sofa Before


Tub to Outdoor Sofa

Isn’t this the CUTEST? Ariean had a cast iron tub that had followed her around for too long, and one day her husband gave her an ultimatum: figure out something to do with the darn tub or it goes. So she did! After much cutting and grinding and painting and sewing, she created a one-of-a-kind bathtub-sofa for her patio.

I also love her fearless choice of fabrics, mixing patterns like nobody’s business. Because it isn’t! If you want to mix fabrics and patterns and have a non-neutral sofa, then who’s to say you can’t? I say you go for it girlfriend.

More to see on her blog One Krieger Chick.

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