Christmas Thrifts

Enjoy this Better After flashback, Christmas-style! <<<<<<<<<<<<
So maybe you don’t have tons of money to spend on Christmas. No big whoop. I for one love the idea of a thrifty Christmas, where you challenge yourself and your loved ones to makeover thrifted finds. Save the earth, save money and make a meaningful creative gift, who loses there? No one, that’s who. Except maybe Walmart.
I bet my family could get on board with this, how about yours? My sister and sister-in-law are creative masterminds, but my brothers on the other hand … I might get a used potholder or an empty box of bandaids or something. Hmmm, I might have to think this idea through a little better.
Here are some thrifty redos for some Christmas giving inspiration!
From NataLee at Designed to the Nines, a battered toy box gets a classy golf-themed redo. Seriously looks amazing.
old toy box makeover
golf themed chest makeover |
From Lindy at Cottage Hill, a 99 cent box gets made over into a handpainted treasure. WANT! Check out her blog for easy step-by-step instructions on how to achieve this look.
plain wooden box
bird painted box makeover |
And finally from Cassie at Hi Sugarplum, these dollar store vases get a high dollar look with simple burlap, jute string, plus easy to find religious candles. I actually just bought a couple of those myself for $1, wrapped them in silver paper and had an instant classy candle on my hands!
plain candles
easy candleholder makeover |


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Hackage Happening Here

How is your Monday? Mine started off with a lengthy phone call with my bank trying to stop some fraudulent charges on my account. Some low-life scamsters in Scotland were trying to pay an electric bill with my debit card number.  Which … almost makes me feel bad.  Shouldn’t scammers be buying like, pinky rings and fake purses? It’s probably some poor Bob Crachit guy over there just trying to keep his flat warm for Tiny Tim, and here I go scrooging all over their attempts to steal my money.  I’m a jerk.


But if you are also trying to keep your own cash in your pocket, here’s a genius idea from Bethany at Dwellings by DeVore. She wanted a super luxe fancy bench for the end of her bed. She just didn’t want to pay a high-end price, ew.

So she hacked this IKEA table, which was the perfect size for some end-of-the-bed-bench-age.  She simply swapped the glass on top for the wooden shelf on the bottom, upholstered it with fun dalmatian print fabric, and painted it gold. Gorgeous.  I know I say this all the time, but I am for sure making this one.








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12 Days of Christmas Wrap-Up!

Bringing you a little recap of the 12 Days of Christmas blog tour today! If you missed my loose interpretation of 9 Ladies Dancing, (aka Four Stockings Hanging), check that out right heaah. (Yes, I DID just type that in a southern accent, thank you for noticing).

Here are just a few of my favorites, be sure to hop on through and visit everyone on the tour. There’s pictures of Ryan Gosling. (Not that anyone needs an excuse to share pictures of Ryan Gosling, but it actually does make sense. Can you guess what day it was for? Ryan GOSLING? Haha! I’ve said too much).



Gorgeous gold and silver flocked tree via Refresh Restyle



Two Turtle Doves wreath via Confessions of a Serial Do-it-Yourselfer


DIY doves via Virginia Sweet Pea


coffee filter angel wings

Coffee filter angel wings via Curb Alert!

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PS: If your name is Kathryn, and your email address begins with the letters LAU, please check your inbox, you have won the $100 giveaway to Linens & Boxwoods!


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12 Days of Christmas

I was invited to join a “12 Days of Christmas” blog tour, and would you believe it, it’s my first blog tour ever! I feel like one of the cool kids!

If you’re unfamiliar, a blog tour is when a group of bloggers get together (virtually) and share something on their blogs that focuses on the same theme.  Then you, dear reader, get to hop around from blog to blog and check out all that hot bloggin’ goodness.

What fun! Let’s play.

Our theme is the 12 Days of Christmas, and lucky me, I got “Nine Ladies Dancing.”  I didn’t feel like festooning my tree in ballerinas, so I loosely interpreted it to include stockings, because feet equal dancing, and yeah.

Let’s back up and look at the whole scene. Here’s what I started with.  It’s a little sad.

christmas mantle makeover before


Here’s where I ended up:

christmas mantle after copy

What a difference Christmas lights make, eh? And also, other things!

I made that fake mantle a few years ago, and have been meaning to put a chalkboard insert into it forever.  Actually to be honest, my plan was to take a log and slice it into many slices and attach those slices onto the board so it looked much like this, but come to find out, trying to slice a log with a circular saw is a real dumb idea.  So until I can borrow a chainsaw or something, that idea will have to wait. (In even more shameful honesty, I also photoshopped that chalk fire, because I didn’t like how mine looked). (Just keeping it real). (Real fake).

Annnyway, the garland got fluffed up with some glitter tulle (more on that in a minute!) and cloth ribbon.

Those old stockings had to go. I’ve phased out the red in my decor over the last few years, so they just looked out of place. And my sweet baby boy who is celebrating his first Christmas this year didn’t even have a matching one.  His was the weirdo one in the middle.

So I whipped up a few new ones! I love this fluffy white fabric, and don’t even get me started on the gold glitter fabric. It was pretty easy; I’m not much of a sewer, so any beginner could figure it out too.

Here’s a very basic tutorial.

Step one: make these things:

how to make a christmas stocking


Very simple.  I just cut apart of one our old stockings to use as a pattern for the new ones.  Eyeballed how much gold I wanted at the top and made a loop our of that lightly wider than the stocking.  I also made a little loop for hanging.

Next, turn the stocking and top part inside out.

how to make a christmast stocking step two


Slip the stocking inside the top and line up the top edges.  Pin the hanging loop upside down in between the top and the stocking, NOT inside the stocking, (even if your brain tells you it makes sense, you will finally figure out after about seventeen tries of doing it wrong that that way is wrong. Or maybe that’s just me). In any case, I’ve made this diagram so you don’t screw it up. Also, make sure you sew it to the heel side, not the toe side.  Ask me how I know.

adding a loop to the stocking


Stitch around the top, flip it all right-side-out, and that’s it!

gold and white christmas stockings



I also discovered the magic and wonder of tulle garland.  Did you know about this? Why didn’t you tell me sooner?? I thought we were friends. But it’s Christmastime, so I’ll forgive you.

Oh boy, this stuff is great. SO SO easy.  And it cost me ONE dollar!



glitter tulle christmas garland

I found a 10-yard roll of glitter tulle at Walmart for $1.

I folded it in half and stitched the entire length of it with elastic thread in my bobbin.



how to make tulle garland

You could also use a ruffle-foot if you have one, (which I don’t), but the elastic thread is preeeeety darn easy.  I will probably be making much much more.  Next time, I don’t think I’ll even bother folding it in half, I’ll just stitch right down the center which should result in even puffier garland!

Also, tulle is totally dancey. Theme acheived!


OK, if you want to continue on the tour, check out these other lovely ladies!

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