My Mini Bathroom Makeover

Hey gang, remember how we’re in the throes of redoing our floors? And how my entire house is a disaster full of rubble and dust and every item of furniture we own is crammed into my office, where I am writing this as we speak, piles of crap teetering dangerously above my head?

Well, the madness was too much. I was overwhelmed with the mess and needed at least one pretty little spot in the house. So I decided now was as good a time as ever to pay some attention to my bathroom upstairs.

As you can see, it was severely lacking in attention. It was on the brink of picking fights with strangers and starting fires at school. It probably already has a tattoo that I don’t know about.

bathroom before makeover |

I’m sorry little bathroom! I have neglected you!

Builder bland bathroom before  |

So here it is after its mini-makeover:

Bathroom makeover with stenciled wall  |

Drifting Arrows wall stencil in bathroom makeover  |

Bathroom makeover with stenciled wall  |

Nothing a little bit of paint and some accessorizing can’t fix! It’s a small step toward my ultimate master bedroom vision of “Monochromatic and Glamorous!” which is prettier in my head than my words are making it sound.

I purchased a few new things, but most everything else were items I already had.  It’s amazing the possibilities that open up when your entire house is turned inside out.

Sometimes we get stuck with things ‘belonging’ in once place that we never bother to check if they would look great somewhere else. Try it! Take some of your favorite accessories on a field trip around your house and see for yourself.  Maybe that jar that is ‘supposed’ to go in the kitchen will actually fit perfectly in the bathroom and you’ll end up loving it ten thousand times more than you ever did before.

Initial jewlery dish  |

My sister-in-law gave me this tiny dish with my initial on it, and while I loved it, I never knew what exactly to do with it. Turns out it wanted to be a perfect little jewelry catch-all on the bathroom counter all along!

silver side table with wood top |

The table is from HomeGoods, and I just love it. I love that the footprint is so small, it only takes up about one tile’s worth of space, so I can move it around.  I’m actually planning to keep it closer to the shower, which I didn’t clean, so I didn’t take any pictures of that side of the bathroom to show you. Ha! But I promise I do have a shower, and I sometimes even use it.

The brush isn’t a prop either, I’m giving this ‘dry brushing‘ craze a try.  Have you ever heard of it? Had amazing results? Do tell, do tell.

The chandelier is a $9 Goodwill find, and while I like gold, I wasn’t digging this brassy gold, so I gave it a quick coat of silver spray paint.

goodwill chandelier before  |


Silver painted chandelier makeover  |

In all truthfulness, I went with black first (why? I don’t know), but that made it looked like a scary spider, so THEN I went with silver.  I wish it was a shinier finish, but it was $9, so I ain’t mad at it.

The wall stencil is called Drifting Arrows by Cutting Edge Stencils. It was tricky working around the window right in the middle of the wall, but all in all it probably only took a couple hours. Definitely a two-person job.

Mercury glass vase from HomeGoods  |


Pearlized wall medallion from HomeGoods  |

Wall medallion from HomeGoods, stenciled wall  |

I love how the light catches these medallions, and that they’re slightly different from each other too.

bathroom accessories  |

Thanks for looking! Hope you enjoyed it! Here’s a list of sources if you had any questions:

  • Gold book: I made that with gold leaf and hot glue!
  • Vase, wall medallions, silver side table: HomeGoods
  • Rug: Ross
  • Chandelier: Goodwill find
  • Initial dish: Anthropologie (I think)
  • Stencil: Drifting Arrows by Cutting Edge Stencils.
  • Wall Color: Accessible Beige (most boring paint color name of all time) by Sherwin Williams

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Thinking Pink, Seeing Red

If you’re a wood purist, hide your eyes, because (spoiler-alert) this desk gets painted. But before you let out a snort of disapproval, let’s take a good look at it first. See the scalloped edges? The petite little drawers? The elegant curves? It was just begging to be re-imagined as a little girl’s desk.

I know my daughter would shriek with glee if she discovered the after version in her bedroom, the before version, not so much. She would probably do her best to give a faint smile. She’s nice like that.  She tasted some frosting I made yesterday, then spit it out and said “YUCK!”  But then she realized she might have hurt my feelings, so she quickly said “I wasn’t talking about the frosting, I was talking about … uh … this potholder. It’s dirty. See that spot? Yuck! Dirty potholder! Your frosting isn’t yuck.”

What a diplomat. (The frosting was yuck).shabby chic pink and white desk makeover |


shabby chic pink and white desk makeover |

From Asia at Under a Creative Spell.


And hey, since it’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow, let’s add a little red to the pink and make it a theme and pretend that I did it on purpose!

Jacqui at Porta Verde Studio updated this nondescript buffet with a new set of handle much more suited to the piece and a little romantic red.

I’d actually call it more of a rustic red.  A romantic, rusty, rustic, red. I’d call it: Rusty Romance. When are they going to hire me to come up with paint color names already?

Rustic red makeover on a country-bumpkin buffet. |

Rustic red makeover on a country-bumpkin buffet. | Happy weekend and happy love day!

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Free Home Decor Catalogs

There’s nothing quite as exciting as getting a fresh stack of catalogs in the mail (there probably is, but I don’t get out much), but it recently dawned on me that I haven’t been getting as many since we moved into our new house.   Time to get myself back on those mailing lists!

I have compiled some of my very favorites for you.  True, I might not order from a certain few until I win that Nigerian lottery, but they are all fabulous for inspiration. And free!

free home decor catalogs, anthropologie, z gallerie, ballard designs, arhaus, cb2, pier 1, grandin road, wisteria, pottery barn, west elm, ikea, serena and lily, restoration hardware

The links below take you directly to the catalog request form for each site. Soon you’ll be cozied up on the couch, snuggled under a fuzzy throw, mug of cocoa and fun new catalog in hand. Or however you choose to live your life.


free home decor catalogs:free home decor catalogs, anthropologie, z gallerie, ballard designs, arhaus,

Anthropologie // Z Gallerie // Ballard Designs // Arhaus

free home decor catalogs: cb2, pier 1, grandin road, wisteria, pottery barn


CB2 // Pier One // Wisteria // Pottery Barn

free home decor catalogs: west elm, ikea, serena and lily, restoration hardware

West Elm // IKEA // Serena & Lily // Restoration Hardware

And here’s a tidy little alphabetical version. Don’t miss out on Grandin Road, that one didn’t make it into a graphic simply because of odd numbers. Did I miss any? What are some of your favorites?  I’d love to grow the list!



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Free home decor catalogs! This post has links that take you directly to the catalog request forms for anthropologie, z gallerie, ballard designs, arhaus, cb2, pier 1, grandin road, wisteria, pottery barn, west elm, ikea, serena and lily, restoration hardware

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Things We Need To Talk About Today

Hey gang, it’s Saturday! I feel like Saturday is sort of my ‘free time,’ to blog about whatever I fancy, so I’m taking that opportunity right now. I’m calling it “Things We Need To Talk About.”

So here’s one.  I bought this new nail polish topcoat, simply because Stevie Nicks said in a magazine that it is her favorite and it makes her manicures last forever.  If it’s good enough for Stevie, it’s good enough for me. That’s what I thought anyway. But NO. It was total crap. I made a special trip to Sally just to buy this particular brand, and my nail polish still chipped off in like, five hours.  PS: It’s called Poshe and don’t buy it.


“Tell me lies, tell me sweet little lies.”  No, actually don’t.  You owe me $7, Stevie.


But here’s a product I do love.  (This is not at all sponsored, just so you know).

floormateIt’s the Hoover FloorMate Deluxe, and it’s my best friend.  Not really, I do have human people friends, I swear. But this is the best floor cleaner I have ever used. I’ve had it for six months now, and I sing its praises every time I use it.  I use it on my tile floors, and they even feels cleaner under my feet than before when I was just mopping. I love that it has clean and dirty tanks so I’m never using dirty water.  Anyway, it’s awesome and well worth the price, and dang, maybe I should have tried to get them to sponsor this.


Here’s another things we need to talk about. Fleek.  Have you heard this?  Apparently it’s a word. It means super good, I think.  Mostly I see it describing eyebrows, like “Girl, your eyebrows are on fleek today.” Is this hip? I don’t know. What is going on with the world?


Here’s something else. I saw this on instagram this week and it made me laugh.  It’s true.  You ARE a pink starburst, friend, and don’t you forget it!Have a great weekend! Thanks for listening to my rambling thoughts today. Oh yes, and don’t forget about the Ultimate DIY Bundle! This white hot deal is ending soon!

An entire library of DIY ebooks for peanuts! Peanut’s I say!

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