Floor Fluidity

I often despaired about the state of my kitchen in my previous home. The cabinets were a streaky cherry color, the countertops were a muddy red/brown, and the tile was decidedly orange. I liked none of it, and didn’t have the means to correct all of it at once. It felt pointless to put in the effort to fix one area, such as painting the cabinets, only to continue hating the other two-thirds of the kitchen.

If this before kitchen had belonged to me, I probably would have thought the same thing.  So much tan and cherry! Why try? What’s the point? What’s the point of any of it? Why are we here? Where are we going? And then I would have thrown myself dramatically on the couch.

But then I noticed that the super tan tile floor in the before picture …

White Kitchen Before

White Kitchen

… is the same neutral tile floor in the after. Who would have guessed that it would work so nicely with fresh white cabinets and gray walls?

The key is the countertop that Kristi chose, along with all the other wood-toned accents she used throughout the space. From the butcher-block to the shades to the shelf, it all ties together and balances out the warm and cool tones. If she had gone with a white or black countertop instead, the results wouldn’t be nearly as cohesive.

So, the moral of the story is don’t be afraid to work with what you’ve got. You already know that. But do you know not to be afraid to work in what you don’t got? Like a long expanse of countertop where there used to be a blanks space, for instance. Go ahead and add that in.

White Kitchen Before 1


White Kitchen 1

Add in some subway tile to the ceiling while you’re at it. I’m never mad at that look. Tons of other great details to see in Kristi’s kitchen on her blog Chatfield Court.


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Post Up

People often bemoan the lost art of letter-writing, but let’s not forget the kid sister of hand-written letters: the postcard. Do people send postcards anymore? I can’t remember the last time I sent or received one.

That ends today, my friends. I happen to have a stack of postcards sitting right here on my shelf, because even though I don’t send them, I apparently like to buy them.  Leave a comment and I’ll mail a few of you lovely souls a postcard with a handwritten note. Perhaps a doodle of a dinosaur if I’m really feeling it. Or a knock-knock joke. What could be more exciting??? OBVIOUSLY NOTHING.

I even have the perfect place to sit and compose these sure-to-be masterpieces:

Postcard desk before makeover


Postcard desk

A desk that looks like a giant vintage postcard! So lovely. This desk belongs to Jenny at Ava Blake Creations who gave it a shabby chic makeover and hand-painted that artwork and script. By herself. With her hands. I mean … it’s no dinosaur doodle, but it’s pretty great.

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I’m all about that basement.

If you’ve been here a while, you already know why this wood-paneled before basement is giving me the sweats.

If you’re new here, let me explain that I have a mild phobia of knotty wood. No joke. It’s not like I’m terrified of the stuff, but I just feel so jumpy and anxious and weirded out when I’m around it. I should probably look into that someday and figure out why, but my plan so far is to just avoid knotty wood for the rest of my life instead. So far, so good.

Luckily for me, this look is far out of style and most people prefer to paint their paneling, presently. Also, alliteration for the win.


Crisp Basement Before 1

crisp basement makeover after

Yes ma’am, this is the SAME room. Where did that paneling go? Who cares! Everything has been updated and brightened up from floor to ceiling. And from the windowww to the WALL! (I hope you read that in your best Lil’ John voice). But speaking of the wall, do you see the full-length chalkboard painted on the back wall? Not only does it provide the kids with a little fun, but it also provides a great contrast to the rest of the bright white space.

Why aren’t more basements painted white? It’s a great choice for an area that’s … I don’t know … underground.

Crisp Basement Before

Crisp Basement

Night and day difference, truly. And how much do I love those painted stairs? Enough to be giving my own carpeted stairs the stink-eye right now.

This fabulous makeover comes from Heather and Dave at The Heathered Nest, much more to see over there!

Happy weekend friends.

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I’m on the hunt …

Don’t look now, but hunter green is making a quiet comeback.  You may think this color is best left alone in its ’90s heyday, when it could typically be found sharing space with mauve and gingham and geese, (geese everywhere), and the whole world appeared to be a terrible combination of nursing home and hunting lodge, but no!

It’s sneaking up again.

First of all, hunter green mascara is a thing now, and getting rave reviews, so Ima have to try that.

Second of all, do you watch The Bachelorette? I do … sort of. Most of the time I’m watching it from under a pillow because I’m so embarrassed for the contestants and the stilted awkwardness of it all that I can barely face the screen. It’s literally painful. I’m really fun to watch shows with, by the way.

But anyway. JoJo had on a gorgeous hunter green dress on the last episode. I wanted to find a picture for you but my four seconds of googling turned up nothing, so you’ll just have to believe me that this proves my point even further:

Hunter green is cool again. Now you can rest easier at night.

Just like Malorie’s baby boy who gets to call this new nursery home!


Green Baby Boy Nursery Before

Green Baby Boy Nursery

Such a classic look, but with a few fun twists to keep it modern, like the stuffed animal taxidermy (I guess ALL taxidermy is technically ‘stuffed animal,’ but moving on), leather pouf and clean lines throughout. The green really grounds the room and keeps the mix of elements from ‘floating.’ If you don’t understand what I mean, just imagine if she had kept the walls beige. Right?

Malorie also refinished the dresser, which used to look a lot worse for wear:


Green Baby Boy Nursery Dresser Before


Green Baby Boy Nursery DresserNow it’s all cleaned up and ready to serve this little guy for a long time. I love that this is a room he can really grow into. I’d never move out!

See more from Malorie on her blog Home Work Design Co.

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