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Red Strokes

I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but do you remember that music video by Garth Brooks approximately 100 years ago, back when I was in middle school, for his song The Red Strokes? Oh man. Go watch it if you want to see a very passionate (and skinny) Garth Brooks pounding his heart out on a piano in what looks like a giant puddle of blood, but is actually red paint.  Stick around for the guitar solo. It’s so fantastically terribly wonderful.

Anyway, that song always comes to mind whenever I share red makeovers, and I’ve got a handful of them today.

OOOHHH, the RED STROKES!!!!  Passions uncaged!

Here Christina at Phoenix Restoration fearlessly updated some campaign-style nightstands, which just led me on a 15-minute search through my local Craigslist to see if I could find some myself.  Unfortunately I could not.  The Phoenix Craigslist continues to be a garbage pit of overpriced yard-sale castoffs.

brown - campaign style-dresser - before


Campaign - Dressers - Red - Makeovers |


Julie at Simple Redesign was instructed to give this piece a ‘chippy antique’ look by a client, which she achieved by using Old Fashioned Milk Paint in Barn Red.

If you’ve ever used milk paint, you may have been disappointed by its super-matte finish. It is flatter than flat. No worries though, a topcoat is all it takes to bring it to life. Julie used a low-gloss sealer to give this buffet just the right amount of shine.
Brown - buffet- before

Buffet- Red - Makeovers |


Now it’s time for my favorite movie quote:

“A gun rack? I don’t even own *A* gun. Let alone many guns that would necessitate an entire rack. What am I gonna do … with a gun rack?”

Well Wayne, you could always take up gardening. How about that?

Astral Riles added a pegboard to the back of hers, and now she’s got a handy gardening station to liven up her yard.


Gun Rack - before


Gardening Tool Holder- Red - Makeovers |



Whenever Tami at Curb Alert is busy with projects, her daughter likes to tag-along too. She stays busy by practicing her painting alongside her mama on this child-sized desk.

But Tami thought it was time to use the desk as less of an canvas and more of a desk, so she took over and gave it an adorable ‘back-to-school’ themed makeover.  No worries though, her daughter has moved on to a new art piece. Maybe she’ll be blogging her own makeovers soon enough!


Kid - Desk - Before


School Desk- Red - Makeovers |


And finally, a simple red on an outdated hutch. Doesn’t it look so classic? Sarah also changed the hardware and added an antiquing glaze, and if you like the paint color, she’s got the exact specifications over at FunCycled.


Brown Hutch - Before


Hutch - Red - Makeovers |

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Metal Heads

If you want to be ‘fashion forward’ consider adding some metallic looks to your wardrobe, like so:

Hmmm … maybe this is a little too fashion forward.  Maybe you don’t want to look like a gold-plated Indiana Jones. Or an unopened Pop-Tart. Or like you picked up two dead things and forgot to put them down.  Never fear. You can still hop on the metallic bandwagon in the comfort of your own home, with your furniture instead!

Julie at Simple Redesign added decorative aluminum sheeting over the worn-out wicker of this dresser.  It adds just the perfect amount of sparkle without taking anything away from the dresser’s sleek, modern shape. I love the deeper stain of the wood now too.  Mmmmmhrrmmm.  That’s the sound of a grunt of approval.

And Stephanie discovered this cast-off dresser in a dumpster and was able to make magic with it, even though the middle drawer was missing. She simply removed the drawer next to it, and replaced them both with the top drawers. However, the top drawers are smaller than the other drawers, so what did she use to hide the gap?  Strips of metal of course!  This would look awesome prancing down any runway.  Check out more on her blog The Hardscrabble Home.

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The Drug Report

Little.  Yellow.  Different.  No, wait, that’s Nuprin.  Remember Nuprin?  Whatever happened to Nuprin? It should be onto bigger and better things by now, like Nuprin geltabs or Nuprin tounge dissolving strips. But it’s not. It just disappeared. A mystery.
So anyway, this is neither little, nor yellow, but it’s different than before and that’s good enough for me.  I just like these colors together.  If you can call ‘the natural wood top of this dresser‘ a color.  And you can.  I just did.
I like the old handles, but I dig the new ones too.  Very cohesive, and I like how she filled in the horizontal lines.  Those lines are such liars! 
From Julie at Simple Redesign.

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The Mystery Thrift-Off, round one!

Today is the day! The first ever Mystery Thrift-Off is underway! I’m so excited! I’m so excited!! I’m so … SCARED!

mystery thrift-off logo copy


I’m not really scared. Just EXCITED!

In case you are new here, here’s a quick rundown:

I’ve always thought it would be hilariously fun to find the most random and hopeless items from the thrift-store and send them to people, and then have those people give them makeovers, while I giggled maniacally in the background.  Goodwill thought this idea sounded fun too, so they agreed to partner up with me and The Mystery Thrift-Off was born!

To begin, I needed to find out if anyone actually wanted in on this party, so I created a little online application looking for participants and was stunned to have over 250 people apply! It was super  tough to narrow it down, but I eventually did, to twelve participants.

Then, the fun part: shopping! And it was fun! And also waaaaaaay harder than I expected. I needed to find 12 makeover-worthy items, small enough to ship, tragically awesome but not too tragic. I didn’t want to like, send someone a bag of hair or something. That actually almost happened. Pickin’s started getting slim, and that bag of wigs in the corner started to seem like maybe a good idea?

After several days of hunting, and hundreds of laps around my local Goodwill stores, and carefully assessing the potential of every single oddball item I came across, I was very much losing my mind and starting to scare the other shoppers. No one wanted to upset the crazy lady fiercely staring down the clown figurines and muttering to herself.

me at goodwill going crazy

But I think I ended up with a good mix. The items in the contest range from quirky to mundane to what-the-heck-is-this? I lovingly packaged them up and sent them off to meet their fates.

me shipping packages for the mystery thrift off

The rules for each participant were simple.

1. Take your mystery item.

2. Give it a makeover.

That’s it. I didn’t care if they completely dismantled their item and created something entirely unrecognizable. No rules! Just makeover magic.

Today I am showing you four projects, then four more tomorrow, then the last four on Wednesday, then we’ll have a big vote on Thursday and announce the winner on Friday!


So let’s not wait any longer!!! Without further ado, here is our first Mystery Thrift-Off project from Brittany, aka Pretty Handy Girl. I knew she could handle anything I threw her way, so I threw this:

before christmas village

I think it’s a Christmas decoration. Honestly, if it had been left to me, I would have created maybe a slightly nicer looking Christmas decoration. Not Brittany.


handy lemonade sign




handy welcome basket


handy octopus playhouse 2

She made THREE projects! First, she took the center piece of the decoration and created this adorable arrow sign for a lemonade stand. (Funny story, she actually posted the arrow sign picture to Instagram immediately after posting a picture of the before decoration, and no one spotted it!)

The second item is a housewarming gift caddy made from the right piece, brilliant. Then she let her son paint the left piece, which he made into a little house for his stuffed octopus, and oh my gosh my heart wants to explode from the cuteness and happiness that it brings me.


Moving on to the next Mystery Item, two very exciting bags of craft sticks.  These were the very last items I purchased, when I was starting to get desperate and crazy and truly deciding between this and the bag-o-hair.

I knew Mary at Sweetwater Style would have a vision however, even if I didn’t.

before popsicle sticks


popsicle sticks growth cha copy


popsicle sticks after

It’s a growth chart! It took me a minute to spot the sticks! They turned out to be the perfect size for making increments on a growth chart, which Mary was planning to create for her cutie-pie grandson anyway. Good thing a couple bags of craft sticks just happened to drop into her life!


This next items needs no explanation. Only because I don’t know what it is. Some kind of decorative relic. It’s similar to a dream-catcher, only covered in stiffened twine, pinecone pieces, and a thick layer of dust. So, not really a dream-catcher at all. More of a sneeze-causer.

Let’s find out what Tracy at General Splendour did with it …

before wooden wheel


wagon wheel tray 2

circle tray makeover

How cute is that? Not only is it an adorable little tray with adorable little feet, she made the inner layer interchangeable, so she can use it to decorate for the seasons. She’s a smart one, that Tracy.

Tracy also sent me some pretty hilarious outtake photos of this project on its journey to completion. Check out her link above to see for yourself!


Finally, Sage and Naomi, the gals from Plaster and Disaster received one of my favorite items in the contest: this plastic cactus. You should have seen the terrified look on my husband’s face when I came bounding down the aisle at Goodwill, triumphantly waving it overhead.


before cactus

It was so funky up-close. Not in a good way.

before cactus close up


Mystery Thirft Off  - After Alone - Plaster & Disaster

Mystery Thirft Off - After - Plaster & Disaster


As you can see, they painstakingly scraped off that layer of glued-on sawdust and turned this thing into a side table! I mean. Look at that. It’s simply genius. I’m so proud of that funky little cactus and how far it has come.

Just watch, now we are going to start seeing cactus end tables showing up in all the decor magazines before you know it. Mark my words. Better trademark this thing Naomi and Sage!


What did you think? I can’t wait to hear your thoughts.   And be sure to check out the next group of projects in round two! (Remember, voting won’t happen until Thursday, after we’ve seen them all).



Redesign By Goodwill - Peoria 7-26-12


Huge thanks to Goodwill for making The Mystery Thrift-Off possible!

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