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Chunk Rock!

Don’t go overlooking that certain style of dresser that overpopulates the thrift stores.  You know the ones. Chunky and funky. Gaudy and shoddy. Or scrolly and holey. Ornate and … unstraight?  Curvy and scurvy? I have no idea what we’re talking about anymore.  Anyway, if you find one of those things, don’t be scared.  Drag it home and surprise yourself with how fabulous all those swoops and swirls and curlicues can look under a fresh coat of paint.  Like this one in white from Jen at Girl in the Garage.

And this one in gray from Sheena at Modern Missus.  Looks great!  And if you STILL aren’t a fan, guess what?  Most of those appliques will easily pop right off, leaving you with a blank slate to work your own magic on.  Everyone wins!

Oh, what do we have here? Fun surprise alert from Sheena! MeOW!

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Let’s head out!

Sheena wasn’t dreamin’ about putting her head anywhere near this funky old headboard, especially since it had spent the last few years propped up beside the house while she waited for inspiration to strike.  (Sometimes inspiration takes its sweet time. I know this to be true).  Finally her husband could take the sight of it no more and just did it himself.  Lucky Sheena!  That would happen zero percent of the time at my house!
And do you like the nailhead trim?  Because guess what?  It’s black river rock!  Six bucks for a bag!  Pretty cool.  See more on her blog Modern Missus.

But wait!  There’s more headboard makeover madness where that came from!  Actually, not really, this one is from Ann, a decorative paint artist who turned this $9 headboard from sweet to sophisticated with little more than linen fabric and a glue gun. Somehow I don’t think I’d get the same results.  See more of Ann’s work on her website

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