How Cool is your Refrigerator?

It’s Fridge Friday, and you know what that means!

You probably don’t know what that means, because we have never, no not once, ever celebrated Fridge Friday. But that changes today. Because today is FRIDGE FRIDAY, so GET EXCITED!

Basically Fridge Friday is me showing you some fridge makeovers. You can observe Fridge Friday yourself by giving your own fridge a makeover, or maybe just cleaning it out. Is there anything better than a freshly cleaned-out fridge? Well, yes, a lot of things. Like buckets of money and free vacations. But a clean fridge is pretty nice. And a boring fridge with a sweet makeover is pretty fun to look at too. So here we go.

First up, Medina had a vision of turning her fridge into a yellow Mason jar. Why? Why not!

Yellow Mason Jar Fridge Before

Yellow Mason Jar Fridge

It’s her fridge and she can turn it into a yellow Mason jar if she wants to. See more, like how she made the raised lettering, on her blog Grillo Designs. (spoiler alert: hot glue!)


Tracy’s fridge was old and dated but worked just fine, so she couldn’t justify buying a shiny new one. Then she found a roll of beadboard wallpaper, which got her wheels turning …

Wallpapered Refrigerator Before


Wallpapered Refrigerator

Amazing right? Obviously she didn’t just wallpaper right over the entire fridge, that would be crazy.  Actually, now that I think about it, with the right wallpaper, that might be really cool. Somebody do that and send me a picture. But Tracy went further with chunky trim and a fancy handle to finish it off, and you can see her detailed process on her blog General Splendour.


Want a temporary fridge fix? Maybe you’re renting or just want to impress a visitor with your cool fridge for a weekend, or whatever it is you do. I don’t know your life.

gold striped fridge makeover before


gold striped fridge makeover after


Rachel achieved this look with gold foil tape! Inexpensive, effective, and removable. It’s so cool, I want to somehow simultaneously own and wear it.

See more at Rachel Schultz.


And finally, why go to all the trouble of writing your dinner menu or grocery list on a piece of paper, then finding a magnet, THEN attaching it to your fridge? WHEW! Who has the time?

chalkboard fridge makeover before


chalkboard painted fridge makeover after

Save yourself the extra effort and just paint your fridge with chalkboard paint and never have that hassle again! I also like the added detail of the jute-wrapped handles, clever clever. From Audra at The Kurtz Corner.


Hope you enjoyed Fridge Friday! See you next time for Washing Machine Wednesday. That’s not a thing yet, but it should be. Or Lawn Mower Monday? Ok, now you’ve gone too far.

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  1. Love the beadboard one and the gold striped one. Oh, btw, how ’bout Threshing Machine Thursday? 🙂 Have a great weekend!

  2. OK, had my laugh fest for the week!! Needed a good chuckle today and you never fail to please!!

  3. These were charming! I have to admit I’ve never thought twice about what a fridge looks like.

  4. Janet R says:

    You make me laugh! I’ve been obsessing over what fridges look like because I thought I was going to have to replace mine but a $40 repair did the trick.

  5. All of these are awesome! Thank you Linsdey for showing mine! 😉 That gold one is adorable!

  6. Great tips! Will be sure to use a couple of these when I start my deep kitchen cleaning this weekend. It will be my first time to try not using any chemical cleaning agents. I hope vinegar and baking soda does a good job! I’m so happy I ditched toxic cleaners a while ago. I mostly use soapnuts, vinegar and baking soda for cleaning. Great roundup of DIY cleaners! I love making my own cleaners and other household products using basic ingredients I can find in my pantry and some of my favorite essential oils.
    Greta @ London Clean LTD recently posted…How To Clean Your FridgeMy Profile

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