Two Ways About It

Two Ways About It

Have you ever been reading a fashion magazine, and it will have a feature called something like “One Dress, Two Ways!” And they show the same dress styled in two drastically different ways, and both of the ways are like, ugh, who would even wear that?

Today’s makeovers are exactly like that except not like that at all. Because I think you will like them both! And they are actually pretty similar.

So get ready for “One Dresser, Two (similar) Ways!”

Brittany brought out the best in this beauty by refinishing the damaged drawer fronts and top. She used a walnut stain really enhance that quarter-sawn specialness. Vintage rose handles complete the sweet look, and you can see more at Sparrow Layne.


White and Wood Dresser with Rose Handles Before


White and Wood Dresser with Rose Handles

And Gilly also had herself a dinged up dresser that was thirsty for a little stripping, sanding, and love. And paint.

Herringbone Dresser Makeover before

herrinbone dresser makeover after

Herringbone paint! Doesn’t it look fantastic? And so precise too! I’m sure I would have given up one row in after trying to line up all those lines. But Gilly’s a champ and you can see more of her work at Colour Saturated Life.



  1. LeeAnn
    July 9, 2015 / 5:09 PM

    You are right, Lindsey, I do like them both! I love the rose knobs and the herringbone is fabulous!!

  2. Andrea S
    July 10, 2015 / 5:32 AM

    The wood grain in both is fantastic! I know how many hours went into these projects…great job!

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