By your powers combined … I am Pnuematic Addict!

Much like Captain Planet and the Planeteers, when the elements of these bookcases and buffet combine, they form a complete, more powerful whole! (Please tell me you remember Captain Planet).

On their own, they are nice, but weak. Incapable of supporting a large TV, not visually arresting in any way, and unable to defeat the giant wall-o-space behind them.

But when their powers combine, watch out!  They come together to create a cohesive, space-dominating entertainment center, and the world instantly becomes a better place.  It’s all thanks to Elisha from Pneumatic Addict Furniture, who never met a furniture foe she couldn’t match. She should probably just get herself a superhero suit by now.


See this lovely "built-in" entertainment center makeover at

See this lovely "built-in" entertainment center makeover at
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  1. Exactly what I’m looking for! Love it!

  2. Holy Moly! That is incredible!

  3. Captain Planet – he’s our hero; gonna take pollution down to zero! Earth. Fire. Wind. Water. Heart. Heck to the yes!!!
    And this is a lovely combination of furniture! I wish I had that kind of vision.

  4. That is just fabulous!! Love it!!

  5. Perfect! And beautiful!

  6. Jessica H says:

    Wow! That was a great transformation. The trimmings pull it all together.

  7. Susan Johnson says:

    Omg…I love this. It’s exactly what I’ve been wanting in my office. 😀

  8. Um, WHOA! Holy gorgeousness!

  9. Karen Hetzer says:

    Love it, great job! And Lindsey I continue to love your writing and sense of humor!

  10. Hey Karen! Thanks for your comment! I was just thinking of you, I saw a mural in a magazine or someplace the other day, and I was certain it was one you had done!

  11. hot damn that looks good!

  12. Chantell Patrick says:

    Wowzers! I believe that I can do something like that. All I need is the furniture, the moulding, the paint and the caulk….oh and for school to start so I can get my house back to myself!

  13. Wow! Such sweet comments! Thank you everyone. And big thanks Lindsey for featuring me!!!

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