Herring is Caring

Do you hear that?  That’s the sound of school starting again.  It sounds like … nothing!  No whining, no fighting, no “I’m bored!” no “I’m hungry!” No Disney Channel blaring in the background.  (If I hear the theme song to Jessie one more time, I might stab myself in the ears …  Hey JesSAY! Hey JesSAY!  It feels like a party ev-eryyyy daaaaay!) No Jessie, it did not feel like a party everyday. It felt like SURVIVAL.  But it was fun.  We had a good summer.  And I’m also glad to be welcoming back a regular routine and a few hours of peace every day too.  Ahhhh.

Maybe now I’ll have some time to do a few projects around here, like finally being patient enough to paint a herringbone pattern on something.  Just kidding.  Summer may be over, but we’ll still be in triple digits til October!  I’ll just enjoy Amber’s handiwork on this cute cabinet for now. Very striking!

See more on her blog Frame Candy.


Black and white storage makeover at betterafter.net


Black and white storage makeover at betterafter.net

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  1. That cabinet is just amazing!! I love it! Lyndsey, enjoy hanging out with Tyce while the big kids are in school. He’s an adorable little man.

  2. Chantell Patrick says:


  3. Chantell Patrick says:

    Best chevron paint job ever. And I feel you Lindsey. Love having the kids home, love it when their back in school. Win, win!

  4. fantastic makeover! 🙂

  5. So at first I was like ‘yay! this mom understands the anguish of hey jess-SAY! hey jess-SAY!’ and think I realized it’s stuck in my head now. Noooooooo!

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