Nine Red Giveaway!

I’ve got a fun giveaway just for you today!  Two of you, to be precise.


Jesse, the talented DIYer, craftsman, blogger, and artist extraordinaire of Nine Red has generously offered to give away any string-art item in his shop to two Better After readers!*


I just hope your names are Jacob or Luke.

Ha! I kid of course.

 Jesse’s designs are completely customizable, from the paint, to the stain, to the string, right down to the color of the nails.  Maybe you’ll recognize this one:


Jesse sent me this beautiful name tablet to help celebrate the birth of my son Tyce in January.  I love it so much!  Everyone that sees it loves it!  He came up with the color block design using a dark stain and a neutral paint, with one little strip of natural wood showing in the middle.  He even went so far as to find me a board without knots, kindly tolerating my weirdo knot-phobia.


I chose my favorite font, and he did all the rest.  Notice the ombre effect with the gray string?  I can’t wait to hang it up when we move.  Until then, I’m happy to look at it everyday on Tyce’s dresser and smile.

I’ve also had this initial art that he made for a few years now, and I still love it!  You can see in the picture that the nailheads are copper, and it looks so cool when the sun hits them through the window.


Of course, that’s not all he’s got.  There are plenty of  designs to choose from in his shop.


Animals, abstract designs, even states!


How cool is this faceted look?

Faceted Crystal String Art

Faceted Letter String Art K

And for the DIYers out there who are itching to give it a try themselves, well, Jesse’s got you covered too.  If you bought all the supplies yourself, you’d soon find yourself left with a bunch of extra wood, a nearly full can of stain, boxes of nails and reams of string. Who needs that?  Stick to the fun part at a fraction of the cost, with a DIY kit!

Each kit includes a precut board that comes sanded and stained to your liking – so you can jump right in to the fun part! Everything you need is included, right down to the fuzzy felt pads and hanging apparatus for the backside.  And of course, everything is customizable.

diy string art kit 34

Head on over to Nine Red to see everything he offers!

And be sure to check out his Nine Red blog too.  He’s always sharing something inventive and great, like the unbelievable $80 DIY coffee table he recently built for Creating With The Stars.


 And now, enter to win! 

Entering is easy, simply use the Rafflecopter below  Extra entry if you are a Nine Red fan on Facebook!


a Rafflecopter giveaway

Giveaway ends and random winner will be chosen Thursday, May 1st. *Item not to exceed $200.

And one more shot, just because I love it so:


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  1. I think i’d choose something for my son’s room with his name. These are neat!

  2. This will be great for my nursery project! THanks!

  3. Jamie Lynn says:

    How fun!! I would probably go with something coastal/beachy, maybe a seashell.

  4. Courtney says:

    I’d get my state, since I’ll be moving away soon.

  5. Patti Osmus says:

    would love one of each of my favorite states, OK & NC. How fun!

  6. Oh, man!! How would I choose? I love it all but I might lean towards a DIY kit!

  7. I love the names. Especially for a nursery!

  8. Adorable! Would love this for when my son gets his room re-done this summer!

  9. Kristin C. says:

    I like too many! But the names and the geometric shapes are my fave =)

  10. I would have such a hard time choosing!

  11. I absolutely love Bambi the Buck!

  12. What an awesome give away! I love his string art and blog. I have his Caine chair jewelry holder hanging in my bedroom. I would love to be able to add another piece of his art to my house!

  13. I lOOOOVE that deer!! 🙂

  14. Those are all great designs! I would probably pick something abstract to mix up the decor in my living room!

  15. I love this. I think I would have an internal fight.. do I get my sons name or do our last name and display it in the main part of the house. decisions

  16. Katie Baney says:

    I love these!

  17. I know it’s beyond the price range, but the Large Peacock artwork is absolutely gorgeous!

  18. I don’t know how I would choose! These would make great gifts but I want to keep them for myself!

  19. I have seen these all over pinterest for a while now but none as cool as these. I LOVE the ‘A’!

  20. I love the name boards and the DIY kit. Very cool!

  21. I’d love the airplane set for my son’s room!

  22. I think I would get something for our family room!

  23. Patti Jones says:

    I would choose one for my daughter’s room with her name. They are so awesome!

  24. mary matheson says:

    I would choose something for my husband’s office.

  25. Adrienne says:

    How pretty! And I love the idea of the DIY kit!

  26. So cool. I think I’d choose my initial.

  27. What a fun drawing! I remember string art back in the 70s. It’s gotten better with age! LOL

  28. Anjanette says:

    Something fun for the master bath that I am redoing.

  29. That faceted monogram is super cool! But then, so is everything else on his site. I believe I would have a hard time picking one!

  30. I love the string art! I tried one myself and it turned out terrible haha 🙂 I would definitely get a name sign for my little boy who’s on the way!

  31. Love the string art, thanks for giveaway!

  32. I would have my baby’s name made. I’m still deciding though, he’ll be here in August!

  33. I would love to order something for my brother and sister-in-law who are having a baby. It would make a great gift.

  34. Thank you for having a contest that you just have to leave a comment on your Blog. I hate the contests where you HAVE to like on facebook, follow on twitter or on instagram. You made it very fair and I do appreciate it. Thanks again.

  35. Hanna Cage says:

    I would choose my last name, or maybe see if he could do a picture of a bird cage. 🙂

  36. I have been following Nine Red’s blog for some time now. I love his creations as well as his DIY projects.

  37. Fantastic! I would love to try this, to do just an “H”

  38. I’d probably do an anchor.

  39. So much to choose from! I would probably get our last name (Miller) or just an M. I am slowly filling my house with M’s, I love it!

  40. So cute! Both of my kiddos would love it!

  41. Christina says:

    Wonder about a combo of names, since my two kiddos’ names are so short:)

  42. My grandson needs that “A” in his room! Thanks for the giveaway.

  43. Courtney says:

    I’d get Juliet for my soon to be baby!

  44. Carrie B says:

    I just had a baby and would love my daughter’s name for her nursery.

  45. I love these! Jessie is so talented! <3 Nine Red

  46. I started following Nine Red on Facebook after I saw it on your blog awhile back. I love his work…it’s incredible!

  47. ooh, a bird, of course.

  48. I would love to have our last name! I created my own cut canvas using Jesse’s as inspiration. He saw it on my blog and has a couple of the designs I used on my canvases as string art now (not that he actually did that but I noticed they are the same). He really is a nice guy too!

  49. I love the state one! So cool!

  50. Kellye A says:

    I’d choose the owl silhouette

  51. I love the sea snail on green tea! Definitely a favorite color combo of mine.

  52. Love, love, love! I collect “N”s of all kinds, and would love to have a string art version. Fingers crossed!

  53. I need to catch up with Nine Red Blog! And check out new kits

  54. I have no idea! I love everything he does!

  55. I love so many of his things…but either my home state, Texas, or my current state, Arizona.

  56. Love Jesse’s art and blog! I am snuggling my new baby girl in the hospital so would only be right to get her name!

  57. Timeless ! There’s no way could get tired of this !

  58. Jessica V says:

    These are awesome! I’d love one for my new baby’s room!

  59. I would love to have my state in string art!

  60. I have been eyeing up string art for months now… I would love to try something on my own, but maybe our family name to hang at the front entranceway for inspiration. Love the little bird too!

  61. Heather S says:

    I’d choose the Modern String Art Wooden Name Tablet – 6 letters!

  62. heather f says:

    I love that crystal design. (and the deer) I would love to get one of a house!

  63. sangeetha says:

    I love the elephant and the airplane

  64. who wouldn’t love this?!? Tough choice with so many cool things!!! Would love a piece for my sewing studio.

  65. Yay! Thanks Lindsey for hosting the giveaway, and thanks everyone for the nice comments! Just read ’em all, I’m blushing over here – can’t wait to see who wins so we can create something together! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  66. Andrea D. says:

    There are so many neat things in his shop. I guess I’d pick some state art. Thanks for the chance to win such a great prize!

  67. Peggy Lersch says:

    Wow, they are all so awesome! But my favorita is the bird. Sooo cute!

  68. This reminds me of my dad! He used to do some string art in the ’70’s. Would love to win this.

  69. I would absolutely get some name art for the baby’s room. I was going to do something with felt while I was pregnant and then ended up being sick as a dog and miserable every single day for 38 weeks, so it didn’t happen.

  70. Missy Foster says:

    These are great! I’d pick my newest baby’s name, or the deer!

  71. I love the owl or bird, so hard to choose!

  72. MonicaBerry says:

    It’s so hard to choose just one! The idea of the kids’ names appeals to me, but I think I might want to do something different… maybe a 20-sided die (as in, singular of dice) to hang in our office/gaming room! 😀

  73. love these!

  74. These are so cool! I’d love a bird or monogram or how about an Ampersand for my office!! THAT would be the best. In a really fun pop of color. Fingers crossed!

  75. I would choose a name for my daughter.

  76. Danielle says:

    That is awesome that they offer the diy kit, not that you couldn’t do your own, but if they do all the nitty gritty and leave me the fun part? Ya, I’m cool with that!

  77. Sarah Fouquet says:

    Eek, I love all of his work. Ever since you first introduced us on your blog, I’ve stalked his page. I’d probably go with a name piece, but I also love the elephant pieces too!

  78. Such fun options! I’d go with one of my home state, Wisconsin!

  79. I love the bird!

  80. Miranda Ward says:

    I like the Large Peacock String Art Tablets – Set of 3 boards – 30″ x 30″

  81. I have wanted a piece of his string art for as long as I can remember.

  82. That’s my state string art above and I love it! It’s great to have custom work.

  83. T. Hunter says:

    I would love a string art piece of my name. Thanks so much for the great giveaway!

  84. Jennifer C says:

    I would love a custom art. I’m having my third child in late June and it would be super cute in his room!

  85. We just moved into our new house, so something from Nine Red would be perfect for the blank walls!

  86. I like the states. It also would be nice to try my hand at creating a picture.

  87. dianne anderson says:

    So cool!!!

  88. Liz Brueseke says:

    I would love a DIY kit, to make something for over our fireplace where we don’t have nything cool for above our fireplace.

  89. They are amazing! I’d probably pick a name board but all of the work is beautiful

  90. Ashley Davis says:

    So many choices! I think I’d go with a name board, but who knows? It would be hard to pick! 🙂

  91. Ashleigh hall says:

    I would choose the deer silhouette! Thanks for the great give away!

  92. Christina@ SheRePurposed It says:

    Woo!! I would pick something custom for sure!! Cant find my daughters unique name anywhere!! Would love to win!!

  93. how cool ‘wood’ this be to win, so many ‘strings’ to do with it!

  94. Katherine says:

    I love these!! I might pick a diy kit. Or our last name……..

  95. I love the owl one and the flowers, but you can’t go wrong with a name either…

  96. I would do my last name or the SET OF 2 – Modern String Art Wooden Tablet – Golden Circular Geometric on Dutch Chocolate.

  97. These are so nostalgic for me, as my mom made string art for my grandmother way back when and she kept it hung in her parlor beside the piano. I’d want to do have something I could have in my living room, too, a design or a motto, or our family name. It’s refreshing and comforting art!

  98. I just love yours! The striped wood is really nice looking. I’d maybe do an animal or plant.

  99. I love Jesse’s string art, it’s always so elegant.

  100. These are so cool, and I love the DIY option!

  101. Sandryte says:
  102. Catherine Johnson says:

    I’m not sure what I’d pick because Jesse has so many awesome designs. I love his blog and have followed it for a while. I love that he has tutorials for almost everything he does. He’s so creative!

  103. We’re having our first child in October and I would definitely get one with our child’s name on it (when we choose it!).

  104. carol chew says:

    either the stag or name!

  105. I would SO LOVE a PURPLE SIGN for my
    new adventure re-purposing & selling vintage
    Items at a local booth. I was an RPh. for
    25 yrs. UNTIL I took a nasty wipe out at work
    & the corporate world we know today just
    through me away like a bad penny!!
    Workers comp says my case is of
    Little value even after 2 major surgeries!
    Gotta love the umbrellas they shield under!
    I named my booth: The Purple Cheeky Vine.
    For my Love of Purple & Italy 🙂 Thx for your
    consideration 🙂 🙂

  106. that’s cool!

  107. Michelle Duncan says:

    These are darling! I’ve recently moved to san francisco, california and having one of the state with a heart over my city could be so cool! Thank you for giving your readers an opportunity to win such a great prize.

  108. I’d love one for my son’s room!

  109. I’d have our last name made to hang over our door 🙂 Love Jesse’s blog, been reading for a bit 🙂

  110. Oooohhhhh… would LOVE to win one of these!!

  111. I would probably do something for our playroom. Perhaps something that says “enjoy.” I would also love one of Alaska (my home state)

  112. sarah alyea says:

    Sea snail in pinks and creams!!

  113. I would do an animal, maybe an Elk. My husband is a big game hunter in AZ and this would be more of my style rather than another mounted head on the wall.

  114. Steph S. says:

    These are fantastic!! Definitely interested in winning or buying one 🙂

  115. Meggan R. says:

    Hard to choose! The deer, a state of MN or an R? All fab 🙂

  116. So unique!! I have a thing for elephants, so I would love one of the elephant pieces!

  117. So hard to choose, since every one is great! Thanks for the giveaway!

  118. Love his art! I’d choose either the state design or a faceted letter. Thanks!

  119. I think I would get 2 state arts, one of Utah & one of Oregon!

  120. Wow! These are really nice!

  121. I’d love to choose a customized state image or one with our family last name. AWESOME!

  122. I want one of my state! That’s awesome!

  123. I would do something for my son’s room with his name. These are awesome!

  124. I would love to have one done for our future son’s room. These are so fun!

  125. I would have to show some San Diego love 🙂

  126. Amazing work!

  127. Wow! So creativ. I love the bird.

  128. Brooke B says:

    Hands down one of the elephants!

  129. I really like the sea snail. It is such a simple design with a big wow factor!

  130. I love all of them….really cool

  131. Stephanie Knobel says:

    I would choose the state of Maryland since I recently moved to California and would love a little something to remind me of home to put in my living room 🙂

  132. Amber R. says:

    These are beautiful! I love the names 🙂

  133. What a fun piece of art! I love the 3d…

  134. Very cool! I am going to head over now to take a look at Nine Red!

  135. I can just take one of the samples – I have a Luke! LOVE these!!

  136. Gorgeous! The bird is my favorite!

  137. Heather B. says:

    I like the name art (would be great in our nursery) and the monograms.

  138. I love the peacock string art but I also think it would be really cool to get a kit and try it on my own. Such a creative fun idea! I think I would do something in black and white. I really like that look!

  139. I love this!!

  140. These are very cool! One would look awesome in my family room. 🙂

  141. I would be torn between something TEXAS themed, our initials somehow, or the buck that you’ve featured! How fun?!

  142. I would love a board that said “Love” to put up in my living room!

  143. So awesome!! Perfect for our new little addition in 5 weeks!

  144. I love these!!

  145. nicole birmingham says:

    I’d love to get one of my lovely state of California. ☺

  146. I’m leaning toward an initial in the old English font, but all his work is amazing!

  147. Love the animals…or the state silhouette…or the fancy-schmancy monogram…they are all so fun and funky!

  148. I remember doing something similar in jr. h.s. but would love the change to try again…thanks for having this give away…neat !!!

  149. Would love this for our sons nursery!

  150. Jamie P. says:

    I’d love to have one of these for my son’s new nursery! I’m doing as many little projects for it on my own as I can!

  151. I like the elephant and giraffe string art.

  152. Cool!

  153. Susan Krauss says:

    I would choose either “The Swallow” or ” Create” design!!! Love them!

  154. I’ve been following Jesse’s blog for a while now. I LOVE his stuff!!!

  155. I love this! Way cool . I would do something for my baby room too or my friend who is expecting at the same time. Or something large for the formal dining with my family last name on it. Love it Lindsay!

  156. I was actually planning to do my two little guys names in some string art for their bedroom, so winning one and buying one would be perfecto (and a lot less work for me! :P)

  157. Jennifer says:

    I would choose the great state of Texas with a heart over San Antonio or my daughters name, or…. 🙂

  158. We’re having a baby in August and the nursery is a woodland/ Little Red Riding Hood theme, so I’d probably pick a woodland animal or something!

  159. Vaughn would love one in his new room!

  160. Margaret Gary says:

    I am in love with birds! I almost fainted when I saw the vintage sparrow. I have started collecting bird art pieces and this would be an awesome addition to my meager collection!

  161. What a fun giveaway. I would love this for our new home.

  162. Thanks for the giveaway! I would LOVE one of the animal silhouettes (either the stag or the elephant) and/or an “A” or the word “Alley”. Amazing art and quality craftsmanship, btw!

  163. I would love his styles that reflects nature.

  164. These are so cool! My daughters’ names would be fun

  165. Tori Nicoll says:

    I would do my son’s name! Love his stuff!

  166. These are so cool!

  167. These are awesome! I would think of something fun!

  168. I am decorating our youngest son’s room and he adores anything with his name on it! 🙂 So I’d most likely get that!

  169. Jennifer says:

    Oh man – I’m torn between the state and my son’s name. Probably his name since he just learned to write his name and loves it. Awesome stuff!

  170. Do you think he could do one with materials that can be used outdoors? If so, I’d do my house numbers and hang it next to my front door. If not, I’d go with a word in some jazzy script.

  171. I like the deer — it would also be neat to try out one of the kits!

  172. I would love to have my girls’ names done for their rooms. Love those!

  173. I think I would get customized names for my cats – Burt and Ruffles!

  174. This is a great baby shower present for the creative mom!

  175. Colleen Marston says:

    So talented! I hope I win!

  176. Tiffany Brooks says:

    I would pick a picture of some sort. I would probably have a hard time deciding. I’m having a hard time right now.

  177. Okay, that’s kind of funny…I was looking at the picture thinking “I wonder what T-Y-C-E is an abbreviation of?” then read further and realized it was your new baby…haha!

  178. I love the modern art name. It would look awesome in our nursery!

  179. Patricia says:

    It’s a toss up between my daughter’s name or one of the animals – maybe the buck.

  180. Claire P. says:

    I would love to get my son’s name. I’m redoing his room so it would be a perfect addition.

  181. Tough decisions! I’ve a 4 year old niece who is at the age where ANYTHING with her name is the coolest thing ever. So that would be tempting. And then there are the boys… both the older kids and the man… I could see a few options there…

    I don’t know what i’d do if I won… way too many choices… 🙂

  182. Erika Hamilton says:

    I would want something for my son’s room, maybe his name!

  183. Love this! I think I’d go for my son’s name. Jasper, for his nursery.

  184. The string arts is awesome. Would love to win my son a picture for his room. Either his name or some sort of wildlife. He’s an awesome son at 16 years old and unlike most kids his age so I just want to do something nice for him but want something that is unique as well!

  185. Katie C. says:

    I love this guys work! I would choose his owl one most likely or probably our last name.

  186. I would choose the Fighter Jet for my bro.

  187. i love these! i would love my future last name, as i am getting married in august!

  188. Ranee Carley says:

    I would choose Otis the Owl. I absolutely love him!

  189. I would get something for my son’s nursery. The walls are completely bare.

  190. So fun! I’d love to get something personalized for my hubbys office!

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