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Hey howdy hey, how is your Tuesday?  Do you ever forget that the Tuesday after a 3-day weekend is actually a Tuesday and not a Monday? I do that all the time.  I once missed a huge deadline thinking I had all the time in the world, when I was actually a day behind the rest of the world.  So, this is a friendly reminder that today is TUESDAY, ok?  Unless you are reading this on some other day, and now I’ve maybe really confused you.  You know what?  Don’t listen to me at all.  Here is a makeover instead.

You may see chunky old side tables like this all the time, and wonder “What is something new and interesting to do to this table?”  Well, here’s one idea from Deb at Lake Girl Paints:  chalkboard photo collage!  She painted the top to look like chalkboard and used white paint to mimic the look of chalk.  All of the charm, none of the mess!  Then she added black and white family photos and protected the top with a custom cut glass piece.  Cutey cuteness.

Chalkboard tabletop makeover, unique way to display family pics!  on

Chalkboard tabletop makeover, unique way to display family pics!  on

PS: Been meaning to announce the winner of the NatureBox giveaway for a while now. I’m a little slow these days, but at least I have a pretty good excuse.   Congrats to Toril E.! Check your email! 🙂

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  1. Just when you’ve think you’ve seen all the possibilities for ideas for these tables….THAT’S a really good one!

  2. How cute is this!!!!

  3. Such a sweet idea … and the pictures can be changed out from time to time and even seasonally. Very cute!

  4. Love the frames. So neat!

  5. That’s the cat’s meow!!

  6. I was hoping for templates for the chalk designs, but I think it was freehand. Lindsey, are there templates for this? Thank you!!

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