Gold Rush

Gold has made a comeback in a major way.  For a while there, nobody could stand the stuff.  I think it just conjured up images of Mr. T or something, and ‘T’ didn’t stand for ‘tasteful’ back then.  But I pity the fool who hasn’t given it a chance lately!  It looks so classy and elegant, especially paired with white.  Check out the difference it made on this laminate credenza that came straight from a 1970’s office supply store.  Brynne simply applied gold leaf to the edges and little finger-hole things (there has to be a specific word for those) and it looks right at home in 2014.

See more and take her thought-provoking quiz “Is Gold Leafing For You?” on her blog The Gathered Home.




This next one makes me curse a little at myself, because I used to have these exact same nesting tables from IKEA, and I didn’t do anything nearly as exciting with mine. Unless you count selling them on Facebook when I got sick of them as exciting.  And I don’t.

Sharon did a gold and white number on hers as well, and notice that greek-key embellishments on the longer table?  They’re nothing but drawer pulls! Another nifty IKEA hack, inspired by our friend Pam at Simple Details.

Get an up close look at how Sharon attached the handles on her blog Lilikoi Joy.



And Brenda had a set of plain ol’ stools that wasn’t doing anything for her visually. But after a quick disassemble and a visit from the spray paint fairy, her stools look super glam! I especially love how they look against the pink rug too. See more on her blog From Me, With Love.

gold stools before


gold stools after

So, gold virgins, what have you got to lose other than a few bucks on a can of spray paint?  Give it a try!  If you’re wondering which paint is best, Julia gives a great rundown of  common brands on her blog HERE.  I personally like the Rustoleum, it’s a truer gold than all the others I’ve tried.

Happy weekend!  Now go paint something gold and send the pics to meee!

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  1. Love the gold rush. Happy weekend.

  2. I’ve always loved gold. It can be easy to overdo but I love it anyway. I have some white and gold endtables (inspired by you –

    And those stools are adorable.

  3. Woohoo! There it is – thanks for sharing my credenza makeover! I love the coffee tables and stools as well! I’m such a sucker for gold 🙂

  4. Love gold! Love all metallics and I am totally in love with Rose Gold right now. I have those IKEA tables in mind now, so much better then before! Gold is my jam.


  5. Sorry. I’m not in love with the gold…. but that’s what makes the world go ’round. Different strokes for different folks.

  6. I haven’t made up my mind about gold furniture yet, but these are nice. The credenza is especially nice and I think that “little finger-hole things” is just the right way to describe those little finger-hole things. But I don’t think I’ll google it.

  7. Your tables turned out so cute! Great update! Your blog is adorable too. 🙂

  8. Ahahaha, no, I wouldn’t advise that, much like I had second thoughts about googling ‘little silver balls’ when I was looking for cake decorations …

  9. The voice controlled thermostat is the coolest thing ever!!! I want one!!!!

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