Zoning In – a tween boy bedroom makeover

How was your weekend?  Mine was great!  Matt and I met up with our good friends in Vegas for one last little getaway before the baby comes, wherein I managed to drag my 8-months-pregnant body to a Third Eye Blind concert. That got me some attention. (And a front place in line thanks to a security guard who took pity on me).  (And hit on a couple of times too, GROSSWEIRD).

Anyway, I love 3EB; they were just as good as I remember from my alt-rock loving teenager days.  My friend Shanell super loves them, and fought to the death for a drumstick that was tossed into the crowd.  She won. It was pretty epic stuff.

And now, back to the grind! A tween bedroom makeover is coming your way, courtesy of Vel whose son had an abundance of stuff, and an abundance of space.  Not such a bad problem to have. It just needed some ‘zones.’  Previously it was one big ‘stuff lined up against the walls’ zone.  Now he has a ‘sleeping zone’ an ‘entertainment zone’ and a ‘study zone’ and even a ‘cute little reading nook zone.’  (I’m sure he calls it something much more manly).

Lot’s more to see on Vel’s blog Life & Home at 2102.

 Tween boy bedroom makeover!  betterafter.net

Tween boy bedroom makeover!  betterafter.netnet

Perfect idea for this awkward dormer space. Kind of jealous my teenager self didn’t have such a rockin’ space. Ok, I’m really jealous.

Tween boy bedroom makeover!  betterafter.net

Tween boy bedroom makeover!  betterafter.net

The bold blue wall and stripes tie everything together, even wrapping into the nook area.  Check out all the detail shots at Life & Home at 2102.

Tween boy bedroom makeover!  betterafter.net

Tween boy bedroom makeover!  betterafter.net


Hey hey!  Congrats to our Linkel Designs giveaway winner: Chelsea Thornton!  Check your email my dear!  Thanks so much to everyone who entered, it made me smile to see how many of you loved their designs too, and were planning to make a purchase.  Don’t forget you can still get 15% off with code Better15!

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  1. I love this navy and white color scheme! Someday if we have a boy, I totally want to do something similar in his bedroom!

  2. Thank you so much for the feature Lindsey! Glad you had a great time at the concert and no premature contractions happened (it does sometimes at such events)!!!! take care, stay warm and good luck with the rest of you pregnancy! Thanks again for the support!!!!

  3. totally cool. not showing my kids as they are not getting such a sweet space. ;P

  4. That is one IMPRESSIVE sized bedroom, I wonder how many adults are weeping as they read it for their master bedroom is smaller. It is wonderful done and I love how many of the things were placed in a new refreshing way that gives the room more oomph.

  5. I know! It’s totally unfair, and my inner teenager is throwing an angsty fit about it.

  6. Good times!!! Also so excited I was mentioned on your famous blog!! Lol

  7. Haha, you’re the famous one!

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