Wreath on Earth

No doubt you are busily shoveling snow, or frosting cookies, or stuffing stockings, so I’m just popping in with a quick project I wanted to share before taking some time away to enjoy Christmas with my family.  I’ll be back next week with my favorite Better Afters of 2013!

Til then, please enjoy this festive and earth-friendly makeover from Amanda at Mommy is Coo Coo.  She had a big box of burned out Christmas bulbs, but did she let that darken her holiday spirit?  No sir! Did she let it Ebenezer her Scrooge?  I don’t know what that means.  But no!  She turned them into a wreath to enjoy for years to come.   She even painted a few to match her color scheme.  Such a fun use of something that most would consider totally useless.

Christmas wreath made from burned out bulbs, cute!  betterafter.net

Christmas wreath made from burned out bulbs, cute!  betterafter.net
Happy Holidays to you my friend! Wishing you all the peace and joy in the world and beyond.  Thanks so much for your support and encouragement, for submitting and sharing your work with me, and for your overall total awesomeness.  See you next year!

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  1. That’s pretty ingenious!

    Merry Christmas, Lindsey!

  2. So cute! I love non-traditional Christmas wreaths!

  3. You are the best! Thank you 🙂 Have a very Merry Christmas!

  4. This is brilliant! Love it!

  5. Nelly Jensen says:

    That is so cute!

  6. Just wanted to say thanks for your steady dose of inspiration. Merry Christmas!

  7. Ragan Warner says:

    Love upcycle projects! Hope you and your family have a relaxing holiday.

  8. Your commentary completely cracks me up! Thank you for all of the inspiration!

  9. That wreath is a really bright idea and has lighted within mea desire for a similar wreath.

  10. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas. Thank you for the time you put into making this blog so fun, witty, and inspirational. Looking forward to hearing about your new little one’s arrival, too. Bet you are looking forward to the wonderful Better After when you get to hold him in your arms instead of your belly!

  11. Can I ask where your couches are from? I’ve been couch hunting for something very similar but am having such a tough time finding what I want!

  12. Yes, I found them at a furniture store in Phoenix called Pruitt’s. I wish I knew the manufacturer or name of the set but I don’t! Just saw them on display and liked em!

  13. Thank you so much! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas too!

  14. How fun and creative! I never ever would have thought to do this!

  15. i love this! so cool. makes me wish i didnt let me dad toss out his old-chool lights last year when they finally gave out.

  16. I KNEW I should have bought that box of bulbs at the church rummage sale. I bought that stupid chair instead.

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