The bunk stops here.

This old bunkbed was headed where all the other abused, forgotten and outgrown childhood furniture eventually end up: the dump, the scrap heap, or the attic. Unceremoniously dumped alongside that leaky Dora the Explorer beanbag chair and train table that spent more time bruising shins than being used.

But there was still life left in there! It didn’t have to go the way of the beanbag! Adriana gave it a thorough sanding and a deep stain, and now it’s back in the game.  Check out her blog Namely Original to see the rest of this ‘vintage car’ themed makeover, and her wall art made with old tools, my favorite part!


Bunkbeds salvaged with stain!

Bunkbeds salvaged with stain!

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  1. Love the handles on that bureau. I grew up with furniture that looked a lot like that, it’s lovely!

  2. very cute!

  3. Those new colors make that floor really pop instead of just laying there!

  4. I love the dark wood stain she went with!

  5. Thanks for featuring us!

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