Picture of Success

Here’s a tip for managing stress during the holidays: begin a home improvement project days, or better yet hours before a large group of people are scheduled to arrive at your home.  This will not help you in the slightest bit with your holiday stress, but you will get that project DONE.

That’s what Linda did when she decided to hang picture frame moulding in her dining room the week of her child’s baptism, and after inviting nearly 40 people over to celebrate.  It may look like a quick and easy project, but there is maths involved, so you never know. At least for me. I’m scared of the maths.

Anyway, it looks great and makes the wall look twice as tall, and was completed in the nick of time. I’d call that success! See it on her blog Burlap and Blue.


Makeover a wall with picture frame moulding.  betterafter.net


Makeover a wall with picture frame moulding.  betterafter.net



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  1. This is so great. I’ve had visions of doing this in my dining room. Only it’s connected to my library and I don’t know where I’d draw the line between the two….

    Also, I love that – how does that always happen to me too? “We have guests coming into town, let’s squeeze one more project in…..” :-)

  2. It’s quite gorgeous! And your handy tip for holiday stress relief is just fabulous, hee hee.

  3. LOVE this! It’s something so small and simple and it makes such a big impact on the feel of the room. I’m still trying to talk myself into doing wainscoting in my dining room. I know I will love it but it’s some I haven’t done before, so I have to spend some time convincing myself I can pull it off. It’s either that or jump in blindly and hope it works out- the night before a big birthday party. Oh yeah.

  4. Jumping in blindly before a big party sounds like the perfect way to learn, and fast!

  5. I love the placing of the pictures. So surprising!

  6. You are too funny. Please never lose the cheekiness of these posts!

    Oh, and the room looks great too.

  7. I love how she put the pictures in the middle- it all looks so nice!

  8. Chantell Patrick says:

    I love that tip. With folks on the way, maybe my husband and will argue less and finish!

  9. Gorgeous! Oh my gosh! Amazing what a change it is for being such a small change.

  10. Oh yes, I can vouch for putting unreasonable deadlines on a procrastinator as the best way to get something done. Crazy deadline is like crack to a procrastinator….just so they can sit back and “oh it was nothing.” It does look nice doesn’t it?

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