Going Private

Believe it or not, this was not previously a public bathroom.  You don’t believe me.  You are looking for the automatic hand-dryer.  It’s the truth I tell you!  In fact, this room didn’t even have a toilet!  This was the point where Kate started when she began to renovate her home’s master bathroom, or shower room technically, since it didn’t have a … you know.

But it’s absolutely gorgeous now.  And fully functional, if you know what I mean.

Gorgeous stone bathroom makeover.  betterafter.net

Gorgeous stone bathroom makeover.  betterafter.net

Here’s the view looking in from her bedroom.  Not that the green wall-to-wall carpet wasn’t … er … festive, but I’d call the new look a mega major improvement.

Gorgeous stone bathroom makeover.  betterafter.net

Gorgeous stone bathroom makeover.  betterafter.net

For being covered in stone, it looks so warm, doesn’t it?  And clean! She stores her daily essentials  in those big concrete planters under the sinks, check out her blog Kate’s Creative Space to see where she hides everything else!

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  1. Oh. My. Gosh. My mouth literally dropped open when I saw the after pictures. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a more stunning bathroom!

  2. Love this….I shared my master bathroom makeover and it is honestly one of the most beneficial makeovers one can do in a house…especially if you have a small space like I do! I can honestly say I “envy” the natural light in this bathroom. I would have floor to ceiling windows in my bathroom if I could.

  3. Stunning. So beautiful!

  4. Stunning!


  5. One of the most tasteful spaces I’ve ever seen. Perfect renovation.

  6. The before? Um, eeeu.
    Tha after? Brilliant! Well done!

  7. Psssh. Proof read before you post, Irene! (Sorry. Blush.)

  8. Lies I am rather sure I saw an automatic hand dryer and I am still curious who started the entire lets put carpet in the bathroom. What a sick creep, obviously no one is coming forth to claim the fame.

    The after is so beautiful and much better, if I saw that bathroom I would of moved before I had even moved in.

  9. Heather K Miller says:

    That is amazing! I want that bathroom in my house! But the before, what the what?!

  10. i am in love with this bathroom makeover! it is exactly the bathroom i hope to have one day. so beautiful. thanks for such an entertaining and delightful blog!

  11. Wow this is just amazing. Where’s the love that button (I know, WordPress is killing you with this!)

  12. Wow, amazeballs!

  13. Gorgeous…looks like a spa! Did she put in a window too? Lovely natural light coming through.

  14. GASP!

  15. Was the builder on crack? First no toilet in a master bathroom? Then carpet in a bathroom? THEN GREEN CARPET?

    Thank goodness Kate got her hands on it! Well done!

  16. Virginia Cumberbatch says:

    One of the best bathroom makeovers I’ve seen in a while….love the stone tile finishes.

  17. Love it! When I was in college my apartment had full-on stalls in the bathroom. What?! So bizarre… but this is gorj.

  18. My builder was going to carpet my bathrooms and kitchen. The only place he was going to include tile was in front of the tubs and like 6 squares of tile in front of the front door. It was well worth the extra we spent to tile the dining room, kitchen, entire bathrooms, entries, and hallways.

    I truly don’t understand the lack of toilet, though. That’s just…odd.

  19. amazing!!!!!

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