Faking it.

Fake eyelashes.  A fake smile.  Faking a call on your cell phone when those sea scrub kiosk workers at the mall are trying to accost you.  These are things it’s ok to fake.

Some things that you should probably not fake: a driver’s license. Your death.  A pregnancy.  You might want to reconsider the direction of your life if you are faking any of those. Just some words of advice from Auntie Lindsey.

But here’s something that’s a-ok to fake: details on an otherwise plain-jane dresser!  See how Amanda at One Girl in Pink mimicked the scalloped edge along the bottom of this dresser across all the drawers as well?  Just paint!  Genius.


Mimic the look of a scalloped edge with paint.  betterafter.net

Mimic the look of a scalloped edge with paint.  betterafter.net


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  1. As always, your commentary is cracking me up. SO funny. Thanks for brightening a dreary day. :)

  2. I *almost* like this – I think the detail is great and she did a wonderful job with the scalloping. I think it just got too shabbified or something – in the picture anyway (it might appear different in real life) it looks kind of dingy. Almost like a little kid smeared their grubby ink-covered hands all over it. But otherwise it’s pretty!

  3. Love how the paint made such a difference!

  4. OH! LOVE it!!!! turning quite green over here :)

  5. “Faking a call on your cell phone when those sea scrub kiosk workers at the mall are trying to accost you.” LOL I thought I was the only one who did this!!!

  6. Hahahaha!!!! Ditto on the above comment if the sea salt people. You worded it so fantastically i cant even control myself. Great. Just great. The dresser is also lovely!

  7. Oh my, love your comment about the sea salt people. It is one of the things I HATE about going to the mall. Does anyone actually like it, and does anyone buy stuff? The dresser is really cool too.

  8. Oh lins and your commentary, we love it equally when compared to the makeovers. Note to self it is ok not to fake death or pregnancy.

  9. Virginia Cumberbatch says:

    That’s a cute makeover….very cute…..LOOOOOVED it!!

  10. Well thank you Cody! So sweet of you to say. And yes, just say no to faking your own death.

  11. They are literally the WORST. If you make eye contact, you’re doomed.

  12. Glad it’s not just me! They have to know how annoying they are … right? But probably not.

  13. You are so funny… Yes, I try never to make eye contact with the kiosk workers they’ll hound you till you break down!
    The dresser is beautiful, such a smart idea to carry the scallop design onto the drawres!

  14. This post made me laugh! I actually read it to my husband over Skype. He was like, yeah, faking one’s death or pregnancy is a bad sign! Love the scalloped edges of the dresser. :)

  15. Aw, darn. I was going to fake my death this afternoon to get out of a meeting. Can a fake death during my meeting? You know, for sympathy?

  16. I love the look of this. Would look great in my bedroom…

  17. Well shucks NOW I know how to get out of talking to those dudes in the mall! Not that we have them in our little mall of 10 stores… but every now and then when I venture to the big city every other year – holy smokes!
    Oh and this dresses is to die for. I must needs pin this. From her site of course. :)

  18. Great makeover, but here’s the real way to get rid of the kiosk people at the mall: Whatever they’re trying to sell you, just say “I already have it, works great” and keep walking! How can they try to sell you something you already have? Works every time for me :)

  19. Genius!

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