Did not compute – an armoire makeover

Computer armoires seem like such a great idea in theory.  Have your cake and eat it too!  Meaning, have your computer workspace and all of its messy accompanying wires and cords and accessories, then neatly shut it all out of sight when you’re done.  Well, HA.  Just wait til you discover that using a computer armoire is nothing more than trying to get important stuff done in an overcrowded and hazardous closet.  I’ve yet to see one of these things work efficiently.

Until today!

Check out this makeover from Christine at Let’s Get Crafty. It’s snazzy!  Zig-zaggy! And she’s organized it so perfectly, there’s even room for decor and what I think is a pillow for napping.  It’s totally restored my faith in the computer armoire.


Fabulous computer cabinet makever! betterafter.net

Fabulous computer cabinet makever! betterafter.net

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  1. Superb, Christine! I’m going to have to get myself one of those magnetic eyechart calendars! And that was a terrific idea about the dry-erase surface! Thanks for the beautiful transformation! And thanks to you, Lindsey for making this available on Better After!

  2. Well I do not know about you guys but the before picture is scary. It looks like if you sat in front of it the hutch would try to gobble you up and you would become a missing person case. NO ONE WOULD NEVER KNOW WHAT HAPPENED.

    Thankfully the after is considerably less terrifying and I give props to her for adding that mind blowing snazzy fold out table!!! It is also nice and bright along with stylish practicality.

  3. That is so fab!

  4. Carol-Anne says:


  5. I think I just found my solution for a sewing area in a house without space. Imagine that L-section as a fold-out ironing board. Boo-yah!

  6. Love this! Great share!

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