Desks, eh?

Holy smokes you guys.  Thank you so much for all of your amazing comment love after my little whine fest yesterday.  It means so much to me, I really does.  I’ve read every single comment, and am trying my best to respond to them all.  But just know that I really, truly appreciate it, and you’ve put a big goofy grin on this blogger’s face.  Now get over here for an awkwardly long hug!

In other news, here come your daily dose of makeovers, desk style!

This poor little desk.  It looks like it was once painted silver, but then the owners quickly tired of their cheap paint job, and instead of humanely sending it off to Goodwill, they made it walk several miles through a gravel pit in the pouring rain, until it eventually ended up in Sandi’s loving arms.  That’s my best guess anyway.

Luckily, Sandi was on the lookout for a big-girl’s desk, and knew our little trooper would be the perfect fit.  With a fresh new paint job and a reinforced top, she’s ready for a second chance at life!  See more from Sandi at I’m A Yarner.

Adorable desk makeover for a little girl.

 Adorable desk makeover for a little girl.


And here’s one for the boys … or girls who prefer blue … or anyone who hails from or is a big fan of Alberta, Canada.  Yep, that’s the Alberta flag on this desk, and it looked to me like it was made with some insanely hard process of inlaying precisely cut wood pieces by a wood-working professional who slaved deep into the night over his fancy little saw, but nope.  Just stain and tape!   Fabulous work from Amanda at New Eyes and Extra Colours.

Get a wood inlay look using only stain!

Get a wood inlay look using only stain!


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  1. Wine Fest sounds good. Don’t forget to invite us.

  2. I don’t usually comment on your blog but I like it because you are a good writer and don’t have grammar, spelling, and punctuation errors. It’s okay once in a while but some people just ride roughshod over the English language. Anyway, you write like a real brainy person! And funny! You may be surprised to know how unusual your blog is in the blogosphere.

    Also, you don’t take up blogspace with uplifting sayings culled from Facebook. Or religious stuff that isn’t relevant to me.

    And yeah, I also love the befores and afters. All the thrills without the work, that’s what I like. So keep it up!

  3. Love the first one in particular. Looking back through posts here today has REALLY made me more committed to salvaging and revamping some pieces during the winter. (or at least finding them – maybe redo in spring when I can take them outside.)

  4. I adore those cutting boards that have different colored wood, but always thought I’d have to spend gobs of money on something custom to get the look. The tape-and-stain technique is brilliant!

  5. I didn’t comment yesterday because there were SO many! But I love your blog – keep it up!

  6. Heather K Miller says:

    I bought a little desk at a yard sale last Spring before we left Arizona with full intentions of making it over when we got to our new house. Welp, I’m sad to say that 8 months later, that little desk is still sitting in my garage gathering dust and spider webs and completely untouched. These desk makeovers have given me new motivation to get it done. I love them!

  7. I never comment, but I check your blog daily. Just like Bee said, I love your writing style and the fact that you know the difference between than and then. You’re funny, too, so that’s cool. The makeovers are great to look at and I’ve discovered some other fun blogs through your posts. Keep it up!

  8. I rarely comment, but LUV seeing all the b’s and a’s. Keep up the great work, please.

  9. I haven’t commented on your blog before but after seeing your post yesterday I just wanted to say I’ve become a loyal follower since stumbling upon your site a few months ago :) I don’t currently own a home, yet. The hubs and I are still living in a “spacious” 750sq ft apartment right outside DC, but I’m stockpiling ideas thanks to all of your awesome transformations! I’m also more-than-a-little obsessed with the posts you did on Rafterhouse. I want to move to AZ just so I can buy a rancher for them to spruce up!! Also, and this may just be me, but I didn’t even realize you had a comment section because it’s up at the top near the title of the post. I’m used to them being at the bottom of the post, where you currently have the links to all of your social networking options. Just a thought, if you’d like more posts maybe moving the comment section to the bottom :)

  10. LOOOOONG time lurker
    Like every day!! Not kiddin!
    I also live in Phoenix, which does seem like a desert wasteland as far as decorating is concerned.
    Not diggin the adobe.
    Anyway, Love to see all these, but never have anything terribly brilliant to say!!
    Should just “get over myself” and say thanks!!! now and then.
    so thanks!!!!

  11. Love the blue drawers and that top!!! Wow.


  12. OK, wow on the Alberta flag.

  13. I also have some “blood” for you! I look after your blog every single day and enjoy it! I live in Germany and like to read american blogs – and I like your style of writing too!
    Thanks and greetings, Petra

  14. Oh you did not have a whine fest and we must applaud you for being to say hey what is the deal people lol. I SLAVE ON THIS BLOG AND THIS IS HOW YOU SHOW YOUR GRATITUDE! Poor furniture it seems alot of people mistreat it once it is no longer in its prime. I would not be surprised if the end of man kind occurs due to furniture taking over the world and punishing us ingrates.

  15. Love the transformation of the pink desk – fabulous!

  16. I love Alberta, Canada and I love this desk! Beautiful job, making this Canadian proud:)

  17. Thanks for stopping by Cari! :)

  18. Haha, thanks Cody! Means a lot!:)

  19. So great to hear that Petra! Glad to have you here!

  20. Oooooohhhh! Lets all go visit Petra! Really like the dark top on the newly pink dresser.

  21. Gilmer Gal says:

    Sorry I’ve never posted. Been enjoying your site for a few months now, but really wasn’t aware that you actually needed posts! Thrilled to help!
    I love your before and afters. My favorite thing, really. I tape shows that show the process of remodeling, recycling, refurbishing, etc. from one point to the other, and find myself fast forwarding to the end so I can see how it all works out. I think I found you through one of my fav blogs, Addicted2Decorating.

  22. Agree with everything “Bee” said above!

  23. Ha, so funny you should say that about fast forwarding your shows, that’s exactly what I did that made me want to start this blog!

  24. Hahaha, this comment made me laugh :)

  25. Get away from me woman! Don’t you know I haven’t showered in like, 3 days? Hugs from total strangers are not allowed, unless you are a bloke who has a big… er….wallet! Nah….all good. Glad you got so many comments to make you feel better/after. Ha ha! That desk with the ‘inlay’ looks fantastic! What a job!

  26. Pink isn’t my color, but that blue desk I am loving.

  27. Haha, you crack me up Maria!

  28. That Alberta flag desk is unreal! Wow! I love getting to come here and see the hard work of so many ridiculously talented people in this world! Love it!

  29. I love your blog!! I never think to comment! Keep up the good work!!

  30. Love Love Love… so impressed at peoples vision. recycling at its best :)

  31. michelle p says:

    That pink desk!!! Yes!

  32. Jean Speer says:

    I check your blog daily too! I don’t think I have ever posted before so I am guilty of looking and leaving inspired! I even made my first craigs list purchase after seeing all the neat things people have gotten from there and have now made into fabulous pieces! It is a little side table with a leather insert on the top. With all the turquois things you have posted I am leaning to that color.

    You are the best at giving all us a great description of the before and afters!

  33. The second desk looks a bit Harry Potter. Excellent.

  34. I love your blog. Thanks for giving us ideas and inspiration.

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