Chair up!

So as you may or may not know, I am eight months pregnant. This pregnancy has been way different than my other three, mainly because I’m pretty sure I am not actually pregnant with a human baby, but more like some kind of eight-armed man-beast wearing boxing gloves and a full beard.  It’s a Renesmee situation up in here, if Renesmee was a non-fiction non-vampire male.

Anyway, my daughter had a nightmare in the middle of the night, and came flying into my room in terror and dove into my bed, straight into my belly.  This woke up the man-beast (STILL IN MY WOMB, mind you) and he began his daily regimen of beating me to death from the inside, and I wasn’t ever able to fall back asleep again.

The point is, I’m tired. Here are some chairs.

Ericka and Kacey at The Posh Mumsy gave this thirsty chair a refreshing coat of aqua and a fun fabric seat. Because there wasn’t anything fun about it before.  Literally the saddest fabric I’ve ever seen.  Much better now!

Chair makeovers on


Chair makeovers on


Here was another chair with the sadsies.  I picture it thinking very sad thoughts in an Eeyore voice.  “No hope for me. Just leave me here on the porch. All the same to me.”  But Beck wouldn’t have it and brought it back from the brink with a ton of stripping and a teeny bit of teak oil.  Lovely!  See more at Beckwith’s Treasures.


Chair makeovers on

 Chair makeovers on


Sometimes life gives you lemons, and sometimes it gives you a pair of broken down outdoor chairs for free.  Kelly made lemonade out of the situation by restoring them with nothing more than white paint and $7 worth of fabric!  A fantastically frugal fix, and now I’m craving lemonade.

Chair makeovers on

Chair makeovers on

And here’s one last chair makeover from Carolyn at Carolyn’s Funky Furniture. And it lives up to the name!  She did a fearless combination of funky colors with a hand-painted seat cushion of a big momma cat taking a nap.  I’m not a cat person, but it’s so fun and quirky it makes me smile.  I AM a nap person.  I think I’ll have one now.

Chair makeovers on

 Chair makeovers on

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  1. Cute!! I especially love the first one! Great print!

  2. Oh, I love the first and last ones especially, but they’re all good. Sorry you’re so tired – I can’t imagine what you’re going through as I’ve never experienced it, but it sounds pretty intense. Just think, one more month and he’ll be interrupting your sleep from the outside! Sorry, that doesn’t sound much better, nevermind. Wishing you a safe delivery and happy days ahead regardless. :)

  3. Hahaha! You make me laugh. :) Hope you got your nap and what cute chairs…

  4. Hang in there. With my last baby, she was a kicker too and it didn’t feel good. But in a weird way I miss being pregnant and feeling her always with me. So enjoy your last two months – and unfortunately the sleep thing doesn’t get any better. Love your blog!

  5. Fabulous collection of chairs! The rocking chair looks so inviting and the whimsical (funky)chair is certainly a conversation piece. :)

  6. You are so funny! I wish you could spend an entire day in bed, but that doesn’t happen for mommies. Daddies sure, but not mommies….

  7. No fun. My babe seemed to roll constantly and always got the hiccups when I was trying to fall asleep. She still gets them all the time…the best is when she hiccups while crying. Babies. Gotta love em.

  8. Only if you could make the husband carry the baby inside him for a equal shared amount of time. These chair makeovers are fantastic!

  9. Great roundup! I love the first chair, especially the geometric fabric!

  10. Time to read Twilight again Renesmee is a girl.

  11. Or at least do the nursing.

  12. Maybe I worded it weird, but I know she’s a girl! :)

  13. Oh, Lindsey, I love them all! Kudos to all the furniture-recovery artists for their abilities for making wonderful lemonade out of pithy lemons! And kudos to you for posting double-time even on a day such as you’ve had today! Kudos all around! We love you for it!

  14. I love the rocker! So glad they didn’t paint over that beautiful wood grain. It’s okay that the others are painted – it looks nice on the carvings and turnings.

  15. MareePSasja says:

    The Renesmee comment really cracked me up!
    I’m sorry you are being pummelled from the inside and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for an easy labour at least…
    On the topic of chairs, that aqua makeover is eye-popping. And I mean that in a good way :-)

  16. Amazing makeovers, and you just make me laugh! (Hope birthing your man-beast goes well!)

  17. Great makeovers! I hope the baby gives you a little rest tonight and doesn’t do quite so much punching! :)

  18. I love these makeovers. I swear, if I had the space of a garage or a shed, I’d be the chair lady (like a cat lady), taking in discarded chairs and nursing them back to health with makeovers like these.

  19. Oof! Get that baby out of your belleh! (When the time is right, that is.) Fab chair roundup!

  20. A very disturbing image crept into my mind Lins when you said at least allow him to do the nursing lol.

  21. So…you remember the other day when I said that I’m one of those that doesn’t say anything if I don’t have something nice to say? Well, I’m saying something today! That second makeover is fan-friggin-tastic! I held my breath when I scrolled down because I was terrified that she painted over that gorgeous wood (I’m all for painting wood at the appropriate times). I LOVE that chair and might trade a child for it. No, really. My 17 year-old is dancing on my last nerve and I’d trade him for this chair. OK…not really (maybe).

  22. Heather K Miller says:

    I have to tell you that as I was rocking Piper back to sleep at 3:00 this morning (yeah, we are going through some kind of weird phase right now where she wakes up every.single.night & yells for me to come rock her. I’m hoping it ends soon because I did not sign up for 2 infants!), and my baby started kicking all crazy like, all I could think of was the term “man beast.” This post made me laugh my butt off! I told Jason yesterday that if what they say is true that babies with lots of hair cause heartburn, then this baby better come out with an afro or full beard, maybe some chest hair too because I am dying over here! Nice chairs by the way:). They all look great!

  23. I hope you are able to get some rest today.


  24. Girl, I know what you mean. My bladder will never be the same. My son (now 16) head butted me for hours on end – in the bladder. I swear, I think he just took his foot or his fist or his head and went to town! His head was dangerous. Even after he was born and for several months it was a deadly weapon!

  25. Isn’t it crazy?! It’s just not fair for them to keep us awake when they’re not even BORN yet. Wish you were still here, we could have a grand time commiserating, or at least taking turns watching each others kids so we could take a nap once in a while!

  26. Haha, your son is dancing on your last nerve figuratively and mine is dancing on mine literally! We can’t ever catch a break, can we! ;)

  27. Uh oh, I think I already AM a crazy chair lady! Only, it’s not just chairs, just a random pile of junk in my garage that was too good to pass up at the thriftstores. Maybe if I planned to throw a party IN my garage, I would find the urge to finish it all!

  28. I’ve got about 4 chairs to remodel and this post was very inspirational! :)

  29. Loved your lead in about your man baby. Funny. Hope you were able to catch up on your sleep.

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