The Turquoise Treatment

Did you know that in feng shui, turquoise is used for attracting wealth and money? It’s also used as a cure to improve one’s health and well-being, and has a calming energy, making it a perfect choice for children’s rooms, home offices, and the family rooms.

So stick a turquoise-colored something in the south-east corner of your home, and boom, you’re all wealthy and healthy and stuff.  And if not, you at least have some cute furniture.  Like this dresser from Shanna at Restoration Redoux. Oooh, ombré!




And how fun are these chairs from Better After reader Amy?  Zesty orange fabric paired with our soothing color, it makes me want to sit down and dance!



Party continues on the back!


Obviously this buffet wasn’t attracting any positive powers into the world, other than the power to positively give you splinters, but Better After reader Hanna changed that with a loving coat of aqua.  She sold it to a family planning to use it as a media center, and they’re probably just rolling around in health and wealth as we speak.



If you don’t have room in the proper feng shui quadrant of your home for a large item, an accessory should do the trick too.

Here’s an easy vase makeover from Lesley at Grateful Plummers.  Pairing it with a cow painting harmonizes the energy even more; a surefire path for attracting more moo-lah.  Ha!  Get it?!  Oh, nevermind.



Beth at B & B Build a Life was crazy about this Pottery Barn box she found at a thrift store, but so much the shiny red.

She turned it into a health and wealth generating machine with some super-cute (and calming) contact paper. Nice job lining up those edges perfectly, Beth!





And I adore these twin tables from Jen at Girl in the Garage. They can come to my house and feng my shui anytime. That sounded weird.  Anyway, they are just lovely, and the gilded gold edges are the perfect touch.   I feel healthier just looking at them!



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  1. That last makeover with the side tables is amazing! Great combo with the gold paint. :)

  2. The gold trim on those two cute side tables is lovely! Might have to copy her…;)
    And loving the ombre from Restoration Redoux – does she ever make anything ugly? Haha!

  3. Oh my gosh my ugly vase is on there lol. The cow picture I found at a Hallmark store. It’s called Sherry’s Hallmark in Sandpoint ID. They don’t have more, but I have seen them in other stores so they may be able to tell you the maker so you can track one down.

  4. Thanks for the feature Lindsey! This is a great post- I LOVE turquoise!
    xo Jen

  5. That buffet and those twin gilded tables are just the bees knees.

  6. Awesome! I have a night stand that is in need of some love. I so might have to do this!

  7. If feng shui works, why are there sick and poor people in China? Seriously, I agree that color influences mood; there is a reason fast food restaurants use red and orange. These colors stimulate the appetite and discourage relaxing at the table. Color psychology is fascinating to me.

  8. Thanks so much for featuring my ombre dresser Lindsey!

  9. OMG forget the vase, that cow is gorgeous!!! Never thought of having a picture of a cow as a piece of art but I want!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. No wonder why I love turquoise so much!! I definitely need to be incorporating more into my decorating!!

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