Pumpkin Patch

Dang!  I meant to show you these pumpkin makeovers a little earlier in November, in case you wanted to recreate them for some easy fall decor.  Is it too late? Half the people I know already have their Christmas trees up, and pumpkins are like, so last week.

But hey, Thanksgiving hasn’t even happened yet!  There’s still time to confiscate your kid’s Halloween bucket and make a centerpiece to wow your family and impress your friends.  This burlap-covered cutie comes from Jenn at Endlessly Inspired, and you can check out the whole how-to right here.






And don’t worry if you can’t manage to get your hands on a Halloween bucket.  Susan at Homeroad created this glass pumpkin out of a simple round jar.  I bet you could walk into your local thrift store and find about 30 of these things right now.  How pretty would a whole row of shiny glass pumpkins look glistening in the candlelight upon your table?  I think very pretty.

Be sure to check out her blog for a few more clever re-purposed pumpkin ideas!





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  1. Yes! I still want my house decorated with pumpkins. Because…they’re so perfect for Thanksgiving. But all my stores have moved on already. So sad.

  2. Both are so pretty!!

  3. Thanks Lindsey for featuring my pumpkins!

  4. You bet! I love all the pumpkins you’ve made!

  5. That glass pumpkin is sheer genius! Love it!

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