Listen to your inner winner!

Pelham was having a mental struggle.  He couldn’t decide what to do with this old buffet.  “Make it neutral you fool!” the doubting voices in his head screamed.  “Nobody ever buys anything ever unless it’s neutral! Plain jane!  Easy on the eyes! Non-offensive! You must appeal to everyone!”

But Pelham doesn’t do neutral.  And deep down he knew it.  That’s when he finally listened to another voice that had quietly been whispering all along: “Create what you love, create for yourself, and the rest will follow.”
So, knowing one should never ignore one’s inner voice, (unless your inner voice is telling you to like, stalk a celebrity or fake your own death, in which case, please see a doctor) that’s just what he did!


Boring buffet gets a dramatic makeover!

 Boring buffet gets a dramatic makeover!

That boldly bodacious color you see before you is Miss Mustard Seed milk paint in Flow Blue; and how did he coax this incredible finish out of the top?  Find out on his blog Urban Den.



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  1. That is fabulous! I’m glad he said NO to neutrals.

  2. Me too! I wish I was more bold!

  3. Whoa, heading over to see how he got that awesome finish on the top!

  4. That is stunning!! I love the color and how it fades in and out. And the top is to die for!!

  5. I have a very similar piece that was my grandmothers. I would love to do something like this, but am not sure it would look the same. I am gutless.

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