Lines and Spines

After a recent visit to his chiropractor, my husband came home and informed me that because I spend a lot of time on the computer, my head is now out of alignment with my body.  “Mmmhmm, yep.  See how your ears don’t line up with your shoulders?” 

What? I didn’t ask for an evaluation!  I thought he was just going to get adjusted, apparently he got a free chiropractic degree that day too. 

So now I’m all paranoid.  I try to sit up straighter and pull my head back behind my shoulders, which looks really natural and not at all weird. Funnily enough, it’s causing me back and neck pain.  I was fine before!  I’m beginning to think this is all a racket his chiropractor dreamed up to make more money.

What does that have to do with this makeover from Amalia?  Not much. But maybe all the straight lines on this dresser made me think of my poor, technology-weakened spine, trying so hard to hold my bowling ball  head on straight.  We’ll go with that.

 Anyway, this dresser was a commission for a client, and I think it looks fantastic! Traditional and quirky at the same time. See it on her site LINESCAPES.






And when you do check out Amalia’s work, you’ll quickly see that she has a style all her own.  She likes to take on small projects, like boxes and trays and other odds and ends, and the results are always unique, but still recognizable as HER work.  Pretty cool.  See this optical illusion-ish box  right here.




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  1. That dresser is truly amazing!! Great vision… Very nicely done…
    (sitting straighter as I type : )

  2. I just love her stuff. so completely unique, which is hard to find really in the era of pinterest.

    that box with the 3d effect paint is spectacular.

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