Hutch It Out

Let’s play a hidden picture game.  In the following image, try to find: a black vase, a picture frame, a deck of cards, two bird figurines, and a giant china hutch.

Stumped on the last one?  Look closely …

Closer …

Maybe you need a hint.  What if Lesley painted it white, would that help?



hutch makeover before

Aha!  There it is.

hutch makeover after

All it needed to stand out was a fresh paint job and some fabric backing on the shelves.  (Guess what? It’s a shower curtain!)  Great job Lesley.


And Better After reader Sonya wasn’t about to let this old hutch fade into the background either.  She painted hers a happy yellow and dressed up the back too, this time with gift-wrap adhered to contact paper.  So clever! What will all you clever-pants think of next?


Happy yellow hutch makeover.

 Happy yellow hutch makeover.

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  1. I can’t decide on my favorite! They are very nicely done and just terrific.

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