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Lately I’ve been into this show on HGTV, Flip or Flop.  Have you seen it?  It’s about a young couple in California who buy up nasty, run-down homes and try to flip them in 30 days for profit.  I don’t know why, but I can’t tear myself away when it comes on!

The one bummer is that they are trying to market to a very conservative crowd.  Their homes all end up very neutral, neutral, neutral.  Brown cabinets, beige walls, tan tile. Yawn-zers.

Well, there’s a small company here in Phoenix that I think totally deserves their own show.  They’re into flipping houses too, but with WAY more style.  They’re called Rafterhouse, and I just think their work is amazing!  (They are not paying me or anything to sing their praises here, in fact, I contacted them).

Here’s just a few of my favorite projects they’ve done recently.  I’ll also be posting a few of their exterior makeovers later today!

Amazing kitchen flip from Rafterhouse on

Amazing kitchen flip from Rafterhouse on

What?!  Isn’t that beautiful? And still neutral enough to appeal to buyers without an onslaught of oatmeal-colored everything.


Here’s the other end. I love the new french doors  and everything about the fireplace face-lift.

Amazing kitchen flip from Rafterhouse on

Amazing living room flip from Rafterhouse on

Unlike Flip or Flop, it seems that Rafterhouse’s homes are in better shape, so more of their budget is able to go toward fun cosmetic changes.  Not fumigating termites and leveling foundations and whatnot.  C’mon HGTV, doesn’t that sound like a better show?


Stunning dining room flip from Rafterhouse on

Stunning dining room flip from Rafterhouse on

They’ve got a knack for spot-on staging too.  I’d move in today!



Vintage touches in this bathroom flip from Rafterhouse on


Vintage touches in this bathroom flip from Rafterhouse on


All of their flips are clean and simple, but they also don’t shy away from a unique touch or two, from a salvaged wood accent wall here …

Reclaimed wood wall treatment from Rafterhouse on

Reclaimed wood wall treatment from Rafterhouse on

… to a reclaimed pantry door there.

Kitchen flip with aqua pantry door from Rafterhouse on

Kitchen flip with aqua pantry door from Rafterhouse on

Love it.  Phoenix – aka land of the wheat, home of the beige — is veerrry slow to catch on to any other trends beyond southwestern and stucco, so I’m just excited to see a fresh outlook for a change.

Anyway, I pretty much think that Rafterhouse is the bee’s knees, and thought you would enjoy their work too. Stay tuned  for some of their exterior makeovers later today!



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  1. I think I’d like shows by both teams equally. One of my favorite blogs is a couple of house flippers that buy really old houses in desperate need of updating for safety and functionality as well as aesthetics. They go so far as moving bathrooms or adding bathrooms, moving staircases, etc. I love seeing a house that’s non functional or even hazardous being repaired, reshaped then redecorated into a thing of beauty. It’s a little more exciting for me than someone taking a house that’s no worse off than being unattractive and making it more attractive.

  2. Good point Tiffy. I just watched about five episodes last night of Flip or Flop (wasn’t kidding about being obsessed) and one of the homes they flipped was ridiculously disgusting and hazardous. Had a bunch of illegally built add-ons and enclosures and rickety woodwork that was not even safe to stand on, and when they showed the final reveal of a beautiful, functional house, it was unbelievable.

  3. Tiffy, can you share those blogs?

  4. Ah so refreshing. We’ve been house hunting and have seen a ton of flips. We are SO bored by beige everything. Since we have done quite a few things on our own (at our old house) it is painful to see something done new but done BORING. These all look fabulous!

  5. I really like these flips! I get so bored with the neutrals on many flipper shows. Rafterhouse’s style fits my taste wayyyy more! Rehab Addict with Nicole Curtis is also a really great show because she takes falling apart historic houses and fixes them up while keeping as many of the historic features as possible. It’s by far my favorite of the flipper shows.

  6. I’m sure the pricing difference between California and Arizona homes makes a huge difference, too!

  7. I’ve been wanting to get a silhouette for sometime,just haven’t bit the bullet yet.
    Love the before and after pics of the house.

  8. Thanks for featuring these guys. I can’t believe they’re literally up the street from me – like, just over a mile away – and I’d never heard of them. The homes they’re remodeling are in my general neighborhood. I think I actually used to pass by one of them a couple of years ago when I was walking. I just liked them on fb and bookmarked their website for future inspiration.

  9. WOW!!!!! Fantastic makeovers!

  10. Love these makeovers! Kinda funny…I started following them on Instagram the other day and then this post popped up. Can’t wait to see what they do next.

  11. Heather K Miller says:

    I love Flip or Flop! And I love those colored pantry doors! Seriously the cutest!

  12. Scott Salkin says:

    That bottom picture is my kitchen…we love our Rafterhouse!

  13. I know who I’m calling when I win Publishers Clearinghouse next week!

  14. Wow!! They really do great work. I would live in any of those homes.

  15. seriously amazing! I’m right with you on the beige… these folks do amazing work! thank you for sharing.

  16. Wow!! How cool. I love these and would move in, too!!

  17. Moving the fridge is a great trick.

  18. Lindsay, Awesome post! I totally agree about rafterhouse having their own show. I watch Flip or Flop too! It is exciting to see the transformation. But in the end I am always a little disappointed with the lack of style. On the other hand, I get so excited to see new posts from rafterhouse on instagram! Their houses have fantastic style! It would be so fun to watch them renovate a house.

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