To chip or to strip?

Got a couple of  table makeovers up my sleeve for you today!  Not literally. The only thing up my sleeve is my arm.  But you know what I mean.

This little desk was kind of cute in it’s own red and chippy way, but when Julie got a closer look, she realized that the red paint extended sloppily into every nook and cranny.  Inside, outside, front, back, drawer, keyhole — and was flaking off with reckless abandon too.  Hours of endless stripping, scraping, and swearing ensued, but now she has a beautiful two-tone desk to show for it. Great knobs too.  Heh heh.

 Check it out on her new facebook page  Reclaimed and Lovely and give her a thumbs-up while you’re at it!



Aqua side table makeUNDER, so cute!  ~ from ~

Aqua side table makeUNDER, so cute!  ~ from ~

And Better After reader Amy wanted to bring the look of chippy paint into her life, but without all the hassle of, you know, chipping paint.  Is that too much to ask?  I think not.  That fabulous paint finish you see before you is actually decoupaged paper!  All of the style, none of the fuss of trying to keep your furniture from shedding, and your cat from eating it.

Looks fantastic Amy!

Old record player into beautiful nightstand with decoupage!  ~ from ~


Old record player into beautiful nightstand with decoupage!  ~ from ~

Hey readers! Do YOU have any makeover submissions to share?  Send them my way!  Betterafter(at)live(dot)com

Don’t be discouraged by a common misconception: that you need to have a blog to submit a project.  Not at all.  A few photos and a quick description of your project is all I need if you aren’t a blogger but would still like to share. I LOVE to see what my readers are up to!

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  1. Absolutely perfect. Both!
    Great jobs.


  2. I’d love to see how the decoupage paper project was done. Love both of these.

  3. @Sylvia–I just bought some scrapbook paper from Hobby Lobby–the single sheet type. The aqua paper looked like strips of wood, so I just got some extra sheets and cut strips to fill out the door where the regular 12×12 size left off. On the green paper, I cut two “end pieces” for the right and left sides, and put a long strip of the green in the middle. I painted decopage on the doors, slid the paper on to match as closely as possible, and that is it. What’s neat about this piece, is that it’s a record holder on the inside, so there are vertical slots dividing it. It is perfect for magazines and books as it is now a nightstand for my niece. 🙂 Have a good day! Amy

  4. Thank you Amy for the specifics! I love the aqua wood look. I’m keeping it in mind for my upcoming furniture projects.

  5. I have to do this aqua wood look!

  6. Thanks for the feature Lindsey! And thanks to all those who stopped by my new page!

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