Dragon Slaying in a Tween Bedroom

Brandi wins the Cool Mom award for this update she did on her tween son’s room.  Out went the outgrown dragon-themed decor and in came sophisticated bedding, hip accessories, and a wall treatment made from laminate flooring.  Laminate flooring!   Perfect if you love the idea of planked walls but would prefer a streamlined finish, and would also prefer to do like, way less sawing.

I’m eyeballing every possible wall at my house to try this out on.  Such a cool look.  Take the whole tour on her blog Don’t Disturb This Groove.

tween boy room before

tween boys room


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  1. LOVE this! the walls are pure genius.

  2. LOVE this makeover~! so cute!

  3. Hey Lindsey! Such a pleasant surprise to wake up to seeing my son’s room here. Thank you so much for featuring his room re-do. I love the catchy title you chose. Great meeting you at Haven. Such awesome work you do with GMC and HFH.

  4. Brandi, if you pop back in can you elaborate on how you attached the wood to the walls? Love it!

  5. Nothing says ‘kid’ more than a roadkill-look stuffed frog on a bed. 😉 That kid is one sure lucky son of a gun in that more adult room! I love it! I got me a 19 year old who’d love that look. Not the roadkill frog, though. I think we could do without that! Hee hee. Good work, Brandi!

  6. Great idea. I see that now West Elm has a stick on wood paneling in several different finishes. I’d love to try that in a room.

  7. I love this! We are planning on converting part of our 50′ long garage (yep!) into a mud room and I wanted to do something to the bare studs. We do have some extra flooring and I just saw a few boxes at Goodwill! I am so doing this!

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