Locker Love

Remember the thrill of opening your school locker and seeing a little love-note flutter out, left there by some anonymous admirer who had secretly jammed it though the vents? Admittedly, this only happened to me like, twice, but I imagine it’s the same feeling teens today get when they receive a text from a crush or somesuch.  Although texting hardly sounds romantic. You whippersnappers don’t know what you’re missing!

Jenny decided to rekindle the flame in her own home with some school surplus and paint, giving these industrial old lockers a shabby chic look to blend nicely with her decor, and giving herself a bunch of extra storage in the process. Now that’s love. See more on her blog Ava Blake Creations.

The Ugly Lamp Contest is coming soon!  Send your original picture to betterafter(at),
subject line ‘Ugly Lamp’ by August 10th to enter!  More info HERE.

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  1. This is amazing, especially since I was using the same graphic today!

  2. That is cool!

  3. I have a set of old lockers and really love the natural old scratched up paint, but this would be fun too!

  4. I just love it…

    Have one almost like it it in the shed too…

    Your blog is truly an inspiration…

    I always loved old stuff… it is so much better than buying new… and way more fun… and memories…

    warmest regards from Germany


  5. awesome locker!! you so talent!! looks like a great antique!!

    picasso paintings

  6. So brilliant and classy looking! Fab idea, as always.

  7. That’s so cool, it would re sell very well.

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